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The new season was just around the corner, and all R.H members were actively preparing for the game. Except for sleeping in the room, the rest of the time was basically spent in the training room, and even meals were eaten in front of the computer.

In the afternoon, as the four of R.H just finished a training match, they saw the assistant coach leading the two boys. Lu Yaoshan briefly introduced: “This is Xiao Jiang and Splendid from the former junior team. Today they are officially promoted to the first team as substitutes, and they will train with us in the future.”

Splendid needless to say, the old acquaintance of the first team, if Shi Du hadn’t come, he would be R.H starting short gun. The other four had never met Xiao Jiang before. Yu Zhaohan had previously only seen his photos in his profile.

He really wanted to ask Lu Yaoshan why he called him Xiao Jiang. Xiao Jiang is so young, even if he doesn’t know the word “Di,” he should be called “Dajiang.”

By visual inspection, Jiang Di’s height is close to 1.9 meters. He’s tall and sturdy with a cold face and a crew cut that makes him doesn’t look easy to mess with, especially when compared to that criminal who appeared out of nowhere.

Qi Xian smiled and said, “Oh, R.H’s height position is about to change hands.”

Shi Du was aroused with a strange desire to win: “Not necessarily, I seem to have grown taller recently.” He looked at Yu Zhaohan, “What does the captain think?”

Yu Zhaohan was lost in thought.

There was one more person he wanted to take under his wing, and he wishes that Jiang Di is a face-obsessed person.

Cheese, who is 1.7 meters tall, sat on the gaming chair, forced a smile, and asked, “Coach, are you sure Xiao, Xiao Jiang is the backup support, not the backup tank?”

“You talk too much.” The closer the game was, the more impatient Lu Yaoshan became, “Splendid, Xiao Jiang, please find two seats.”

The first team’s training room has two rows of eight seats. The first four players take up one row, leaving four seats on the opposite side empty. Splendid sat opposite Yu Zhaohan, and Jiang Di sat opposite Cheese.

Splendid sorted out the mouse and keyboard and glanced at the opposite side from time to time. Feeling his gaze, Yu Zhaohan looked up: “What?”

Splendid subconsciously called out “Captain.”

Yu Zhaohan nodded: “Practice hard—Jiang Di.”

Jiang Di looked at Yu Zhaohan.

“Double row with me.”

Jiang Di’s voice was as low as his own: “Okay.”

Yu Zhaohan and Jiang Di played in pairs for a few rounds before determining Jiang Di’s support style. His healing rate per ten minutes is not as high as Cheese’s, but his damage rate is comparable to a c-position with general marksmanship—Jiang Di is an output-type support. This playing style has both advantages and disadvantages. It is difficult to say which is greater, but in certain situations, giving up a certain amount of support to obtain more output can have a miraculous effect in certain situation.

After a few rounds, Jiang Di hardly spoke and even used voice prompts in the game to report the position and report skills. This gave Yu Zhaohan an ominous premonition.

Yu Zhaohan will chat with the newcomer alone as the captain. Splendid is his fan, looking at his eyes full of admiration, he was easily subdued by him. And when he and Jiang Di were chatting alone, the picture was like this—

Jiang Di: “.”

Yu Zhaohan: “.”

Xiao Jiang? What’s the matter with you, Xiao Jiang? If you talk less than me, I am really embarrassed as the captain.

Yu Zhaohan competed with Jiang Di in his heart, and if he talked too much, he would lose. He didn’t want to lose, but he needed to continue the conversation, so he had no choice but to call Old Tan for help.

Old Tan: “Xiao Jiang, although you are only a substitute now, our coach Lu is very optimistic about you. As long as you play well, you will definitely have a chance to play as starter.”

Jiang Di: “Yes.”

Old Tan: “If there is anything you are not used to in the first team, just let me and the captain know.”

Jiang Di: “Okay.”

Yu Zhaohan’s face is getting colder and colder.

In the training room, Shi Du, who was double rowing with Cheese, received a WeChat message from Yu Zhaohan.

[Shine: I’ll go to your place tonight!]

[Shine: I have a lot to spit!]

Cheese heard Shi Du suddenly laugh in his headset, his voice was so soft and low that it made him sound so happy, and Cheese couldn’t help but ask, “What’s the matter, so happy?”

Shi Du said as he typed, “Of course, I’m happy to have my card flipped.”

Cheese: “Huh?”

[Timeless: I’ll be waiting for you]

While typing, Shi Du’s hero stopped in place. The opponent thought he was stuck, so the double c rushed over to end his continuous killing. Shi Du dropped the phone, smoothly evaded the skill, teleported to the opposite face, and neatly got the double kill.

Yu Zhaohan wanted to talk business with Shi Du, so he didn’t let Shi Du steal the rabbit. Yu Zhaohan sneaked into his brother’s room at two a.m. when everyone else was still sleeping in their own rooms.

Shi Du cooked turkey noodles and fed them to the fish that swam to the door. Yu Zhaohan was eating turkey noodles, his cheeks turned red from the spice and he wanted to eat: “Shi Du, I feel like I’m losing my position as Bking.”

Shi Du was afraid that Yu Zhaohan would be bored without a rabbit, so he stuffed a doll for him: “You mean Xiao Jiang?”

Yu Zhaohan nodded: “He’s really good at pretending, better than me—I dripped oil on my clothes.”

Shi Du took out two tissues and rubbed them on Yu Zhaohan’s chest: “You know he’s pretending? Maybe he has this kind of personality in the first place.”

“That would be even worse.” Yu Zhaohan said worriedly. He then raised his head and allowed Shi Du to wipe the grease from his face, “He is tall and sturdy, and I feel full of oppression when he stands there. In terms of momentum, I can’t compare to him at all. Do you think he has spent time in the underworld? What if he refuses to follow my rules in the future? I’m thinking about improving my pretense skills.”

Yu Zhaohan has always relied on “expressionless”, ” indifferent” and “coldly speaking” to fight all over the world, but now there is a player who is more expressionless than him. He has to unlock a new talent to keep his position as the king of coercion.

Shi Du threw the dirty tissues into the trash can, sat cross-legged on the carpet, and put on an air of a primary school student listening carefully: “For example?”

“Wait.” Yu Zhaohan took another mouthful of turkey noodles, took out his phone, and opened the memo, “I’ve already made a summary, and I’ll show you.”

Shi Du took the phone, and the words of “Rule of Pretending to Be Coercive” came into view:

[In the presence of people who may threaten your status, your eyes should be “interested,” your tone should be “meaningful,” and the corners of your mouth should be “smiling but not smiling”]

Shi Du was silent, silent, and silent again.

The cold beauty captain is going to give up the high-cold route and switch to playing oil.

“I want to start with the ‘smiling but not smiling’.” Yu Zhaohan said, “Shi Du, what do you think?”

Shi Du coughed twice and said seriously: “I think it’s very good, you’re so smart, captain, you can start practicing now. Come on, show me the ‘smiling but not smiling’ one.”

The corner of Yu Zhaohan’s mouth hooked halfway, and suddenly there was an urgent knock on the door, and Cheese’s hysterical voice sounded at the same time: “Brother, open the door! Open the door quickly! Woooooo help…”

Yu Zhaohan’s first reaction was to go into the closet, he must not let Cheese see him eating turkey noodles in his brother’s room in the middle of the night. Shi Du grabbed his collar with one hand and carried him back: “What are you running for, Captain, didn’t you come to discuss tactics with me?”

Yu Zhaohan was enlightened.

That’s right, he has a perfect plan when he needs an excuse.

Shi Du opened the door, Cheese rushed in scrambling, and bumped into Shi Du: “Brother, help me…” Cheese saw Yu Zhaohan sitting on the chair and was stunned, “Captain? How can captain here?”

Holding the tablet in his hand, Yu Zhaohan said lightly, “Look for Timeless to discuss tactics.”

Cheese said in awe: “Captain has worked hard.” So deceitful that it hurts.

Shi Du asked, “What were you screaming for just now?”

Only then did Cheese remember what he was screaming for, his little face turned pale, and he said, “I, I, I, I went downstairs to drink water. When I passed the training room, I saw… saw…” Cheese gulped, filling the horror atmosphere, “I saw Xiao Jiang walking around inside! He was holding a long-handled weapon dragged on the ground! Visually, it was a machete! I bumped into the table in fear and he just, just looked over at me with murderous intent in his eyes!”

After a while of silence, Yu Zhaohan asked, “Are you sleepwalking?”

Shi Du originally thought that Yu Zhaohan was stupid enough when he transformed into Yuyu, but now compared with Cheese, he has to admit that Yuyu is really smart.

“I’m not, I’m wide awake, I saw it for real!” Cheese wanted to cry, “Captain, trust me!”

“Don’t scream.” Yu Zhaohan said calmly, “Timeless, ask Jiang Di what’s going on.”

Shi Du picked up his phone and sent a message to the group.

[Timeless: Jiang]

[Timeless: Are you, asleep brother?]

Jiang Di quickly replied to him.

[Jiang: No]

[Timeless: Are you still in the training room?]

[Jiang: Yes]

[Timeless: Someone saw you walking around with a long-handled weapon, the long-handled weapon is suspected to be a machete]

[Old Tan: ?]

[Old Tan: What’s the situation? !]

It took a full two minutes for Jiang Di to reply again.

[Jiang: I’m mopping the floor]

Yu Zhaohan and Shi Du looked at Cheese together. Cheese froze for two seconds, suddenly realized, and was extremely ashamed and indignant.

[Cheese: What are you mopping in the middle of the night!]

[Jiang: Spilled coffee]

[Cheese: It’s not that the base doesn’t have aunts, can’t you leave it to aunts to clean up tomorrow!]

[Jiang: I have a cleanliness addiction]

[Timeless: pfft]

Yu Zhaohan narrowed his eyes.

Damn it, even if Xiao Jiang drinks coffee, he dares to have a cleanliness addiction. This will completely copy his persona!

[Jiang: Timeless you said someone saw it, who?]

Cheese shook his head desperately: “Don’t sell me out, hey!”

[Timeless: It’s okay, go to bed early]

Cheese finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Yu Zhaohan said coldly: “Are you stupid?”

“It can’t be my fault.” Cheese defended himself in a low voice, “Xiao Jiang is too fierce, I feel scared when I see him.”

Yu Zhaohan was very upset. Xiao Jiang was able to scare Cheese so much on the first day that he came here, and Cheese didn’t feel scared when he saw him—it was time to put his newly learned pretentious skills into practice.

The corners of Yu Zhaohan’s mouth curled up, and he said with a half-smile, “This Jiang Di is a bit interesting.”

The captain of the cold beauty rarely smiles in front of the team members and occasionally laughs with a sneer. Cheese was taken aback for a moment when he suddenly smiled. He didn’t care what the captain said; he just thought that the captain really looked good when he smiled…so beautiful.

Shi Du hid his face and lowered his head, his shoulders trembling from suppressing his laughter.

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