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R.H double C made peace so quickly, from quarreling to reconciliation, it took two or three hours, faster than elementary school students who were arguing.

In fact, the young master who was going to be strong all his life still didn’t think he was wrong. But if he admits his mistake, he can turn the cold beauty Captain back into Yuyu… well.

But as soon as he admits his mistake, his brain blurts out, “Of course, I will listen to you from now on,” in a flash. Is this too much? He did not leave himself a little way back, at least he should’ve added “unless there are special circumstances.”

It’s a loss, damn it.

However, recalling Yu Zhaohan’s expression when he asked him if he could be obedient, he felt that even if he did it again, he would still be hot-headed and agree without thinking.

Yes, yes, yes, Yuyu is right.

Shi Du spurned himself in his heart and asked, “Have you listened to the recording I gave you?”

Yu Zhaohan shook his head: “No.”

Shi Du was a little surprised: “How come?”

Yu Zhaohan was quite resistant: “I don’t want to listen.” Although his mentality was not comparable to when he first became the captain, he would definitely not cry after being cursed at, but he still couldn’t stop getting angry.

He hates feeling angry, it’s uncomfortable.

“Then don’t listen.” Shi Du said flatly, “Leave this matter to Old Tan.”

Yu Zhaohan looked at him: “Are you teaching me to be the captain?”

Shi Du deliberately said: “Oh, are you getting fierce again?”

Yu Zhaohan hurriedly said: “I’m not being fierce, please pay attention to my tone…”

It was already very late, and the two petted the rabbits for a while before going upstairs to sleep. As they passed by Qi Xian’s room, Shi Du remembered the other party’s broken love and said, “Captain, carry me back to my room.”

Yu Zhaohan’s first reaction was that his brother was uncomfortable somewhere: “What’s wrong with you?”

“Too lazy to walk.”

Yu Zhaohan:?

“Brother Xian said you carried him on the back.” Shi Du said, “Why can you carry him and not me when I’m also your team member?”

It’s not that he can’t carry, he likes to carry people. Or rather, he likes to stick with his teammates, and carrying people is also considered sticking.

“You are taller than Qi Xian, I’m afraid I won’t be able to carry you.” Yu Zhaohan said, walked up to Shi Du, and bent down.

Shi Du just smiled: “Thank you, Captain.”

Yu Zhaohan carried his conscious teammate for the first time, and was a little shy: “You turn off the light.”

Shi Du laughed and said, “Why turn off the lights when carrying a person is not like we’re doing something bad.”

Having said that, Shi Du still turned off the light. The door to a specific room unexpectedly opened while his hand was on Yu Zhaohan’s shoulder. Yu Zhaohan quickly moved away from Shi Du after hearing the movement. Shi Du’s hand remained in the air, and his eyes met with Cheese who came out of the room.

The lights on the second floor were not turned on, and Cheese bumped into two figures suddenly in the middle of the night. He was so frightened that he almost overflowed his soul. Just as he was about to shout out, he heard the captain’s familiar voice: “Shut up.”

Calm and reassuring.

Shi Du turned on the lights again.

“Captain, little brother, why are you…” Cheese thought of something and his face changed slightly, “Are you still arguing?”

Cheese did not attend the fight meeting, but had long known everything from Qi Xian. It was said that the younger brother would rather die than surrender, and the captain was furious. After a wave of confrontation, the younger brother was kicked out by the captain.

He likes Shi Du very much, but if he has to choose between the captain and Shi Du, he will choose the captain.

Yu Zhaohan calmly changed the subject, “Why are you staying up so late?”

Knowing the captain was in a bad mood, Cheese responded cautiously: “The same goes for the captain, I was hungry and ordered take-out. Captain do you want to eat together?”

“No need. Go to bed early after eating, there will be a training match tomorrow.”

The two watched Yu Zhaohan go back to the room. Shi Du said, “I’m going back too.”

“Brother please stay.” Cheese pulled him and said with a smile, “I ordered a little too much for my late-night snack, will you help me eat some?”

Cheese ordered barbecue in a lot of portions. He ordered fifth skewers of duck intestines, beef, chicken crispy bones, and pork belly, as well as a large box of roasted pig’s trotters.

Cheese opened the meal boxes one by one and lamented, “The early morning takeaway is so expensive, and the delivery fee alone cost me a hundred.”

Shi Du took the disposable gloves offered by Cheese: “You ordered too much, two people can’t finish eating. Why don’t you ask Brother Xian if he is asleep.”

“Don’t, don’t, you can do it, believe in yourself!”

Shi Du unceremoniously exposed the silly guy: “Are you also trying to curry favor with me, and then persuade me to admit my mistake to the captain?”

Cheese scratched the back of his head embarrassingly: “Oh, I was discovered.”

“So, you also think that Brother Xian and I were wrong?”

“Who is wrong and who is right is not important, the important thing is that you don’t make the captain angry.” Cheese didn’t even have time to eat, so he poured Coke for the young master graciously, “As long as the captain is in a good mood, everything is easy to talk about.”

“What does it matter to you if Yu Zhaohan is in a good mood or not?”

“Of course it does, he’s my captain!” Cheese said without thinking, “I just can’t see the captain angry.”

Shi Du laughed, “You’re all so desperate.”

“You all”?

Cheese didn’t think too much, walked behind Shi Du, and gave him a thump on the back: “Then you will apologize to the captain, right? You have eaten so much!”

Shi Du said leisurely: “I’ll think about it again.”

The next day, Shi Du woke up and was called to a separate meeting by Old Tan. Following the training match, several people secretly observed for the majority of the day and were relieved to see that their brother and the captain had reconciled, and they all felt happy because they felt it was their own doing.

After discussing with Old Tan, Yu Zhaohan punished Shi Du and Qi Xian as follows:

Each person was fined 2,000 yuan and an 800-character handwritten letter of repentance was attached.

Also, Old Tan sent Caps recording to the Thrones manager. As soon as Thrones’ manager finished listening, he immediately made a video call.

Old Tan looked at Yu Zhaohan: “Pick it up?”

Yu Zhaohan: “Yes.”

Thrones manager saw that Yu Zhaohan was there, and his pale face was even worse: “Brother Tan, Captain Yu, this matter is our fault. My fault, I didn’t teach the children well.”

“Child?” Yu Zhaohan raised his eyes, “How old is he?”

Thrones manager was startled and shocked to realize that the child he was talking about was the same age as Yu Zhaohan.

Yu Zhaohan showed an angry expression, while Old Tan showed an understanding expression: “It’s normal for contestants to complain to each other, but don’t let us hear you, it’s too embarrassing, don’t you think?”

Thrones manager agreed: “Actually, the players in our team like Captain Yu very much, only a few…” Thinking of the messy mouse shit, the Thrones manager also suppressed the fire, but this mouse shit is still the main force of the team, so he must protect him. “Captain Yu, Thrones have finally made it from the secondary league. This year is our first season. It’s really not good to have such a thing happen. Thrones and R.H are both home games in Shanghai, so they can be regarded as brother teams. This way, I’ll let Caps admit his mistake to you in person, okay?”

This is the start of the tragedy.

Yu Zhaohan didn’t say anything and just looked at the screen expressionlessly.

The Thrones manager gritted his teeth and asked, “Or, does Captain Yu have any other requests?”

Yu Zhaohan remembered the training match with Thrones last time. Except for Caps, the other players are normal people. They greeted them before the game and thanked them after the game.

The league is international in scope, with 32 teams divided into east and west divisions. There are currently only six domestic teams among the 16 teams in the Eastern Division, and Thrones is one of them.

“Caps will face a three-month wage fine and a two-month suspension.” Yu Zhaohan said, “This matter ends here. No one else will be suspended besides Caps.”

Thrones manager tentatively asked, “Then the recording…?”

“It won’t be exposed.” Before Thrones’ manager could exhale a sigh of relief, Yu Zhaohan added, “as long as Caps does not engage in any other unqualified behavior in the future.”

After finishing this matter, Yu Zhaohan sneaked into Shi Du’s room.

“The coercion must have been in place because I was ‘expressionless’ and ‘spoke coldly’ the entire time.” Yu Zhaohan said as he sat on Shi Du’s bed, holding a pack of potato chips that Shi Du gave him. “Looking at the thrones manager’s face, I guess he was scared enough by me.”

Shi Du twirled the pen in one hand while propped up his head in the other, pondering how to begin the letter of repentance. He was in his second year of high school when he dropped out to play professionally, but he had never written a repentance letter.

“Unfortunately, the expressionless and cold-spoken captain finally softened his heart.”

“Did I?” Yu Zhaohan said uncertainly, “I think I’m pretty tough.”

R.H is a highly popular team with two star players. If Caps recording is exposed, all Thrones members will be attacked indiscriminately by R.H fans, and it will definitely be a bloodbath again.

“An idiot like Caps should be banned for life.” Shi Du shrugged, “However, you are the captain, so you can do whatever you want.”

Yu Zhaohan nodded and was quiet on one side for a while before saying, “Shi Du, I’m done eating potato chips.”

“Do you want to pet the rabbit? I’ll go downstairs and steal it for you?”

It’s okay to steal a rabbit, but he must first notify Cheese. Cheese almost called the police the last time he woke up in the middle of the night to find no rabbit in the cage. Shi Du was later discovered to have taken the rabbit to the room to pet it. Cheese begged him tearfully the next time to let him know ahead of time, saying how much he would appreciate it.

“No, I want to practice my gun.” Yu Zhaohan looked at Shi Du’s letter of repentance, “Are you using invisibility for your words? How come I can’t see any of them.”

Shi Du threw the pen away and said to himself, “I shouldn’t write this in the first place.”

Yu Zhaohan thought for a while and said, “Move over, and I’ll write for you.”

Shi Du couldn’t believe it: “There is such a good thing?”

“In exchange, you will practice shooting for me as a living target.”

“But the handwriting is different.”

Yu Zhaohan had a “Are you stupid” look on his face: “Didn’t you write it for me to see? If I pretend not to know, no one will find out.”

Shi Du was amazed.

Where the hell is this cleverness come from?

Yu Zhaohan was a top student in school, and he wrote all of his repentance letters at home. From childhood to adulthood, no matter what he did wrong, his parents never scolded or beat him; instead, they reasoned with him. When he realizes his mistakes, he documents his psychological journey in the form of a letter of repentance, which he then archives.

Yu Zhaohan helped Shi Du get the letter of repentance, and Shi Du also accompanied him to practice shooting as agreed.

The Al in the training range is too stupid; it’s just right to replace it with Shi Du. Shi Du used the ninja to jump around the map and was shot in the head by cold arrows that appeared out of nowhere.

After Yu Zhaohan killed Shi Du again, he suddenly sighed and wanted to talk to his brother. Because the other two teammates were present, he could only have a private chat with Shi Du in the game.

[[Private chat] Shine: You also accompanied me solo during Chinese New Year, remember?]

Shi Du slumped on a chair, typing lazily.

[[Private chat] Timeless: I remember.]

[[Private chat] Shine: I even cried when you killed me, now it’s revenge]

Shi Du sat up straight suddenly and knocked Cheese’s water glass beside him to the floor. Cheese was so terrified that he screamed, “Damn it!”

[[Private chat] Timeless:?]

[[Private Chat] Timeless: What happened to you by me?]

[[Private chat] Shine: I was killed by you and cried]

Shi Du stared at the word “cried,” feeling extremely complicated.

Cheese picked up the water glass and found that Shi Du was covering his face, with a look of “I was wrong, I’m guilty,” and asked with concern, “Brother, are you okay?”

Shi Du waved his hands, covered his face with one hand, and said, “Don’t talk to me, let me repent myself.” After a minute, he asked persistently:

[[Private chat] Timeless: Are you really crying? Isn’t it an exaggerated expression?]

[[Private Chat] Shine: No]

Shi Du imagined how Yu Zhaohan would continue to play after being killed and crying.

…He’s so scummy.

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