Reincarnating in the world of an otome game with the memories of the previous life.

Isn’t this a rather fantastic dream story?

A medieval European-style game world where the level of technology is subtle and difficult to grasp.

It is a magical world where dazzlingly shining handsome men whisper tantalizing words of love and make a girl’s dreams come true, and that is the world of otome games set in a fantasy world.


Kaori Maehara is an ordinary around 30 year old office lady who works for a small to medium-sized company.

Even though she is an office lady, don’t make light of it. In this day and age, it is extremely lucky for a college graduate not only to be a full-time employee, but also to get a job in an office.

While it can’t be said to be a satisfying job, however, she usually gets to go home on time and is paid for overtime work. The low salary is understandable because it is a department that does not directly generate profits.

It’s a job that uses expenses, and it doesn’t produce any tangible results. But she is one of the company’s indispensable employees.

Kaori is proud to be one such cog in the wheel of society.

she is immersed in a recently released otome game and is in the midst of releasing a large amount of what seems to be adrenaline.

“All right, Sirius true ending! As expected, for an otome game, fantasy is the best~”

After admiring the ending picture, she opened the pull-tab of the can of Happoushu (low-malt beer-like drink) to celebrate.

There was no one to criticize her for chugging it down while sitting cross-legged.

Taking advantage of the fact that she lives alone she let out a satisfied sigh and wiped her wet mouth with her arm.

Even in an air-conditioned room, in the summer, as expected, beer …… is not budget-friendly, and so in this case, Happoushu is the best.

Since real life in the real world feels familiar enough, at least she wants to be healed by the happy feelings while playing games.

Although she is steadily advancing in the game, there are of course some complaints.

she has been playing every otome game since she was a high school student and is a discerning otome game master.

Although she is not a person who would be foolish enough to claim such a title in real life.

she raised her hands in admiration and shouted,


her voice was strange and unintelligible, and she gave a standing ovation to about three games in her life, not limited to otome games.

It is impossible to have a work without contradictions, dissatisfaction, and unresolved questions.

“There are some works that are a little too eccentric, but since the pictures and voices are beautiful, I’ll forgive them.”

Each of the numerous works must differentiate itself from the others.

What is the best way to develop the story beyond the player’s expectations while keeping some of the promises?

This is an eternal topic for those who are involved in creative work.

“I like to raise stats, but… it’s really hard to keep track of the numbers.”

Grumbling in a low voice, she takes notes. The purpose of this was to write down what she felt at the time and post it later on her review blog.

For this kind of thing, it is important to have a sense of reality and to give her impressions each time she plays.

This game is an otome game titled “The Twilight Kingdom: The Pure White Queen.”

The setting and scenario are not so unique, but the game is filled with sweet dialogues that make you feel like you are going to vomit sugar.

The sweetness sent shivers down her spine. But that’s fine.

The first problem is that regrettably the stats raising part is difficult.

Parameter games usually have a high level of difficulty because the creator’s obsession has exploded without restraint.

The reason why the message boards of the strategy sites are filled with people howling is because of the difficulty of stats management.

How many times has she muttered, “Is this a management game?”

It is a problem if the stats have little meaning, but if they have too much meaning, you will be focused only on them.

Or rather, she also loves games in which she has to raise the numbers, which is a problem.

she grins at the numbers that go up efficiently once she gets the hang of it, and even doing the events that was originally fun is a problem if they come on her day off,

“I can’t come during my day off! it is my study time!”

she shouts or some other incomprehensible cry.

It is like getting addicted to raising the stats themselves which was in order to advance the event…….

it is putting the cart before the horse.

A game in which you spend three years as a student at the Royal Academy of a certain kingdom in a fantasy world of swords and magic.

It’s a simple game, of course. That’s what’s good about it.

Because you can empty your head and stuff it with love.

But the game is unbalanced in that the stats raising element is too intensive, and the schedule is hard to be managed, and it cannot be done casually.

“But this characterization is good, it’s still good.”

The current character is the last one to be conquered.

One of the most notable features of this game is that the protagonists have their own “personalities”.

If you think about it, even the targets of attacks have their own preferences when it comes to women.

There is a kind and mild-mannered protagonist, an energetic protagonist, and a strong and pushy protagonist.

The personality of the protagonist is determined by the questions asked by the goddess before the opening of the game.

The protagonists graphics also change slightly in the shape of the eyebrows and the poses in the conversation windows, and the dialogue changes as well, making it rather enjoyable.

The targets of attack have their own type preferences, and if you match them, you can easily increase their likability! There are also many event illustrations!

Above all, you can reach the true ending of the targets of attack’s route!

Of course, it is possible to receive a confession of love even if you are not the type of girl he likes, as long as you work hard to increase the stats. That’s the reward of your efforts and you will feel a sense of fulfillment.

You can feel like you’ve just slapped a wad of cash on their face.

Although the protagonist’s personality is not to their liking, it is a power play in which you use your well-developed stats to push hard to conquer them.

The moment the target of the attack turns red in the cheeks, unable to resist the protagonist’s trained stats, even though she is the type of person he doesn’t like….

[You’ve fallen…]

That’s right, you can say it with a grin on your face.

Moreover, setting a personality will make you feel attached to the protagonist you play without any difficulty.

she can say, [She will say this in this event.] and she can be satisfied with it!

It is also good that the protagonist do not have too much personality and reduce the players immersion, nor do they become too nice, tasteless, and characterless.

There is the son of the Prime Minister, a knight, the duke’s eldest son, and as a common bad-ending partner, the protagonist’s childhood friend.

The childhood friend is a commoner, and since there is no need to defeat evil, there is no need to manage stats, and in the most extreme case, the ending can be reached with a series of holiday events.

The targets of attack characters are few, however, there are many scenarios for each of them.

Because the protagonists have different personalities, so there are some branching points.

Although all of the events are basic, she wants to applaud the events that are colored by beautiful illustrations. Excellent.

Kaori is not the only one who wondered about the characters to be attacked.

Why is there no “Prince”?.

Yes, this is the most bizarre aspect of the game, and the one that made her cheeks twitch when she realized the truth.

The blonde-haired, blue-eyed prince! He is the best! she likes him, he’s handsome and the character design is fancy, but…

There is no route for the prince…

Could such a thing be possible?

she thought that the protagonist from a commoner’s background overcomes many difficulties, develops a bond with the prince, and has a lot of fun, which is the best part of a fantasy game, but she didn’t expect this.

This is a fantasy otome game with a prince who can’t be conquered… If the twist goes too far, it’s harassment to the players.

Well, she understands that it is inevitable in the setting of this game, but she is not satisfied with it.

If possible, she wanted to try to be sweetly whispered to by this prince, however, she thought this meant that she should go with a duke’s heir who looks similar to him.

“This villainess also is a piece of work. she’s got a cute side, though.”

The Marquis’ daughter with the gorgeous rich golden hair, she is the rival character in this game.

To be precise, rather than a rival, she is more of an intruding character.

This game also has a judgment event, just like a school game.

The villainess, who tries to prevent the protagonist from getting a partner, interferes and harasses the protagonist in every way possible.

she is exposed in public for the evil she has done to the protagonist, and her engagement to her fiancé is broken and she is banished – this process is collectively called the ” judgment event.”

This judgment event, it’s a common situation in school stuff, but…

It’s not like it doesn’t make sense,

In fact, there are many stories that make us want to say, “He was engaged, but he changed his mind and cheated on you!”

In fact, in real life, she thinks it would be the main character who would be blamed for the cheating.

But this game does a twist and a half.

This villainess is the prince’s fiancée.

The villainess is engaged to the prince, who is not a character you can go after in the game.

With that position unshakable, the villainess stands in the way of the protagonist.

It’s bad for his reputation if the wife of a promising man who will carry the kingdom’s future on his shoulders is a commoner.

Even as she says this, she is a wicked young lady who is attracted to the handsome male characters the protagonist is trying to go after, and she thinks of romancing them if the opportunity arises.

When the protagonist tries to proceed with an event but lacks the necessary stats, she will appear anywhere and everywhere with a dashing, “Just wait a minute!” to break the flag.

That’s why she is an intruding character.

The targets of the attack also can’t spoil the next queen’s mood, that would cause trouble for them.

Even though she’s the fiancée of the prince that she can’t go after, this woman is still trying to get her hands on her guy!

So, it was refreshing to see the judgement event for the first time in this game.

Years of resentment, here and now!

This is truly the climax event.

You can enjoy her downfall without any worries.

Without any remorse! You will be able to accuse her without hesitation in front of the public that she should leave someone else’s man alone.

It’s not a false accusation, it’s a clear rebellion against the royal family, so it’s no wonder she’s banished!

she was able to watch the whole event in a cheerful mood from start to finish.

By the way, if you are going for the childhood friend’s ending, which has nothing to do with parameter management, flags, etc., you will enter a loose route where the villainess is not playing a villainous role.

In this route, Cassandra is reduced to a character who comes out once in a while and makes sarcastic remarks.

she has no interest in dating the childhood friend, so she doesn’t get in the way like she does when dealing with the other targets of attack.

However, Cassandra’s attitude changes slightly depending on the protagonist’s stats.

It is interesting to see Cassandra’s sarcastic attitude become more charming as your stats increase, which makes her want to visit Cassandra in her free time during the holidays.

“If it’s the route without judgment event, Cassandra is a nice girl.”

But if the protagonist chooses the son of the prime minister, the knight, or the duke’s eldest son–

At their graduation party, the protagonist’s partner points his finger at her from the podium and exposes what she is doing.


[Although you are the prince’s fiancée, you are an insolent person with two hearts!]


And it can be said that because of this event the engagement to the prince gets broken off.

she can’t help but think that this young lady has been on the loose for three years, and someone should stop her.

Well, the backing of the marquis family must have been immense.

With the banishment of his fiancée, would the long-awaited prince’s route also open!? she was excited while thinking that during the first playthrough.


…..The creators are demons.


Kaori is not a hardcore gamer.

In the first playthrough, she ended up getting the childhood friend ending where she didn’t get together with any of the main characters.

However, she was told from the beginning that a true ending existed, so she trained the protagonist’s stats to almost 100% by using save and load in the second round, and collected many essential flags with the goal of achieving that goal.

she was ready for any condition, and she reached the final stage of the game.

she worked extremely hard.

The final event of the game, in which the protagonist, the pure white saint, defeats the final boss together with her loved one.

The prince is the one who is working in the dark to destroy the kingdom!

The protagonist, who wields the holy sword with her well-trained arm strength stats, smashes the evil prince to pieces!




she did a double-take at the game’s case.

In the title of the game there is “The Pure White Queen.”

Yes, the true ending for each character in this game is that the protagonist becomes the queen.

If she defeats the evil prince while maintaining high levels of arm strength, nobility, intelligence, reputation, and other stats–

The ending of the game is that the protagonist is asked by His Majesty the King and all the people to become the new queen of the kingdom that has lost its prince and has no heir, and is crowned as such.

The lover who fought with her will become the Queen’s spouse and support the queen for life.

Managing the stats to become the queen is really troublesome and difficult. If the required values are not enough, the queen will not be crowned, even though it is the true ending.

Because of the difficulty of managing the stats, there is a sense of accomplishment that says, “If I am a queen with this level of ability, no one will complain about it.”

But is this really OK?

If she marries the prince, she can’t be her Majesty the Queen, can she? she would become her Royal Highness the Queen!

she can’t be the queen if she is not the rightful heir to the throne, can she?

But still, making the kingdom’s only prince the last boss and eliminating him is just too outrageous!

Couldn’t you have set the story up without a prince?

Can’t the protagonist’s miraculous power save him!?

This is what she means by too eccentric in many ways.

Kaori tapped the paper with the ballpoint pen, wondering how she should write the review.

The second problem.

“There’s no route to save the prince. That’s a big minus. Oh, that reminds me, there’s information somewhere …… that the prince’s route might be added as DLC. ……”

To be honest, she doesn’t know anything about the prince.

The prince is a mysterious being with a smile on his face from beginning to end, perhaps because of the care and attention paid to not letting the audience get too emotionally attached to him.

Suddenly, he turns out to be the mastermind and says, “Let all the nations perish! “

The flow of events leading up to that point is exactly like that of a villain! The story unfolds like a raging storm.

All the unidentified evil in the story leads to the prince.

The prince is controlled by the “Seed of Malice,” a cursed tool to summon a terrifying demon that feed on human misfortune, and is manipulated to obey that very malice.

He is cornered by the protagonist and the main characters, and in the end, even his personality is completely manipulated and he ends up summoning the demon.

Although the only way to save the country is to defeat him with the holy sword, it is hard to imagine the handsome prince falling into the darkness and being without salvation…

In his position as the prince, he is forced by the curse to create more misfortunes, and he commits evil deeds that he does not intend to do.

But gradually he is controlled by the demon, and he is finally extinguished by the holy sword.

Even though it was not his intention, what he did was evil.

she can’t defend someone who committed arson, murder, and slave trading, and yet then he is saved by the miraculous power of a miracle and has a happy ending! she understands that kind of thing …… is a bit of a stretch.

He embezzles the treasury and uses the bad guys as pawns to mess up the country, a perfect bad guy move by all accounts. Even though he is the prince.

Even though he has an angel’s smile that makes you fall in love with him when you see him on the other side of the screen, it is a bit of a horror from the second round onward when you find out that he is in fact a black-hearted man who is in the middle of a dark plot.

After learning the truth, she can’t help but feel that he is a psychopath, even though she knows he is being manipulated, as he waves to me again with a fresh smile in the beginning of the game.

If he becomes the king, the country will be in trouble because of the people’s riots.

Well, it’s a game.

The creators also probably don’t want the prince to live because it would be inconvenient.

The prince in this game is just the fiance of the intruding character and the mastermind, not a character that we have any feelings for.

If the villainous duo is engaged to each other, it would be a good match.

You’ll be queen without any complications! Maybe that’s the idea.

If that’s the case, there was no need to make the prince good-looking, was there?

she really wanted to go after the prince, who is being controlled by the demon, by all means. she really likes the prince’s appearance.

“…… hmm?”


S     a     v     e     m     e.



That’s not the voice of the character on the screen.

she was startled and looked at the case of the game.

Because it seemed like it came from there.

“Huh? What?”

For some reason, the case was glowing even though she hadn’t done anything.

Is this some kind of a practical joke? A gimmick?

The light suddenly went toward Kaori and pierced her chest.

Kaori was shocked and could not speak. her memory is cut off at this point.

In the empty apartment where she lived alone, the LCD TV kept showing the same picture under the brightly shining room light.

The same subtitles have been on the screen for a long, long time.

Bright red subtitles.


–Save me.

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