Chapter 60 Part 1:  Target

A translucent membrane wrapped around my body, and I moved directly into the water.

“No… No! You can’t, you might…!”

Lee Eun-Woo uttered a word of rejection, but there was no way I would listen to something that he couldn’t even get out of his mouth. I ignored him and tugged on his arm.

“She’s alright…!”

“What a relief!”

There was a sigh of relief around me as I pulled Lee Eun-Woo out of the water.

When I finally set the wet and quite heavy guy down on the ground, he collapsed, and was unable to stand.

‘It’s quite a… Distance.’

Apparently, Hyun-Jong or Hyun-Chong’s whatever he’s called, unique skill is quite terrible.

He threw Lee Eun-Woo so far that I had to use Spatial Interference, and when I finally managed to drag him to the nearest dry ground, I was already a distance away from the party.

We have to go that way, but Lee Eun-Woo, who hadn’t recovered his senses yet, was a heavy burden.

‘I can’t leave the precious mage behind, so I’ll have to drag him along.’

It was not long before the translucent membrane disappeared. Now I’m not free from damage either.

There was a large puddle between them and us, and we would have to go back a long way to avoid it, and obviously the vampire wasn’t going to wait for us to do that.


“W-Watch out!”

“He’s awake!”

“Everybody, get ready!”

There was a brilliant burst of flame from the other side.

That thing was awake.

I could see his silhouette in the center of what should now be called a lake.

It looked like he had been burned quite a bit by the lightning, but it was clear… He was still alive!

After a flick of his hands, the bats that had disappeared fluttered back into the air again.

There were dozens of them, at his beck and call.

‘I didn’t make it!’

It was a terrible mistake.

We’ve failed.

It was okay if Lee Eun-Woo was still around, but now he’s literally incapacitated.

The odds of winning… were practically close to zero.

‘I have the holy water, but even if I teleport over his head, the bats will block for him instead.’

If I don’t neutralize him, It will be useless.

All the enhanced holy water in the world doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t hit!

‘That was a golden opportunity earlier!’

If that bastard hadn’t thrown Lee Eun-Woo! I would have followed Jung Jin-Moon’s instructions and scattered the holy water.

If I had done that, things wouldn’t have gotten this bad!


Apparently he was quite furious after we managed to injure him, so he unleashed a wide range of fire magic.

The rest of the group, standing in the lake-less terrain, were all scrambling to dodge the flames.

It was all they could do to stay alive.

Without Lee Eun-Woo, there was only one option left.

‘… Are we going to retreat?’

I stared at Jung Jin-Moon Intently in the midst of the confusion.

He must have understood what I meant.

There is no other option other than retreat.

However, if they leave me and Lee Eun-Woo behind, there will be no second chance.

He was stuck on a dilemma— Give up Lee Eun-Woo, evacuate the rest of the guild and wait for the next support, or take Lee Eun-Woo with him, even if it meant throwing away their lives.

“… Retreat!”

‘So he chose the former.’

Jung Jin-moon’s shout caused everyone to start moving towards the entrance.

“No! Noona is still there…!”

“We can’t leave her!”

I could hear the twins crying and shouting in the distance.

There was no way anyone was going to listen to their silly mix of words.

So their protests fell on deaf ears, and they were dragged away.

The others made their escape as fast as they could while the tankers waited in front of them.

At that moment, Jung Jin-moon shouted in our direction.

“Wait one day!”

“One day?”

‘In this place?’

He looked at me with a pleading look in his eyes.

“My unique skills will protect you!”

With his words, a bundle of lights surrounded the place where Lee Eun-Woo and I were standing.

Looking up, I saw a second hand of a clock ticking.

It’s a clock made of light, quite old-fashioned, if I might say.

“Please wait for me! I’ll be back!”

That was it.


The door slammed shut.

We were then isolated with the vampire.

「You’ve been abandoned. Isn’t that what humans usually do?」

The vampire sneered at us.

He tried to attack us earlier, but he gave up after realizing that his attacks were useless against Jung Jin-Moon’s unique skill.

A few experiments later, it was clear.

From this point on, the two spaces were completely disconnected.

From inside to outside, from outside to inside, No influence is possible.

「He’s sleeping well. Under this kind of circumstance.」

Lee Eun-Woo still hadn’t woken up.

His injury must have been cured because I spilled holy water on it.

「You are such a boring human being. There’s no response at all.」

「His hair color is quite unique.」

「Seeing you shooting your head with that gun was a pretty entertaining scene.」

He muttered to himself, and, as if he had realized something, he thrust his face into the light barrier.

He looked me up and down and smiled.

「It’s you.」

“Do you know me?”

「I know. Oh What a celebrity you are.」


‘In Toluk?’

‘No way I’ve never heard of it.’

But if I think about it…

Vampires are also Demons of the undead clan.

They dress like aristocrats, think and act like humans, and live in communities of their own.

There are few demons that I know of…..

“Did Beelzebub tell you that?”

「How dare you, a human, dare to call the name of our great Beelzebub!」

His reaction was quite extreme, wasn’t it?

Is he the president of the Beelzebub fan club?

「I am his faithful subordinate, and after a long time, I finally heard that a human who piqued his interest had appeared. That was you.」


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