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Chapter 60 Part 2:  Target

“Oh, you did?”

It wasn’t a very pleasant subject.

「Whoo hoo hoo… I was going to kill you once this wall breaks, but I’ve changed my mind.」

He flew into the air, fluttering the hem of his cloak.

Bats that were flying all over the place, rushed towards him and were absorbed into his body.

「I was born with a noble body, so I didn’t want to spend a lot of time with you humans but… It’s different if he wills it. I’ll kill the rest of the humans in front of your eyes! I want to see you desperately watching me kill them one-by-one, hahahaha and I’m sure that’s what he wants…」

With those words, he slithered into his coffin.

The coffin lid closed automatically as soon as he was inside.

It was a strange move as if he was caught by a ghost.

‘… Says the devil.’

When he finally entered the coffin, I was left entirely alone.

‘That’s what he wants huh.’

That’s right.

That’s what he did to Hyewon-Unnie.

I guess I’m the target now.

But it won’t be as easy as you think.

‘You’ve never seen me before, but I’ve long since experienced a life fighting you.’

Lee Eun-Woo opened his eyes,

“Um.. Here is…?”

He uttered a word with a groan, so I blurted out without realizing it.

“It reminds me of the Hunter test.”

“… Han Seo-Ha?”

He jumped up while looking around.

He seemed to have grasped the situation by simply looking at the light barrier between the surrounding area of the water puddle and us.

“I owe you again.”

“Don’t mention it.”

Still, the fact that he was able to make his own assumptions without asking me showed that he had accumulated quite a bit of experience.

“That’s Mr. Jung’s skill. How long does it last?”

“About a day.”

“One day.”

That was… A pretty skeptical response.

Actually, I feel the same.

Although Jung Jin-Moon left and promised to come back, will he be able to return after failing once?

And even if he did? Does he have the confidence to finally succeed?

Above all…

‘People from Blue Serpents don’t seem to like Lee Eun-Woo very much. So they might take this opportunity to turn a blind eye…’

Jung Jin-moon said that he sympathized with Lee Eun-Woo, but how much can he risk with such a cheap sympathy?

In particular, the Blue Serpents had a very bad compatibility with this vampire.

To a party that was primarily composed of range dealers, boss monsters that neutralize distance attacks couldn’t be worse.

Even Jung Jin-moon wouldn’t know how to deal with it.

‘Dead men tell no tales, and no one will know what went on inside the gate.’

In other words, if they match their words once they pass their report, Lee Eun-Woo and I can be treated as dead during this boss raid.

It was foolish to stay still inside the gate and wait for someone else to help us anyway.

There is nothing more foolish than that.

My life is precious only to me.

“I have something in mind.”

While he was asleep, I’ve been thinking about a way to get us out.

Just the two of us.

I’ve thought of a plan to deal with this boss monster alone, and it was probably the only way.

Tick, Tock, Tick.

The second hand of the clock was ticking away gradually pointing to— zero.

It’s finally come.

Unsurprisingly, Jung Jin-moon never showed up.


The veil of light that surrounded us broke with the sound of the glass breaking.

Shards of light scattered and disappeared into the air.

It was a beautiful sight, but there was no time to admire it.

「It’s finally over.」

That’s because he was waiting for us.


The bats swooped in.

We’re both technically ranged users, so the matchup between us and the vampire might seem like a bad one, but it’s actually not— I’m both a close-range dealer, and a long-range one.

And Lee Eun-Woo is closer to a wide area dealer!

Since neither of us are full-time ranged dealers, this play is possible.

The wind whistled past my ears.

I felt a sense of floating in the air.

Of course, it’s purely my senses, and I only stayed in the air for a moment before crashing.

「You’re being foolish!」

I fell straight towards the vampire.

With a yelp, flames started engulfing his hands, but we were faster.


「Ahhh…! You… what a suicidal act!」

Lee Eun-Woo’s lightning bolt striked him.

The magic is forcibly interrupted by the bats, and the lightning striked me as well. Or, more accurately—


‘Cozy breeze!’

It doesn’t necessarily affect me.

I punch through the bats, paralyzed by my weight, then I finally see his head.

It was a great combo.

Maybe it’s because I’ve matched up with Lee Eun-Woo countless of times before, but basically our skill combos work pretty well together.

‘Lee Eun-Woo can’t use his skills easily because he might injure his allies, so my ability to ignore damage for a while is the best combination!’

The result was right in front of my eyes.

‘Take this…’

I took out a holy water from my waistband.

Just sprinkle it like this!


“You thought it was over?”

His voice was a low whisper.

I got goosebumps.

Bats, sprang out of the shadows beneath his feet.

Before I could pull out the holy water and say a prayer, they were already flying towards my face.

I had no choice but to cross my arms and defend it.

‘This is a failure.’


“You’re as quick as a rat. Let’s say that your ability to run away is quite excellent.”

He sneered in a languid voice as I slip through with the help of my spatial interference.

I knew from the start that my chances of success were slim, but failing with a special bullet that can be used up to six times a day still stings.

“Plan B or C?”


I made a quick judgment call at Lee Eun-Woo’s question.

He accepted it without another word.

“And the equipment?”


Good enough.

“Then let’s go right to….”

Before I could finish my sentence—


The bats came together to form a giant hand, swooping down to grab at Lee Eun-Woo.

I stretched out my hand, but it only touched the hem of his robe.


A faint squeak escaped his mouth.

I hadn’t expected him to be so close after all this time!

Regrets are always too late.

“Lee Eun-Woo!”

“Ahhh… Don’t come!”

The vampire grabbed Lee Eun-Woo by the nape of his neck.

He was looking at me with glaring eyes.


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