41. Broken Axe (2)

“Pull her down with her mouth and nose gagged, and send her back to the mansion to wait for punishment.”

Yin Bei was still bleeding from her head and was already dizzy, so she struggled in fear after her mouth and nose were gagged.

But she was a weak woman after all, and she was quickly pulled away by the others.

She had managed to save her life for the time being, and didn’t have to be beaten to death by the Fourth Miss on the spot, but after she returned to the Yu residence, would her fate really be better than being killed now?

Yin Bei suddenly recalled the scene of the water pavilion just now, when Yin Zhu was following behind the Sixth Miss, she looked so glamorous and decent.

Yin Bei is smarter and more resourceful than Yin Zhu, she was also better looking than Yin Zhu.

If she hadn’t followed the Fourth Miss, it would have been her who was standing there today.

But now, everything is already too late, she personally ruined her own chance.

Yin Bei was immediately dragged away, and Hong Luan and a few people did not dare to speak.

They were all kneeling on the floor to clean up the broken porcelain pieces.

The only sound that could be heard in the room was Yu Qingya’s undulating breathing.

After a while, Yu Qingya asked in her mind,

“System, the ‘Music Prodigy’ pill was useless. Can I return it for points?”

The system replied in a straightforward manner,

「No. All items in the system store will not be refunded once redeemed.」

“But the drug was completely useless, and I wasn’t able to use it properly at all!”

「It’s not that our drugs are useless.」The system said coldly,「It is the host that failed on your own mission. Please take note of the host’s points balance. Once the balance is negative, many functions of the system will not be open to the host, if the negative time reaches 90 days, you will be directly exterminated. The mission for the host to 『Make a name for yourself using the song Chang Hongqu』 failed, 200 points will be deducted. The total points is now –156….”」

The points were negative. Yu Qingya’s expression turned dim immediately.

She staggered a little, and almost could not stand.

Hong Luan hurriedly came over to help her, but she was pushed away by Yu Qingya.

Yu Qingya looked agitated, the muscles on her face twitched subtly, and quickly,

“Do you really not know the trap of Chang Hongqu? If Yu Qingjia deliberately designed it to harm me, why didn’t you warn me?”

Since Changhong Qu can be passed down as a world famous song, there must be a lot of relevant information.

Yu Qingya had seen the system’s database— The vast scope of its information is unimaginable to human beings.

Clearly anyone will know any information with just a search, and Yu Qingya does not believe that the system does not know that Chang Hongqu’s theme was that of a minister going against the emperor, which is a great disrespect to the imperial power.

The system knows that this song is special but does not tell her these relevant things, so what does it mean?

The system was angered by Yu Qingya’s obviously distrustful tone, although it is an intelligent body, it also has the function to recognize some words and sentences with strong attacks and doubts.

Yu Qingya not only distrusted it, but now she even questioned its fairness and impartiality, which was far more insulting to an electronic machine than physical destruction.

「Host, according to the agreement, the system will provide you with help and counter-attack guidance, and likewise you need to open up your authorization for the system and unconditionally cooperate with the system’s requirements when necessary. You are now questioning the system’s fairness and impartiality, which was a serious violation of the female match system agreement, article 16, article 27 and article 19. The system has judged that the host is actively attacking and has reached the second level of malice. We are currently entering the observation period of the agreement, if the host shows any signs of aggressiveness again, the system will have the right to terminate the female match agreement No. 067.」

“Are you threatening me?”

「I’m simply reminding you, host.」

The system’s emotionless electronic voice rang out coldly,

「Now that Prince Yingchuan and the others are still waiting outside, think about how to explain yourself to the crowd first, my host.」

Yu Qingya felt the blood in her body run cold, and a feeling of desolation and hatred swept over her heart.

She suspected that today’s incident was a trap set by the system for her.

It clearly knew the story behind the song ‘Chang Hongqu’, it also knew that Yu Qingya would get into trouble after playing it, but the system still didn’t say anything.

It seemed that the system deliberately adjusted the price of the “Music Prodigy” Pill, based on her remaining points, and then swindled her into spending it to buy this item.

When she finally had nothing, and no more points, it even threatened to completely exterminate her once her points turned negative, so now the system can manipulate her at will.

Why did she even think that the system was sent by heaven, and that it was a divine tool sent by them to help her?

The system is clearly the master, and she was the servant.

She and the system had no equality to speak of before, the system could threaten her at will, but Yu Qingya could not do anything to restrain it.

With this completely unequal status, what right does she have to negotiate terms and sign contracts?

A wave of hatred immediately rose in Yu Qingya’s heart, both towards Yu Qingjia and the system.

She told herself that she needed the system’s help for the time being, and that she would destroy the system after she replaced the female lead and became Princess Langya.

She and the system are currently bound together, they live together day and night, the system may know her weaknesses, so it does not necessarily mean that Yu Qingya can’t know its own.

There is ample time.

Yu Qingya made up her mind and made a decision, she hid all her hatred in her heart, and asked the system about Yu Qingjia in a business-like manner,

“Yu Qingjia also wrote Changhong Qu on her previous life but why did nothing happen to her?”

「The reason is that the song became famous more than a year later. It was not long after the Prince of Langya held an uprising, he was still unable to take care of the turmoil in the Night city, so how will he have the heart to take care of others? Besides, she didn’t play it in front of an imperial family member at the beginning.」

So, everything is predetermined.

Yu Qingya suddenly gave birth to an unspeakable feeling, she hurriedly released Chang Hongqu in order to steal Yu Qing Jia’s limelight, but once the timing and place are wrong, the same song will not be able to produce a similar effect, or worse, it can even produce the complete opposite.

She wanted to change the time, but instead she shot herself on the foot.

Yu Qingya used to be certain that the system was deliberately concealing this information, and was trying to use it to hold her back, but this time, she seemed to have really wronged the system.

Human development during the interstellar era had undergone qualitative changes, it even experienced the era of cosmic voyage for nearly a hundred years after the sun went out completely.

Chang Hongqu’s technique was complex, and super difficult— It has been lost as early as in ancient times.

During the interstellar era, music, chess, calligraphy and painting and other traditional cultures were significantly extinct.

The system only relied on the historical database that was fully digitized before humans left their home planet.

Only then can people learn about some bright historical pearls like the Chang Hongqu.

Books can be stored in bulk, but not arts and skills.


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