41. Broken Axe (1)

Yin Bei was half frightened, and was half forced to kneel on her knees on the ground. Her knee hit the hard and cold ground, causing her heart to ache.

Even so, nothing could compare to the coldness she felt inside.

Yin Bei has been working in the inner courtyards for so long, how can she not realize that she had been pushed out as a scapegoat by Yu Qingya.

Yu Qingya fiercely reprimanded her servant, snapped at her, with a look of anger.

She then turned her head back, with her eyes glistening with tears. She then raised her hand to wipe the corners of her eyes with a handkerchief,

“It’s all my fault for not knowing people well. This lowly maid brought a zither score over, saying that it was written by my sixth sister and gave it to me to try it out. I believed her words, and thought everyone already knew about it. But when the Sixth Sister came to me today, I realized that this servant girl had actually stolen it. I am to blame for not discovering my servant’s trickery beforehand, which made even my sixth sister to misunderstand me. I didn’t intend to cause any unnecessary trouble.”

Yu Qingya made up her mind to blame everything on Yin Bei, she’s just a maidservant, if she dies, so be it, but as the first lady of the first household, she could not be tainted with any sort of stigma.

Yin Bei was so happy when she thought that she had finally climbed up such a high branch, but her joy only lasted for a day, and in the blink of an eye that high branch had turned into hell.

Yin Bei knelt on the ground while trembling all over, Yu Qingjia’s eyes swept over her once, and quickly looked away.

It is everyone’s right to pursue fame and fortune, but if you want to enjoy the glory, you must be prepared to bear the consequences of failure.

Since Yin Bei chose Yu Qingya on her own, now that she’s been casted away by her, then there is nothing to pity.

Yu Qingjia no longer paid attention to Yin Bei, she looked at Yu Qingya, and refuses to let her go easily, after all she was free to counter-attack,

“So this servant girl stole it and gave it to fourth sister, then she’s indeed worthless, and deserves to be punished. She is only a servant girl, she not only stole her own master’s belongings, but also happened to leak it to my fourth sister. Was this a trap set for my fourth sister as a form of injustice? Fortunately, there are so many people today, so the Fourth Sister can explain herself clearly in front of everyone. Otherwise, Fourth Sister took something, if I didn’t know about it. After a long time, who can still know?”

Many of the ladies bowed their heads and smiled, their hearts knew, and understood.

Yu Qingya pushed the maid out to take the blame, although everyone looked sympathetic and understanding on the surface, but the people present are all raised in a big family, who can’t understand these underhanded tactics?

Many people have already guessed that Yu Qingya probably instructed the maid to steal Yu Qingjia’s zither score, and she took the initiative to play it before her in front of everyone.

However, she did not expect to be in trouble because it. So she had no choice but to blame the maid, to extricate herself from the situation.

Yu Qingya’s face immediately stiffened, and she was frightened by the smirking gazes of the people around her.

At this time, the woman who questioned Yu Qingya’s zither skills earlier asked again,

“I thought it was very strange when I heard it, and now I can’t understand it even more after hearing the explanation. I heard Sixth Miss Yu say that this tune was just written, so it’s really strange, how did the Fourth Miss learn to play the tune so quickly when it wasn’t even hers?”

Yu Qingjia thought that it was a good question, and she immediately continued,

“Yes, I am also wondering about this. Since Fourth Sister could play the whole piece without missing a single note, how could she not notice that the first and second strings were not set properly? I wrote this piece on a whim and composed it with another friend. After I finished writing it, I felt that it was not right, so I planned to burn it, but it was leaked by the maid, and today I suddenly heard my Fourth Sister playing it, which really surprised me.”

Yu Qingya was only concerned about the points at first, but now she gradually feels a little bad.

She glanced over the corner of her eyes, and saw that Murong Xu was also looking at her, and everyone was waiting for her to give an explanation.

But how could Yu Qingya say that she was able to play today because the system used drugs to help her cheat?

Yu Qingya’s heart and soul was flustered, she forced herself to calm down, and said,

“The servant girl has done such a disgraceful thing, I am already embarrassed to show my face in front of everyone. Wait a moment, I will come to you after I have finished handling the family’s private affairs. So please help me out.”

When the girls heard this, they “Tsk” in their hearts, Yu Qingya’s delay was pretty obvious.

But she had already mentioned about settling the family’s private affairs, so can they stop her from doing it?

Murong Xu nodded and smiled, then said,

“Fourth Miss Yu, please go ahead.”

Yu Qingya apologized, and hurriedly led the people away with her head down, her back seemed to be running away desperately.

All the maids in the main household had an ominous premonition in their hearts, they did not dare to breathe or make a single sound.

They followed Yu Qingya out of the lake with their heads down.

When she arrived at the guest room designated for female guests to change clothes, and found that there was no one else around, Yu Qingya’s face immediately sank down.

She was about to go mad with anger, she looked around the room, picked up a vase in front of the screen, and threw it at Yin Bei,

“You cheap maid!”

Yin Bei was smashed right on her forehead, and blood immediately oozed out.

She was used to following Yu Qingjia’s side, so she was quiet and relaxed every day.

How could she expect such an attack?

She was dizzy in front of her eyes, but because she was slow to kneel down for a while, it caused Yu Qingya to be furious again.

When Yu Qingya saw that Yin Bei was hesitant to kneel down, she became even more convinced that this b–tch despised her and deliberately harmed her.

In fact, Yin Bei was just blinded by the blood in front of her, so she couldn’t see anything.

Yu Qingya had smashed the vase but didn’t feel relieved at all, she looked for something more sharp in the room, and Hong Luan and the others sensed that something was wrong, they quickly went forward to persuade her,

“Miss, Yin Bei’s life is cheap, you can dispose of her at any time, but we are currently at Prince Yingchuan’s place, if a human life was lost inside a prince’s residence, then I am afraid that the reputation of the miss will be greatly damaged.”

Several other maids also boldly responded, but it was only after the system reminded her in her mind that Yu Qingya reluctantly regained her senses.

She looked at Yin Bei on the ground, her gaze was gloomy, she wanted to break her into pieces.

Yu Qingya hated the b–tch who made her make a fool of herself, so she said gloomily,


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