Chapter 8. Fragment (2)


‘It didn’t make sense to me that I should be glad to see her not in pain.’

“S*ck, ahh…….”

Aria inhaled deeply as she felt Caelius enter her and fill her from below. It wasn’t as bad as the last time, but her breath was trapped in her throat as if something was pressing her.

The sugary pubic hair beneath his coveted abs and iliac crest was approaching. Caelius pushed himself into her. It gave her the impression that she was being skewered.

It didn’t hurt, but his c*ck felt like it was lodged down her throat. It was hot and hard, pressing against her inner walls without letting go. The big glans scratched gently against the interior if he moved an inch.

“Ah, Daddy…… s*ck, Daddy…….”

Aria leaned her cheek into Caelius’ fingers in comfort as he gently wiped away her tears. He paused for a bit.

-Please refrain from touching my cheek; I don’t want you hurting my face.

-All well, but why?

-No! It’ll make me seem bad.

-You are not ugly. You’re stunning no matter what.

-No, I’ll hate you if you continue to touch my face.


-Yes. Really.

Once again. Another strange vision.

As he turned to face Aria, his brow wrinkled. The Aria in his vision merged with the Aria in front of him.


Aria, who wasn’t yet familiar with his p*nis inside her, gasped and glanced up at him.

“Do you love me?”

Her jaw fell, as did Caelius’, at the unexpected question. Her question had him perplexed.

“What on earth am I talking about……”

Crazy, but certainly crazy.

His face, which had been hidden under a façade of compassion and a sweet smile, immediately became serious. He began to thrash around and chewed on his lip.

“Ahhh, ah……!”

Trying to forget the question he’d just asked, as well as the hallucinations and visions.

Caelius glared at her coldly, grasped her pelvis, and rammed his withdrawn c*ck into her repeatedly.

“Ha, ah, daddy, daddy……! Gently, gently…… black, please…….”

He could feel Aria writhing and struggling, but he couldn’t care less; he pumped his hips viciously as if venting his rage on something.

It was strange to feel the jagged pillars of her inner walls crashing into her with each movement. The stiffly protruding glans bounced back and forth, pressing on his body. Her br*asts, which bobbed up and down with each movement, were quite enticing.

The black beast plunged without hesitation through the white flesh. The crimson-colored hole had turned red and was constricting around his c*ck.

“Ahhhh, s*ck, ahhhhhhhh!”

He scratched her n*pples while grabbing her br*asts and swinging madly. Aria then began to moan in pleasure.

“Ha, ahh, daddy, daddy, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

With each fast thrust of the huge monster inside her, her body felt split in half. It wasn’t unpleasant, but the tingling feeling threatened to melt her from within. Caelius’ p*is against her suffocated insides made her dizzy. Without ejaculating, the thick glans explored her hole, poking where she felt it.

“S*ck, hmmm…… ahhh, yes!”

Unlike her peers, her wriggling abs and iliac crests were surprisingly raw and appealing. Men who sat in homes and studied books had different bodies from those who fought on the battlefield. Despite his royal status, the scars on his body told of his previous existence.

She staggered helplessly and briefly wrapped her arms around Caelius’ neck. He then leaned forward and kissed her.

“Huh, yeah……!”


He pushed his retracted c*ck into her, calling her by her nickname. Her back arched as she approached.

“Hmph, hmph, aaahh……!”

Caelius didn’t like the look on her face as she avoided Caelius’ stare, so he gripped her chin and pushed her to meet his eyes.

“Look at me, Lily.”

Aria swallowed down a moist breath, trying not to yell. It was difficult for her to focus on the pleasure that was rushing in and out of her. Her face was unkempt when she glanced up at Caelius. Her cheeks were flushed with pleasure tears.

Her little lips uttered a groan.

‘Certainly, lusting after my daughter, who had just turned 18, was more pleasurable than f*cking innumerable women.’

‘I didn’t understand why.’

‘I had a feeling those golden eyes were meant for me as if we were destined to be together.’

Caelius’ fingers squeezed hers gently, and she clutched his hand even tighter, unable to resist the pleasure.

“Hmm, hmm, daddy, daddy…….”

The bubbling sound continued below. She’d been thrashing so hard that she knew she’d be sore the next day.

His hip thrusts were joyful. He spits a jet of cum and s*cked into his daughter. Aria’s stretched-out hole trembled and trembled. The nasty c*ck rammed in and out of her hole several times more. The tight, bulging c*ck entered inside her v*g*na, and she felt it tear through her narrow aperture with a single deep stroke.

In dizzying ecstasy, her hips bucked and she curled up on her heels.

Caelius rubbed her stomach slowly. He cupped her navel after that.

“You’re stuck here.”

She couldn’t be certain, but it felt that way. Aria fought to see through her haze and gazed down at his and her mating parts. Caelius’ c*ck throbbed with filthy juice, lodged in her wounded hole.

“What, you want to watch me getting you f*cked?”

He went in for a kiss on Aria’s lips. Although his voice was soft, his words were not.

Aria did not respond.

Caelius turned to face the full-length mirror after noticing a movement. He drew her up on top of him while straddling the bed. His broad chest brushed up against her back.

He grinned wickedly as he lit a nearby candlestick and spread her legs wide. The mirror mirrored her lustfully wet cunt.

“Oh, Daddy……!”

“Look at it, Lily. That’s your nice wet hole being f*cked by Daddy’s c*ck.”

“Hmph, shhh, no, I hate…… that, I hate the mirror…….”

She squirmed and fought, but it was useless. He was already pulling her legs apart. Caelius laughed happily and began to thrust his raging prick into her hole.

“Hmph, ahh, ahh…….”

I could see her and I interacting in the mirror. My forearm throbbed in and out of her slimy, soaking-wet hole. Caelius forced Aria’s sight to fix on the mirror as she clenched her eyes tight and turned her head away.

“Open your eyes and watch.”

The hole hardened but gave way. He spread her labia with one hand, pushing in. The bulging clitoris was then revealed stiffly.

His dexterous fingers crushed the flesh mercilessly.

Aria’s head jerked back in dizzying delight. Caelius then pushed his lips on her neck.

“This is your favorite place.”

The hand that had been squeezing her clit moved in slow circles, and she shuddered in his arms.

Caelius gently stroked her clit with her index and middle fingers. Aria’s breathing became ragged, and she squirmed for assistance. He thrust his hips forward while tormenting her clit, and she yelled out, her juices spilling from her hole.

“Ah, daddy, hmm, daddy…….”

“Yes, Lily.”

“This is weird, I like this…… ah, shh, no.”

For the first time in her life, she was astonished to see a man and a woman in love.

She had never watched pornography before becoming possessed because she found it disgusting. She’d only ever seen adult cartoons, and even they had mosaics of private parts, so it came as a surprise.

‘I couldn’t believe anything that big was inside of me, and I had no clue my hole was such an obscene hue.’

Caelius gave a bored snort of amusement as he looked at her in surprise. When he watched her flailing around in humiliation, He was inclined to tease her, but it was a turn-off to see her acting as if she’d just seen something she shouldn’t have.

Aria hid her face in Caelius’ chest and squeezed her eyes shut, refusing to look in the mirror. Caelius soothed her with a deep sigh after watching her squirm.

“You shouldn’t freak out over something like this…….”

When Caelius finally turned Aria around to face him, she burrowed her into his arms, panting. She sobbed as she placed her tiny arms around his back. It was adorable to watch her wiggle in my arms as if she was trying to escape.

Caelius couldn’t help but smile, the corners of his mouth twitching.

His fingers slid back through her wet hair. He admired how the blonde slid lightly between his fingertips.

Aria’s weeping continued unabated despite his comforting touch.

“You’re getting so stupid.”

He burst out laughing at the sight of her foolishness. It was an odd occurrence.

Caelius diverted his sight to the chandeliers above, in the mood for promiscuity. Inside her, his c*ck was still pulsating. Caelius’ hands pressed on her white a$$. Then he gradually raised her. His c*ck was slowly slipping out of her hole. Aria trembled and wrapped her arms around Caelius’ neck.

“Hmph, hmph…….”


Aria nodded in response to the pleasant voice. Caelius then grinned and said out.

“You want to make a bet with Daddy?”

In a deep, demonic voice, a muted, broken bass muttered.

“Yes, yes……?”

“I’ll grant you a wish if you make me cum somehow, whether it’s by wiggling your hips on your own or taking my c*ck in your mouth and s*cking it. How’s that?”

Caelius said a modest smile on his face. Aria’s face flushed with embarrassment. The incomprehensible proposition perplexed her.

There was, in fact, no cause. He wanted to see her whimpering in protest and thrusting his c*ck into her hole all by herself. Or even in her mouth.

Aria’s eyes darted back and forth as she considered it.

“what if I fail……?”

“It’s okay if you fail. I won’t ask you to do anything.”

She paused for a moment to think about it.

‘If I beg you, please do not rebel with a wish……’

My head would be the first to fall off.

Caelius might grant wishes, but they were wishes he couldn’t put to good use.

‘There is no treason! Give me my freedom! Allow me to marry outside of the country!’ I could see how I wished for any of these things, I would incur his anger and be ripped apart.

‘I don’t think there’s anything to lose by trying……’

Aria pressed her lips together. Caelius smiled harmlessly as she looked at him.

“You don’t want to do it?”

“Oh, no…… I’ll do it.”

Caelius patted Aria on the head as if she had made a wise decision. He then stopped flirting with her and looked at her expectantly.

“Uh, how do we do this?”

Aria stammered and fumbled, placing her hands on Caelius’ chest, slowly lifting her waist, clumsily grasping the upright column of flesh, and cautiously placing it between her legs.


She shuddered at the thought of her constricted insides being opened up again, but Caelius just stared at her.

Aria screamed and sank back down gently as he drew his glans till it lay at her v*g*nal opening, the sensation of him sculpting her insides extremely arousing.”Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

Aria shuddered as the glans probed her inner walls.

For some reason, the sight did not make him happy, and she appeared to be alone. Caelius smirked, wondering if she felt the same way.

“I told you to make me cum, not tell you to m*st*rbate with my c*ck.”

Caelius mockingly watched Aria moan as she rocked her hips on her own. Aria’s face turned very red.

“Uh, it’s not like that…… heh.”

Aria pursed her lips again and shifted her hips. Her movements were quicker than usual. Caelius continued to look at her with a careless expression, seemingly relaxed but impatient.

It would have been easier if he had just grabbed her and begun thrusting like crazy, but her body language was agonizing as she struggled to figure out who she was going to kill.

‘I should not have done it…’

I had a pang of regret. Caelius didn’t answer no matter how much she wiggled her hips, so she finally broke down and spoke.

“S*ck, huh…… daddy…….”

However, the movement did not stop. Her little fingers rubbed against Caelius’ chest as she excitedly swayed her hips up and down.

Excellent, excellent, excellent. Aria couldn’t tell if she was doing it correctly because there were no words. She just reddened with embarrassment.

“Uh, how do I do…… I mean, Dad…….”

She trailed off and averted her gaze in embarrassment. Caelius laughed, amused by her shyness.

“What am I supposed to do?”

Aria clenched her hands tightly in response to the obvious comment.

“Well…… if you work hard?”

With an intentional smirk, he said. Aria eventually just kept moving her hips, her face glowing, to no avail.

The sensation of it sliding in and out of her inner walls was strange and pleasant, but when it came to a halt and poked and prodded, her body shook and her breathing became ragged. But he didn’t respond, making her feel even more humiliated that she was the only one who felt this way.

“Hmph, ah…… ah…….”

Aria’s breathing became more labored. She could hear her p*ssy below making a moist, squeaking sound. She couldn’t look up because she felt like she was masturbating in front of Caelius. The tears were uncontrollable as pleasure and shame combined.

Caelius’ face remained expressionless. He observed her actions with amusement.

“Daddy…… hmm, daddy…….”

“Yes, daughter.”

“Li, Li, Li, Li, Li, Li, Li, Li, Li, Li, Li, Li, Li, Li, Li, Li, Li, Li, Li, Li, Li, Li, Li, Li, Li, Li, Li, Li, Li, Li, Li, Li, Li.”

So, can’t you just slap her on the wrist?

I said, sneaking a look at him to see if he was withholding something on purpose.

Her legs became weak and she collapsed on top of him. She was deep inside him and cumming in his arms before she realized it.


Caelius’ face creased slightly at her sight.

“You almost make me cum…… “

Caelius smiled sweetly as Aria screamed in his arms.


She gave a nod.

“Lily is Daddy’s favorite.”

Aria looked up, surprised by the suddenness of his words.

“How about my daughter?”

She returned his gaze and comprehended what he meant.

“You’re attempting to be charming and wiggly…

Aria mumbled in a low, creeping voice, shaking her head.

“….I like you best too.”

“I can’t hear you, daughter.”


“Say it louder.”

Caelius cupped her as$ and seemed to be attempting to persuade her to move.

“Yes, daughter.” His black eyes sought hers with passion, and she sobbed and thrust her hips slowly, spitting out the things he desired to hear.

“….. “Hmm, Daddy, I enjoy…….”

“You’re missing one.”

Caelius swallowed dryly, barely suppressing his lust. He couldn’t help but think how insignificant and cute the whimpering was, how he’d just mindlessly thrust his c*ck into her if he tried.

Aria spat out the words with difficulty, resting her chin on his withdrawn c*ck.

Her br*asts swayed slightly, her face swollen with tears. And an embarrassed expression.

‘……That’s incredible.

Even when he was f*cking a half-dozen sluts, he doesn’t think he’s ever been this aroused. Caelius reached for her p*ssy without thinking. Aria’s labia were spread apart and violently pressed.


The suddenness of the motion made her whimper.

“Hmph, ah, no, hmph, ha, don’t…… don’t……!”

Caelius, unable to bear it any longer, hurriedly rolled Aria down on top of me. Aria’s eyes widened in bewilderment as her vision shifted in an instant.

“Oh, Daddy……?”

“I can’t stand this…….”

Caelius placed Aria’s br*ast in his mouth and s*cked on the n*pple while panting. His bulging c*ck hammered against her.


Aria bucked and crashed into Caelius’ back, but he didn’t stop, instead wiggled his hips like a hound in heat. Aria, who was trapped beneath his body, shouted out, quivering. Her breathing was labored as if her fragile frame could be crushed with the slightest effort.

How long would he torture her?

Aria’s inner walls constricted and her body stiffened for a brief while. Caelius could tell she’d experienced a climax, but he had no intention of stopping.

In his ear, he could hear her quiet breathing. Aria was pushed down, forced to accept him in his whole as he thrust promiscuously.

“S*ck, ah, hmm, yes……!”

There was no time to bask in the heat of her triumph. Her vision was blurred by Caelius’s constant thrusts, and she swayed helplessly as he moved.

I didn’t have the energy to fight any longer.

As the heat-filled flesh pushed against her inner barriers, She felt like she was falling over a cliff, tears flowing down her cheeks. She shouldn’t be enjoying herself, but Caelius, who was holding her and twitching his c*ck, didn’t bother her.

“Hmmm…… daddy, daddy…… hmmm.”

Tears welled up in her eyes as she pleaded with him. Caelius then slammed his c*ck deep within her, cumming.

His c*ck was pulsing inside her, pouring hot fluid. Aria shuddered as if having a seizure.

She hadn’t won the bet, but the performance had come to an end.

Caelius did not pull away from her after ejaculating but instead began rotating his hips again. As she peered up at him, Aria’s eyes widened in astonishment.

“Oh, Daddy……?”

“Yes, Lily.”

“Well, that’s enough…….”

When a man ejaculates, his p*nis disappear. Even she, novice as she was, knew it was common sense, yet Caelius’s was hard and swelled again before she realized it.

“I’m sorry.”

He said, not sounding the least bit sorry.

“My d*ck just keeps getting hard when I look at you.”

His c*ck stiffened and pushed back into Aria’s v*g*na. The cum he’d just ejaculated leaked lasciviously through the crack.

“Makes me want to f*ck you again.”

My back and hole were both in use. Aria’s body was already aching from the harsh acts, but Caelius didn’t appear to be. Aria squeezed her eyes shut, her vision becoming blurry. Caelius moved his c*ck slowly, making a sticky sound.

‘I can’t do it any longer……’

Aria’s body’s strength was drained. She managed to breathe air and keep her sanity, but it didn’t last long.

She blacked out before he could thrust his c*ck like an animal again, which was a gift in disguise.

She was on the verge of collapsing.

Caelius stared down at Aria’s hunched figure. His cold look then traveled over the hole he’d rammed his c*ck inside. Her tiny cuntal slit was clinging to him so tightly that it appeared like it was struggling. He cupped Aria’s cheeks gently and frowned when she sighed softly, wondering whether she’d dozed off.

Caelius laughed, unable to suppress his enjoyment at the situation’s absurdity. He then extracted his still firm and swollen c*ck. A huge stream of come poured out of his c*ck as he drew it.


Caelius addressed her in a solemn tone. Of course, there was no response.


He also didn’t seem to be expecting a response.


Aria von Wittelsbach.

The child who would have been Bjorn after me if I hadn’t been dismissed.

Caelius smiled strangely and took his retreated c*ck in his hand, gently stroking it. He massaged the sticky glans, working his way down to the root and back up.

It’s not something he’d do in front of his sleeping daughter.

Caelius’ expression, however, was devoid of any trace of shame. While seeing Aria’s shambles, all he could do was touch his c*ck in delight.

The bruises on the shaft became more prominent and swollen with a few fast strokes of his c*ck.


Caelius clenched his teeth and sprayed a hazy stream of cum over Aria’s sleeping body. It splattered all over her breasts, belly, and p*ssy.

Her face was coated in her father’s cum, and she was exhausted from crying.

Caelius observed her with a delighted smile on his face.

It was exhilarating and joyful. Even if the psychedelic drugs were not present, s*x with his daughter would be enough.

If anyone found our relationship, they would label us as immoral and insane. Caelius, who was well aware of the situation, was also well aware of it.

That, or he’d spit out a low, incomprehensible laugh. If this was paternalism, it was paternalism.

Caelius sincerely believed this. It’s a little different, but it’s a type of paternalism; otherwise, He wouldn’t be so generous to her, who is useless.

He looked down at Aria and heard her voice once more. Without the accompanying headache, her voice was clear and crisp.

-That seat should have been yours.

-Stupid and incompetent.

Caelius raised his brow and closed his eyes. Then he saw Aria’s face in his head.

The only child capable of rescuing him from the disgraceful Wittelsbach.

-I’ll make you Emperor since you’re the only one who deserves it.

-So you raise me to the position of Empress.

* * *

He had a strange dream. Caelius was kneeling in front of the Emperor and young Azekrisis, with a multitude of nobility gazing on as if he were a bystander.

He imagined himself as a clown on a circus stage.

“Crown Prince, Caelius does not possess the qualities of a strong and upright leader. His temper is tyrannical and cruel, and he has used his heaven-given imperial power to pursue personal pleasures.”

The Emperor proceeded while Azekrisis looked from side to side, confused.

“I, Apedor von Wiern, command you. As of this day, you, Caelius von Biern, are hereby stripped of all power in Biern.”

Caelius remained silent and still, his head bowed. It was impossible to tell what expression he wore, but his clenched fists spoke volumes.

“Swear before the sun. That you will renounce your imperial power and never again take the throne.” The nobles were stunned, and Caelius shuddered with rage. He made no reply for a long moment, then raised his bowed head and met his father, Apedor, with a fierce gaze.

“Father.” He called out to his father, his voice low and muffled with resentment. Apedor did not answer.

“Is this truly your choice, father?” An unfamiliar look. Blond hair and golden eyes like the sun. A man I would probably never see in my life, Caelius von Wiern.

It felt strange. His voice, his eyes, his expression, even though it was a dream. It was all so vivid. Apedor still said nothing. His gaze was so cold I couldn’t believe I was looking at my father who was telling me. You will never be Emperor Caelius, realizing what his father meant, cried out.

“What did I do to deserve this-!” His cracked voice echoed hollowly. There was bitterness in his breath, anger in his voice, and sadness in his expression.

It was pitiful, and yet no one in the room pitied Caelius.

“Cruel and tyrannical? Is that what a father would say, sending his twelve-year-old son off to war?”

Hiding behind the Emperor, Azekrisis laughed in private. It was impossible to tell who it was directed at.

“Caelius von Wiern, I swear!”

Apedor didn’t answer but bellowed angrily. Then Azekrisis, beside him, tugged gently at the hem of his robe and whimpered.

“Oh, father, I’m afraid.”

It was uncharacteristic of a prince, but Afedor was far from angry and offered a small smile of apology. His mouth seemed to whisper to him to wait a little longer.

The sight of them made Caelius smile.

Born a crown prince, he had carried that responsibility on his shoulders from a young age. He learned languages and studied imperial studies, mastered swordsmanship, and was thrust into battle.

And now this. Rage consumed him. He didn’t want to give up. He should have been Emperor, and it was his, to begin with. Azekrisis was the one who said he didn’t care about the throne.

Hundreds of eyes swept mockingly over Caelius. He wanted to draw his sword and cut out every single eye of every single nobleman who looked at him.

But he was alone, and they were not alone. He had no choice. Chewing hard on his lip, Caelius forced his mouth to open. A sneer flickered across his face, and he looked up at the royal seat with a cold gaze.

“I swear… I will.”

Ah, how high that seat was.

Caelius swore to renounce the power of the Imperials. There was a sinister fury in his voice. At the same time, his once brilliant blond hair lost its color and darkened.

The nobles gaped at the sight of a once-in-a-century spectacle. Misery, shame, and anger. Watching it all unfold, Aria felt a surge of anger, even though it was only a dream.

Even Azekrisis, clinging to Apedor like a fox, laughing hysterically. The Empress waved her fan enchantingly as if she had been waiting for this moment. It was the moment when the faded sun fell helplessly. ‘Dad…….’

I didn’t know what the dream was trying to show me. I just knew I didn’t want to see it. I didn’t want to face the Caelius of the past in this way. Finally, Caelius, deprived of all power, turned to face Apedor and Azekrisis with his saccharine eyes.

“You will regret this.”

His eyes reflected his maniacal obsession with the throne. Suddenly, he remembered something. Something she’d read in a pre-possession book some time ago.

“Sociopaths are fearless and lack empathy, but they are possessive and obsessive. They are willing to take the lives of others to achieve their goals. Never be their target.”

* * *

A dream. It was a dream, but when I woke up, the corners of my eyes were damp.

“What, did I cry…?”

Aria panicked and fumbled to wipe her tears away, but a hand wiped them away instead. Aria blinked a couple of times in surprise, and her blurry vision cleared, revealing Caelius with a strange smile on his face.

“Daughter, did you have a bad dream?”

As she made eye contact with the smiling Caelius, she saw him again, and the tears that had finally stopped welled up in her eyes once more.

Aria chewed her lip and clenched her fists hard to keep from crying. The Caelius of her dreams was so different from the Caelius of now.

He didn’t look like he was used to controlling his emotions; his face was boyish, and his hair and eyes were a different color than they were now.

Blond and golden, sparkling like jewels. Caelius was handsome now, but with his golden hair, he looked so noble. Like a man born of the sun.

Aria didn’t know what these uncontrollable feelings were, what they held, what they wanted. As she locked eyes with him, the visions came again.

“Jim is not just another imperial sword.”

A voice that rang fiercely but sounded weary.

-Jim is the master of the Empire, the only sun of the Empire, the Emperor of the Empire.

A voice that rang fiercely but with a hint of madness.

-It is Cailius von Biern.

The moment you finally reclaimed Biern.

At that moment, I will stand beside you.

‘You should be Emperor …….’

You’re the only one who deserves it, and you should have had the crown in the first place.

It was an unconscious thought. For a moment, Aria stiffened at the strange thought that had taken over her mind. Surely he didn’t want to commit treason; surely he wanted to live in peace.

“But why all of a sudden……?”

“I wanted to put a golden crown on Caelius’s saccharine hair. You are not a fallen sun, you still shine nobly.”

She didn’t know why she felt tears welling up in her eyes. Aria didn’t understand her own emotions. She felt sick to her stomach at the sight of Caelius, upset, and angry at the Emperor for sending him away.

She didn’t even want to know what Azekrisis and Afedor had to say; she just blindly felt sorry for Caelius.

Maybe it was just cheap, cheap sympathy.


The voice calling out to him was tinged with tears. Caelius shook his head and looked at Aria, wondering if he’d overexerted himself yesterday.

“……I love you.”

Aria burrowed into his arms, gasping at the unfamiliar emotion that washed over her uncontrollably. Caelius’s eyes widened in surprise at her sudden behavior. Then, without another word, he patted Aria on the back.

“Daddy loves you, too.”

He lied.



Not the slightest bit sincere.

“So, then, is Lily…… special to her dad? Has she ever been…… special, even for a moment?”

Stupid question. The kind of question Aria would ask in the original movie. Why is my mouth spitting out such a lame question?

“Lily is always special.”

I know. I know that everything Ceilius says is a lie.

I know that the moment I identify with the original Aria and fall in love with him, I’ll be reduced to a puppet to be used and cruelly discarded, a scarecrow for treason.

Even though I knew that, I couldn’t control the emotions that flowed through me.

‘Damn emotional fairy tales…….’

The scent of his body, the steady hand patting her back, the voice whispering in her ear. All of them made her heart race.

What if the feelings of the original Aria consume me? I was a little scared.

Or perhaps it had been eating away at me since the first time I saw Caelius in this world.

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