Chapter 8. Fragment (1)


“Dad, come see this!” Aria laughed as she pointed to a little rose garden in the corner of the yard.

“This is the special rose garden I made for Goshen, and it looks so pretty!” Without thinking, she reached for a rose, thinking about picking it to give to Caelius.

“Lily.” However, Caelius quickly stopped her, taking her hand and carefully holding the rosebud to avoid any thorns.

“What if there are thorns?” Aria pondered. Caelius warned her, “You have to be careful. What if you get pricked and see blood?”

A bit unusually, Caelius sounded concerned. Aria playfully smiled and hugged him, saying, “It’s nice to have a dad who cares.”

Caelius gently ran his fingers through her hair while she snuggled against his cheek lovingly. His lips formed a smile, a warmth that resembled that of a lover, an expression entirely new to her.

“I love you, Dad,” she expressed.

“Hehe…” Caelius chuckled. However, he suddenly woke up, finding himself in his bedroom. He wiped the sweat off his face and took deep breaths.

He couldn’t help but laugh in disbelief as he remembered the dream. “What a silly dream…”

Even in the dream, I couldn’t believe I was staring at Aria with a foolish expression, one that only a silly person would wear. He drank cold water in silence, trying to shake off the strange feeling.

Ever since the last time, he kept hearing voices in his head, and now these dreams were recurring. Concerned, he wondered, “Is my body going to give out?”

Caelius ran his hand through his hair, letting out a slow sigh. It occurred to him that perhaps it was time to follow Eben’s advice and stop using hallucinogens. He glanced at the pills on the table, then looked away and reached for a cigarette.

The unsettling dreams and the voices he heard – no matter how he thought about it, seemed like the side effects of hallucinogens.

* * *

It had been two weeks since Caelius decided to stop using hallucinogens. Although life without them seemed dull, the hallucinations had been intensifying, making it necessary for him to quit.

At times, it wasn’t just voices; he experienced vivid scenes in his mind as if they were happening right before him.

The challenge was that instead of improving, things seemed to be getting worse in the two weeks since he quit.

While he mechanically went about his work, he couldn’t help but constantly think about Aria, or more precisely, dream about her and the tender, affectionate hugs she would give him.

Caelius inquired, his expression serious, “Where’s my daughter?”

“She’s taking a break in her room.”

“She’s been spending a lot of time there lately.”

Goshen glanced out of the window and noticed the arrival of spring, with green leaves budding on the trees. As he observed, Goshen spoke spontaneously, breaking the silence, “This winter has passed without incident.”

“Yes, indeed. It’s already spring….” Caelius acknowledged.

Suddenly, the voice of Aria from a dream flashed in his mind, “This is the rose garden I made for Goshen, and it’s beautiful! ‘Roses, roses….'”

Caelius spoke absentmindedly as he spun the pen in his hand, “When the weather improves a bit, I’ll create a rose garden in the yard.”

Goshen hesitated for a moment at the unexpected directive. Then, he nodded and replied, “Yes, sir.”

* * *

Recently, Aria had been staying in her room like a quiet mouse. Since the incident with Caelius, she tried to avoid him as much as possible. Caelius was likely aware of this.

“I can’t keep avoiding him forever…” she thought. Despite knowing that, she was hesitant to face him, especially given the situation with Marquis Eben Simeone.

“You fool, you don’t even recognize your mother’s handwriting.”

“Yeah, the idea of marrying Marquess Simerne doesn’t excite you.”

Aria let out a heavy sigh and buried her face in her pillow. That day made things clear. Caelius was suspicious of her. He had sent Marquis Simerne to test her, to see if she would attempt to escape if given the chance.

“But I told him I wasn’t going to marry or anything… So why did Marquis Simerne communicate in such a strange way? It doesn’t make sense to me.” She felt foolish and annoyed that she had momentarily trusted him, wondering what his intentions were.

Then, a knock on the door interrupted the room’s silence, accompanied by the voice of a maid.


Aria spun around in surprise at the sudden call.

“Yes? What’s wrong?”

The maid entered the room, visibly excited and slightly shaking.

“Oh my goodness! The Grand Duke has ordered the creation of a rose garden for you!”

“…eh?” Aria questioned, unsure if she had heard correctly. The maid eagerly continued as if anticipating this moment.

“Mr. Goshen must have commanded the construction of a large rose garden in the backyard, and the king is gifting it to the princess….”

The maid chatted excitedly in Moorish, but Aria, still bewildered, caught only fragments. “Caelius? For me? Why?” she wondered aloud.

Feeling uneasy at the abruptness of the situation, she pulled the covers up to her neck, whispering to herself, “I’m anxious, I’m anxious. Please don’t do anything, I don’t need all that!”

* * *

Despite her plea, a few days later, a loud noise erupted, marking the beginning of a massive construction project in the corner of the garden. Aria sighed in frustration as she looked out the window.

“I can’t pretend I don’t know them; I have to go and say hello. I don’t want to run into him…” Aria grunted and pulled the curtains closed. It was at that moment that she steeled herself, knowing there was only one person in the mansion who would open her room without knocking.


“Even tigers come when I tell them to…” Aria chewed her lip and inwardly clicked her tongue.

“I haven’t seen you much lately.” Caelius’ approaching footsteps echoed with a wide stride. Aria offered a lazy greeting, lifting the corner of her mouth.

“Dad! Uh, what can I do for you?”

“One minute you’re here every day, bothering me, and now you’re blatantly demonstrating that you don’t want me to see you,” Caelius remarked, his tone pointed. Aria hastily shook her head.

“It’s not like that…! I’ve just been, uh, busy.” She felt a bit ridiculous, realizing she had spent most of her time in her room.

Still, Aria smirked, pretending not to notice. Caelius didn’t press further, letting the matter go without saying anything else.

Aria’s body tensed, her nervousness evident. Caelius observed her closely, his eyes narrowing. As she cowered and looked at him, an unusual longing arose in him for her to be as tender as she was in the hallucination.

Caelius couldn’t quite comprehend why he felt that way. “Maybe you didn’t even miss me?” Caelius asked casually, taking a seat on the couch. The response came swiftly.

“Yes……” Aria almost said yes for a moment but quickly changed her mind, humming as if nothing had happened.

“Well?” Caelius glared at her, and his intense gaze seemed strangely more relaxed than usual. Perhaps because of that, Aria didn’t feel as frightened of Caelius today.

Aria’s body tensed, her nervousness evident. Caelius observed her closely, his eyes narrowing. As she cowered and looked at him, an unusual longing arose in him for her to be as tender as she was in the hallucination.

Despite the circumstances, it should have been uncomfortable, but she didn’t feel the slightest bit uneasy being held by him, whether it was because she’d finally come to her senses or not. If anything, an unfamiliar emotion stabbed at her heart, causing aches in her chest.


“Yes, daughter.”

Being held by him made her feel somewhat languid.

“I’m going to… live with you for a long time this time.”

Suddenly, Caelius stopped running his fingers through her golden hair.

“This time?” His brow narrowed as he looked at Aria, who was just as surprised by what she had said.

“Oh, no, I meant…” She stumbled over her words, internally questioning, ‘What the hell, why did I say that?’

Caelius, with a strangely hardened expression, didn’t answer. Instead, he tightened his grip on her arm. Aria’s fists clenched hard, her stomach churning.

She bit down on the delicate skin of her mouth against her will to keep the words that threatened to spit out of her throat as she whispered her love for Caelius from escaping.

She couldn’t figure out why he continued doing this.

* * *

After that day, every encounter with Caelius left me with a strange feeling. No, to be more precise, it was even worse than that day. It was a sickening sensation, making me feel nauseous and on the verge of tears.

I became so emotional that I nearly burst into tears.

“Daughter, why don’t you take a walk with me today…”

“Sorry, Father, I’m really upset today!”

“Then maybe you can go shopping with me sometime soon…”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I don’t feel well these days…!”

Caelius watched as Aria walked away from him in a daze. He couldn’t discern how many days had passed, but for some reason, Aria had been avoiding him more blatantly than before.

Facing him stirred unknown emotions within her, making it difficult to confront him, even when she didn’t want to. The pain of meeting his gaze, coupled with the worry of offending him, led Arya to hastily retreat to her room, deep in thought.

‘I can’t believe I’m identifying with the original Aria’s emotions…’

It was a plausible possibility. If the memories flooding her mind were indeed the original Aria’s, then it made sense that her emotions would gradually merge as she inhabited her body.

Yes, it’s all good. Assimilating emotions. She could handle that, it was fine. But her heart racing at the sight of Caelius was not okay at all.

‘If you two were ever together, you’d be spitting out words like that without even trying.’

It felt serious. She sensed that if she relaxed for even a second, she might unconsciously utter the words “I love you.” This prospect got her into trouble more than once.

Hiding in her bed from him, Aria grunted and buried herself in the covers. Surviving without getting caught in the act of treason was hard enough, but she had more than one thing on her mind. It was driving her crazy.

She clenched her mouth shut and forced her eyes closed, hoping that in a few days, the tumultuous thoughts would subside.

* * *

Spring had finally arrived in full force. Despite the end of the winter that Caelius detested so much, his expression remained grim. Things hadn’t improved; in fact, they seemed worse. Aria hurriedly scurrying away at the sound of his footsteps, visions and hallucinations striking without warning – it all grated on Caelius subtly.

He rolled over, his eyes bleary from a dream that had been worsening lately.

“Your Majesty, are you all right?”

It was enough to prompt Goshen to purchase an oriental herb and prepare a decoction.

“Your complexion hasn’t been good lately.”

“It’s… gone, never mind.”

He felt like he was losing control. The headaches were unbearable, and he found himself resorting to headache medication even though he wasn’t on psychedelics. Just a brief encounter with Aria could alleviate the pain, but her deliberate avoidance pushed him to the edge of frustration.

For instance, on this particular day.

“Daughter, why is it so hard to see you lately?”

“Ah, Dad…”

Upon his interruption, Aria looked on the verge of tears and left the room without saying a word. She couldn’t help but wonder if this was his new way of seeking attention.

“Annoying. Whatever it is, I don’t like it.” It wasn’t enough that he was lingering around me, whispering sweet nothings; it felt like he was practically asking for me to despise him.

Instead of turning to psychedelics, he popped a piece of candy into his mouth and bit into it.

“This… s*cks.” he pondered as he was uprooting an entire garden to make space for a rose garden just for her. He wondered what troubled her so much that she kept avoiding him.

He questioned how he could keep that troublesome girl close to him. Caelius’s eyes narrowed in contemplation.

In his current mood, Caelius felt the temptation to seize her forcefully and bind her down. However, even worms squirm when stepped on, and pushing her to the limit might lead her to run for her life – something he wanted to avoid.

He desired her, whether alive or dead, by his hand or by his side. She was his daughter, and in his eyes, she belonged to him. Caelius, still holding the papers, ran an irritated hand through his hair. The neat black strands fell back, revealing a flat forehead. Even his slightly crinkled brow was drawn and perfect.


“Yes, Your Highness.”

Caelius spoke, his temples tightening. “Send a man.”

Goshen’s mind raced as he tried to decipher Caelius’ short, terse command. Fortunately, he was competent.

Once he understood, Goshen left to carry out the order. Caelius glanced at the spot where Goshen had disappeared, clicking his tongue slightly.

‘What a whim for such a trivial matter to become…’

It didn’t matter; if she was going to avoid him, he would make it unavoidable.

* * *

It was now the middle of the night, and Caelius found himself still awake. Sleep had been elusive lately. He hoped that by keeping his eyes open, he might have a peculiar dream where he whispered his love to Aria.

Deep into the night, when most knights on night watch were asleep, there came a knock at the door, and Goshen spoke cautiously.

“Your Majesty, they should have arrived by now.”

“It’s already that time of night.” At Goshen’s words, Caelius set down the pen he was holding and checked his watch. It was nearly two o’clock.

“I should probably get up.” He removed his uncomfortable jacket and changed into a comfortable shirt, but then Aria’s face flashed in his mind, and he shook his head.

“She’s got a knack for annoying people, though.” Caelius straightened his disheveled hair and retrieved a sharp dagger from a drawer.

“Take care, Your Highness,” Goshen advised.

Caelius offered a weak smile in response. “As if I needed to be careful.” With an odd chuckle, he exited the room, concealing the dagger under his arm. His destination: Aria’s bedroom.

* * *

In the darkness of the bedroom, only the sound of Aria’s breathing could be heard. It was faint, coming at regular intervals, and though she stirred slightly, she remained in the depths of her sleep.

The bedroom was serene and undisturbed. Then, with deft precision, someone opened the window, shattering the tranquility. Aria heard a rustling sound, but in the darkness of her sleep, she remained in dreamland.

The intruder surveyed the silent room before stepping through the window. Hard to discern in the darkness, he wore a mask and twirled a vicious dagger in his hand as if performing a trick. His footsteps were intentionally muted as he approached Aria’s bed.

Staring down at Aria in disbelief, he reached out and seized her by the throat. Aria, who had been peacefully sleeping, opened her eyes in surprise.


She attempted to scream at the suddenness of the situation, but the intruder swiftly covered her mouth as if anticipating her reaction.

Aria squinted, trying to make sense of the situation, but her mind was still groggy from just waking up, and her vision hadn’t adjusted to the darkness.

“What the… I was surely sleeping in my own room?” The situation felt bizarre, and her heart was pounding like crazy.

Suddenly, she remembered that in the original story, assassins were sent directly to Aria and Caelius.

“It can’t be from the Emperor’s faction…!” The daughter who inherited Caelius’ power, her blond hair and golden eyes were a testament to her imperial status. Unlike Caelius, who couldn’t be easily assassinated as a Sword Master, Aria was a more vulnerable target.

Certainly, she had no reason not to be a target for the Emperor’s faction.

Her heart pounded frantically as she realized the cloaked man in front of her was an assassin. Her body felt weak and trembled like an aspen tree.

“What the hell, am I going to die for nothing? No, no, no, calm down.” She tried to rationalize, reminding herself that in the original story, Aria didn’t die by assassination but by guillotine. “She’s not going to die now,” she reassured herself, attempting to calm her pounding heart. However, even with this knowledge, terror still gripped her.

Her heart raced so fast she felt like it might spit out of her mouth. The corners of her eyes filled with moisture from fear.

The man seized Aria by the scruff of her neck and forcefully pulled her to the floor. In an instant, she was thrown onto the cold marble floor, causing her whole body to throb.


There was something peculiar about the assassin’s behavior.

If the assassin had come merely to ‘assassinate’ her, he would have swiftly stabbed her through the heart without any unnecessary theatrics. However, he didn’t.

He engaged in menacing actions, like needlessly shoving Aria around and brandishing a dagger.

“Are you sure I’m not your target, or do you have something else in mind besides my life?” Aria shuddered and rubbed her throbbing body. While she should have gotten up to run or scream, her body refused to comply, seized by a fear she had never felt before.

She remained rooted to the spot, unable to move. The assassin, toying with the dagger in an intimidating manner, moved progressively closer.

Simultaneously, Aria’s body went completely limp, resembling a puppet with its strings cut. Though she attempted to crawl across the floor for an escape, it proved futile.

“Help, help….” Aria struggled to get her voice out, but the fear held her in its grip, rendering her almost voiceless. Despair settled over her like a suffocating blanket.

“Lily!” The door shattered, and Caelius emerged, his dagger thrusting straight at the assassin. At the sound of Caelius’s voice, Aria stared at him, dumbfounded, as if she had glimpsed a god. Her mouth hung open, momentarily forgetting her recent avoidance of him.

The appearance of Caelius prompted the assassin to lower his stance, ready to escape. Perhaps the assassin himself knew that the moment Caelius appeared, death was imminent.

Caelius’s dagger grazed the assassin’s arm, causing him to stagger out of the room with just a few drops of blood.

Caelius, poised to pursue the fleeing assassin, halted when he felt a weak hand grabbing his arm.

A terrified Aria clung to the hem of his pants, shaking.

“Oh, daddy… daddy….” She gasped for breath, sobbing softly, and the sight of her made Caelius cease his pursuit and squat down beside her.

“Daughter, are you okay?” Shaken, Aria couldn’t even articulate words, only pursing her lips. Her breathing was ragged, and her eye contact was unsteady.

“I, I, I went to sleep… and when I woke up….” Attempting to explain the situation, Aria mumbled incoherently, her words a jumbled stream of consciousness. Amidst her confusion, she repeatedly expressed her fear. Caelius looked at her sympathetically and wiped the tears from her cheeks.

“It’s okay, Daddy’s here, okay?”

In an uncharacteristically sweet gesture, Caelius pulled Aria into his arms, and her ice-cold body slumped against him.

“Shh, shh. It’s okay, you’re safe with Daddy.” His soft, soothing voice whispered, calming her rapidly beating heart. Aria’s eyes fluttered open, and she squeezed her eyes shut, a tear sliding down her cheek once more.

“What if Caelius hadn’t come……? Would I have died?” She couldn’t fathom it. An assassin in her bedroom was a first for her, who had only ever slept in the safety of her bed. Almost regretting her recent avoidance of Caelius, Aria nestled into him and allowed him to comfort her.

Surprisingly, having the man who had once terrified her by her side was enough to make her feel safe from anything.

Caelius continued to pat Aria’s back steadily, whispering repeatedly that it was okay. His arms enveloped the frightened girl, holding her tightly to prevent any chance of escape.

“It’s okay, daughter. Don’t cry. Shhh.”

“He’s gone now, he won’t come back.” Caelius tried to reassure her, but Aria remained unconvinced. This bedroom, already violated by a stranger, was no longer a “safe” space for her.

Even if the threat didn’t return today, what about tomorrow? The day after tomorrow? A week from now? A month from now? The uncertainty of when it might happen again struck Aria with even more horror.

“Oh, Daddy……Daddy….”

“Yes, daughter.”

“I’m, scared, scared….” Still, she couldn’t compose herself. Caelius wiped away her tears and smiled gently.

“My daughter must be very frightened.” Aria nodded vigorously. Then Caelius gave her an odd smile as if he’d been waiting for her.

“Are you still very scared?”

“What if he comes again tomorrow…… then what…….?” Caelius smiled inwardly.

“Oh, Daddy……Daddy….”

“Yes, daughter.”

“I’m scared, scared,” she said, unable to contain herself. Caelius tenderly brushed away her tears and grinned.

“My daughter must be terrified,” Caelius said firmly and then flashed her an unusual smile as if he’d been expecting her.

“Are you still very scared?”

* * *

“Hmph, ah, Daddy……!”

“Yes, daughter.”

Caelius threw her on the bed as soon as they entered his room. In anticipation, he pressed his lips together. He deftly drew Aria’s slip down and grabbed the small br*ast concealed beneath. Caelius laughed hard as she struggled against his hand, the soft flesh squeezing against his hand. It was a strange, menacing chuckle.

“Been busy lately?”

It wasn’t the kind of greeting he offered to a daughter who had just narrowly avoided an assassination attempt.

But he couldn’t stop himself because he hadn’t seen Aria in a while. Neither physically nor mentally.

Caelius made a benign gesture with his palm on the back of her neck. Then he bit her lips and s*cked on them like a hound that hadn’t fed in days. Then the unpleasantness vanished, to be replaced with thirst. Caelius’ eyes twinkled as he smiled.

“I missed you, my daughter, …… but I guess she wasn’t mine.”

His speech was tinged with sadness. Aria was the only one who was taken aback by the unexpected change of events.

“Oh, no, I missed you too, Daddy… …….”

“Then why have you been avoiding me?”


Caelius bit down on Aria’s br*ast brutally, forcing her body to jerk and twist.

“Oh, come on…… heh, no…… today…….”

“Isn’t that a little naughty for someone who just saved your life?”

The slip had been reduced to tatters and thrown to the floor before she realized it. Aria, who had been watching, giggled quietly as she tried to hide beneath the covers in humiliation.

“Why don’t you calm yourself before I take away all your bedding?”

The words were thick in her ears as he muttered menacingly. Aria huffed and pushed away from Caelius’ chest, the moonlight dappling her clean white skin as if it hadn’t been there at all. The moonlight cast a strangely hallowed light over her as if she weren’t even human. Caelius muttered to himself as his gaze wandered over her body.

“How strange.”


“I get hard just looking at you.”

Aria lowered her gaze, taken aback by his comments. Her apron was, indeed, puffy.

“I’m not usually the kind of as$hole who stands up to anyone like this…….”

Being face-to-face with him felt weirdly good……

Caelius opened his eyes sheepishly after swallowing the final part. Aria was certainly attractive, even objectively. She didn’t have the appearance of a humble cortisan or an old-fashioned noblewoman.

Her cheeks were perfect, and her lips were pouted. Eyes that were constantly looking for something. They were like rabbits, running away from a ferocious predator and then killing themselves. And it was difficult not to be attractive with blonde hair and golden eyes like her.

He was wondering whether she was just acting pretty. He was intrigued, but he couldn’t figure out what it was.

In reality, it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter if she was his daughter or not; He was going to f*ck her as long as her body was willing and my c*ck was erect.

In anticipation of what was coming next, her body tightened. Surprisingly, I didn’t like the way it looked. Her rigid-as-a-board look on me was both synthetic and obtrusive.

“Were you sick last time?”

Perhaps that’s why He addressed the question so nicely, and then He began l*cking her cheeks, neck, collarbone, br*asts, waist, and p*ssy. He glided down slowly, relishing her body.

Instead of responding, Aria let out a small whimper. It was difficult to tell if she nodded or sobbed.

He slid his head between her legs, her plump labia pressing on the tender skin.

His hand parted her labia and drew them back. A reddish clitoris protruded from the silky flesh. It jerked and throbbed like it belonged to him. Caelius paused before slipping her inner flesh into his lips. The jutting peak was s*cked into his lips softly.


Her body shook with incredible ecstasy.

“Hmph, hmph, ah……!”

It was a far cry from his prior caresses, in which he had carelessly crushed them with his hands. Soft, heated, textured flesh rubbed together wet. Her lower belly was afflicted by a tingling, strange sensation.

“This is weird…… hmm, daddy…… this is weird…….”

She knew he should have been cruel and violent, but the unfamiliar thrill made her do nothing but gasp and thrust her p*ssy against him. Caelius’ lips touched a tiny bit of flesh, and all the blood in her body rushed to it.

She felt dizzy as if she were about to jump off a cliff, but also wistful, as if she wished for something greater.

A sharp tongue licked at her clit, teeth nibbling at it. Her vision then wavered, and she was on her feet. Aria shuddered as she grasped the sheets tightly. Lustful juices poured out of her opening. Caelius’ lips were soon moist with her fluids.

After s*cking and l*cking for a while, he chuckled and groped around her hole.

“This is so weird. I’m not usually this slutty…….”


His fingers pushed against the hole, grazing the hot inner walls and swirling inside. Aria’s thighs trembled.

“Just looking at you makes me want to drop everything and f*ck you,” she knew that he should have been wicked and vicious, but the unfamiliar pleasure made it impossible for her to do anything but gasp and thrust her p*ssy against him.

She felt dizzy as if she were about to jump off a cliff, but also wistful, as if she wished for something greater.

A sharp tongue licked at her clit, teeth nibbling at it. Her vision then wavered, and he was on her toes. Aria shuddered as she grasped the blankets tightly. Lustful juices poured out of her opening. Caelius’ lips were soon moist with her fluids.


He stretched her tiny v*g*na open with slow thrusts and inserted another finger in.

“Keep f*cking deeper.”

“Ah, ahh…….”

“What is he doing this?”

With each movement, a red hole bit down on his hand, the gurgling sound obscenely assaulting his ears.

To be aroused by him and spill like this. Aria wanted to die of embarrassment, but Caelius, on some whim, concentrated on thoroughly touching her. Unlike the previous time, every tiny gesture was sweet.

While his tongue s*cked on her mounded br*ast, his sluggish hand probed her slit, pressing her clit. He licked the areola and bit down on the erect n*pple, and her hole poured hot juices.

Aria’s body had heated up to the point where he could immediately put his c*ck into her.

To say the least, it was weird. Except for the fact that it was father-daughter, s*x with her was not at all arousing, and yet it seemed even sweeter than any other s*x she’d ever experienced.

Caelius removed her belt, showing a bulging mass of flesh, with an agitated motion. At the tip of his glans, his black p*nis glistened with fluid.

“Oh, Dad…….”

As the bloodied, hideous monster faded from view, Aria’s thoughts returned to the sea of joy. Aria screamed and turned to face Caelius. Her hazel eyes shook in fear.

“I won’t hurt you.”

What if he hurt her? She won’t be able to get away anyway.

Despite knowing this, the words kept coming out of her mouth. Even his terrified eyes look down at her with malicious intent.

She wondered if the man he’d sent to scare her had become hardened by the sight of those eyes.

Caelius grumbled and clicked his tongue.

His erection was stroked up and down by a huge hand. The sound of flesh brushing against flesh could be heard echoing throughout the room.

A father pantingly moves his c*ck at his daughter on the floor. This was not a typical father-daughter relationship.

His stiff cock steadily found its way to her p*ssy, whether he liked it or not. It pressed against her clitoral area, tearing the flesh that was trying to keep it closed apart. As the hard, heavy monster pressed against the sensitive flesh without ejaculating, tears welled up in the corners of her eyes.


Crushed by the black glans, the clitoris appeared sad, its tightly closed hole gushing ardent juices. Caelius chuckled strangely and drew his p*nis from its tormented clitoris. The tip of his glans then rested against her moist cunt.

“S*ck, huh…… daddy, daddy…….”

It was difficult to know if she was pleading with him not to or pleading with him to f*ck her.

If He stared at her lower lip, she appeared to want to be f*cked, and if he looked at her face, she appeared to be r*ped. His c*ck would be s*cked right into that little hole with the least movement.

It wasn’t going to hurt like the first time, judging by her squirming and sobbing.

He pushed her in gradually. The hole, so small that she doubted it would ever fit, struggled to open, begging him to violate me.

Her inside walls were soaked wet, hot, and slimy, but she didn’t scream in agony like she had the last time.

She felt good.

‘Thank heavens…… ‘Thank god…’

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