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I died and returned to my family and lover.
The way to legally and quickly disconnect from them is to buy a house and become independent-

“If I get married in the country, will you give me a house?”

Marriage, and moving into a newlywed town.
Half-jokingly, I proposed to the perfect knight, Sir Dylan.

“Will you marry me?”

His expression was really bad.
All forces retreat.

“Just kidding, if you don’t like it, I’ll marry Henry.”

“Let’s get married as soon as possible.”

I don’t know why, but he accepted the result?!
Besides, this husband is suspiciously nice to me!

“I’ve cleaned up in advance.”

“I made a shake. Don’t skip lunch.”

“I’ve made a light dinner.”

A light meal for dinner?
I don’t think you’re in your right mind


Anyway, thanks to the money I made to buy my own house, the time for divorce quickly came.
But my husband, who I thought was an ordinary knight, is the cursed Grand Duke?

“This…! Isn’t this a fraudulent marriage?”

“There was a situation. I’ll compensate you.”

I was intrigued by the word “compensate”.
He grabbed my hand roughly and put it to his chest.

“I swear to god, from now on I will do well at night.”

I could feel the thick chest and a fast beating heart on my fingertips.
As he looked deeply into my bewildered eyes, he suddenly whispered.

“I will pay the compensation with my body, so please accept it.”

…No, how are you going to compensate with your body?!