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The tall and handsome prince stared at him with burning eyes and asked, “How should you repay me for saving your life?”

Ye Xiaofeng, ” Answer to my master, I should work extremely hard and be ready to risk my life!”

“Wrong!” The prince corrected him. “You should repay with your body.”

“! ! ! ! ! ! “———————————

Ye Xiaofeng was treated as a monster by his family because his body was different from ordinary boys. On one occasion, he even wanted to give up his life. It was the master who came down from heaven to save him. From then on, Ye Xiaofeng vowed to follow the master for a lifetime, to die for him, and to be his most loyal subordinate. But one day, the master, who was always indifferent, suddenly wanted to fall in love. So, Ye Xiaofeng, who was a personal guard, was targeted…

It stands to reason that his life was saved by the master, and everything he had could be given to the master. However, he had a secret in his body and did not dare let the master know. This is because he was afraid of being abandoned as a monster. Therefore, he kept pretending to be stupid.

One day, the master broke his secret, and he was bullied into the corner by the master. “It turns out that Xiaofeng’s body was so beautiful, no wonder it has to be hidden. Even Ben Wang (self-proclaimed name of the king) can’t let it go.”

The master stroked Ye Xiaofeng’s lower abdomen with his hands. “You must be able to get pregnant with a body like this. Why don’t you work hard for Ben Wang? Let’s have one or two.”

Ye Xiaofeng, “…”

Ye Xiaofeng suddenly trembled and felt guilty. He also had a secret and didn’t know whether to talk about it or not.