Moreover, a healthy shapeshifter would not be involved with alcohol or cigarettes. Only weak-minded humans indulged in such things.

Amidst her unease, another thought surged in Lena’s mind. Such camaraderie with animals meant he belonged to no clan. Just like when she first met Emily as a child, she feared humans and only interacted with mice.

Could this rabbit be a prey fallen from the sky, no, a potential husband?

“Good job. Tomorrow…”

While the black rabbit hid his loot in the thickets, a sudden chill ran down his spine. It was an instinct herbivores had since birth to sense danger.

A large animal. A wolf? No, not even close. Behind him must be a fearsome predator which he had never seen.

All the rabbits had already disappeared without a trace. Those cowards. The black rabbit’s neck stiffened with fear, he dared not turn around.


That was unmistakably the growl of a predator. Shit. Should he grovel pathetically or transform into human form?

“Um, sir…”

The moment the black rabbit glanced back.

Quaff. The massive jaws swallowed the rabbit in one gulp. The rabbit shut his eyes.

So this was how he bid farewell to the world. Did it grant him a merciful instant death? He felt no pain of bones breaking at all.

A cool breeze ruffled his long ears. It felt like floating in the sky. This must be the feeling of crossing a rainbow bridge.

In fact, being eaten whole was the black rabbit’s delusion. It was merely a nip by the nape, like a mother carrying her child.

The black rabbit cautiously opened his eyes. The predator nibbling on him was racing through the forest. So fast did it run that the scenery blurred by. The black rabbit averted his red eyes to check the kidnapper.

Lion…? Its massive body was covered in light golden fur, and its gleaming golden eyes glanced briefly at him. It was so big that human bones would not withstand its lunge.

Where was it taking him? He would rather lose consciousness. The black rabbit, now turned into the lion’s takeout box, tightly closed his eyes, afraid to meet those golden eyes.

After a long run, the lion leaped high over a wall. The black rabbit jolted violently.

“My lady…!”

Hearing the human voice, the rabbit opened his eyes again. It was clearly a forest before, but now he found himself in front of an unfamiliar mansion. The people rushing out looked startled, but none seemed afraid of the lion.

What was happening? Were they shapeshifters? Shapeshifters wouldn’t devour their own kind, would they?

The rabbit wriggled its body, signaling to be released. But the lion glanced briefly at the rabbit and strode into the building.

“My lady, what is that?”

At the old woman’s question, the lion shook her head. Hence, the rabbit’s tiny body swung from side to side. As the people stepped back, the lion climbed the stairs.

“Excuse me…I’m feeling a bit uneasy.”

The lion’s yellow pupils instantly turned to the rabbit. Was this the ferocity of a predator? The rabbit almost peed himself out of fear. Defeated, the black rabbit lay limp, completely surrendering.

Having climbed all the stairs, the lion opened the door with its front paw.

Surely not the dining room, ma’am?

Fortunately, it was an ordinary bedroom. As soon as the lion loosened its jaws, the black rabbit rolled frantically across the carpet.

After rolling as far away as possible, the rabbit turned his head but found no lion. Instead, there was a naked woman.

“Hello. Mr. Rabbit!”

The naked woman approached the black rabbit on all fours. Startled, the rabbit quickly crawled under the bed.

He was even more frightened than when he saw the lion, so terrified that he might die from a heart attack even before being eaten.

“I’m sorry for scaring you!”

Lena showed her clasped hands under the bed apologetically to the rabbit. Fearing the rabbit might flee into the forest, she had bitten him, so his first impression of her was undoubtedly bad.

Lena lay down, pressing her chin against the floor to peer under the bed. Alarmed, the rabbit wiggled his butt, retreating further inside.

“It’s quite dusty there, and I have something to say. If you come out…”

“T-Tell me from there.”

The rabbit’s voice was freezing cold. Its fur was all ruffled up.

Lena flattened fully below the bed in complete submission, feeling sorry. After all, she was the one who bit him.

“I’m sincerely sorry. Will you hear me out?”

Silence lingered beneath the pitch-black bed. Lena maintained her posture, waiting for the rabbit’s heart to soften. Thanks to the previous refreshing run, her back no longer ached.

How long had this strange standoff lasted? Lena’s ears perked up at the rustling sound. As the sound drew nearer, she raised her gaze.

Before she knew it, the black rabbit had stepped out and was clinging to the bedspread, grunting. Was he trying to climb up?

Lena supported the rabbit’s butt, lifting him onto the bed.

“Now that I’m out, go ahead and speak.”

As if possessed by the spirit of a tiger, the rabbit lay arrogantly on the soft bed, trying to rectify the fear he had shown earlier. But in Lena’s eyes, the black fluffball covered in white dust looked pathetic.

Hiding her pity, Lena gently brushed the dust off the black rabbit.

“Mr. Rabbit, please don’t misunderstand when I ask you this. No, not exactly a misunderstanding….”

The rabbit listened to the woman’s gibberish. In fact, his nerves were all focused on his eyes, not his big ears.

Whenever the woman moved her arms, her long, flowing hair swayed. And with each sway,  her round, cabbage-like breasts would appear and disappear. He couldn’t take his eyes off them.

If she moved a little more, he might see something else, glug.

“Are you married?”

In an instant, the woman pushed her face right in front of the rabbit. A strand of platinum hair flowed down over her golden eyes. Suddenly, the rabbit remembered this woman was a giant lioness from earlier. He subtly withdrew.

“Do you have a companion or a promised one? Oh, by the way, are you in your prime?”

The rabbit was slow to catch the sudden barrage of words. Not being raised among shapeshifters, he couldn’t understand the exact meanings of the words. But after some thought, he got the rough idea.

Companion meant if there was a female for mating. And being in his prime meant if he had grown enough to bear offspring.

“I think so…?”

“Please be my companion!”

As Lena’s excited face drew closer, the rabbit, overwhelmed by the momentum, stumbled backward.

The way he rolling looked so unreliable in Lena’s eyes. His large red eyes grew rounder. His hind legs floating in the air, and his elongated ears were trembling violently.

But could she afford to be picky between hot and cold rice or chicken and rabbit meat? Clicking her tongue, Lena, with an indifferent expression, brushed off the dust from the rabbit’s plump belly.

“I’m in a hurry to get married. Since this is my house, I can give you anything. I can even write up a contract if you want.”

Lena pleaded earnestly. She didn’t know where this rolling rabbit had come from, but he was her last hope. Lena was filled with the determination to serve him as her superior.

Pok. The fluffball finally succumbed to temptation and touched the cabbage before his eyes.

“Are you listening to me?”

Pok pok. The rabbit’s front paws patted the plump cabbage, then lightly nudged the berry-like bud.

Only then did Lena pay attention to the rabbit’s action. He was groping her chest with his chubby paws.

Even if she had learned human etiquette, half of her nature was still that of a beast. Just as animals roaming fields felt no shame in nakedness, being naked after transforming into human form was nothing weird.

However, that was Lena’s perspective. The black rabbit, who had grown up spying on humans instead of living among shapeshifters, was fascinated when seeing a naked woman for the first time. Without clothes or fur, her bare skin looked unusual, and upon touching it, it felt softer than a rabbit’s.

“Boobs? Do you like boobs?”

The dazed black rabbit nodded unconsciously.

To think carrots were attached to her body, luring the rabbit! Lena, who spared no expense for carrots, eagerly held the black rabbit against her chest.

The rabbit’s black fur was surprisingly soft. Though it tickled her bare skin, Lena let the rabbit freely nuzzle his face and body against her chest.

Was this enough to satisfy him? After a while, Lena lowered the rabbit back on the bed.

“Is that enough? Now, let me tell you…”

Perhaps she had exerted too much force. The black rabbit, with its eyes half-closed, lay limp as if it had been mauled by a tiger.

“Excuse me? Mr. Rabbit! Are you okay?”

Where could the rabbit be hurting? Lena shook the rabbit vigorously with her hand. Thankfully, it still breathed, and its body felt warm. As the rabbit struggled to open his mouth, Lena quickly brought her ear closer.

“Tell me!”

“Chest… big. Soft, bouncy….”

Was that such an important message to convey while gasping for breath? Lena stared down at the rabbit in disbelief.

The black rabbit, leaving behind words like a final testament, finally fainted.

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