Episode 17.A Naked Walk


* * *

Seria is startled to see Maurice return to the mansion after such quite a while.

The fact that he had been gone for so long was the first thing that struck her.

The second reason was that he’d been gone for so long.

“A new woman?”

Emir paid us a visit only a few days ago.

It had been days since his ex-fiancée asked him to rekindle their relationship.

A new woman?

What on earth was this man thinking?

So he’s brought a new wife, she thought.

But why is this so?

“Sebastian will show you.”

She wondered if he was guiding her to her room via the butler.

“No way…….”

In her thoughts, a theory began to shape.

“Does Maurice want me?”

It was ridiculous, she thought.

“Does Maurice want me?”

It was ridiculous, she thought.

She was the Emperor’s servant, and he had mistreated her on numerous occasions.

How many times had he tortured herself in this way?

She’s being stripped n*ked.

He humiliated her by making her take a bath.

He whipped her and bound her to the bed.

He even disgraced herself in front of Musk, one of her entourage members.


‘He personally found her a room to stay in.

The lord himself finds a lady’s room.

The marriage vows.

‘No way, by how?’

Just in case.

Despite the fact that her manner is as cold as a maid’s.

Even before he became a minister, Maurice Dmitri’s coldness toward women was well-known.

“Get a grip!”


Seria slapped herself across the cheek.

It was a ludicrous theory.

Because the situation was stressful, she was self-hypnotizing herself in her brain to relax herself.

Someone as cheap and stupid as him……


When she thought of Maurice, a painful, creeping electric current rose through her body.

This is the man who carved the curse on her body.

“I have some cleaning to do.”

Siegfried Seria.

She is Siegfried’s proud Princess.

She is now broken, but her father will soon rise and save her.

In the meantime.

Just until then.

Then she’ll be able to get back to her life as a princess.


It is possible.


Seria’s thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Who is it?”

“It’s Sebastian. My master wants to see you.”

“Maurice, sir?”

“Yes. He said he wanted to see you urgently.”

At this hour of the night?

The sun has long since gone set.

It was late at night, and the moon was shining brightly.

“…… Okay.”

Seria followed Sebastian to Maurice’s room.


What the hell is the point?

Why did he call me to his room?

Is he trying to brag?

What are his plans for that white girl?

She felt she was trash, but she wasn’t that horrible……

While she was thinking about this and that.

The door swung open.

“Come in.”

Sebastian took her inside.

Seria entered the bedroom.

A thump.

The door slammed closed.


Siegfried Seria.

She considers herself to be a member of House Siegfried.

It was her stubborn pride.

He was going to destroy all that noble pride tonight.

He called Seria into his bedroom so late at night.

To make her feel more worse than her pride.

“I’m not sure if this will work.

The tools he’d ordered from Veronis have yet to arrive.

But she couldn’t wait.

She hadn’t been touched in days, thanks to the rebels’ killing.

I hadn’t touched her in days, not after planting a hint in her mind with the essence.

I gathered my old tools.

Whatever the tool, I needed a new assistant.

“Did you bur……?”

Seria asked, casting a glance at me.

She was staring around the room.

As if looking for someone within.

“There’s no one here. If you’re looking for Snow White, she’s probably asleep by now.”



Seria stroked my chest.

What is she thinking I’m doing to her?

I looked at her and brought out something I’d planned ahead of time.

It was.

“What is this?”

“Can’t you see? It’s a necklace.”

“I know it’s a collar, but……. Why on earth would you want a dog collar?”

What I was holding out to her was a choker, the kind used on dogs.

In jargon, a dog collar.

“Do I really need to explain it to you?”

“Now, wait a minute, are you calling me……?”

I laughed in response.

“You… you beast! Aaahhhh!”

Seria trembled violently.

Her brain’s sensors activated, sending electrical signals.

She had the audacity to curse at me.

A powerful enough electric current should not be able penetrate a beast.

It had to have spit out something far worse.

“You’re a……, you’re a piece of shit, you’re a piece of shit, you’re a piece of shit, you’re a piece of shit!”

She shuddered and shouted.

“It doesn’t matter what you say. You’re going to do it anyway.”

Shivering from the current, she glared at me.

A few tears gathered in the corners of her powerful eyes.

She is so stubborn.

That was something I had to give her credit for.

For making life difficult for others.

“I don’t know what you’re thinking, but you’d better put yourself in my shoes. I’m the head of the Morris family, and you’re a nameless maid.”

She was right in thinking that, while people called her Seria for convenience, she was literally nameless.

Identity executions are of this sort.

“Will you kick yourself, or will you be forced to?”

“There’s no way I’m kicking myself!”

She shook even more as she talked.

“You f*cking……. Gah!”

I’ve had to threaten her to get her to do things, but I’ve never seen her reject me so forcefully.

“Better than the first day.”

That’s how desperate she must be.

As a nobleman.

No, her pride as a person.

Because if you are treated as less than human, you must recognize that you may be forced to accept the reality of your situation.

Perhaps it’s a protection mechanism against getting executed.

It doesn’t really matter.

You must react in this manner.

“It’ll be entertaining to harass.”

[Sexual Sadism] has been activated once more.

My mouth’s corners twitched.

My heart was beating like crazy.

“You think you have the power to decide?”

I grabbed Seria’s shaky hands and put the dog collar around her neck.

I took off the mana-studded choker and replaced it with a fresh dog collar.

As I did so, she wriggled in pain.

“Ew. Black.”

Was she in any pain?

Is it just my imagination, but she appears to be writhing in both anguish and pleasure?

“Are you going to take your clothes off?”

“Off…… be…….”

“I assume that you refuse.”

I made her take off her clothing.

No, I tore it off.

I noticed her nude body fluttering as I ripped her clothing off.

As usual, the body was beautiful.

I took off her bra, which covered her n*pples.

a Crimson nipples stood out shyly from her beautiful skin.

I removed her panties after the bra.


“You’re wet, aren’t you?”

I removed her white pantyhose.

They were wet.

Her p*ssy’s clear fluids spread like threads and fell onto the underwear.

“Shut up. Off.”

“I haven’t even started yet, and I can’t feel like this. Oh, no.”

I moved my lips to her ear and whispered.

“Do you like being sold out like this?”

“Of course not.”

“Well, let’s see how long you keep that attitude.”

That she is resisting me in this manner.

It’s a protection mechanism to keep herself from breaking apart further.

That means it’s functional.

I had no intention of stopping down.

“Let’s go.”


“I don’t know, a walk around the mansion.”


“If you make any more noise, they’ll wake up. Even if they don’t, they were sent by the Emperor, and wouldn’t it be embarrassing if they were caught”

She bit her teeth.

“I’m going to kill you, big time.”

“I expect it. Now, get down on all fours, and you can refuse, but then I’ll have no choice but to move you by force, and don’t think I can’t.”

Seria finally gave in, biting her lower lip.

She knelt on all fours.

I escorted her out of the room.

I told Sebastian to put all the servants to bed and then go to sleep.

Everyone was fast asleep at this point.

It was the perfect time for taking a walk.

“But first.

I walked over to where the spy had hidden the crystal ball.

When I returned to the mansion, one of the first things I did was look for the Emperor’s crystal ball.

It was a basic recorder that couldn’t capture the screen.

My reason for coming to the location of the crystal ball.

It was simple.


“What, what?”

“I said bark. To make your voice echo down this hallway.”

“Are you out of your mind?”

“You’re out of your f*cking mind and talking to a human.”

I snapped my fingers and gave it the full power.


“Are you relieved that the choker that was bothering you is gone? I have no intention of treating a beast like a man. So…….”

My expression was as glum as it had always been.


She, too, was a human being.

Seria, n*ked and straining, cried out in despair.

“Mmm, mutt. Mmm!”

“You’d better make it louder.”

“Mmm! Mmm!”

She eventually did what I was told.

“From now on, you are a puppy. So don’t even think about trying to speak human.”


She screamed loud enough for the mansion to flee, but I had already performed a noise-cancelling magic around her.

No matter how loud she screamed, it would not reach the sleeping servants’ ears.

But it would almost probably make it to the recorder.

Seria’s voice, crying and barking like a puppy.

“Well done. Let’s circle a little more.”

I took her on a tour of the mansion.

Seria followed me helplessly, unable to speak a single human word.

Perhaps it was because she was n*ked and walked like a puppy.

She was highly conscious of the sounds surrounding her.


The sound of branches snapping in the wind made her scream.


The flushing of the toilet caused her to slip.

Seria’s eyes lost their defiance as she began to lose any sense of human dignity.

They went around the mansion till they got to the fourth level, where the users lived.

I was terrified of walking the stairs.

A nuisance.

A maid wiped her eyes as she opened the door.


She came out the house, rubbing her weary eyes and holding a lit candle.


Seria’s face became pale as soon as she saw the maid.


She had an idea.

The hallway was lined with artwork that, when used correctly, could barely conceal a single person.

I made myself invisible by casting an invisibility spell on myself.

She was n*ked and barely visible, hidden by an ornament.

“Now, wait…….”

I whispered to a blushing Seria.

“Are you embarrassed? It’s a turn-on to imagine you being caught here and being labelled a pervert by the other maids.”

“You, hmmm.”

Seria suppressed an escaping groan.

I put my hand into her very wet p*ssy.

“Ahhh, don’t…….”

“You keep talking like a puppy. I’m going to use force to punish you.”



The shocking noise prompted the maid to come out and distract her attention to where Seria was hidden.

With wide eyes, she looked at Seria.

In the dim light.

A candle that was hardly bright enough to light her feet.

Without a doubt.

She couldn’t possibly see Seria sitting on all fours.

“A puppy. Hehe. A puppy-shaped statue.”

The maid sighed and walked away, relieved.

I looked at Seria, who was staring blankly into space.

“Puppy……? I’m a puppy?”

It was a funny reaction.

“You should be happy, it’s better than getting photographed as a maid running around n*ked.”

I whispered and touched her soaking wet p*ssy.

I remained still, enjoying the warmth of her p*ssy as it slowly welcomed my fingers.

It worked better than I thought.

“You’re a puppy now. Who would look at a n*ked, dog-collared person as noble?”

Her hard-earned pride had been shattered.

Seria’s eyes, which had been so hardened, softened.

“Then allow yourself to be touched by me.”

“Now, wait.”

“I told you not to talk to people, right?”


Seria teasingly put both of her hands around my hand.

My body was telling me not to, but I wasn’t listening.

“How about we get out of here before that maid gets here?”

Was that the spark?


Seria shuddered and squirted a spray of piss-laced fluids.

“Ha, that tastes bad! Mmm!”

I put one hand in her climaxing p*ssy and the other on her back.

She raised her hands and held my body tightly, unable to avoid the intense waves of ecstasy.

Then there was the sound of water falling.

“Ha, cool.”

The maid came out.

I cast my invisibility spell while still holding Seria in one hand.

“Huh? Where’s the puppy statue? What is this water?”

For a little moment, the maid squinted and look at Seria’s seat.


I blew a breeze and stroked the maid’s cheek.

The maid’s face became a deep shade of blue.

I’m curious if she was reacting to the wind I made.


Seria barked in low tones.

And her innocent act resulted in a humorous misunderstanding.

“Ears, ears, ears, ears ghost? Gah, puppy ghost?”

The maid turned pale and stumbled backward.

I broke the invisibility magic only when I saw her panic and close the door.

“This is starting to get interesting.

I was exhausted in my arms and looked down at the vibrant Seria.

She was beautiful.

If she’d just shut her pompous mouth.

When was she going to stop being a helper?

I let out a sigh.

* * *

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