Martian laughed and spoke.


“If you’re going to be ahead of your master, do it right.”


“Huff, ha…”


“Please me properly with your tongue.”


When Martian cl*maxed for the second time, the area beneath the sofa had become a mess of crushed cookies. Every time Ron gasped for breath and squirmed, he clumsily groped with his hands, crushing the scattered cookies beneath him. She patted Ron who was lying on the floor with her foot as he panted heavily.


“Get up.”


Only then did Ron manage to sit up, positioning himself as though he was facing her, sitting on her thighs. Martian took Ron’s face in her hands, clutching his cheeks. His body tensed reflexively, and she found his reaction adorable.


“Isn’t there something you should say?”


“…I stopped without you telling me to, ugh, ah.”


Martian moved one hand down and grasped his already er*ct p*nis, which had hard*ned even more. As she rubbed the moistened tip with her thumb, the intense stimulation made Ron gasp without being able to speak. His body shook so much that it seemed like he might fall off the sofa. Ron stretched out his arms to grip the backrest of the sofa.


“Say what you intended to.”


“Huh, ah… Master… ah.”


“If you c*m before you speak properly, you know you’ll be punished.”


Her tone sounded playful, but the warning was real. Ron tried desperately to control his excitement, moving his hips slightly. While physical restraint was preferable to the emotional strain, enduring it for too long wasn’t easy. Finally, he spoke.


“I, arbitrarily, stopped, ugh, ah.”


Ron’s hips moved shallowly back and forth. His reactions, normally so controlled and restrained, were now different. To her surprise, she then realized she might have overexerted Ron in the past two weeks.


Shivering, he whispered “Master” a few times, and then, as if he couldn’t bear it any longer, he pressed his cheek to hers. Tears began to form as he could no longer hold back. Martian paused her movements for a moment, and Ron, taking the lead, finally managed to choke out that he was sorry.


“What did you do arbitrarily?”


Martian asked again. The thing in her grasp writhed as if it might burst any moment. It was obvious that with just a bit more stimulation, he would cl*max.


‘I should give him a little break…’


She withdrew her hand from Ron’s p*nis and touched the n*pple she had tormented throughout the night. Gently rubbing around the affixed ring, the intensity of the stimulation was much milder now. Ron, with a twitch, endured it. The redness on his face slightly faded. Recognizing this momentary reprieve as an opportunity, Ron spoke up.


“I stopped and not wanting to be scolded, by Master… I used my tongue more before you said anything. Ah, ugh, I overstepped my bounds, Master.”


“You’re right.”


“I was, ugh, wrong.”


“Then you should be punished.”


Though he clenched his eyes shut, Ron obediently replied, “Yes.” He hardly ever displayed any playfulness as if asking for leniency. It was as if he was a trapped animal, unable to escape the snare. Ron was always the dog swayed by Martian’s every whim. A submissive dog that would accept punishment without any excuses.


“What kind of punishment should I give you?”


She whispered, squeezing and rubbing his swollen n*pple. Ron let out a faint moan.


“Whatever punishment Master wishes for…”


“Even if I probe you down there all night?”


As she tightened her grip on Ron’s p*nis, his body stiffened in tension. Recently, there had been an increase in probing his urethra, an act that Ron always found exceedingly uncomfortable.


He has a body that could only perceive pain as pain, after all. The act of prodding the sensitive inner walls was hard for him to endure. While he had been trained extensively for other types of stimulation and could hold out relatively longer, especially if the right spots were teased, there was no such relief when it came to his urethra.


Every time, he was pushed to his limits with a tearful, enduring face. Yet, Ron never complained and always responded with a simple “Yes.”


“Choose from the desk what will enter you today and bring it to me with your mouth.”


The obedient dog, following her command, crawled off the sofa and headed to the desk. On it lay urethral rods that she had laid out. Among them, Ron picked up a rod with an ornamental head and brought it in his mouth. It was the very ornament she used in the Seban Territory, the one he had once asked to be inserted himself. She took it from him and chuckled.


“Do you like this?”


“…Yes, I do.”


“Why? Did showing it to others turn you on more than you thought?”


At that, Ron quickly shook his head, vehemently denying it. His startled reaction, already tense, was amusing, making Martian unintentionally laugh. Even when meting out punishment, maintaining a certain tension and atmosphere was essential, but the dog before her looked especially endearing, leaving her helpless.


Deciding to be lenient this time, she said to Ron, 


“You’ve suffered enough today. I’ll grant you one wish.”


“A wish? What should I…”


“Just tell me what you want right now, and I’ll consider it.”


All the marks on Ron’s body were her handiwork. Thinking of this, Martian felt her heart soften further. Though the easily responsive appearance of the exhausted dog matched her taste, she didn’t feel like pushing him further today. He deserved some respite for a day or so.


Martian waved the ornamental rod Ron had picked. A tool that could torment him immediately. Ron’s eyes followed its movement.


“It’s a rare opportunity, Ron. What do you desire?”


Martian asked patiently. His reluctance to plead for mercy was, after all, a trait she had instilled in him. She had taught him that when he errs, corresponding punishment is inevitable. But even in this situation, Ron wasn’t a dim-witted pet as to miss her intentions.




She called to him again. His hesitating gaze gradually lowered. Ron bent down, pressing his lips to Martian’s foot. It was clearly a pleading gesture, a rare show of affection from him. Just as Martian began to wonder at this unusual behavior, he lifted his head to meet her eyes, his voice trembling as he spoke.


“I wish.. for you… to not abandon me, Master.”

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