Chapter 8
I’ll Try To Like You

Gu Yuan watched as Feng Xinian helped her clean the traces of lovemaking on her body. His movements were gentle and careful. He even wiped her p*ussy that had been sprayed with s*men a bit. This action of his was clearly a second invitation.


Gu Yuan couldn’t even ask Feng Xinian why he didn’t act for real. She felt they would spend the rest of the day here if they stayed longer. There are still lessons, and she has already been here with Feng Xinian for almost the whole morning. She couldn’t be indulged in this way again.


She changed her soaked underwear and wondered how Feng Xinian had prepared a new one for her. Tsk, a big bad wolf eating a white rabbit. Pre-planned. Gu Yuan was about to throw away her soaked panty, but the youth put it in his pocket without changing his face.


“Will you help me throw it?” Gu Yuan was too embarrassed to look at him.

“What do you think?” He asked rhetorically with a hook at the corner of his mouth.


How could I possibly be willing to throw it?


Gu Yuan looked at the clean and well-organized Feng Xinian. Calm, handsome, and carrying a noble aura. She was a blind pig in her last life to not see the good of him!


The next class was in the terrace classroom, and Gu Yuan remembered it was a joint class. She naturally did not walk with Feng Xinian. She still decided to stay low in school. After all, their current identity was students, and studying well was the main task.


Feng Xinan looked at Gu Yuan running out of the classroom without a shadow. So eager to draw a line with him! This girl is still ruthless.


Gu Yuan naturally didn’t know Feng Xinian’s inner thoughts. She entered the large classroom and looked for Xie Yanyan but saw the melancholy Lin Yuan in the crowd. She couldn’t help but sigh once again.


She pretended that she did not see him and finally found Xie Yanyan. When she was about to sit down, the noisy surroundings fell silent. Gu Yuan thought it was the teacher, but unexpectedly, entering the door was Feng Xinian, who just separated from her.


Surprisingly, this class was their three classes joint together. Feng Xinian had long been used to the attention of others. He walked to his seat, which was opposite Gu Yuan’s.


Gu Yuan didn’t know why. She came to class openly, but when she saw Feng Xinian, she felt she was caught in adultery.


“I must say, Brother Feng is The Fresh Meat’s God.” Xie Yanyan lamented, “But what did you do during the last class? I even told the teacher that you weren’t feeling well.”


“…… It’s true that I’m not feeling so well.” Gu Yuan was too embarrassed to lie to Xie Yanyan. She was even more ashamed to say that she went to do something indecent and could only stammer, burying her face into her arm.


“Is there any discomfort?”


Gu Yuan heard a familiar voice coming to her ears, and she naturally had to answer, “No.”


Raising her eyes, she saw Feng Xinian’s handsome face. He was only wearing a school uniform, but he could unexpectedly pull off the cheap school uniform, making it appear somewhat branded. The first button of his school uniform shirt was open, exposing his collarbone, and it was so sexy that people couldn’t breathe. Black hair against the cold white skin makes him even more unapproachable. His thick eyelashes cast a shadow over his deep eye sockets, and under his high nose was a sexy thin lip.


Xie Yanyan beside her has held her breath. She had just heard about the relationship between Gu Yuan and Feng Xinian. Last time, there was a big commotion on the basketball court. She wouldn’t believe it if someone told her there was nothing between them. But the male god was too recluse, and she couldn’t imagine the two being together.


Feng Xinian was worried whether Gu Yuan had gotten cold because of what happened in the empty classroom. He looked at the girl, who said she was fine but had red cheeks. Feng Xinian naturally reached out his hand to probe Gu Yuan’s forehead. But she subconsciously avoided it, causing a dull pain in his heart.

On the other hand, Lin Yuan appeared at an unknown time and stood on the girl’s other side.

“Gu Yuan. I have something to say to you after class.” The one who spoke was none other than Lin Yuan.

Gu Yuan was keeping her head down and didn’t see Lin Yuan. She just subconsciously nodded her head.


Feng Xinian on the side did not look well. This girl just flirted in his arms, and now she wants to have a private conversation with Lin Yuan. Is she confident that he spoiled her that much, or so blatant about it?


The most nervous one was naturally Xie Yanyan because she was Gu Yuan’s desk companion and was in the center of them. This scene was like the Shura Field live version. Is she really able to see it without paying?

When Gu Yuan realized that she had promised Lin Yuan, she wanted to renege on her words but Lin Yuan had already gone away. Then, she tried to explain to Feng Xinian, but the bell had already rung.


Gu Yuan was crying in her heart, but Xie Yanyan, who was on the side, asked earnestly, “Yuan Yuan, what exactly do you have in mind?”

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