Episode 7. An Ordinary Day


Standing in front of the calendar, Ashria stumbled over a particular date with dazed eyes. Askaar, who was standing beside her, said as if he couldn’t understand her looking at the calendar seriously.

“Ashria, what are you looking at?”


“More lying.”

Seeing that she didn’t seem inclined to explain why she was looking at the calendar, Askaar looked away. Instead, he looked out the window at the trees in the garden, the tips of their leaves beginning to turn red.

“The leaves will fall soon.”

At the mention of the leaves, Ashria still didn’t react, merely nodding her head in annoyance.

It’s been like this lately.

No matter how many times I asked her to go on a picnic, no matter how many times I asked her to go for a walk, she would just shake her head tiredly, and only occasionally would she nod in agreement.

At least she’d let out a nice little moan when she was being f*cked beneath me, so Askaar decided that was enough and checked the tight leather strap connecting him to her.

This is how it should be, he thought.

He felt a strange sense of security at the sight of the tightly connected strings.

It didn’t matter if Ashria acted vaguely as if she was harder than a tree planted in the street.

She was mine, no matter what anyone said.

‘I must hold her tight so she doesn’t leave, and I mustn’t let her get weak and let her go.’

As he vowed to himself, he wrapped his arms around her slender body and snuggled between her skinny legs.



The steady beat of her heart was comforting as he stuck his c*ck  in the narrow, damp h*le and buried his face between the plump mounds of her br*asts.

To know that she was alive and breathing in his arms.

He pressed down hard on her as she struggled against the sensation of penetration, vowing that he would take Ashria with him the day his life ended.

Ashria gasped as she felt the merciless thr*sts pierce her tender flesh.

“Ah, ahh….”

His hard body slammed against her fleshy p*lvis with each thr*st. His muscular body felt like it had been carved out of rock.

Ashria let out a cry of pain but obediently spread her legs wide. Like a prodigal daughter, she squeezed her tight inner h*les, hoping that it would end as soon as possible.

It wasn’t until he was gyrating his hips that he plunged his c*ck deep into his daughter’s v*g*na and c*mmed.

There was no way he was going to have children, no matter how much he f*cked her cunt.

She lowered her eyelids in exhaustion as she looked at Askaar, who wanted her turn.

* * *

It was an ordinary day like any other.

The autumn sky was high and clear, and breakfast was a basket full of her favorite crunchy croissants. Ashria snatched up one or two more than usual and washed them down with orange juice.

Askaar clenched his jaw and stared at her for being such a good eater today. The way her cheeks puffed out with each bite of the croissant was a little cute.

After devouring her breakfast, Ashria accompanied him to his office as usual and attended his meetings.

A thick leather strap still connected their wrists.

Askaar checked the straps from time to time, pinning her hands together to keep her from slipping away from him.

Ashria gave a subtle smile as she felt his large hand cradling hers.


“What’s going on.”

A moment of joy when she’d called him first.

“I miss Eton.”

Askaar’s face crumpled at the last part.

“Did you want to get eye-to-eye with an animal?”

“…It’s not like that.”

She’s been quiet lately, and now she’s scratching her insides again. Askaar didn’t say anything more.

But something was different today.

“Dad, please.”

Ashria, who would normally have read the hidden rejection in the unanswered question and meekly complied, grabbed her cuff, and begged him one more time.

“…Please let me see Eton just once.”


He retorted nervously, deliberately widening his stride to show his displeasure.

This forced the petite Ashria to scramble on her short legs to keep up with him.




She should have backed off at this point, but her refusal to back down only made him look more suspicious.

“I guess you have been hiding something in the stables?”

“…It’s not like that.”

“Then are you planning to spread your legs to the beast?”

Ashria shook her head helplessly at the sarcasm.

“Just let me see him once, and I won’t pinch you again.”

Impatiently, he stopped walking, turned around, and locked eyes with her.

Despite her pleading voice, her eyes still held little emotion. After studying her eyes for a moment, the corner of his mouth twitched.

No doubt. There must be something to her pleading this far.

Did he decide to have a secret affair with the person who promised her to take her out of here?

Silence fell between them. Askaar was deep in thought.

Surely she wouldn’t ask to see Eton with anything….

Should he take the risk and grant her request to see Eton and capture the mysterious assistant, or should he refuse as usual?

“If I let you see him.”


“Then what will the Empress do for me?”

Askaar’s eyes flashed like those of a wild beast with its prey in sight. Still, she was unfazed and answered.



“Yes, anything you ask… I’ll do it.”

At her answer, Askaar smiled triumphantly.

* * *

Askar deliberately placed the sneaky knights around the stables, then sent her alone to Eton. Just in case he followed her unnecessarily and she caught wind of it.

Since she had already said that she would do anything, it was not a fruitless deal, Askaar still wanted to cut off Ashria’s escape route once and for all, something that had always unnerved him.

Just then, Eton, returning from a walk, recognized her from a distance and came trotting over. At the sound of Eton’s hooves, Ashria’s face lit up like a chandelier.


Ashria’s cheeks burned as she wrapped her arms around Eton’s neck.

Hiding his reaction, Askaar could only watch them from a distance.

There’s no way she could have begged for that horse, he thought.

Ashria stroked and caressed Eton’s forehead and cheeks for a long time. The more he watched, the more his mood plummeted.

She smiled at Eton in a way I’d never seen her smile before, mumbling words with her tiny lips.

Askaar clenched his fists hard in annoyance and glared at the two of them from the shadows.

“You need to get along, not get sick.”

Locking eyes with Eton, Ashria whispered, their foreheads touching.

“Don’t get sick and stay well Eton.” “

Eton, who normally would have licked her face with glee, was quiet today. Did he wonder if Ashria, who came to see me, was different from usual?

Eton was meekly allowing her to touch his face as she reached out to him.

When she withdrew her hand as if she had to go, Eton grunted and slapped her face in pain. Ashria forced a bitter smile as it felt like she was being told to stay a little longer.

“I have to go.”

There was an urgency in Eton’s eyes that told her not to go.

“I should go, I’m sorry.”

She touched her empty wrist, wondering how long it had been since she’d been this far away from Askaar. Then she looked away from Eton’s eyes and began to back away, a step or two at a time.

There was no point in delaying. Askaar was sure there was hiding somewhere, watching her.

Eton watched Ashria’s back as she walked away, and stood there as if nailed to the spot until the moment she turned into a dot and disappeared.

* * *

Lunch was grilled sea bass, Ashria’s favorite, and she squeezed a generous amount of lemon over the well-seasoned meat before shoveling it into her mouth.

She had eaten more than usual for breakfast, and today’s lunch was no different.

As he watched her, Askaar raised an eyebrow in question.

“Why do you eat so well?”

The sound of Ashria’s untrained hands picking up and putting down her cutlery echoed loudly in the room.

She had always been a bird pecking at her food, but today she could chew stones like a child in the throes of maturity.

Looking at her, Askaar’s eyes were softer than usual, as if he were pleased.

It was an ordinary day.

Except that she ate a little better than usual, went for a longer walk than usual, and spent a lot more time looking at the sky than usual. It was a very, very normal day.

Ashria stared blankly at the sky. Time passed neither slowly nor quickly; it ebbed and flowed as it always did.

The high, blue sky with its puffy clouds would soon turn red as the sunset.

As she watched in fascination, Askaar leaned back, saying nothing. Then he pressed her lips together softly, as if jealous of the sunset that had stolen her gaze.

“…I love you.”

The same anxious voice as always.

But there was no answer to ease his anxiety.

And probably never would.

* * *

Sleep was elusive that night. Ashria squeezed her eyes shut, staring into the distance at the unlit chandelier.

If she couldn’t fall asleep, neither could Askaar beside her.

“Go to sleep, it’s almost midnight.”

Tick, tick, tick.

The sound of the ticking clock was quite loud in the silence of the room. Ashria nodded slightly and burrowed into Askaar’s arms.

She purposely blocked her view. She buried her face in his chest, the one that had always been so cruel to her, and lowered her eyelids. Then she mumbled in a small voice.



“Good night.”

Askaar answered by patting her on the back.

They ate breakfast as usual, followed his work as usual, ate lunch as usual, and took a walk as usual. ate dinner as usual, bathed together as usual, and went to bed as usual.

To be silent until the end.

It was the only resistance she could offer him, a small revenge.

As the clock struck midnight, Ashria felt her eyelids grow heavy.

As her movements slowed, she realized that Askaar had fallen asleep as well, and she could only hear his breathing at regular intervals.

Slowly, she began to inhale, and deep in her lungs, she could smell the lingering scent of Askaar’s favorite balm.

Ding, ding, ding.

The sound of midnight echoed through the room, breaking the silence.

That was the end of an ordinary day.

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