Yu Zhaohan thinks so- if he only came out of the closet himself, it would be his own business, and there shouldn’t be any problem with that without consulting Shi Du.

He exchanged this secret for Jiang Di’s secret, and Jiang Di must feel his sincerity in protecting fairness.

Jiang Di really felt it, and stood motionless on the spot, looking at Yu Zhaohan as if he had been frozen by an Ice Maiden’s icy spear.

Was he so moved by his sincerity that he became stunned?

Yu Zhaohan also wanted to talk to his newly-appointed Concubine Jiang for a while longer, but the mosquito bites on his body were increasing, and he could hardly bear it anymore. “Let’s go inside for now.”

When Yu Zhaohan walked into the villa, Jiang Di started to thaw out his fingers bit by bit.

In the villa, Lu Youshan was pestering Shi Du, he kept asking about his arm, and blamed why Shi Du had to use his hand to block the knife: “There really wasn’t any other way? You could have used your leg. With your long legs, a kick would have solved the problem. Look at you now, the arm of the league’s top assassin has been messed up by you. Won’t it affect your training? No, when we get back, I’ll have Lao Tan get insurance for your hands.”

Shi Du completely ignored the nagging coach and walked around him. When he saw Yu Zhaohan return, he asked, “Did it go well?”

Yu Zhaohan was a little proud: “It’s all under control.”

Shi Du looked at Jiang Di, who was following behind Yu Zhaohan. Jiang Di had transitioned from one state of deep thought to another, and his gaze at Yu Zhaohan was quite complex.

Shi Du couldn’t help but doubt, “Are you sure it’s under control?”

“It’s under control, it’s under control,” Yu Zhaohan replied confidently. “My methods never fail.”

The matter with Kim was more or less resolved satisfactorily, and daily training had to continue. Shi Du had been vaccinated on his arm, and while he primarily used his wrists and fingers, the injured arm was still part of the hand, so there would be some impact. Especially in intense duels where every precise movement was crucial.

Fortunately, Shi Du’s arm injury was a superficial wound, and he would be fine once the wound healed. The more worrying issue was Qi Xian’s wrist, which had been injured internally. The best-case scenario was maintaining the current situation, as no amount of treatment could restore it to its previous peak condition.

Yu Zhaohan decided to let these two not-so-good guys off training for the night. Shi Du was lazily sitting on the gaming chair, adopting a posture that would earn him a reprimand from his mother-in-law. He snacked on some treats while watching Yu Zhaohan and Jiang Di Duoble queueing. However, before even completing one match, he noticed an issue—Jiang Di’s training state had not improved, and it was evident that he still had something on his mind.

Yu Zhaohan also noticed this. It was strange; Jiang Di’s uneasiness should have been completely resolved. So why was he still unable to focus on training?

Suddenly, the sound of “Fuck” attracted the attention of Yu Zhaohan and Shi Du. Sitting on the gaming chair, Cheese kicked out and exclaimed: “Protect and protect! Timeless!”

A canned coffee bottle had tipped over onto the table, coffee spilling out and threatening to drip onto Yu Zhaohan. Timeless promptly pulled Yu Zhaohan’s chair backward. Qi Xian quickly picked up the Q-version character standee on the table to prevent it from getting soaked in coffee.

Jiang Di hastily grabbed a stack of napkins to wipe the table and apologized, “Sorry.”

“Be more careful,” Cheese complained. “Thank goodness it didn’t get on the keyboard.”

Qi Xian asked with a smile: “What’s wrong with Xiao Jiang recently, he’s as reckless as Cheese.”

Jiang Di buried his head in wiping the table: “It’s nothing.”

Shi Du and Yu Zhaohan looked at each other.

Yu Zhaohan’s eyes said: What’s the situation?

Shi Du’s eyes said: Isn’t this something I should be asking??

Yu Zhaohan said, “Jiang Di.”

Jiang Di paused and looked at Yu Zhaohan.

“Don’t drink too much coffee at night.”


Yu Zhaohan stared at Jiang Di’s unnatural expression and later realized that he might have done something terrible.

After the training was over, Yu Zhaohan and Shi Du returned to the room. Finally, they could take a break and speak freely.

“What’s wrong with Xiao Jiang?” Shi Du wondered, “Why do I feel that he is more absent-minded than a few days ago? Is it my illusion?”

“Shi Du,” Yu Zhaohan said a bit anxiously, like a little fish who had caused trouble outside and was admitting his mistake to his mother while seeking help. “I think I messed up.”

Shi Du: “?”

“I came out to Xiao Jiang.”

Shi Du: “?”

Yu Zhaohan told Shi Du all the things he did. Shi Du was not surprised at all, as it was typical of something Yu Zhaohan might do. Yu Zhaohan could come out to his mom on the phone before even defining their relationship, so coming out to a teammate unexpectedly wasn’t much of a stretch. Given Jiang Di’s composure tonight, it seemed he was handling it rather well.

Shi Du asked, “Why did you only talk about yourself? What about me? Did you forget about me?”

Yu Zhaohan said: “You come out of the closet by yourself, I won’t help you out. Shi Du, is coming out of the closet a big deal?”

Why else would people react so strongly every time he did it?

Shi Du laughed and said, “Why do you think this is not a big deal?”

“Because I think it’s a matter of time, there is no difference between coming out early and coming out late.” Yu Zhaohan said without thinking, “Plus, I don’t mind if everyone knows. I like you, Shi Du.”

Shi Du’s heart skipped a beat as he was taken aback. He glanced at Yu Zhaohan silently for a moment, then smiled softly: “I don’t mind either. Then let’s choose an auspicious day and come out to everyone in R.H?”

Yu Zhaohan agreed happily: “Okay.”

After agreeing to come out together, Yu Zhaohan headed for a shower. He stood naked in front of the mirror and realized that the parts of his body exposed outside his clothes had been visited by mosquitoes, and not even his thighs, hidden beneath his pants, were spared. He promptly complained to Shi Du, who found a bottle of ointment for him.

Shi Du glanced at Yu Zhaohan’s legs and asked, “Do you need help?”

Yu Zhaohan preferred not to trouble others with things he could do himself. “I can manage on my own.”

Shi Du said slowly, “Alright.” He lay on the bed, his hand supporting his chin, watching Yu Zhaohan tend to the mosquito bites on his body.

Despite the summer being in full swing, Yu Zhaohan’s cold white skin had not been tanned at all, and it seemed to glow under the light.

As Yu Zhaohan began to attend to the mosquito bites on the inside of his thighs, Shi Du felt a slight tightening in his chest. At first, he thought about averting his gaze like a proper gentleman. But then he reconsidered—heck, wasn’t this fair-skinned beauty his boyfriend? What was there that he couldn’t look at?

Shi Du continued to look decisively. The more he looked, the more he felt that the temperature of the room’s air conditioner was not set low enough. He said casually: “Yuyu, do you feel that after we became a couple, the way we get along doesn’t seem to be any different from before.”

Yu Zhaohan thought about it seriously, and it was true, except for one thing.

Yu Zhaohan said, “We kiss now, which we didn’t do before.”

Shi Du [casually] said: “Couples do more than just kissing.”

Couples do more than just kissing?

Yu Zhaohan suddenly realized: “Ah, I understand.”

Seeing Yu Zhaohan’s understanding expression, Shi Du felt that he didn’t understand: “No, you don’t understand.”

“I really understand.” Yu Zhaohan said, “I will take the time to learn.”

Shi Du was slightly startled: “Learn again?”

Yu Zhaohan’s primary method of acquiring unfamiliar knowledge was reading romance novels and comics, seeing how others did it, and then summarizing it himself. He might even end up writing an 1800-word document as thorough as his guide on how to kiss, detailing the setting, techniques, sounds, and things to pay attention to.

Damn, did he actually want to read about it? They hadn’t been in an official relationship for very long. Wasn’t it too soon? He’s not ready, but it’s not like he doesn’t want to…

Shi Du was a little confused: “No, can you still find novels or comics that describe it in such detail…” Shi Du remembered that they were in Korea now, “Or are you planning to search on the foreign web?”

“There are plenty on the domestic web too,” Yu Zhaohan replied. “I’ll make an effort to learn.”

Shi Du hesitated for a moment and said, “I don’t know either. Let’s learn together. This isn’t urgent; we can wait until after the competition.”

Shi Du would never forget the series of exasperating actions Yu Zhaohan had taken after they decided to kiss. He didn’t want a repeat of that, with Yu Zhaohan asking him three times a day, ‘The mood is so good; are we doing it?’ ‘Is it happening now, Timeless?’ ‘Timeless, are you going to make a move on me?’

Shi Du chuckled as he thought about it.

Yu Zhaohan Yu Zhaohan, holding the bottle of medicated oil, asked curiously, “What are you laughing at?”

“It’s nothing.” Shi Du shrugged, “I’m just afraid you’ll be thinking about this all the time and get distracted.”

Yu Zhaohan never got distracted during training and competitions, and Shi Du was also the same. However, he didn’t want to embarrass Yu Zhaohan by revealing his thoughts.

Shi Du’s wound shouldn’t get wet, so he couldn’t take a proper shower. He showered off quickly in just three minutes. But in those three minutes, Yu Zhaohan managed to acquire quite a bit of fresh and hot knowledge from the internet.

Yu Zhaohan set down his tablet, eager to try out his newfound knowledge. “Shi Du, I’ve learned several moves already.”

Drying himself with a towel, Shi Du asked, “What have you learned?”

“Things that couples do.”

Shi Du raised his eyebrow suspiciously. “…So quickly? What kind of novels did you find? You learned all this in three minutes?”

“Don’t you think our way of getting along is similar to before? I’ll change it for you now.”

Shi Du looked at Yu Zhaohan closely and said, “What have you changed? You’re not even willing to call me ‘husband.'”

“I am willing.” Yu Zhaohan soon said, “Good night, husband.”

Shi Du was momentarily taken aback by being addressed as ‘husband’ and replied somewhat awkwardly, “Good night.”

Yu Zhaohan’s use of “husband” didn’t carry the expected romantic feeling; it sounded similar to when he called Shi Du by his name. But even so, Shi Du found himself slightly breathless from those two words.

Quickly regaining his composure, he pretended to be displeased. “You’re too casual with it. I don’t feel anything when you say it like that.”

“Then let me show you something with more feeling.” Yu Zhaohan opened his gaming laptop, logged into the game server, and switched to his alternate account.

The two of them usually use their alternate account to play in double in private, so their intimacy level was already quite high.

Shi Du asked, “What do you want to show me?”

“Look at this.” Yu Zhaohan found the name change card from the inventory and clicked to use it. In front of his boyfriend, he changed [clown fish is not ugly] to [Touch my husband, you die.]

Yu Zhaohan asked expectantly: “Husband, do you feel it now?”

ShiDu: “…”

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