Episode 30


Rose eagerly awaited Friday evening, counting the days one by one. Despite the increased workload, the thought of going to the expo gave her energy.

She didn’t show her excitement outwardly. Instead, she tried to gauge Rebecca’s emotions, who was always sulking. She felt guilty for seemingly benefiting from helping Rebecca.

So, it wasn’t until Friday morning when Briley asked about their plans that Rose finally brought up the expo.

“What? You’re going to the expo? With Jasper?!”

Briley’s hands, buttoning up her school shirt while humming a tune, suddenly stopped. She looked at Rose with her mouth agape.

“Oh, if you’re misunderstanding, Briley, there’s no need for that. It’s not a personal date or anything. It’s just in exchange for finding out some information about Caleb…”

“In exchange for that, you’re going to the expo together? What are you talking about? Explain in detail.”

Briley blinked her eyes and approached Rose with a sparkle in her eyes. Rose blinked her large eyes in confusion before explaining slowly.

After receiving all the details, Briley tapped her chin with her hand, narrowing her eyes.

“So, you’re going to help Jasper with his assignment there?”


“I get the general idea of what’s going on.”

“Oh, I’m glad the misunderstanding is cleared up.”


Briley made a strange sound and then gently grabbed Rose’s shoulders.

“So, what are you going to wear to the expo?”

“Well, I haven’t thought about it… Maybe the school uniform?”

“No, no, Rose Bell! Snap out of it! You’ve got the Weir Company expo night tickets, and you’re thinking of going in a school uniform? You should dress up as much as possible.”

Briley suddenly became enthusiastic. Rose slightly shrugged her shoulders in embarrassment.

“Do I need to? There will be a lot to see, and it might be uncomfortable to walk around.”

“You need an outfit that’s both pretty and practical. I understand.”

“What do you mean, ‘understand’…”

“I’ll make sure to let you borrow a nice dress, sis.” 

“I’m not your sister.”

Rose mumbled, but Briley continued without acknowledging it.

“Hah, if I had known earlier, I would have looked into things more. It’s tonight, right? It’s a bit tight on time, but I’ll make it work somehow.”

“No, there’s no need for that, Briley. I was just planning to quietly observe and leave…”

Briley exhaled dramatically and shook her head.

“Oh, Rose. Wearing just a school uniform to a place like that might draw more attention. Everyone will be dressing up for the occasion!”


Rose started to be convinced as she listened to Briley’s words. It was reasonable advice. Maintaining an appropriate dress code anywhere was basic etiquette. Plus, Rose disliked situations where she drew attention from people the most.

“Besides, the atmosphere will be completely different during the nighttime event since only invitees can enter. Did you know that?”

“Really? I didn’t know that.”

Back when Rose was a noble, expos weren’t as popular as they are now. Nighttime entry into the expo grounds, adorned with magical lights, was nonexistent.

“Nighttime expos are the perfect date course… but! Of course, you didn’t have a choice but to go. Yeah, I get it. Still, there’s no way I can let you go in a school uniform.”

Rose was getting confused. She had only thought about seeing the inventions at the Weir Company expo, and she hadn’t paid attention to these details.

‘Would Jasper be embarrassed if I went in a school uniform?’

It might be possible. If their group looked too plain, Jasper’s reputation might suffer. Rose didn’t want to cause harm to Jasper.

“Briley… So, what should I wear then?”

Unusually, Rose was starting to agree with Briley’s opinion, and Briley’s eyes sparkled.

“Leave it to me! First, we need to take your measurements!”

Hehe. Briley chuckled softly and held onto Rose’s shoulders tightly. Rose nodded her head under the pressure.


* * *


Tap-tap-tap. Rose walked quickly toward the academy’s main gate. Jasper had arranged for a carriage to pick her up at the gate and take her to the expo grounds.

‘I hope I’m not running late.’

She arrived at the dormitory just in time, wearing the dress that Briley had hurriedly altered to fit her.

Briley had said that this dress was the most modest among her collection, to be worn only when one needed to appear demure. The dress was a deep khaki color with minimal embellishments. It had sporadic silver thread patterns, and the white lace adorning the neckline was simple and elegant.

The skirt slightly flared out from below the knees, and compared to evening gowns, it had a shorter hemline. The sleeves originally came as seven-eighths, but they fit Rose perfectly.

Around the waist, she had twisted a sash into a ribbon shape and secured it. While the dress might have felt a bit loose around the shoulders and chest, it didn’t look overly strange. Rose usually preferred loose-fitting clothes.

After putting on the dress, Rose allowed Briley to do her hair as well.

‘It feels awkward…’

After a long time, she had her hair completely styled up, and adorned with flowers. It was all Briley’s work. The dress had a neckline that only covered half of her neck, revealing a slim, white neck underneath.

Briley had tried to prepare a hat and gloves as well, but Rose strongly declined those. She felt just right as she was. She didn’t want to look too different from her usual self; otherwise, it might seem strange.

‘Briley did a great job with this. She’s a good friend.’

Honestly, she felt satisfied with her appearance after a long time. She wondered when she would get a chance to wear something like this again. It wasn’t overly extravagant but had a high-quality fabric that made her feel comfortable. She looked like a middle-class woman dressed modestly.

On her way to the main gate, Rose occasionally felt the gaze of others on her. It was clear that wearing an outdoor dress made her stand out.

Rose tried to suppress her awkwardness and quickened her steps. When she reached the main gate, someone suddenly approached her and spoke.

“Are you Miss Rose Bell?”

“Oh, yes. I’m Rose Bell…”

“Master Jasper sent me to pick you up. I’ll take you to the expo grounds. Please get in.”

The man greeted her politely and gestured towards the carriage. It was exactly as Jasper had described it.

“Yes… Thank you. Please take me to the destination.”

Rose nodded and gave a slight bow to the man. It felt strange to be treated so formally by a man who appeared older than her. She had received such treatment when she was younger, but it had been a long time.

The man opened the carriage door and escorted Rose inside. She was about to step into the carriage when she turned to him and asked.

“Is Jasper coming separately?”

“That’s what I heard.”

“Thank you.”

The man looked at Rose with a puzzled expression as she thanked him repeatedly. 

“Miss, please feel free to speak comfortably. You’re Master Jasper’s partner.”

“Partner? It’s not like that…”

“I will ensure your safety.”

The man smiled and turned towards the driver’s seat. Rose, feeling flustered, entered the carriage and sat by the window, pressing herself against it.


For some reason, she felt nervous. She clasped her hands tightly on her lap and took a deep breath.

‘Partner, huh?’

Did Jasper say that? Maybe it was the coachman trying to be polite. Regardless of the truth, she felt strange as soon as she heard the word “partner.”

She suddenly remembered Briley jumping up and down and shouting ‘It is a dating course!’


* * *


As she approached the exhibition hall, the sun was setting. It was the time when the street lamps in the capital city would gradually light up. The exhibition hall had already turned on its interior lights and was ready to receive evening visitors. While it had been crowded in the morning, it was relatively quiet in the evening.

The Weir Company expo was open for two days only, today and tomorrow. Only a few people who received invitations could set foot inside the illuminated exhibition hall.

Rose got out of the carriage, trying to calm her racing heart. Without Jasper, she wouldn’t have made it here. Ever since she heard from Briley that it was difficult to obtain an invitation to this expo, her gratitude towards Jasper had grown stronger.

‘Where is Jasper?’

Rose stopped in front of the carriage and glanced around. Other carriages were arriving one by one, but Jasper was still nowhere to be seen.

Rose turned her gaze towards the exhibition hall. The Weir Company expo was of such a massive scale that it could be counted as one of the grandest in the capital city. The side of the exhibition hall was made of glass, and the light from the interior spilled outside. Under the dark sky, the exhibition hall stood magnificently.

Confronted with the monumental product of the Magic Engineering Revolution right in front of her, Rose was overwhelmed and excited at the same time.

‘Will there ever be a day when I exhibit my invention in a place like this?’

Wanting to create something that would amaze people had been a dream she had held dear since she was young. She wasn’t sure when that day would come.

‘No, it’s not impossible. I just have to work harder.’

When Rose briefly got lost in her thoughts, a familiar voice rang out from behind.

“Rose Bell?”


As Rose turned around, Jasper was standing right in front of her. Her face, filled with anticipation, lit up with a bright smile. She looked more energetic than ever before.

Jasper stood there silently, looking at Rose for a few seconds before finally opening his mouth.

“You… you made it.”

Jasper stared at Rose intensely, then hesitated before speaking.


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