Episode 6. Corporal punishment


* * *

“What are you doing?”

Seria gasped as I looked down from above.

“If you’re going to go to all this trouble, at least stand up for yourself.”


Seria looked up at me wordlessly.

“What are you complaining about?”

“I, Siegfried.”

I said, mulling over each word.

She spoke her lost surname, but not with the confidence she had before.

Her voice quivered thinly.

“Siegfried, a nice ring to it.”

An officer of the Empire.

Vermut. When asked who wielded the most power in the Empire after the Emperor, there was only one answer.

House Siegfried.

A Siegfried was always at the Emperor’s side.

The Emperor’s right-hand man, a powerful ally.

The First Emperor sought a marriage alliance with the Siegfrieds to further cement his power.

Siegfried had other ideas.

A statue dream.

The current Emperor, sensing Siegfried’s ambition, drew his sword first.

Seria was merely a trigger.

“Stupid bitch.

If she had recognized the Emperor’s marriage to the current Empress and stepped aside, her family would have been safe.

She would have stepped aside and they would have lived happily ever after.

‘ She would have ended with a sentence like that.

Hindsight is 20/20.

Regret is always too late.

“You are not Siegfried now.”

Seria shuddered at my words.

“I, I am…….”

“Would you believe me if I dragged you back to Siegfried’s mansion?”

Seria snapped her head up and looked at me.

“Is that even possible?”

I snapped.



I flicked my hand.

Mana wrapped around Seria’s body.

I lifted her body and threw her onto the bed.

The rope from the couch in the guest room flew out and bound Seria’s arms and legs.

“Did you think I was going to take you?”

The Emperor’s words came to mind.

That he wanted Seria to suffer.

I have no intention of following the Emperor’s wishes, but today, Seria has done wrong.

“I am very angry right now.”

Ipsin, the name for performance, followed by perfectionism.


It was a character trait that Maurice Dmitri possessed.

How dare you disrupt my house.

I remembered all the broken things in my house.

I was angry that I had spent mana on such a trivial thing.

“Breaking things is the worst crime in Dmitri.”

“Hey, get off me!”

Seria wriggled this way and that, trying to loosen the ropes, but the magical bindings were tight.

“As if the punishment you received yesterday wasn’t enough, I’ll have to give you some more.”

“Boo, I’ve made it clear, I’m Siegfried!”

I stared into Seria’s defiant eyes.

“You need to be reminded of your position.”

I ripped at Seria’s clothes, a rope tied to each wrist and ankle.



As I tore at the maid’s uniform, her voluptuous br*asts popped open.

Crimson n*pples stood out against the pure white skin.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing!”

Instead of answering, I brushed my fingertips across Seria’s chest.

I felt the soft flesh beneath my fingertips.


I savored the feel of her skin for a moment, then looked down at her from above.

Her maid’s uniform was completely torn off, leaving her n*ked.

Her curvaceous br*asts, her sleek yet firm abs, her neatly trimmed p*bic hair, and her deeper, more intimate areas.

I slowly scanned her body.

It was a body worthy of being called the Empire’s finest flower.

Who could resist a woman like this?


I thought about putting mana into her head now and tapping into her subconscious.

“High risk.

If anything went wrong, I’d be crippled forever.


The Emperor would be furious.

If I change her perception, it won’t be the pain she feels.

It could be my head.

Why do I dislike Seria?

She was an expression of the Emperor’s trust in me.

She was poison, a bomb.

“Hah, I didn’t want to do this.”

I cut and plaited the leather bands on the wall, forming a hastily crafted whip.

The slender strings whipped along my hand.

Seria’s eyes widened.

“You, he, he…….”

She stuttered, unable to form words.

“You don’t need to say.”


The leather whip swung, tearing the air.

It hadn’t been prepared simply to cause her pain.

I intended to give her deep pleasure along with the pain.

Why the pleasure?


[s*xual sadism].

It was a trait that Maurice Dmitri possessed.

It’s what made me the best torturer in the Empire.

It had to be unleashed or it would explode.

The torture I find most challenging is whipping.

If I didn’t control the force, it would only hurt.

“Brace yourself.”

Seria squeezed her eyes shut.

I slammed the whip down on Seria’s chest.


Her curvaceous br*asts bounced softly.

Pressing her lips together, Seria raised her eyes.

“You’re so c*cky.”

Whip! Mate!


Each stroke of the whip carved red lines across Seria’s body.

With a groan, her body jerked.

“Wait, ha-ha!”


The deeper the red marks on her body grew, the more questioning Seria’s eyes became.

She couldn’t understand this.

It couldn’t be more than just pain.


A groan escaped her parted lips.

A strange sensation of pleasure washed over her amid the pain.

The whip dug hard into her flesh and stroked gently at the same time.

A cycle of pain and pleasure.

It wasn’t just a hard lash that was torture.

It was not a fierce gust of wind that stripped the stranger of her clothes, but the scorching sun.

Conflicting sensations rushed through her body like high waves.

As sweat beaded on my whip, Seria’s body bucked harder and harder.

“Ha, ha, ha.”

She was breathing raggedly.

Her face was flushed several shades redder than her whipped br*asts.

It was a skill I had acquired over three years of torture.

I ran my fingers over the wounds the whip had made.


My fingertips were enchanted with cold.

A coolness that enveloped the burning wound.

By now, she must be feeling relief and a strange sense of pleasure.

“Do you see now, even if I violate you like this?”

“You can’t do anything.

I whispered into her ear.

“I’m……. unyielding.”

Her eyes remained bright as she gasped from the pleasure coursing through her body’s nerves.

Tears welled up in her eyes, unable to bear the repetition of pain and pleasure, and yet she refused to declare defeat.

It was a great strength of mind for the eldest daughter of a duke.

If she had been closer to him, the emperor might have made her his empress.

“A shame.”

Seria smiled at my words.

“I guess even the greatest torture expert in the world can’t do much, huh?”

Win, you’re thinking.

Too bad I’m not a master to let my servant off the hook.

“This was a bit weak for you.”

I didn’t expect her to go down so easily.

“If you wish to be punished more severely than this.”

I put the whip down.

“I’ll listen.”

I focused my mana on my fingertips.

The mana stretched out like a thread.

“What if I turned your personality inside out?”

I ran my fingers over Seria’s forehead.

The mana danced, burrowing into her body.

“You, what, what are you doing?”

Seria struggled, feeling the unfamiliar sensation of someone else’s mana burrowing into her body.

“You’d better stay still if you don’t want to be crippled forever.”

He meant it.

This is harder than I thought.

“Th-that’s enough!”

I ignored Seria’s shaking and wailing and got out.

The spell was done quickly.

Satisfied that the spell was fully in place, I lifted my finger.

“You think I’m going to do something fun like personality switching?”

I looked down at Seria with a wicked grin.

“I’ve placed an additional restriction.”

“What, what?”

“The magic I’ve planted in your head will read your emotions in advance and alert me. Every time you have a cheeky thought in the future.”


Seria twitched as the mana stone embedded in her choker glowed.

“A light electric current will flow through your body. You’ll feel the shock.”

“Okay, wait……. Hmph.”

The mana stone glowed once more.

Seria let out a lustful moan and bit her lower lip.

“You can feel it already, you’re a born pervert.”

“I’m……. Ha!”

Her breathing became ragged from the torture of the whip once more.



“I will leave you like this until you know your subject.”

“Wait, wait, wait, you did it wrong…… You did it wrong, please…….”

But she squirmed again in exasperation.

“You’re not going to be remorseful today. I don’t think you’re fully awake yet. I’m going to tie you up for the day.”

“Now, wait! Hey, hey, hey, Dmitri, you bastard…… ah!”

I left Seria moaning in a daze in the guest room.


The moaning continued for quite some time before it finally subsided.

“Well, that’s quieter now.”

I closed the book.


Because of Maurice’s traits, if I didn’t read at least one book a day, my temper flared.

My eyes were tired.

“When will she realize her predicament?

Today’s corporal punishment was for Seria.

She needs to realize as soon as possible that she has become nothing.

Of course, I was angry that she had dared to destroy my things, but my feelings were fleeting.

The Emperor’s command to make her suffer.

What if it doesn’t deliver the right kind of pain?


I don’t know where the Emperor’s anger will be directed then.

“Maybe it will be directed at me.

I muttered in a low voice.


[Name: Maurice Dmitri]]

[Title: Imperial Archmage, Minister of Magic, Licensor of the Tower, Mediator, Torture Expert]

[Traits: narcissistic, meritocratic, perfectionist, bibliophile, s*xual sadist, magical maestro, analyst, architect…….]

The title was an accomplishment of my three years of living in this world.

And that trait.

Those damn traits that Maurice had, that I had come to attribute to this character.

Perfectionism and s*xual sadism, among other things.

It’s what made him an Imperial torture master.

“That’s why the Emperor sent me Seria.

I’m grateful that this need has been quenched.

I’m grateful to have gotten rid of this need.

I used to beat the crap out of people who stood up to me to fulfill my sadistic needs.

Guess I won’t have to do that for a while.


I flipped open the book I’d quickly finished with my mana-sensitized brain.

Seria’s room lit up before me.

The magic was based on modern CCTV.

I stared at her tied to the bed.

Voyeurism is not my hobby.

“I don’t want you to hurt yourself unnecessarily.

What if she killed herself out of sheer desperation?

I hated to think about it.

Tied up and panting thinly, Seria’s eyes were closed, as if she had lost consciousness.

All the while, she shuddered intermittently.

A residue of pleasure, perhaps.

And then he had an unholy thought.


I didn’t expect it to be easy in the first place.

I want to throw it away.

If only I could.

I picked up my sticky hair.

A snap.

“My lord, it’s Sebastian.”

A gravelly old man’s voice came from outside the door.

He’s here earlier than I thought.

* * *

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