Episode 1. Part 2 The beginning of the catastrophe




* * *


Needless to say, most people are not in the same frame of mind after being mugged. The after-effects can last a lifetime.


because it was a brutal act that took more of a person’s mind than their body.


Unfortunately or fortunately, Ashria was not one of those ‘most people’, which meant that she was able to sit across from the man who had forcibly drugged her last night.


As he watched Ashria nonchalantly sip her orange juice, he felt a small pang of panic.


He’d expected her to squirm and refuse to look at me or to be dragged like a terrified pig to the slaughter, but here she was, acting as if the night she’d fallen on me and cried her eyes out hadn’t happened.


‘It’s delicious….’


She’s even forking at the strawberry cake in front of him without stopping to see if he likes it.


Askaar knows that the expression on her face and the way she is acting is not the way she would act in front of a scare tactic.


He wonders if she’s deliberately suppressing her fear, but even as he stares into her dark eyes, he can’t detect any fear in her gaze.


Perhaps that’s why he feels a strange chill.




A low, cool voice called out to her. Ashria’s gaze snaps from her strawberry cake to Askaar.




“How are you feeling?”


He asked, deliberately trying to remind her of last night. Askaar was still staring at her, her jaw set, her gaze emotionless.


At his question, Ashria blinked, a moment of, well, concern.


“It hurts a little, but I’m fine.”


She gives a muffled reply, then resumes scooping up her cake.


“I will summon the imperial physician, so tell me exactly what ails you.”


Askaar’s brow narrows slightly, her stoic demeanor getting on his nerves.


I didn’t like the way she looked at me. So I asked her a deliberately blunt question.


“I noticed that your p*ssy hole was quite narrow yesterday, is that okay?”


It was a crude word that I deliberately chose to humiliate her. Even though there were many palace knights and handmaidens around, Askaar’s expression was only mildly amused.


Ashria paused for a moment and stared up at him in surprise, realizing that he had used the word with intent. Then one corner of Askaar’s mouth twitches upward.


“You may be an imperial robe, but you can’t see through your precious daughter’s flesh, so you’ll have to apply the medicine yourself.”


Her mouth dropped open. Ashria let out a small sigh and put down her fork.




No one on the continent could stop him anyway.


Ashria was quick to give up, and her years as a guinea pig had taught her that futile resistance would only fuel her opponent’s sadism.


Though last night’s unexpected turn of events had caught her off guard as well…


Anyway, it was different from the moment I realized that Askaar didn’t see me as a full-fledged ‘daughter’.


Ashria had no intention of resisting him.


He was the top predator in the world, and this was just a momentary curiosity, she thought.


Crying and resisting is the response most predators want from their prey.


She had less than a year to live, and she wanted to do as he pleased and then go to sleep in the warmth of the palace.


Ashria stood up, deliberately lifting the hem of her skirt, and said nonchalantly.


“Shall I take it off?”




“You said you were going to put some medicine on my p*ssy, and it sure… hurt.”


Her voice was dry, but the words inside were not.


“I’m asking if I can take off my underwear and spread my legs right here and now.”


For a moment, Askaar was speechless, unable to respond, but then Ashria turned to the maid beside her.


“Can you please clear the table?”


Ashria was mortified, even though the other users must have overheard their conversation. No shame surfaced.


It certainly wasn’t the reaction she wanted.


Ashria slowly stripped down to her underwear as Askaar sat and watched her. Then Askaar clicked his tiny tongue and bit everyone around him.


Soon, only he and Ashria were left in the large greenhouse garden.


“You’re provoking me.”


“…I didn’t mean to.”


Ashria replied hesitantly, then grabbed the hem of her skirt, feeling it slip underneath her, leaving her underwear scattered on the white marble floor.


If she lifted her skirt, Askaar would see all of her intimate details, uncovered by a single thread.


“Then why don’t you spread your legs for me?”


Askaar said in a cold voice and glared indifferently. His gaze landed on the table that had just been filled with cakes.


Reading his intentions, Ashria lowered herself onto the table without a word of protest. Then, like a courtesan, she lifted her skirt and spread her legs wide.


Her slender white thighs parted, exposing her smooth flesh and crimson inner core to Askaar.


As if to prove that last night’s int*rco*rse hadn’t been painful enough, the slit beneath her protruding cl*toris was bright red.


Askaar stared at her p*ssy in disbelief.


If she was giving him the reaction he wanted with her outbreak of trembling, he was going to give her some medicine…


My stomach twisted as I watched her sigh and spread her legs in front of me, looking like she had half given up on life.


So Askaar chuckled and unbuckled his pants.


I wondered if he’d be so nonchalant when I plunged my c*ck into her gaping hole once more.


It was an uncharacteristically childish stubbornness.


Ashria shuddered at the blunt sensation beneath her for a moment. She didn’t have to look down to see what was rubbing against her p*ssy.


A sensation I can’t forget until I try to forget.


A man’s p*nis, hot, hard, and stiff.


Ashria’s eyes widened in confusion as she looked up at Askaar. Askar looked down at her with a faint smile of approval.


“What’s with the look on your face, Empress?”


He asked, c*cking his head haughtily, his gl*ns rubbing the underside of her v*g*na as if he could pierce it at any moment.


Still, Ashria didn’t protest, only nibbled at her lips.


She knew, quite clearly, that spitting out words like “don’t do it now,” or “you were supposed to apply the medicine!” would have no more effect on Askaar than ant sh*t.


“How can I stand idly by as a fathered dory when the princess begs to be f*cked first?”


I almost burst out laughing at the word “fathered”. How could she say something like that and not bat an eye?


Ashria glanced over at Askaar, wondering if he had to be so brazen to be Emperor. He seemed quite content with the situation.


‘He’s enjoying my embarrassment….’


Eventually, all that comes out is a small sigh.


“…Then make it quick.”


The black eyes that had been agitated for a moment returned to their world-weary stare. There was nothing in his gaze.


They stared blankly at the chandelier hanging from the ceiling.




His eyebrows waggle as he mimics Ashria’s words.


“To anyone else, you’d think Jim was in heat.”


It’s not exactly an untrue statement, she thinks, but she doesn’t want to make a scene, so she keeps her mouth shut.


“…I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that.”


Despite his quick apology, Askaar’s brow creased.


He stared at Ashria for a long moment, then clicked his tongue once, gripped my fleshy sh*ft, and began thrusting his c*ckhead into my v*g*na.


I cringed in pain as my tightly closed flesh began to be stretched apart by the other man.


Like a child unable to express how badly he was feeling, he thrust roughly and unruly into the dry flesh.




She’d expected it to hurt, but the pain of forcing her swollen hole open once more was worse than she’d expected.


Ashria’s body stiffened and she let out a series of short moans.


“Now that’s something.”


Her face crumpled into a pained grimace, her hands gripping the end of the table as she repeatedly squeezed and unclenched the hole pierced by her forearm-sized cl*t. Her scrawny little body winced in pain.


Askaar felt a sense of triumph at the sight of her daughter.


Like he said, it was finally starting to taste like hunting.


“Well, I may have f*cked you like that last night, but if that wasn’t enough, the way you’re spreading like this, it’s clear you’ve only learned to be a wh*re from your mother.”


Askaar forced the inner walls of Yaltaaran wide open, thrusting his c*ck into her to the root, then slowly withdrew, muttering to himself.


“Ashria, to think that even Askaar was dropping all sorts of niceties to get on my c*ck once.”




“So that’s the daughter of that mother.”


Ashria’s hips bucked as she felt the heavy penetration that filled her in an instant. Then a large hand gripped her pelvis and pressed down.




The dry inner walls sent a stinging sensation through her as she whimpered. It would have been better if he’d gotten w*t down there.


Unlike yesterday, today he had no intention of caressing Ashria’s body.


Well, yesterday’s gesture was hardly a caress.




“S*ck, hmm… yes, yes….”


“Are you sick?”


She didn’t want to show any sign of pain in front of Askaar, but even an Ashria couldn’t be nonchalant as she received a p*nis the size of a stake poking her dry hole over and over again. Without the slightest bit of pl*asure, she felt like she was going to be torn apart below.


The jagged bumps that sprouted from the sh*ft of Askaar’s c*ck rubbed painfully against the flesh of her stiff inner walls, and every time they did, it felt like her limbs were being torn apart.




When she couldn’t even answer his question and twitched slightly, Askaar leaned down and pressed his body against hers.


“Thou didst not ask.”


He asks, his dark eyes locked on Ashria’s with intensity.


“I asked if you were ill, Empress.”


Finally, a reluctant Ashria nodded her head in agreement.


“It’s a little… erm, ah, it hurts….”


The corner of Askaar’s mouth quirks up at her response. Unlike her face, which was stained with pain, his face was drenched in pl*asure and amusement.


It’s a very different look.


“Will help you.”


He said it out loud and then forcibly pried Ashria’s hand away from his, which was gripping the end of the table. For a moment, she panicked, not knowing what he was about to do.


Her hand was forced to reach her p*ssy. Askaar grabbed her hand and forced her to rub his intimate place.


“My one and only princess is in so much pain, my burden is not at ease.”


Ashria was dumbfounded by the unevenness of his voice. My father has no conscience left.


“Now, I’m going to help you, so touch yourself.”


His lips quirked up at the corners as he ran his fingertips over her densely swollen cl*toris. She didn’t dare to move her hand on her own.


“Go ahead.”


Then, to her dismay, he slammed his c*ck into her, hard and fast.




“Come on, huh, or I’ll have to spread you wide open for me to touch you.”




Madman. Ashria swallowed the words hard against the back of her throat, and before she could hurt his feelings further, she began to do as she was told.


Spreading the hole’s immaculate flesh apart, she found the cl*toris hidden within and rubbed it gently with her fingertips.




She moaned, her voice muffled.


Askaar watched her m*st*rbate alone for a moment, and then, as her inner walls began to tighten, he began to rock his c*ck again, hard, hard, hard.


The thick fleshy sh*ft pounded against her slick w*t inner walls, churning her insides without ej*culating.


Ashria groaned with effort as if she were about to lose her breath. But that didn’t stop her from doing what Askaar commanded.


She grunted and rubbed her p*ssy against the thick foreign object that she could feel so vividly in her navel.


“Hmph, hmph… ahhh…!”


The now w*t hole began to ooze clear juices as Askaar pulled his c*ck out.


He mocked as he watched the obsc*ne fl*id trickle from the hole that received his c*ck.


“Still, maiden, you’re better than your mother.”




“Your mother’s p*ssy wasn’t this narrow and sticky.”


Ashria was annoyed that she was being compared to the woman who had just been executed, but she couldn’t help it.


Even if she didn’t think of Lourane as her mother, she didn’t want to be compared to her father in this way.


“By the way, princess, your hole tastes pretty good when it’s tight, even when you’re being f*cked.”


Askaar giggled as he spat out the vulgar words, purposely trying to humiliate her. He grabbed her thighs, which were swaying to and fro in time with his hips, and placed them on his shoulders, plunging his c*ck deeper and deeper into her, p*cker, p*cker, p*cker.


His hips rose ferociously, and the tiny br*asts hidden in her dress bounced to and fro.


Ashria gasped as his blunt c*ck pierced her puckered inner walls without ej*culating. Her v*g*na twitched now and then in unspeakable pain.


Her slender fingertips worked more frantically over her cl*t, trying to ease the pain. The pale flesh rubbed back and forth beneath the tiny hand, creating a small amount of pl*asure.


“Hmph, yes….”


Inside the narrow, damp hole, the still-large p*nis grew larger and larger, and Ashria shuddered in horror as she felt every single protuberance against her inner walls.




She was getting quite a variety of reactions to this act, at least for her, but Askaar, who didn’t realize it, still felt that something was missing.


She wasn’t clinging to my neck in frustration, nor was she whimpering in pain, begging me to stop.


The former would have given me a sense of satisfaction as I watched her squirm beneath me, but that wasn’t it, and the latter would have given me a sense of triumph as I trampled over a weakling in pain, but that wasn’t it either.


As she grunted and listened to my every word, she didn’t cry out in pain or ask me to stop, and she didn’t look pleased as she meekly did as she was told.


In the hands of a lesser man, such a response would have killed my interest.


Unfortunately, instead of killing my interest, Askaar’s mind was racing to figure out how to make a sound of disappointment come out of his mouth.


Stopping his ugly nudging of the smooth flesh, Askaar stared at her and his junction for a moment. Then, as if he had an idea, he tugged on a nearby string and called for his user.


“You called, Your Majesty.”


Ashria rolled her eyes for a moment at the maid who came running.


“Fetch Jim’s escorts.”


She sensed something was wrong with his next words.


His call was soon answered by the arrival of the Emperor’s direct knights.


The men, dressed in black uniforms with red sashes, seemed quite surprised to find themselves in the presence of the Emperor and Empress.


Of course, none of them were outwardly surprised.


One of the knights, who seemed to be the highest ranking of the group, gently approached and knelt before Askaar.


Even as he did so, he was busy thrusting his c*ck into the trembling Ashria.


The knights’ eyes drifted to their rendezvous point. Every time the black beast slipped out of its slit, a trickle of greedy nectar dripped down. The outline of his p*nis was faintly visible above his flat belly as his stubby c*ck mercilessly devoured the slender woman.


It was quite an obsc*ne sight.


After a while of this, Askaar said, casting a disinterested glance at a nearby flirtation.


“Are we there?”


“Yes, Your Majesty.”


Ashria felt her head spin. Was this what an imperial palace was supposed to be like? A place where a father and daughter could be mingling and not spit out a single sound of surprise?


Even when the knights came, Askaar didn’t stop. He was busy digging his thick c*ck into his daughter’s flesh to fulfill his ugly desires.


The knights didn’t even bat an eye.


Only Ashria, whose p*ssy was now on display in front of a dozen men, was confused and unsure of what to make of the situation.




The swollen gl*ns rubbed heavily against the inner walls and sank into the narrow opening. For a moment, her mouth threatened to fill with c*m, but she held it back.


I hope this isn’t the worst thing I can think of, calling for knights out of the blue.


Whether he knew what she was up to or not, Askaar continued to slide his c*ck in and out without a care in the world, even as the eyes of many men turned to me and Ashria.


The fierce sh*ft slid in and out of her soft flesh, and he poked her where she was most sensitive as if he wasn’t embarrassed that he was doing this in front of the knights.


Ashria clenched her fists hard at the vivid sensation of penetration beneath her. The bumps on the sh*ft rubbed against her flesh in all the right places.


The pain, the shame, and the slight pl*asure were too much to bear.




Just as she was about to pull her hand away from her rubbing p*ssy in embarrassment, Askaar clicked his tongue and slapped her a$s.


There was a loud snap, and a red handprint was left across the smooth flesh. Ashria felt a tingling pain over her delicate flesh, but it was far outweighed by the pain of the p*nis thrusting into her hole, so she wasn’t surprised.




Askaar calls out to her as he slowly withdraws his own. Her gaze, which had been staring into space for so long, slowly came back into focus, and her dark eyes locked with his. Askaar swept her into his arms.


With a sudden jerk, he swept her into his arms and plopped down on the couch, turning her to face the knights.


“Oh, Daddy…?”


Ashria asks softly, and he whispers in her ear.


“What are you doing, without lifting your skirts?”


Several of the knights who had rescued Ashria from her imprisonment at Count Askaar’s mansion were among them, so there were some familiar faces in the mix.


“Tsk, tsk.”


Askaar ripped off Ashria’s hesitant dress in one swift motion. The silk dress, which had been so strong and sturdy for a human, was reduced to rags in an instant.


With a clatter, clatter, jewelry fell to the floor.


She winced slightly as she was reduced to a skimpy undergarment, and then Askaar chuckled.


“By the looks of the Empress’s reaction, I’d say we’re in for a treat….”




“I thought one man might not be enough.”


Ashria’s expression hardened instantly.


Only one thought raced through her mind.


No way.


And then it happened. With a vicious grip, Askaar shoved her toward his knights. Ashria’s helpless body staggered and she fell to the ground in front of the knights.




I felt no shame in throwing her nearly n*ked body in front of the men. Screams came from all directions as her body hit the hard marble floor.


Ashria glanced back at Askaar, unable to believe what was happening.


His dark eyes met hers.


The corners of his mouth twitched upward.


“As your lordship commands.”


His pleasant mid-bass voice echoed through the greenhouse garden, his gaze fixed on his knights.


“My only daughter is very hungry for a man.”


It was the knights, not Ashria, who were taken aback by the next words.


“I’m afraid my luggage is not enough to satisfy the Empress, so you’ll have to help me.”


Ashria bit her lip hard as if she’d been expecting this from the moment he’d summoned them, and the unexpectedly summoned knights glanced at each other and hesitated as if they were at a loss for words.


“Come on, let’s go without holding the empress.”


“Lung, Your Majesty…….”


One of the knights opened his mouth cautiously.


R*ping a woman, even if it was at the behest of their lord, was a gross violation of chivalry, and even more so, r*ping a princess. Even if it was the emperor’s order, no one would have defended it, except for the minesweepers.


But Askaar hated anyone who disobeyed his orders.


His expression grew darker and darker. He was displeased that no one was willing to step forward and take Ashria from him, even at his command.


The tension in the greenhouse garden was palpable.


Askaar stares at the knights as if giving them one last chance, but time passes, and no one steps forward. how could anyone dare to step forward when they were asked to rob a woman?


How much more time passed?


Finally, the impatient Askaar pulled his sword from his waistband. It happened so quickly.


With a chilling sound, the blade was revealed before them. And in the blink of an eye, one of the knight’s arms was sliced clean off as he tried to argue with him.




A shriek echoed through the gardens, and the knights who had been summoned understood the gravity of the situation.


The Emperor hadn’t spoken these words to them as a joke. He was ordering them to r*ape his daughter.


In an instant, the knight’s arm, reduced to meat, sprawled across the white marble floor in a pool of red blood.


“You’d better not make me say it again.”


The voice was cool, even, and pleasant to listen to, but the words within were abnormal.


“If you make me give you the same order one more time.”




“Next time, it’s not your arms, it’s your throats.”


This was no ordinary bluff. The knights knew very well. Askaar was indeed a great man who would slit their throats.


In the end, even the most proud knights had no choice but to obey his command.


Their safety was more important than chivalry.


The knights had begun to reach for Ashria’s body before he swung his sword once more, but Askaar added one more word to pique their interest.


“With my special permission, you may do as you please with her for this moment.”


A dark contempt flashed in Ashria’s eyes. Regardless, Askaar continued to speak.


“No matter how much she cries and begs, you will not stop until I command you to.”


Ashria glared at him in disgust, but Askaar only smiled, his eyes twinkling in amusement.


At that moment, the knights’ hands, which had been busy fidgeting, began to grow rough.


Calloused hands tore at Ashria’s flimsy underdress, leaving her n*ked without a thread of clothing.


Trapped between the swarthy knights, Ashria cowered, her n*ked body shivering. She was like a deer surrounded by predators.


Moderately perky br*asts, a trim waist, and immaculate l*bia that meshed together in a hairless circle.


They certainly made men in their prime come.


As she tried to squirm, someone shoved her roughly. Before she knew it, her body fell to the cold floor.


Someone grabbed her br*asts in a frightening grip that left her defenseless. Another pinched and twisted her tiny n*pples, which stuck out against the cold air outside, while a third spread her l*bia wide open and nibbled at the flesh hidden within.




Askaar managed to straighten his clothes and sat back to watch Ashria being ravished as if it were a pleasant opera.


The men’s hands forced her c*nt open, exposing the cl*toris that had been hidden within, with nowhere to hide.


The sight of a p*ssy dripping with honey was quite obsc*ne. The men gagged and began to squeeze Ashria’s ripe cl*toris with their dry mouths.


“Hmph… hmph….”


She hated it. Being stripped n*ked in the middle of nowhere by a bunch of nameless knights and having her sensitive parts fondled and r*ped was not a good feeling, even if she was Ashria.


As she squirmed and struggled, the knights bound her hands and feet as if they knew she would.


Some grabbed her legs from either side, spreading them apart, while others pinched her wrists, squeezing them tightly.


A series of moans escaped her lips at the unforgiving touch.




Don’t do this, don’t do this, please stop. Ashria wanted to spit out the weak words.


But she knew that what Askaar wanted was her plea, so she just chewed her lip, never spitting out a word of regret. If it were a man who would stop her from spitting out her regrets, she would have.


As’kar’s eyes were filled with the excitement of trampling on a weakling.


Askaar had no intention of adding to that excitement.


She merely held on as physiological tears flowed, one after the other, mingled with sobs.


Between her gaping l*bia, someone pinched and rubbed her swollen cl*toris, while another groped around her slimy h*le, almost thrusting a finger inside.


The hands of men she hadn’t seen face to face groped promiscuously at her c*nt, and before she knew it, something was thrust into her h*le.


It was probably the hand of one of the knights.


But Ashria was too preoccupied to identify the hand’s owner, only to feel her insides tighten in a frenzy as if to demand it be removed.


Once inside her narrow, hot confines, the fingers curved like hooks, rubbing everywhere. He knew his way around a woman, and with just a few strokes, he found where she felt it.


She couldn’t help but squirm in pl*asure, even though she didn’t want to.




As she moaned like a purring cat, Askaar laughed lowly.


With a gurgling sound, the man’s fingers probed into Ashria’s h*le. With no time to concentrate on that, the others’ hands were busy fumbling with both of her br*asts. The occasional pinch of an erect n*pple elicited an exasperated moan.


“Ha, ahhhh……….”


Another man’s fingers poked through the gaping h*le, and the two hands slid in and out of the h*le in different rhythms.


As one thrust in, the other pulled out; as the other stabbed in, the other waited, rubbing against the inner wall, then pulled out.


Ashria’s vision blurred with tears at the harsh gesture that lacked consideration. They were simply physiological tears.


She hadn’t expected to be able to share her body with the man she loved, to hear his words of affection. But then again, she hadn’t expected to be r*ped by a dozen knights either.


“Forget it… Let’s not waste our energy.


Ashria twisted the corners of her mouth as she forced herself to relax.


How much longer was she going to allow them access to her p*ssy?


Suddenly, the h*le widened and familiar flesh began to rub beneath.


The thought of having to take the c*ck of a man she didn’t recognize, whose name she didn’t know, whose face she hadn’t seen, down her throat was no more pleasant than it should have been.


But there’s no way Ashria could have had a say in the matter. She simply squeezed her eyes shut and prayed that this act would end sooner rather than later.


The blunt gl*ns slowly pushed in, spreading the sticky w*t h*le open, the damp inner walls clenching tightly around the thick sh*ft.




She clenched her mouth shut and struggled for a moment.


Another c*ck pressed against her lips. It was another knight’s c*ck.


He tried to force his lips apart as if to ask Ashria to bite his.


“Shh, no… town….”


A reflexive no slipped out, but the knight plunged his c*ck between her lips as if her opinion didn’t matter.


A rigidly erect p*nis, reeking of d*sgusting manhood, pushed its way down her throat.


This was the worst in so many ways.


The man’s muscled body was touching her from all sides, and the only saving grace was that the knight’s c*ck, thrusting mindlessly downward, didn’t hurt as much as Askaar’s.


Of course, Askaar’s c*ck was inhumanly large, to begin with, the size of a man’s forearm and sprouting bumps….




Ashria shook her head slightly, tears streaming down her face, and Askaar’s mouth curved into a thin smile, his eyes like hers, amused.


For a moment, Ashria rolled her eyes, then locked eyes with him. After a moment’s hesitation, she reached out to him, her face a mess.


It was an involuntary gesture to escape the knights’ embrace.


Her slender arms flailed toward him, as if in a plea, and Ashria stopped herself, but Askaar had already watched her struggle with interest.


The corner of his mouth twitched upward as he watched her struggle. Then he slowly rises from his seat and begins to approach.




For a moment, she wonders if he’s about to bite the knights.


“You are quite the sight.”


The toe of a polished shoe brushes against Ashria’s chin, and the c*ck in his mouth slips out as he forces it to turn.


“Now that’s getting interesting.”


Ashria rolled her eyes at the comment.


“I knew it.


This is why I didn’t want to resist….


Her eyes, once impassive as if she were watching a boring play, now sparkled with curiosity. Ashria closed her eyes dejectedly, realizing she had made a mistake.


“I thought the Empress was a doll or something.”




“I could stick my d*ck in her and she wouldn’t respond.”


Askaar rolls his eyes and stares down at Ashria on the floor.


“I was wondering if you weren’t satisfied with my luggage, so I thought I’d give you a steed.”


Ashria’s eyes widen in surprise at the mention of a warhorse. The incontinence in her normally unchanged expression made her look like a living person.


As she shudders, just as I intended, Askaar chuckles out loud.


“Yeah, well, unless you want to get a horse’s c*ck in your little p*ssy, you’d better have some pride.”


I wasn’t exactly trying to stroke my ego… Ashria pursed her lips. But the words didn’t escape her lips.


Meanwhile, the knights were eager to do what he commanded, as if they were obeying their lord.


A large man’s c*ck slid in and out of her gaping v*g*na. The head of his c*ck jerked back and forth as he ej*culated, scraping against the slick lining of her v*g*na.


Askaar bent his knees to be at eye level with her on the floor. Then he grabbed her cheeks roughly in his large hands.


Ashria’s nonchalant eyes fluttered open as if the horse-f*cking had done its job.


She was sure of it again as she watched Askaar throw her to his knights and grin from ear to ear.


There must be something wrong with her father’s character.


Ashria gasped as she felt the man’s c*ck rubbing against her everywhere. But even as she did so, there was no despair or primal fear in her eyes.


She merely fluttered her long lashes in exhaustion.


* * *


She opened her eyes to a familiar ceiling; she’d been in the palace for a few days now, and she recognized the ornate chandeliers.




My bedroom…


My messy body was squeaky clean as if someone had washed it, and my sore p*ssy had been healed by a generous application of an effective salve.


Ashria looked at her body with a blank stare, then at her p*ssy with a grim face.


The c*cks of nearly a dozen men had slipped in and out of it.


Just a few days ago, she hadn’t even touched a man, let alone had s*x with one, and now she was a complete wreck.


She hadn’t meant to make much of it, but it felt good.


‘I’d rather die now.


It’s not like I have a lot of time left to live, so why waste it on a little over 300 days?


Ashria pondered her death for a while. But her deliberation was short-lived. Even though it was a matter of life and death.


“I’m not going to die anytime soon, so I might as well die now.


When she finished, she slowly scanned the room. To find a way to die.


“If I asked you for a rope, you’d be suspicious.


Where’s something sharp?


Her face was still impassive as she searched for a tool to cut off her breath. No fear or grief or terror. None of the things you’d expect to see in a normal person.


Still, her glassy body ached and pained from the torture of being captured by the knights.


Suddenly, he remembered Askaar’s words about the horse’s c*ck.


“Ew, creepy.


To be honest, being forcibly r*ped by the knights had been a little physically exhausting, but not painful; it was far more painful to deal with a single Askaar than to be tossed around like a doll by them.


This was a surprise to Ashria herself, but it seemed that once she had taken one from an Asgardian, she had no trouble taking one from a normal human man.


What’s more, the men who robbed me weren’t some unheard-of street bums or scrawny old men; they were young, fit knights with clean-shaven faces.


It wasn’t a pleasant feeling, but it wasn’t a shudder-inducingly horrible memory either.


‘My worst memory was when my mom cast black magic on me without permission.


I guess I can live with it, it’s just gangbangs….


The problem is. At this rate, I’m going to get f**cked by a horse someday.


‘I don’t want to do that to a horse, even though I’m a horse.


Ashria ran her hand down my forearm and groped around the room.


I tried the bedside table, full of dresses. But there wasn’t a paper-knife in her room, not even the usual candlestick. Even the lighting was all wall sconces.


Ashria’s brow furrowed slightly as she realized she didn’t have the tools to cut her own throat.


‘I’d rather be executed by my father than by….’


No, there’s no guarantee that he’ll take my life in one fell swoop. That lunatic might cut off my limbs, tie me up, and torture me….


Ashria gave me a disdainful look at the entirely realistic scenario. Her face crumples at the mere thought of it.


She fumbled for a moment, then suddenly turned her attention to the window.


Yes, why had she forgotten about this?


“I could just fall to my death!


Ashria’s face lit up as she realized she had found a way to die. She smiled weakly and quickly opened the window as if she had nothing better to do.


Luckily, it was quite high. With my skinny, mangled body, if I fell from here, I’d be dead in a heartbeat.


It’s a life I have no regrets about.


No favorite foods, no fun memories, and no one who cares about me. How could I have any regrets in life with nothing?


Without further ado, Ashria leaned out the window. She breathed in slowly. Even in the face of death, her dark eyes were not filled with fear.


Suddenly, just before she threw herself, she remembered the emperor’s reputation that would be tarnished by her suicide. Just the thought of it makes me cringe.


“You don’t expect me to commit suicide.


Self-immolation of the sole heir to the throne.


I was already enjoying the thought. It was satisfying enough to know that my death would be a blot on the Emperor’s face.


Ashria threw herself forward. There was no hesitation in her gesture.


She thought as she felt herself falling.


It’s all bullshit about rolling in dog sh*t and being better off.


“Let’s see if they end up eating horses.


It’s a shitty life anyway. Even if I end up in hell for my sins, it’ll still be a lot better than this life.


With that thought, Ashria closed her eyes completely.


The moment of death seemed more comfortable than ever.


* * *




It should have been the sound of my body hitting the hard ground and being crushed…


Instead of a thud, I felt someone catch my falling body without fear. If I faltered, the person catching me could have been seriously injured, but the other person didn’t seem to care and casually picked Ashria up in his arms.


Flustered, she was too scared to open her eyes.




The face she least wanted to see was in front of her.


The Emperor, Askaar.


She was speechless, wondering why he, who was supposed to be in his office, was taking in a suicidal woman at this hour. The corner of his mouth twitched up, as if he knew it would, as a small blush appeared on Ashria’s face.


“No, but one of the knights said that to me yesterday.”


Askaar picks up his suicidal daughter and speaks softly.


“‘I’m afraid the Empress will take her own life, Your Majesty,’ he said.”


One of the knights felt guilty about their behavior and spoke to Askaar.


Hagiya, it’s understandable.


It’s entirely understandable that a man from such a respectable family, whose swordsmanship had earned him a place in the Emperor’s direct service, would be forced by the Emperor’s orders to commit such a heinous act against his own beliefs.


But I didn’t want to have to say it like this…


Ashria chewed hard on her lower lip to keep her irritation from showing on her face.


“Well, that’s interesting.”




“If I were to die, this seat would go to you, Empress, since you’re sitting there throwing yourself at me rather than trying to kill me.”


Thanks to their dragon blood, most royalty are belligerent.


Askaar said that a normal imperial would have tried to rip out their opponent’s throat in such a case, not try to end their life through self-destruction.


And part of the reason Askaar had deliberately set out to crush her was partly for this reason.


Inherently proud and stubborn. He wanted to feel the pl*asure of trampling on his kind, his blood. I wanted to see them struggle as they were trampled underfoot by me.


Perhaps if she were an ordinary human, Askaar would not have been so interested.


But Ashria was royalty, and she was my blood, no matter what.


It’s always more fun to hunt a beast than a herbivore.


To him, she was just that.


And yet, instead of revealing it to me, she was trying to take her own life.


My first thought when I saw her was disappointment.


I thought that since I had been so humiliated, he would be trying to get me from behind. I thought it was all an act, even when he was acting as if he hadn’t been hanged. I vaguely thought that was why there was no fear in those dark eyes that looked so much like mine… Commitment.


Askaar clicked his tongue tiny and crinkled his brow.


“Is that my daughter?”


He said as they headed back into the palace, Ashria in his arms, her body still shaking from the aftermath of Tusin.


“I wouldn’t make such a weak choice if she had Jim’s blood in her.”


Ashria closed her eyes in defeat. To fail so easily. Futility washed over her.


“At least you captured the maiden who was trying to escape me, so I’ll give the knight a reward.”


With that, Ashria instantly resented the faceless knight.


Before she knew it, she was back in her room once more, thrown onto the plush bed by Askaar.


He tossed her off without a care in the world and quickly gathered his knights and servants.


“From this day forward, the Empress will be accompanied by at least four bodyguards. They are to guard her strictly, not allowing her to breathe. If she tries to harm herself or take her own life, you may use force.”


“Yes, Your Majesty.”


“And from this day forward, bar all the windows in this palace, and do not place any blades in her hands. Henceforth, she will eat all her food with her luggage.”


The palace servants simply bow their heads in disbelief at the eerie order.


For a moment, they are stunned by the suddenness of the situation. Ashria purses her lips in disbelief, and Askaar’s mouth curves into an arc.






“From the moment you entered this palace and became mine, nothing belonged to the Empress.”


The burly man’s hand gently cupped her still-milky cheek.


“Even your life is yours for the taking.”


Ashria shuddered, looking at the man who seemed oblivious to how little time she had left.


“So you’d better not try to escape death.”


His black eyes flashed menacingly, like a dragon’s. I spit out the words in hopes that Ashria would come at me without hesitation.


But even with such provocative words, Ashria remained as unmotivated as a sick chicken.


She didn’t answer me, just hung her head.


“I want to die…”


Of course, with less than a year left to live, Ashria had no reason to think she would kill Askaar or act as a treasonous Dong. She didn’t even feel the need to.


‘Maybe if he was backed into a corner and had to do something….’


I’m not like that…


“Then come back for dinner.”


Those words were the last time he turned his back on me.


Ashria rushed to the window once more, as if she had been waiting for him to turn his back on her.


“The Empress!”


One of the startled maids called out, and Askaar turned around in surprise. But Ashria was faster; she was already halfway to the wide-open window.


Askaar cursed under his breath as he watched her nearly fall. If he had been a normal human man, he would not have been able to catch her.


Unfortunately, he was no ordinary man, and in the blink of an eye, he had her by the waist with a single step.


“I think Jim is being ridiculous.”




Once again, she was trapped in her father’s rock-hard arms. Ashria chewed her lip as she felt the Askaar against her back.


“How dare you.”


His voice was even more husky than usual, his tone laced with displeasure. Ashria sneaked a glance away from him as he glared at me like he was going to kill me.


Askaar was furious that she had not listened to him and thrown herself at him again, but no punishment could be meted out. I can’t even threaten to kill her for breaking my word to someone who wants to die…


His eyes narrowed and he pondered for a moment, the corners of his mouth twitching upward as if he had an idea. Then he turns to the surrounding maids, who are busy trying to keep an eye on him.


“Bring out Jim’s warhorse in the garden.”


Even the usually doll-like palace maids trembled at the order.


“And feed him his estrus.”


Ashria’s nonchalant face hardened. A gaze of mild embarrassment turned to him. Then Askaar spoke.


“You didn’t think you could break Jim’s orders and get away with it, did you, Empress?”




“If you had listened to your father, you wouldn’t have had to take a horse’s c*ck in that little c*nt.”


He was laughing, even giggling, as if he found the situation amusing.


Askaar was the only one in the room, her lips curling up in amusement as if on a slab of flesh.


A large hand gently stroked her hair. His gesture was tender as if he were treating a woman he loved.


“I’m afraid your meeting is over.”




“If it hadn’t ended, I would have called everyone to the palace for a meeting.”


This was getting ridiculous. Ashria stared at him in disbelief for a moment, then sighed inwardly.


“I can only wonder how the good Emperor has become such a weirdo. First, he throws me to the knights, then he bangs a horse that’s been fed estrogen.


“…A voyeur.


No wealth, no honor, no power, no looks. He had it all, and I couldn’t understand why he was doing this to me.


All he wanted to do was live in a corner of the palace as if he were dead.


“…I’m tired of dealing with him.


Soon enough, even the smallest trace of dissatisfaction vanished from Ashria’s face.


She couldn’t be bothered to show facial expressions and emotions.


I just want it to be over and done with.


Not this act, not my life.



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