This afternoon, Cheng Ruan had mentioned – a boyfriend would accompany you to eat meals and sing you to sleep. As for eating meals, Fu Shizhao always ate with him. That left only singing to sleep.

But he… had no sense of pitch at all.

In his previous life, he hadn’t met anyone who was more tone-deaf than himself. His singing was worse than the screams of a slaughtered pig. However, looking at Fu Shizhao’s expectant eyes, lying in the warm covers, Tang Mian couldn’t help but feel a bit soft.

It was just a very small request, wasn’t it? All he had to do was sing a little, not pluck the moon from the sky. Refusing would surely make him very disappointed, right?

Anyway, he was already a “boyfriend” now… singing one song wouldn’t hurt. Soon, from the children’s room, came the tender voice of a child.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…”

Tang Mian sang with a serious expression.

Fu Shizhao tried hard to suppress his laughter and softly said after Tang Mian finished singing, “Big brother, it’s not my birthday yet.”

Tang Mian directly reached out and ruffled his hair, looking a bit guilty. “This is the only song I know.” It was the only song that didn’t sound too off-key. Well, it was still a song, so what did it matter what song it was?

Fu Shizhao’s eyes curved, and he said encouragingly, “It sounds good.”

Tang Mian pursed his lips and then gave his hair another tousle. He raised even more of his fluffy hair and plucked the right hearing aid from his right ear, placed it in the drying box, turned off the duck-shaped lamp in the room, and snuggled back under the covers.

A series of actions were done smoothly.

He was afraid that if he was a bit slow, Fu Shizhao would ask him to sing another new song. When Tang Mian closed his eyes, he suddenly realized that he had forgotten to pick one of the stuffed animals tonight. His arms were empty.

But the lights were already off, and he couldn’t be bothered to get up again. He directly picked up Fu Shizhao, who was lying next to him, just like hugging a full-sized body pillow, and placed his little feet on him. Then he closed his eyes contentedly.

Fu Shizhao, very cooperatively, didn’t move at all, letting Tang Mian hug him. His body was pleasantly warm.

Although today was the wrong day for singing, their birthdays were coming up. After having their hair cut today, Mom should take them to the photo studio for one-year-old pictures over the weekend.

He had secretly hidden the birthday present he bought for Fu Shizhao abroad and was planning to give it to him on their birthday.

He thought he would smoothly reach their birthday, but unexpectedly, the day after returning to the country, Tang Mian fell ill.

It was the seasonal flu.

Several children in their class had fallen sick, and he was likely infected at the kindergarten.

That night, Tang Mian had a high fever, tossing and turning in bed. He was in a half-dreamy, half-awake state, feeling very uncomfortable. However, he didn’t have the strength to get up, so he could only make some uncomfortable groaning sounds.

Fu Shizhao quickly noticed something was wrong and woke up from his sleep. He skipped the step of raising his hand to touch Tang Mian’s forehead to check his temperature, got out of bed, turned on the light, and woke up his uncle and aunt who were resting in the master bedroom.

In a hurry, they carried the feverish Tang Mian to the car to go to the hospital. It was already 2 a.m. Fu Shizhao had put on outdoor clothing over his pajamas and insisted on going to the hospital with them.

The hospital’s lights were very bright, and Tang Mian was already awake. His little face was flushed, his brows furrowed in discomfort. He leaned into Shen Siwan’s arms, clutching her chest, curling up into a small ball.

Fu Yu, who had simply put on a coat and left the house, reached out and patted his son’s little head, comforting him, “Big brother is just a little sick. After getting a shot and taking some medicine, he’ll get better soon. Don’t worry, it’s thanks to Zhao Zhao noticing it early.”

Fu Shizhao nodded, not wanting his adoptive father to worry.

However, his heart was still hanging in the balance, especially when he saw the doctor approaching Tang Mian with a syringe.

His young master was very afraid of pain.

In his previous life, when the school’s health department came to administer vaccines, Tang Mian’s eyes turned red, afraid of being seen and embarrassed. On the way back, he buried his face in Fu Shizhao’s back, and his tears soaked the back of his clothes.

As expected, as soon as the needle pierced his skin, Tang Mian’s tears fell in large drops.


Shen Siwan hurriedly comforted him, saying, “Don’t cry, don’t cry, it won’t hurt in a moment.”

Tang Minghuai also opened a soothing pacifier given by a nurse, trying to put it into Tang Mian’s mouth, but it failed. It was of no use at all.

Tang Mian, who was already feverish and extremely uncomfortable all over, couldn’t control his tears. This body of his was too fragile, and he vented his feelings through tears.

Soon, a large part of the clothing on his chest was soaked with tears. The parents and medical staff in the department were somewhat flustered, and they tried various methods to no avail.

After trying and failing to control his tears several times, Tang Mian gave up.

It was just too painful, with the fever, the draining of his strength, and the pain spreading from the injection site. If he cried, he would get tired, fall asleep, and stop crying. However, at this moment, a pair of slightly cool hands suddenly tightly held him.

“Brother, don’t cry. I’ll sing you a lullaby to help you sleep.”

Immediately, the tender and innocent voice of a child began to sing.

It was a well-known children’s song.

Tang Mian didn’t remember the name, but he found the melody very familiar, something almost every child could sing… except for him, who was tone-deaf. In his previous life, Fu Shizhao would often sing it to him when he was younger.

Fu Shizhao’s singing always had a very special soothing effect on him.

Tang Mian felt his body gradually relax, and the pain from the injection site seemed to subside. Unable to resist, he let out a little yawn. It was already late at night, and feeling sleepy was normal.

Tang Minghuai took the opportunity to place the pacifier into his mouth, and Tang Mian, half-asleep, obediently sucked on it, closing his wet eyes, like a little sleepy kitten.

Soon, Tang Mian fell asleep in Shen Siwan’s arms, his hand still tightly holding onto Fu Shizhao’s little hand.

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