Chapter 25

Caroline explained that the Silver Lion’s ability, known as the power of ice, typically fell into three categories: swordsmanship, magic, and spirit magic.

The swordsmanship ability allowed the use of ice-imbued aura to perform sword techniques, while the magic ability involved wielding powerful ice magic with ice mana. Lastly, the spirit magic ability allowed one to borrow the power of spirits with ice or water attributes through contracts.

Elliana, intrigued, looked at Caroline’s weapon, the lance, and asked, “So, what ability do you have, teacher?”

“I possess the ability of swordsmanship,” replied Caroline.

“Oh, so twat’s why you have a lance?” Elliana asked, pointing at the weapon.

With each nod of her head, Elliana’s soft, chubby cheeks wobbled, and Caroline’s eyes followed suit. After clearing her throat a few times, Caroline continued, “With the swordsmanship ability, I can also use spears and axes. I’ll explain more later.”


“Newcomers like you will be assigned to the Seedling Class first. There, you’ll receive basic education. Follow me.”

Caroline led the children, who looked like little ducklings following their mother, towards an annex, where the Seedling Class was located.

Entering the annex, a young man with silver hair and glasses approached them. He had less intimidating presence compared to Caroline. As the children followed him, Elliana’s eyes that were like marbles looked around.

“These are the new successor children. They seem like fluffy little bundles. Smooth them out nicely,” Caroline said as she shook her head.

“Hello, kids. Come on in. I am Rex, the instructor for the Seedling Class. Let’s go to the classroom.”


The classroom had circular tables with chairs arranged around them.

After seating the children, Rex asked their names and ages again. “Elliana is three years old, Yuvina is five, and Eren is six…”

The educational program Rex had in mind seemed like a challenge for these young children. However, they were Silver Lions, and that was something he couldn’t deny.

“Okay, kids, sit tight and wait for a moment.”

In unison, the children answered, “Okay.” However, within a minute, they started moving again.


“I need to use the restroom…”

Eren took out a swordsmanship textbook and read it quietly, while Yuvina disappeared after mentioning the restroom.

Elliana wandered around, walking in the sky-blue marble floor and observing her surroundings.

When Rex returned with teaching materials, he clapped his hands to get the children’s attention.

“Hey, um, kids? We’re in the middle of a lesson right now, so you can’t just wander off or leave the classroom without permission. Let’s save that textbook for later. Please focus on me while I’m teaching, okay?”

Finally, the children settled at their desks. Yuvina returned from the corridor, shivering from the cold.

Rex examined the children and then projected a large image. It depicted a powerful Silver Lion roaring.

“Now, first, we’ll watch a video stone and then have a light test. I’m sure your parents have already taught you about this, but let’s review it once more.”

The children stared blankly at the image of the Silver Lion displayed on the screen.

The video showcased the impressive abilities displayed by previous generations of the Silver Lions, including their powers and leadership in battles and guiding the clan.

After almost ten minutes, the video ended, and Rex addressed the children, “Did you all watch carefully? Now, here’s a question: What qualities are needed to be a great leader among Silver Lions?”

Upon hearing the term “leader” Elliana thought of the rounds where lions chose their leader. The most basic element of a round would be the person.

“What do you think, Eren?”

“I think it’s essential to know your own ability!”

“That’s true. However, think about the question again. Yuvina?”

Yuvina’s eyes welled up with tears as she lowered her head. “I don’t know. Since Silver Lions have ice abilities, is it important to have strong magic perception?”

“That’s important too, but there might be another answer. Yuvina.”

Then, Elliana, with her chubby cheeks puffed up, raised her small hand. “To be a good leader… you hwave to have an eyes fow people. It’s important to hwave eyes for people. Right, teacher?”

Rex widened his eyes in surprise and clapped enthusiastically. “That’s a splendid answer, Elliana. While there’s no definitive answer to this question, your response is the closest to what I wanted. Having eyes for people is crucial to becoming a great leader. That way, you can distinguish between those who are by your side and those who are not.”

With that response in mind, Rex handed each of them a blue portable teleportation stone. These magical stones were inscribed with a location, allowing them to move to the designated spot instantly.

“Now, let’s change the lesson a bit. Yuvina mentioned strong magic perception as Silver Lions. As you know, Silver Lions are born with the power of ice. That’s why they can withstand extreme cold and have remarkable survival skills. So let’s do an outdoor lesson.”

Yuvina perked up when Rex mentioned her suggestion.

“Now, I’ll send you to an ice cave. It’s a very cold place, and it gets colder the further you go inside. I’ve hidden a green flag in there. Bring it back, and the one who returns first will earn higher marks. Understood?”

Rex observed the children, wondering, ‘These new students seem exceptionally weak. Passing this test may be difficult for them…’

However, as he saw the children trembling in front of the cave entrance, he found it hard to stay firm.

“Kids, to survive as Silver Lions, you must take this test.”

Since the establishment of the Icewood Education Centre, there had not been a single instance of breaking their educational policy. Some successors did not pass the test and were not recognized as true Silver Lions. Hence, they couldn’t receive proper education in the Icewood Education Centre.

Silver Lions were natural predators who survived in the extreme cold of the north. If they couldn’t withstand the cold, they would not be recognized as proper successors.

That was the survival of the fittest method practiced by the Silver Lions.

Seeing the children trembling in front of the cave, Rex sighed and said, “If you absolutely can’t handle it, return to the entrance. Understand?”

Though it was regrettable, there had been cases where children forced themselves to endure but ended up freezing to death.

That’s why he handed out small, blue teleportation stones.

“When you touch this return stone, you’ll be back at the entrance. However, that means you’ll give up on the test. If you give up, you won’t receive further education at the Icewood Education Centre. But since Silver Lions’ basic survival ability is enduring the cold, it might be better for you to do so.”

By returning, they would go back to their respective homes, where they would receive training in their lineage. While they wouldn’t have a significant role in Silver Lion society, they would not be forced to endure a survival method that didn’t suit them.

Hearing Rex’s explanation, Eren, deep in thought, asked, “Aside from the cold, what else should we be cautious about?”

“The cave floor is frozen, so it’s very slippery. Be careful of that too. There might be obstacles or creatures lurking, so watch out for those as well.”

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