Chapter 2
Feeding Porridge (h)

Feng family villa.

Gu Yuan was lying in the teenager’s bed. Her mind was in a whirl. She thought probably because she suddenly fainted, Feng Xinian was kind enough to bring her back.

But she was unaware that when she fainted, the teenager was panicked inside his heart, let alone the fact that he carried her and ran out of the school in front of a crowd had already made it to the top of the school hot searches.

She had a lot of things to say, but Feng Xinian did not return. She was about to go out to look for someone, and when she opened the door, she crashed into the teenager’s solid chest. The teenager’s hot breath instantly surrounded her. In her past life, they often had ‘intimate contact,’ but Gu Yuan still unconsciously blushed.

Feng Xinian was afraid that the girl would fall backward because of momentum and hastily reached out to hug Gu Yuan. With such an intimate touch twice a day, the teenager who had managed to suppress his desire was distracted again.

“Well …… Brother Xinian, you finally came back.”

Feng Xinian thought she would push him away, but to his surprise, she would pout in his arms. However, if she didn’t push him aside, he couldn’t guarantee that he wouldn’t do something that would make her cry.

Thus, the teenager took the initiative to release his hand that encircled the girl’s waist and deliberately pulled away the distance between them.

“Is the food not to your liking?” He had asked the kitchen to arrange it according to her tastes. But by the looks of it, she hadn’t moved her chopsticks.

“No …… I am waiting for you.” Gu Yuan hurriedly denied it. Although she was nervous, she felt Feng Xinian’s sudden distancing.

“Waiting for me?”

“I want Brother Xinian to feed me.” Gu Yuan said, justifying.

In her previous life, she had been bedridden for a long time because of her poor health. Even if Feng Xinian is busy, he still finds time to watch her eat properly, and even more so, he doesn’t use other people’s hands to feed her. Gu Yuan knew she was now a bully, but she wanted to improve the relationship between the two too much.

Since they went to high school, their relationship was more stagnant than ever. They rarely ate together, and now, Gu Yuan wants him to feed her?
Feng Xinian naturally had many questions in his mind and even had a guess. She cried so hard because Lin Yuan refused to eat with her, and now she was looking for solace in him.

Feng Xi Nian does not mind if Gu Yuan uses him as a stand-in or something else. But he thought if she got comfort from him and then asked Lin Yuan for love or affection, he honestly wondered if he might do something ‘harmful’ to her. He restrained himself from getting close to her, but now she was the one who provoked him first, and no matter what her reasons were, he was unwilling to let her go.

Gu Yuan did not know what Feng Xinian’s mind was. Seeing him half a day without action, she became uninterested and was about to sit down and start to eat. Unexpectedly, the teenager pulled her to let her sit on his lap.

“Yuan er, what do you want to eat first?”

Gu Yuan didn’t expect Feng Xinian to feed her in such a position. Once again surrounded by his scent, her heart warmed up, and Feng Xinan’s willful detachment just now was instantly forgotten.

“I want to drink a bowl of congee first.” Gu Yuan remembered that Mrs. Zhang’s Seafood Congee was one of the best. She couldn’t eat many things due to her poor health in her past life, spoiling Mrs. Zhang’s good congee.

Initially, Feng Xinian wanted to feed the girl slowly. But watching Gu Yuan’s small mouth moving from one side to the other, his body’s reaction betrayed him. The last time they quarreled, she blurted out that he should not control her only because they had known each other for many years. At that time, he wanted to retort but didn’t say anything. He had never been a brother to her, and he couldn’t accept that she liked someone else.

“What else do you want to eat?” Feng Xinian feeds a small bowl of congee very slowly, wishing to hold her for a little longer.

“Brother Xinian, you haven’t eaten, have you? This porridge tastes good. I’ll give you a bowl.”

Feng Xinian looked at the girl’s hands hurriedly serving the porridge as if the little girl who followed behind him and chattered when she was a child had returned.

“Is this porridge good?” He remembers that she favored dim-sum type of food and didn’t like congee.

“It’s good. You’ll know if you taste it.”

Feng Xinian took Gu Yuan’s congee but put it aside. He pulled her into his arms once again. “Then I’ll taste it now.” The words fell, and his kiss followed. At first, it was just a slapdash kiss. His lips gently touched hers. Seeing that she didn’t refuse, he rolled over her lips, slowly sucking them, going further in.

So close, and her breath was everywhere. Feng Xinian originally wanted to test the girl’s heart but lost himself in the girl’s fragrance. The temperature in the air rose, and his body screamed for more.

Gu Yuan felt the hand on her waist keep tightening. A hand clasped her head, the sky swirled around, and she lay underneath him.

Feng Xinian pried open the girl’s lips to deepen the kiss. Gu Yuan’s mind was blank. In her past life, they were not without intimate behavior. She remembered Feng Xinian was always gentle for fear of breaking her. But now he was so overbearing and full of a predatory atmosphere, like a beast that has been suppressed for too long and released from its cage.

Gu Yuan’s heartbeat raced, and she lost herself in the deep kiss. But a knock on the door pulled the two from the abyss of lust and back to reality.

“Young master, the Gu family called and said they sent a car to pick up Ms. Gu.”

Feng Xi-Nian heard the housekeeper’s words and stopped. The girl’s clothes were already messy, her beautiful eyes were full of crystals because of her passion, and her red lips were slightly swollen, accusing him of his actions just now.

So close! They will burnt in the fire. This girl, did she realize the consequences of not rejecting him just now?

“I’ll send you home.” His voice was low and hoarse, picking her up from the bed when he said that.

Gu Yuan’s brain was also muddled. They were so passionate just now. And now, he turned his head and had to send her away.

“I’m not going home.”

He heard the girl’s words, and his mood was like a roller coaster going up and down.

“Brother Xinian, I’m not going home. I want to be with you.”

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