Tang Mian was startled by her words and immediately stopped in his tracks. He quickly released the hand Cheng Ruan was holding and glanced down at the paper he was holding.

[Script – Dad]

It was clear that Cheng Ruan was holding the “Script – Mom.”

It was likely just a children’s roleplay game where one child played the dad’s role, and the other played the mom’s role, similar to his and Fu Shizhao’s roles as older and younger brothers, which were paired together.

But… What on earth did “boyfriend” mean?

This was just a children’s game, so could they please not misinterpret things so casually?

Tang Mian had been single for his entire previous life, and in this life, he was determined to focus on his career and not become someone’s little boyfriend.

As Tang Mian pondered how to politely decline, a small voice suddenly spoke up, “What does ‘boyfriend’ mean?” It was Fu Shizhao.

He had arrived at their side with curious eyes and a slightly tilted head, looking like an inquisitive child. Tang Mian instantly felt overwhelmed.

Could children please stop being curious about these strange things?

Cheng Ruan laughed and explained, “A boyfriend is someone who is with you every day, treats you very, very well, and never leaves you. They eat meals with you and sing lullabies to help you sleep.”

Tang Mian: “… What kind of explanation is this? Can’t kids watch fewer idol dramas?”

After hearing this explanation, Fu Shizhao’s eyes sparkled with an imperceptible hint of amusement and calculation. He immediately held Tang Mian’s hand and said with shining eyes, “I also want big brother to be my boyfriend.”

Tang Mian: “… ??? Why is Fu Shizhao getting involved in this too?”

Cheng Ruan, seeing this, became unhappy and took Tang Mian’s other hand, saying, “Mian Mian is already my boyfriend. One person can only be one person’s boyfriend.”

“But big brother hasn’t agreed to be your boyfriend yet.” Fu Shizhao held Tang Mian’s hand and gently pulled it in his direction. Cheng Ruan responded by pulling Tang Mian back. “Mian Mian will definitely agree.”

Tang Mian felt like a doll being fought over.

“Big brother, who do you want to be your boyfriend?” Fu Shizhao’s gaze fixed on him.

“Tell us, Mian Mian.” Cheng Ruan’s gaze also focused on him.

Tang Mian: “…”

He didn’t want to be anyone’s boyfriend, period.

The children around them heard the commotion and curiously gathered around. After understanding what they were arguing about, they all raised their hands, eagerly expressing their desire for Tang Mian to be their boyfriend.


Listening to the chattering of the kids, Tang Mian felt overwhelmed. He should have just gone home to rest after getting off the plane, instead of coming to the kindergarten. First, there was the misunderstanding with Fu Shizhao, and now he was caught in this chaotic situation. What was he doing to himself?

Suddenly, in the midst of the children’s commotion, Cheng Ruan burst into tears and cried out loudly, “I want Mian Mian to only be my boyfriend!”

The other kids were startled by her outburst. Even the cheerful Teacher Tu, who had been watching the chaos, hurried over to Cheng Ruan, wiping her tears away.

“Boohooo, teacher, I want Tang Mian to be my boyfriend, wuwu…” Cheng Ruan sobbed uncontrollably.

Seeing this, Teacher Tu looked at Tang Mian with a helpless expression, seeking his assistance.

She had worked in the kindergarten for several years and had witnessed countless episodes of children’s make-believe games. She even recalled an incident where a child brought their mother’s diamond ring to the kindergarten as a gift for their “girlfriend.” When the girl’s parents discovered it and confronted the boy’s parents, both sets of parents were left somewhat bewildered.

Children of this age didn’t understand the concepts of boyfriends, girlfriends, or love. Their possessiveness was purely innocent and straightforward. It was quite adorable, wasn’t it? Perhaps these innocent moments would become cherished memories in the future.

Just then, another faint sob echoed in the air. Teacher Tu’s heart skipped a beat. She hadn’t even finished comforting Cheng Ruan, and now there was another one?

Tang Mian didn’t need to look to know who the crying child was.

It was Fu Shizhao.

Without waiting for Teacher Tu to console him, Tang Mian instinctively reached into his pocket, took out a pack of baby tissues, and began wiping Fu Shizhao’s tears. Teacher Tu felt relieved and continued comforting Cheng Ruan. Tang Mian had confidence in calming Fu Shizhao down; otherwise, he might resist if someone else tried to console him.

Fu Shizhao’s crying wasn’t as unrestrained as Cheng Ruan’s. Every time he cried, it seemed restrained, as if he wasn’t crying for attention, but because he was genuinely scared or upset. This made him even more heartrending.

Fu Shizhao obediently let Tang Mian wipe away the tears on his face, though his eyes kept producing new ones. His voice was small and sounded like a little animal seeking affection as he said, “Big brother, be my boyfriend, okay?”

Seeing him in this pitiful state, Tang Mian’s brain went blank for a moment, and he agreed. He whispered his response close to Fu Shizhao’s ear, careful not to let Cheng Ruan hear. He didn’t want to start another argument.

Before today, Fu Shizhao didn’t even know what a boyfriend was. Agreeing to him was harmless, as children tend to forget such matters quickly. Maybe tomorrow, Fu Shizhao would have completely forgotten about it.

Upon hearing Tang Mian’s whispered agreement, Fu Shizhao’s tears turned into a smile, his eyes forming two crescent moons, even though his eyelashes were still wet with tears. He knew how childish his behavior was.

But… he was just a three or four-year-old child now, and if Tang Mian was willing to indulge him, why not enjoy it to the fullest? He hoped that when he asked this question again as an adult, Tang Mian would give the exact same answer as today.

Tang Mian continued to wipe away his tears, staring at his wet eyelashes. Small children were indeed a handful.

Fortunately, Fu Shizhao was relatively easy to soothe, and after several episodes of excitement in the afternoon, it was finally time to go home.

Cheng Ruan had been comforted by Teacher Xu, and she didn’t insist on making Tang Mian her boyfriend anymore. She said she would wait until they were adults to discuss it again, probably because Teacher Xu had talked to her.

Tang Mian couldn’t wait to leave the kindergarten with Fu Shizhao, and they got into the car driven by Fu Yu.

Mom was in the car, but Dad was not. He had probably gone abroad for a business trip, as there were many matters to be handled at the company.

After picking up the two little troublemakers, Fu Yu drove in the direction of Tang Sheng’s school, as usual. Sitting in the car, holding Fu Shizhao’s small hand, Tang Mian noticed that his mother was acting a bit strange today.

Her odd behavior consisted of constantly glancing at her phone screen, then at him and Fu Shizhao, as if she were contemplating something. Finally, Tang Mian took advantage of her distraction and quickly leaned over to peek at her phone screen. It displayed a video with over ten thousand likes.

[The Baby Has a Cat Affinity]

The video was taken when he was abroad, sleeping in a stroller. At some point, a completely white cat had quietly jumped onto the stroller’s roof. The cat was curiously peering at the sleeping baby, with its tail swaying contentedly behind.

The video was beautifully shot, with gentle sunlight, and both the cat and the baby looked cute.

“Back then, you were asleep, and a little cat jumped onto the stroller,” Shen Siwan explained with a smile. She opened the comment section on her phone while talking.

She had a habit of documenting everyday life, and she meticulously selected and printed photos, which were stored in albums in her study. From pictures of her courtship with her husband to the birth of Tang Sheng, and later the arrival of Tang Mian and Fu Shizhao, her albums were filled with cherished memories.

Photos could be printed and placed in albums, but videos couldn’t be preserved in a tangible form.

During her leisure time, she saved some videos on her personal account on the new video-sharing platform she used, which allowed her to categorize and easily access them whenever she wanted.

She had never thought that Tang Mian’s video would become so popular, with an overwhelming number of likes and comments. Even her other saved videos, such as those of her small garden’s flowers, had comments praising Tang Mian. Some flower enthusiasts even asked for more information about the flowers.

Some advertisers selling children’s products had approached her for collaboration and promotion, which had genuinely surprised her. However, she hadn’t responded to any of them yet.

This incident had given her a new idea for her work. Self-media was booming, and she thought, why not seize the opportunity? Moreover, freelance work would be more suitable for her current situation.

She could take photos of flowers, share her small garden, and continue her passion for gardening. Just like the pianist she often watched on live streams.Top of Form

Shen Siwan considered the idea of sharing her family’s daily life through her social media, but she realized that she needed to discuss it with the other family members first.

Tang Mian blinked his eyes, taking in all the compliments in the comment section. Some praised him and the cat for being cute, while others were fellow parents sharing the adorable moments of their own children. There were also comments expressing envy for such a tranquil life and nostalgia for childhood.

Tang Mian wondered if this video incident could indirectly suggest something to his mother, like her work situation.

Shen Siwan quickly scrolled through several videos on her phone, switching between them. Tang Mian’s keen eyes caught a video where he was wearing a little dress. However, this video was set to be visible only to herself, likely because she wanted to keep it for her own viewing. Tang Mian felt complex emotions about this.

Fortunately, it was set to be visible only to herself.

Fu Shizhao, who had joined in unnoticed, saw the video of Tang Mian in a dress on the phone screen and complimented, “Big brother looks very pretty.”

Tang Mian quickly covered the phone screen with his hand, not wanting Fu Shizhao to see it any further. He also felt no joy from Fu Shizhao’s compliment.

After all, he was a boy, and he’d prefer to be praised as a handsome young man rather than pretty.

Thinking about the two little pigtails he had in the video, Tang Mian spoke up, “Mom, I want to get a haircut.” Shen Siwan hesitated for a moment upon hearing this, then gently ruffled his hair and agreed, “Okay.”

There was a hair salon near Tang Sheng’s school, and one of the stylists there, Tony, was known for his excellent skills. Shen Siwan had visited this salon in the past and even had a membership card.

With her two kids, Shen Siwan drove them to the salon. Once they arrived, the hairdresser draped a cloth around Tang Mian’s neck, covering almost everything below his neck.

Looking at the adorable kid in the mirror, the barber smiled and asked, “Little handsome, what kind of haircut would you like?”

The term “little handsome” delighted Tang Mian.

With a cheerful wiggle of his small feet, he struggled to extend his hand from beneath the cloth, pointing to a style in the reference book. “This one!”

A macho and handsome guy should have this haircut.

Shen Siwan followed his pointing hand and looked at the style.

A buzz cut.

So short that it almost touched the scalp.

Shen Siwan took another look at her son, who was as cute as a button in the mirror, and quietly suggested to the barber, “Maybe just go with the style from last time.”

Tang Mian:

He was about to throw a fit.

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