* * *

“I need you, Ixion.”

The child’s voice was small.

But when that voice reached Ixion like a wave,

“Can you be my older brother?”

It became a sound bigger than thunder.


Ixion looked blankly at Ruatisha.


Even though it was impossible, the fluffy ball that smiled with a soft face felt more powerful than any other existence.

Ixion bit his lips tightly.

“You, you’re weak!”

Ixion shouted back.

“Because you’re a weakling!”


Ruatisha’s face blurred.

Is it going to be the same this time too?

Rejection that says you can’t be family because you’re weak.

The moment when Ruatisha lowered her head in disappointment,

“…I’ll protect you from now on.”

A small whimpering voice was heard.

When Ixion flashed his head up, he was scratching the back of his head, avoiding Ruatisha’s gaze.

“…Because I’m your older brother.”

The face of the boy who said so turned slightly red.

Ruatisha laughed.

[Quest ⟨You Must First Manage Your Household (1)⟩ is complete.]

[3000 cash lottery ticket will be awarded as a reward.]

[The mental state of quest target Ixion has stabilized greatly!]

[Ixion is amazed at the reader’s strength!]

[Your influence on Ixion is at its maximum!]

[Additional rewards will be given!]

[A new quest has arrived.]


[You have gained significant influence over one of the people who can change the future!]


[You can level up your abilities!]

Numerous words came up with the notification that the quest was completed.

The threat of life drop disappeared and I got cash.

‘But I’m more than that一.’

Ruatisha looked at Ixion. The boy’s cheeks were still red, as if he were still embarrassed.

But he no longer avoided Ruatisha’s gaze.

‘一I’m glad that Ixion has accepted me into the family.’

Quest clear condition.

To be recognized as a member of the family by Ixion.

So now, I really became family with Ixion.


Ruatisha moved her butt to the side.


As she tapped the empty space with her fist, Ixion raised his eyebrow.


“Let’s sleep together!”

Ruatisha urged with a big smile.

Looking at the pleasant corners of Ixion’s eyes, it seemed like he couldn’t even take a breath.

“Why, why should I sleep with you!”

“Huh? Big brothers are supposed to put their little sisters to bed.”

Honestly, there probably wouldn’t be any affectionate older brothers like that in reality, but Ruatisha boldly said so.


“Yeah, I’ll protect you.”

Ixion was silent for a moment.

His red eyes swept over Ruatisha’s soft face.

“…I can’t help it. Since you’re weak.”

Ixion came into the blanket.

He felt a little awkward sensing someone next to him.

It was the first time for Ixion to lie in bed with someone and sleep together.

Ruatisha stared at Ixion, who was fidgeting beside her, with a curious look.

It was cute to see him so awkward.

‘By the way, he’s really handsome too. Even though he’s just a little kid.’

She had been deceived by her brother’s words so many times.

“Ixion, hold my hand. That’s what you’re supposed to do.”

Ixion frowned slightly, but still held her hand as he slept.


Ruatisha said with a mischievous smile.

“Stroke my hair.”

Lying on his back, Ixion awkwardly stroked Ruatisha’s hair with his rough hands.

Ruatisha smiled widely.

“Then, after doing a forward roll, do three claps in the air while doing a back tumble.”

“Do you want to die?”


Just kidding.

“Then sing me a song.”

“Stop being ridiculous, fluff ball.”

It seemed like it wasn’t working anymore.

Still, I couldn’t help but laugh because Ixion, who was dignified, was also cute and unfamiliar.

“Well then, I’ll sing you a song.”


“Refusing is not an option!”

But when it came to actually singing, it was awkward.

‘…Should I just give up.’

I looked at Ixion lying next to me. He had a grim look on his face.

When she was young, she wanted to have this kind of memories once in a while.

The memory of falling asleep while listening to a lullaby, being patted on the back.

‘Maybe it wouldn’t be bad if I sang.’

I opened my mouth with a big smile.

Sleep well, sleep well, our baby
The moon has come to visit
Our baby sleeps soundly
Pat pat, patting gently
Baby sheep and baby birds, sleep tight
The sun says goodbye, goodbye
Sleep well, see you tomorrow
Sleep well, our baby

Ixion looked at Ruatisha.

It was funny to see her singing quietly with her eyes closed.

It was definitely funny.

Ixion closed his eyes.

“…Sleep well. See you tomorrow.”

Although I thought I couldn’t sleep next to someone else.

Swoosh, the blanket softly covered Ixion and Ruatisha like a veil.

It was a very sweet and comfortable sleep.

Chapter 8. -666

In a forest sparkling in the sunlight.

There was a small spring in front of me.

I reached out my hand in admiration of the beautiful scenery like a fairy tale well.

As soon as my fingertips touched it, ripples spread through the quiet spring.

And then.


Water defied gravity and poured towards me.


In the moment of flailing around as if I had fallen into deep water, the scenery changed.

It was a sacred altar that looked like an ancient ruin.

It was a beautiful architectural structure that made me feel awe just by looking at it.

In the center of it all, someone spoke to me


A noble, pure white wing spread out.

“Indeed, the one chosen by Aphthanes.”

A pure appearance that could be called a messenger of the gods.

“I believed in you.”

“Hey! You really lucked out with this guy!”

I jumped up.

“What? No….”

“This swindler! What are you pretending to be holy for?”

The swindler devil who was pretending to be an angel on stage stepped back with a gloomy face.

“This isn’t it, is it? Why isn’t it working?”

“Why wouldn’t it work, huh? Fool me once, fool me twice!”

“For now, calm down. You’re too excited right now. Let’s talk peacefully….”

“Yeah, talking is good. Let’s talk. Body language.”

I looked around and grabbed a stick.

It looks valuable, but it doesn’t matter.

The purpose of an object is determined by the intention of the user!

“Come here.”

I spat on my palm and flicked the stick, once a holy relic used in sacred rituals.

Okay, it’s good to wrap it tightly.

The swindler stumbled back, deep in thought.

“Oh, no, but we haven’t seen each other in a long time….”

“Yeah, it’s been a really long time. Do you know how much I’ve missed seeing you? Come closer.”

“Come closer? No way!”

The swindler devil flew up into the sky with a scream.


I looked at him with narrowed eyes, feeling dissatisfied.

“You seem different from last time?”

He had more jewelry, and the clothes became more luxurious. It feels like his body has grown a little too.

“Hehe, how is it? Does my nobility stand out more?”

The devil spun around in the air, tapping his chin.

The swindler’s bragging about wearing something nice was truly annoying.

“Yes, it looks great. Come down so I can take a closer look.”

“No, you’ll hit me!”


Is this why kids who are quick on the uptake are disliked?

“If you did something wrong, you should be hit! Do you know how much I’ve suffered during this time?!”

“I swear by the name of the virtuous Aphthanes that I have complied with the terms of the contract! I gave you a rich dad, handsome older brothers, and even abilities!”

Uh, I don’t have anything to say now that he puts it that way.

Didn’t they say that generosity is born from the storehouse.1one must be wealthy to afford to be generous towards others

It was one thing if it was in the past, but now that I’ve become close with my dad and older brothers, hmmm.

“But as soon as we meet after a while, you want to hit me! And you brought out a tool (?)!”

The guy who had been cowering when he saw me suddenly got all fired up and shouted.

“And don’t even get me started on your usual self! You’re always giving me a zero stars! I’ve seen you give 10 stars only when you see a handsome face!”

At those words, I proudly pushed out my stomach and placed my hands on my waist, as if asking when did I say that.

“Being handsome is a benefit! It raises satisfaction! Of course it’s 10 points! If you’re jealous, then try to be handsome too.”

“Am I handsome?”


I didn’t bother to hide my sneer.

“Oh, yeah, yeah, little chicken. You’re handsome. Do you want some milk?”

“Eek! I’m just a kid too! I’m really handsome, I tell you! If I can just get my true form back, you’ll definitely…”

The devil who was screaming flinched.


With a loud noise, the space began to ripple.

“Damn, time is up already…”.

He mumbled and clicked his tongue.

“Anyway, I sure picked a bad contractor.”

The ripple grew stronger and stronger.

The space expanded and then contracted, and the world spun around.

“W-what is this…?”

“I couldn’t say anything important.”

I tried to say something, but I couldn’t even stand properly, let alone say anything.

“Uh, uh?”

My body was sucked into the vortex without mercy.

And then everything disappeared in an instant.

“I believe in you…do well.”

A faint voice was heard.

I leaned my ear closer, but soon the darkness engulfed me, and I couldn’t hear anything anymore.

It was perfect darkness.

* * *


I opened my eyes wide.

There were flowers all around me.


Am I still dreaming?

“Are you awake?”

Anna asked me with a soft smile.

“Huh? Uh…”

I struggled for a moment with the remnants of my dream, then nodded my head.

“What are these flowers?”

“Lord Ixion left them for you.”


Ixion left flowers?!

Such an unsuitable gift!

Could this still be a dream?

“Perhaps it’s ‘in place of Lord Ixion’? Because he left before the sleeping lady.”

“I didn’t know Lord Ixion had that kind of side.”

My sisters giggled and said, “How cute,” and laughed.

“If we hadn’t come in, Lord Ixion would have stayed until you woke up.”

“Lord Ixion doesn’t show his sleeping face to anyone else.”

“No way. He probably just left because I woke up.”

I looked at the flowers that surrounded me.

‘Did Ixion really do this…?’

As I sniffed them together, a sweet and refreshing scent came out.

“Would you like to wash up and eat right away?”



I jumped up.

“And…don’t throw away these flowers, put them in a vase!”

Feeling awkward for no reason, I fidgeted with my hands and the maids laughed.

“Of course.”


* * *

I took a clean shower and finished my breakfast in no time.

Then I patted my swollen stomach and sat on the couch, tapping my belly.

I was about to organize my thoughts, as I had a clearly unpleasant dream.

‘I saw a notification last night that I could level up my abilities.’

As I muttered, I remembered the notification I saw last night.


[You can level up your abilities!]

[Would you like to level up now?]

Why ask me such a thing?

“Of course, I have to do it!”

[Please put your hand on 〈Architus〉.]

As instructed, I put my hand on the book.

And then.


A dazzling light burst forth from Architus.

A bubbling warmth spread through my body from the hand touching the book.

The light intertwined and twisted, and the letters began to appear.

[Identity verification in progress… Contract holder of 〈Aphthanes〉. Verification complete.]

[You have met the conditions.]

[Your influence shakes this land!]

[The world resonates with you!]

[The rank of ability 〈Rush and Cash〉 is increasing!]

[Current rank…E]


[Some of the restricted functions will be unlocked!]

  • 1
    one must be wealthy to afford to be generous towards others
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