Lin Yu had already cut the cake into several regular pieces, and edible rose petals were delicately arranged on the cake. The gentle gradient of pink resembled the calm lake surface bathed in dappled sunlight, smooth and unruffled without a hint of disturbance.

From a side view, the delicate and round layers, thin as cicada wings, were evenly balanced in thickness. The layers of pink and white cream intertwined beautifully which created a visually appealing treat.

The scent of roses wafted through the air, and Tuantuan took a deep breath. In an instant, a small piece of cake fixed in place with a fork appeared before him.

He grinned and his eyes pure and devoid of impurities, carried a sweet tone as he said, “Thank you, Sister.”

As the multi-layered cake touched his lips, it exuded a rich fragrance. The rose aroma and the sweet cream blended together, and hidden within were lychee fruit pieces. When bitten, it released a fresh juice that balanced the slight sweetness of the cream.

The lingering fragrance enveloped his taste buds, and he couldn’t help but squint his eyes in delight. His fluffy two-toned ears wobbled with satisfaction.

Quick to react, Ling Xi followed suit, savoring a piece of the cake with relish. On the other hand, Dracula, contrary to his usual demeanor, stared at the little round fellow while his eyes filled with adoration. He almost couldn’t contain his inner fangirl, and his smile threatened to burst out from the depths of his eyes.

“Ah, so cute,” he exclaimed.

“Yes,” Lin Yu refrained from the urge to touch the boy’s ears and asked with genuine interest, “Is Tuantuan of the Husky breed?”

With that single sentence, the expressions of everyone present changed slightly. Lu Yinge’s face turned iron-cold as he took a step forward, his voice becoming frigid like it was laced with ice shards. “Say that again?”

His expression turned malevolent, and the tone of his voice could almost swallow people alive. Before Lu Yinge could reach Lin Yu, a slender figure of a young man boldly stood in between them.

—Ling Xi held her own head up high and shouted in a melodramatic tone, “Why are you growling? Why are you shouting so loudly?”

Lin Yu was rendered speechless.

Although your willingness to stand up for him is touching, it’s rather heart-wrenching and darkly humorous to see you holding your own head to match the other person’s height. Even with your head removed, you’d still be shorter than Lu Yinge! This makes it even more pitiable!

Lu Yinge’s mouth twitched.

Even his opponent was amused! This action was indeed too humble! Save the child!

“Gogo, they are werewolves, the kind that transform on a full moon night. Tuantuan is too young to hide his ears.”

Dracula patted Tuantuan’s head with a smile, saying “Gogo” as sweetly as “哥哥” (older brother) with a tone that made one’s skin crawl.

Lu Yinge felt nauseated, and he was about to charge forward and beat him up when he accidentally caught sight of Tuantuan’s bright eyes.

The flames that had risen suddenly were instantly extinguished, and he could only give Dracula a wry smile and whispered a warning, “Don’t use that term, De Er Gou.”

He actually used that overly familiar term! This guy was definitely getting revenge!

In traditional depictions, werewolves are often portrayed as vicious and bloodthirsty, and Lu Yinge quite fit the traditional image of a werewolf. In contrast, the innocent and tender Tuantuan showed no resemblance to this group at all.

Lin Yu looked at the two of them again, nodded politely to Lu Yinge, and then turned her gaze to the young boy beside her, squinting her eyes with a smile. “Little wolf is cute too, you know? Sister really, really likes you.”

Tuantuan widened his round eyes, and his pure flawless gaze blinked slowly.

Since he was very young, he had been abandoned and grew up wandering in the slums, and surviving with the instinct of a wild beast. He had been subjected to bullying, loneliness, and had no friends. No one had ever told him that they “liked” him.

They always looked at his strange ears with disgust, whispered to each other, and their eyes and brows were filled with fear, disgust, and disdain.

Because he was a repulsive monster.

“Thank you.” Tuantuan’s ears twitched slightly, and he mustered a shy but radiant smile, responding slowly and softly, “Sister is… also very nice.”

His lips were a pale pink, not particularly rosy, probably due to malnutrition. A small dab of white cream like a snowflake, landed at the corner of his mouth. Lin Yu gently wiped it away with her finger which caused the boy’s breath to hitch as he hurriedly opened his wide eyes.

Her fingertips were soft, delicate, and gentle, carrying a slight warmth.

Okay, Lin Yu thought that she could just die in place now.

“By the way, Yinge is a member of the Special Task Force with a very illustrious record,” Dracula continued to spill the beans, and then he playfully patted Lu Yinge’s shoulder. 

He had a face full of gossip as he asked, “I heard your new team leader recently captured an incredible guy, someone who can materialize brainwaves like a divine-level ability. How is the team leader in person? Anyone who can become the boss of the Special Task Force must be a very peculiar weirdo, right?”

Ling Xi’s hand, the one that was feeding cake to Tuantuan trembled slightly.

“I don’t acknowledge that person as the team leader,” Lu Yinge sneered, “What a joke, an unknown newcomer trying to climb over me. When I see that guy…”

Dracula stole a bite of Ling Xi’s rose multi-layered cake, his eyes blissfully narrowed in response to the wonderful taste he had never experienced before. “What’s your plan?”

“Of course, it’s a showdown. If he can defeat me, I’ll willingly serve him. But if he loses,” Lu Yinge’s eyes flashed with a bloodthirsty crimson, and the corners of his mouth curled like a drawn blade, “I’ll peel his skin off.”

A little skinning in the werewolf community with a side of Twilight and Game of Thrones.

Lin Yu’s hand while holding the spoon trembled slightly.

Compared to the showdown, she was more concerned about another question.

—Should she steam or braise the wolf meat?

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