Profound silence!

The entire scene was so quiet that even the sound of a dropped pin could be heard clearly. All eyes were involuntarily fixed on the young man in the center.

The upper part of his clothing was tattered which revealed a well-built muscular physique, and his skin bore thumb-sized scales. There were visible fingertip imprints on his chest, though they appeared somewhat faded in color. However, it is easily overlooked if not examined closely.

Yang Ming wiped away the traces of blood from his mouth with a slight upward curl at the corners.

“Quite formidable!”

“Come again!”

In the face of life and death, terror loomed large. Despite having the protection of Iron Mass or the Iron Block, Dragon Scale, and Dragon Roar, each breath of the Flame Breathing technique took a toll on Yang Ming. It felt as though his body was being burned alive.

His heart, lungs, large intestine, small intestine, Sanjiao, stomach, bladder, and gallbladder—under the influence of Flame Breathing and Six Sensei Thieves, the cells of his body were stimulated to their maximum potential which fueled by the dragon lineage within him.

Blood surged through his veins like a roaring river, and the genetic factors within him relentlessly stimulated his nerves.

Under the watchful gaze of Rob Lucci, Yang Ming’s pupils suddenly contracted and two tomoe Sharingan symbols appeared in his eyes.

【Double Tomoe Sharingan】: An enhanced version of the single tomoe Sharingan with heightened dynamic vision that is capable of tracking the flow of an opponent’s energy and replicating their techniques.

Dancing on the tightrope of life and death had led Yang Ming’s newly acquired single tomoe Sharingan to evolve rapidly into the double tomoe Sharingan.

When Rob Lucci attempted to use Finger Pistol Yellow Lotus again, the double tomoe Sharingan comprehensively analyzed the flow of power within him.

One of the Navy’s six techniques, Finger Pistol was known for its bullet-like destructive power. 

However, it was not easy to master. 

The practitioner had to concentrate their entire body’s strength into their index finger, hardening it like steel to release a powerful strike, and essentially turning the fingertip into a bullet capable of piercing through both flesh and steel.

To master Finger Pistol, one had to first learn Iron Block. 

Beginners could only harden a part of their muscles to the level of steel. Proficient users could make their entire body as hard as steel, and those who advanced Iron Block practitioners can take it a step further, moving while maintaining the Iron Body.

In an instant, Finger Pistol is a technique that transforms a portion of the fingers into iron and then pierces the enemy at super high speeds.

The target for Finger Pistol attacks isn’t chosen randomly; it requires a thorough understanding of the human body’s meridians and pressure points. By using iron-forged fingers, one delivers powerful strikes to the enemy’s pressure points which result in piercing damage.

This mastery of the technique demands a natural instinct honed through rigorous training with Iron Block. Surprisingly, this skill now appears in Yang Ming.

Amidst the shocked gazes of the CP9 agents, Yang Ming didn’t show weakness and raised his finger, launching a fierce counterattack against the nearby Rob Lucci.

“Finger Pistol! Yellow Lotus!”

The index finger pierced through the air at high speed which produced sharp whistling sounds in the atmosphere.

The moment Yang Ming’s index finger made contact with Rob Lucci’s body, the normally expressionless face of Rob Lucci revealed a look of bewilderment. 

It was evident that he couldn’t comprehend how someone could learn his extraordinary martial art with just a single glance at his technique. 

Could it be that there truly existed such an unreasonable genius in this world?

Rob Lucci wasted no time, immediately tensing his muscles and entering a special state. Even his clothes seemed on the verge of tearing apart.

“Iron Block! Empty Tree!”

Genius is defined by their ability to do what others cannot. 

While ordinary individuals could only use Iron Block techniques conventionally, Rob Lucci not only excelled in Iron Block but also created a variant called Empty Tree. This technique had the unique ability to rebound an opponent’s attack.

The stronger the opponent’s strike, the more powerful the counterattack.

If an ordinary person punched Rob Lucci, their fist would be rendered useless in an instant due to the overwhelming counterforce.

The moment Yang Ming’s finger made contact with Rob Lucci’s body, he immediately felt a surge of counterforce spreading along his fingertip, and coursing through his entire arm.

“Do you want to challenge me?”

“Let’s see who falls first!”

Yang Ming grinned at Rob Lucci, his smile appearing nothing short of demonic.

In the next moment, the tide turned.

Yang Ming unleashed a ferocious counterattack, striking Rob Lucci relentlessly with Finger Pistol Yellow Lotus.

Although Rob Lucci could reflect Yang Ming’s attacks back at him using Iron Block and Empty Tree, this meant enduring a storm of punishment each time.

Rob Lucci may be a genius, but he was still a mortal.

Despite being in the Iron Block state, he quickly felt the strain on his body. He abandoned the foolish strategy of standing still and taking hits and began to retreat.

The pigeon on Rob Lucci’s shoulder which had left him at the start of the battle, now returned and perched there. It watched Rob Lucci, who had bloodstains on his clothes, with a worried “coo.”

Rob Lucci spat out a mouthful of bloody phlegm onto the ground, then clenched his fingers into claws and tore at his shoulder clothes.


His already tattered suit was immediately torn off, revealing a white undershirt underneath, and covered in various-sized bloodstains from the Finger Pistol Yellow Lotus attacks.

“Huff! Puff! Gasp!”

Rob Lucci’s chest heaved intensely, as if he were operating an old bellows, and struggling for each breath.

He looked ahead, and Yang Ming’s finger which had just performed the Finger Pistol was hanging limply, bent and swollen.

It was evident that after enduring continuous counterattacks, that finger was essentially rendered useless in a short amount of time. If not treated thoroughly afterward, it would likely leave severe aftereffects.

“You’re quite the madman!” Rob Lucci wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and seemed to be wrestling with mixed emotions.

Yang Ming’s left hand hung limply by his side, occasionally twitching slightly.

If one were to dissect Yang Ming’s arm, they would discover that the meridians in his left arm were damaged.

For an average person, this would mean a grim outcome bordering on disability.

However, the dragon lineage bestowed upon Yang Ming not only the growth of dragon scales but also potent regenerative abilities.

Yang Ming constantly felt warm currents in his injured left arm which not only alleviated his injuries but also, in a self-rescue effort and began repairing the severely damaged meridians.

Yang Ming grinned, revealing his gleaming white teeth.

“Mutual respect among us all.”

The conversation between the two was heard perfectly by everyone present.

Smoker with a cigar in his mouth had his hands crossed over his chest, and his ten fingers gripped his arm muscles tightly, muttering:

“These two guys are both lunatics!”

Even though they were adversaries as CP9 agents, they couldn’t help but nod in agreement.

Jabra’s eyes darted around, struggling to avert his gaze from Yang Ming.

“This kid is just as monstrous as Rob Lucci. I can’t handle him, but can I at least take care of the other Marines?”

Jabra grinned maliciously and carefully moved away from the rubble.

He didn’t dare to make any big movements, fearing that he might attract Yang Ming’s attention.

Yang Ming and Rob Lucci’s fighting style where they would kill a thousand enemies even if it meant self-damage, left Jabra extremely fearful.

Jabra couldn’t even imagine if he were in Rob Lucci’s position right now, whether he could continue to chat and laugh or would end up lying in a coffin.

He sneaked away, not because he was afraid but because it was what he genuinely wanted to do.

And he believed his actions were discreet, but he hadn’t escaped the notice of Yang Ming’s Double Sharingan.

However, Yang Ming was currently locked onto Rob Lucci with murderous intent. If he were to divert his attention, he would expose himself to an opening that Rob Lucci could exploit.

Yang Ming had no choice but to trust his fellow Marines.

Although their performance had been less than stellar earlier, it was important to remember that they were just new recruits who had trained at the Marine Academy for only two months. 

In contrast, the CP9 agents had completed numerous missions and honed their exceptional assassination skills.

It was like a group of novice players leveling up in a beginner’s area suddenly facing high-level players who had already changed their classes. Naturally, they would be overwhelmed.

However, Smoker and the others were already accomplished individuals in the original story. They were like raw gems that only needed some polishing to reveal their innate talents.

Rob Lucci cast a brief glance at Jabra who was sneaking away, and then took a deep breath.

“Return to Life!”

One of the Navy’s six techniques, Return to Life allowed complete control over the body, hair, and internal organs. By pouring their consciousness into it, they could freely manipulate any part of their body.

With Return to Life, Rob Lucci barely managed to suppress the internal injuries to his organs caused by the relentless assaults. He slightly bent his knees, and then both his feet slammed into the ground which caused cracks to form.


Rob Lucci rapidly closed the distance, muscles bulging as he clenched his ten fingers into fists which released a terrifying shockwave.

“Six Techniques: Ultimate Move – Six King Gun!”

Yang Ming held the blade’s hilt with one hand, and flames coiled around it like a fiery serpent, ascending from the bottom to the top. His crimson eyes reflected the increasingly menacing figure in the blaze.

Unwilling to be outdone, Yang Ming shouted, “There’s no one ahead of us who can defeat us!”

“Flame Breathing Ultimate Technique!”

“Ninth Form: Purgatory!”

As Yang Ming’s words fell, a fiery dragon abruptly lifted its head from the engulfing sea of flames and pounced ferociously towards the enemy.

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