“Little one, can you relax your hand for a moment? Your hand is also injured; we need to take care of it.”

Although the doctor in the medical room appeared to be a somewhat stern-looking man in his thirties, he spoke with great gentleness. He even unconsciously softened his tone when speaking to Tang Mian, creating a stark contrast.

Tang Mian listened and let go of Fu Shizhao’s hand, obediently offering his palm.

Fortunately, the injuries on his palm were minor, not too serious. They just needed to be disinfected.

“You’re so well-behaved,” the doctor smiled and took a piece of candy from his pocket, placing it in the small pocket on Tang Mian’s chest.

The children in the kindergarten were all very young, and accidents were bound to happen. He had been working hise for several years and had encountered children with various personalities, but this was the first time he had seen such a well-behaved child. Despite having a serious leg injury, she managed to stay still.

Teacher Tu also praised Tang Mian several times.

After treating his palm, the doctor reminded him, “Now, open your hand and let it air dry for a bit. Don’t rub off the medicine on top.”

Listening to the sound fluctuating in his right ear, Tang Mian obediently nodded and casually placed his hand on his lap.

But the next moment, his hand was carefully cradled by a pair of small hands.

Immediately, a slightly cool breeze passed over his palm, making him feel extremely comfortable.

It was Fu Shizhao.

“Big brother, hoo-hoo, pain pain fly-away.”

Seeing Fu Shizhao’s cute and silly appearance, Tang Mian’s mood finally improved a bit.

His hearing aids were brought back by Fu Shizhao, retrieved from the hands of a tall senior student in the same class. Fu Shizhao had stayed with him every step of the way until they reached the medical room.

It would be a lie to say he wasn’t touched.

Back in the day, he had been so good to him when they were younger, so how did things turn out the way they did in this lifetime?

Even during the incident when he got into a fight with Fu Shizhao’s friend and ended up in the hospital, Fu Shizhao had cruelly removed his hearing aids and said something to his right ear, undoubtedly something unpleasant.

It was probably some form of provocation or mockery.

At that moment, he was so furious that he snatched back his hearing aids from Fu Shizhao’s hand, trembling all over. He pushed him hard and walked away.

On the way back, he couldn’t help but cry in the taxi, frightening the taxi driver, who cautiously asked if he had just gone through a breakup and reassured him that things would get better.

From that day until their high school graduation, he hadn’t spoken a word to Fu Shizhao.

Tang Mian, as if all his strength had been drained from his body, rested his head on Fu Shizhao’s shoulder once again and closed his eyes.

Every time he thought about the events of their past life, he felt helpless. He was afraid that in this lifetime, despite changing many things, he still wouldn’t be able to change his relationship with Fu Shizhao, simply because… Fu Shizhao had always been too good to him.

The chain on the hearing aid in his right ear had slipped onto Fu Shizhao’s neck due to this movement. It was a bit cool, but Fu Shizhao didn’t move away. He continued to blow air onto Tang Mian’s palm.

He remembered that in their past life, after Tang Mian graduated from high school, he had adorned his hearing aid with a beautiful butterfly-shaped silver accessory. When he walked, the wings of the small butterfly fluttered, which suited him very well.

Every time he saw it, he wanted to reach out and touch it.

The first and last time he touched it was when he got into a fight with the scumbag who had ill intentions toward him. He had come to the hospital on crutches and saw Tang Mian visiting that scumbag. Strangely, Tang Mian wanted to leave as soon as he saw him.

So, he hobbled over to him, sarcastically taunted the scumbag, and subtly suggested that the guy was a scumbag.

But at that time, he didn’t have any evidence that the guy was up to no good with Tang Mian, so he didn’t tell Tang Mian about it.

Tang Mian responded with a casual remark, saying, “I know what he is like; I don’t need you to remind me.”

He knew… he knew nothing.

At that moment, Fu Shizhao was so furious that he directly removed the hearing aid from Tang Mian’s right ear and questioned him, “Are you an idiot? Can’t you see when someone is interested in you?”

The tiny butterfly on the hearing aid was chilly, and it cooled down much of the anger in Fu Shizhao’s heart.

He knew he had gone too far.

Tang Mian’s touchy spot was his right ear.

But it was too late for everything.

After being pushed to the ground by Tang Mian, Fu Shizhao didn’t even have time to pick up his crutches and get up. He just stared helplessly as Tang Mian’s figure gradually disappeared, lost in his own chaotic thoughts. It wasn’t until a passing nurse helped him up that he snapped back to reality.

He was angry, hurt, and panicked.

Looking back now, he could still feel the jumble of emotions he had felt at that moment.

Feeling the warmth of Tang Mian’s furry shoulder, Fu Shizhao silently resolved that if he ever encountered that scumbag again in this lifetime, he would make sure Tang Mian saw the guy’s true colors.

On the other side, the doctor had finished treating Tang Mian’s injuries and then briskly walked over to Sun Kangming, asking, “Is this child injured too?”

The teacher sitting next to Sun Kangming immediately nodded and intentionally raised their voice, saying, “Both of this child’s friends got physical with him. Doctor, please check how serious his injuries are.”

Then she turned to Sun Kangming and said, “Tell the doctor where it hurts.”

Seeing this, Sun Kangming hastily rolled up his pants and sleeves and pointed to his stomach, saying, “It hurts here, here, and here.”

Children are naturally skilled at acting pitiful and playing the victim, especially when they’ve grown up with people around them indulging their every whim. This skill can be greatly amplified in such circumstances, as it allows them to be forgiven for any misdeeds.

The doctor carefully examined Sun Kangming and concluded, “Fortunately, it’s just some minor scrapes on the hand, and the rest of the discomfort might go away with some rest. No need to worry too much.”

He had put it quite delicately. Compared to the injuries on the other child from earlier, these minor scrapes were hardly worth mentioning.

He wasn’t a fool, so he could tell that these two were being deliberately troublesome. However, as a doctor, he had a responsibility to be cautious in his words and actions. Disruptive students and parents were not uncommon, so for now, he chose to be conservative.

But if both sets of parents were present later on and it was necessary, he would explain the situation truthfully and gently suggest that they could go to a larger hospital for further examination. After all, there was probably nothing serious to be found.

He found such unruly children rather annoying.

The teacher sitting next to Sun Kangming quickly interjected, saying, “But Kangming has been telling me that his stomach hurts, and his stomach took a heavy blow. Shouldn’t we get an X-ray or something for his stomach? It was severely impacted.”

However, the doctor didn’t immediately respond to her question. Instead, he continued to treat the scrapes on Sun Kangming’s hand while pursing his lips.

Fu Shizhao watched all of this with a cold gaze, sensing keenly that the head resting on his shoulder had subtly moved. Fu Shizhao quickly resumed blowing air onto Tang Mian’s palm.

But… the situation now seemed to offer some real entertainment.

His own body was slender, and he wasn’t particularly strong. While he had managed to push Sun Kangming to the ground when the latter wasn’t paying attention, he hadn’t left any visible wounds.

The only aspect they could make an issue of was Sun Kangming’s stomach.

And Sun Kangming’s stomach had been impacted by Mu Zichen.

Did the Sun family really want to pick a fight with the Mu family? Even ten Sun families wouldn’t be enough to counteract such recklessness.

He remembered that just a while ago, Teacher Tu had made a call to Mu Zichen’s parents, demonstrating her intelligence.

The doctor, finished with treating Sun Kangming’s hand injuries, adjusted his glasses and stood up, holding his medical tools. Finally, he calmly stated, “Then we’ll have to go to a larger hospital for an examination.”

As soon as he said this, Sun Kangming’s eyes lit up, and he shouted loudly toward the entrance of the medical room, “Dad! Mom!”

A middle-aged couple rushed over, concerned, and examined Sun Kangming from head to toe. Sun Kangming had two older sisters, and he was the youngest in the Sun family, pampered since childhood.

Sun Kangming immediately began acting pitiful, clutching his stomach and pointing at Mu Zichen, who was sitting opposite him, saying, “My stomach hurts so much; he bumped into me.”

Sun’s mother stood up and glared angrily at the equally furious Mu Zichen. Seeing him acting nonchalant, she shouted sharply, “Where are your parents?”

Mu Zichen didn’t mince words and retorted, “Is this ill-mannered brat your child?”

His family ran an entertainment company, and his mother was a famous actress. Mu Zichen had been exposed to various actors since childhood, even witnessing the shooting of many scripts. He had been following those big brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, grandpas, and grandmas, learning how to deliver lines. His mouth was particularly sharp, which was also the reason for his outgoing personality.

However, he was still too young, and his family had never allowed him to appear on screen to protect him.

Sun’s mother was infuriated and reached out to teach this foul-mouthed child a lesson.

Mu Zichen immediately dodged and yelled, “These ill-mannered parents are going to hit me!”

Teacher Tu, who had been enjoying the show, quickly protected Mu Zichen in her arms, afraid he would actually be hit by Sun Kangming’s mother.

The doctor standing by quickly intercepted the hand Kangming’s mother had raised, simultaneously wrinkling his brows in disapproval. He had a somewhat stern appearance, and Sun’s mother took a few steps back, muttering, “Why is the kindergarten doctor so uncivilized?”

The doctor really wanted to retort with “It’s you who lacks civility, lady,” but he thought about his decent treatment and salary, so he held back, merely rolling his eyes at her.

“Teacher Tu, the manners of your class students really need improvement. Is this how you usually teach them to speak?” The teacher sitting across from Sun Kangming spoke sarcastically.

Before Teacher Tu could respond with a retort, the sound of several footsteps rapidly approached the medical room. Then, a melodious and gentle female voice said, “I actually think what Xiao chen said makes sense.”

“Mama!” Mu Zichen immediately wriggled out of Teacher Tu’s arms and rushed towards the beautiful woman.

With her came Tang Minghuai and Shen Siwan, who anxiously approached Tang Mian.

Tang Mian finally lifted his little head from Fu Shizhao’s shoulder and called out with a hint of grievance, “Dad, Mom.”

Tang Minghuai and Shen Siwan’s hearts nearly shattered upon hearing his voice.

After seeing the newcomers clearly, Sun’s father and mother were both stunned. Sun Kangming’s mother, who had been domineering just moments ago, looked at her husband with a guilty glance, while the latter’s eyes were filled with panic.

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