These two simple words were like some kind of complicated mantra, buzzing and humming in his mind.

“I will instruct Jiang Mengshan to return with you,” Hua Qianshuang’s cold voice pulled Shen Zhinan back from the dizziness of the spell.

The tall alpha stood with his back to Shen Zhinan, bathed in backlight. The noon sunlight streamed in through the window’s cracks, casting a gentle halo on Hua Qianshuang’s sturdy arms

The long black hair cascaded down his back like a waterfall, covering the marks Shen Zhinan had scratched on it last night.

In spite of his magnificent appearance, Feng Nian’s cold and beautiful face caused Shen Zhinan’s mind to be confused.

He sat on the bed, clutching the blanket, looking up at the god of the empire so close at hand.

Their most intimate act of embracing peeled away layer by layer, imprinting on Hua Qianshuang the stereotypes ingrained in him.

After stripping away the various deified titles like “Supreme Ruler of the Empire” and “God of the Empire”, Shen Zhinan suddenly understood the meaning behind Jiang Mengshan’s words, “Hua Qianshuang is a man.”

Hua Qianshuang turned around. He was wearing an open black robe, revealing his sturdy chest and abdomen.

Actually, he was a very handsome man.

Shen Zhinan thought silently. In reality, it wasn’t uncertain who would be sleeping with whom.

Regardless of whether these were words of self-comfort, Shen Zhinan felt much better.

“Your Majesty, Commander Jiang is not needed. I can just go back by myself.” Shen Zhinan said, sitting on the extremely spacious bed, revealing a portion of his delicate and smooth arm.

Omega’s skin was translucently white, hazy, as if covered with a layer of fine pearl powder.

His fingertips were slightly itchy, and Hua Qianshuang could still recall the smoothness when his fingers touched that piece of skin.

A true beauty.

It could always effortlessly stir up his most primal impulses and instincts as a human.

“Okay.” Shen Zhinan’s request added a hint of playful mischief to Hua Qianshuang’s eyes.

He was pondering whether his little beauty would have the possibility of changing his mind

Young and naive omegas would always fall into fleeting romances.

The poor husband had never loved this beautiful and charming omega, but what if this omega found another Alpha?

Then things might not be so certain.

No Alpha could tolerate someone taking away his omega.

Ha! But unfortunately, that “someone” was him.

Even if the price of betraying him was so huge, the usually composed emperor could not rule out this possibility.

From somewhere, a bracelet appeared, and Hua Qianshuang knelt down on one knee. Under Shen Zhinan’s anxious gaze, he placed it on the slender wrist of the omega.

With a click, his omega was firmly locked.

Last night, Hua Qianshuang gave Shen Zhinan a temporary mark.

When his little Rose officially became his queen, he would give Shen Zhinan the complete mark, and let the slender omega conceive their child.

“Your Majesty, what is this?” Shen Zhinan felt a little chill on his wrist. He looked down and saw Hua Qianshuang had adorned him with a black snake-shaped bracelet.

The snake’s head was connected to its tail, lifelike, as if it were really a small black snake wrapped around Shen Zhinan’s wrist.

And because Shen Zhinan was exceptionally fair, one black and one white, there was an indescribable tenderness between them.

“Protect what’s yours, don’t take it off,” Hua Qianshuang cradled Shen Zhinan’s wrist, lowered his head, and gently kissed it. His lips were filled with the rich scent of white roses.

From today onwards, this was his little rose.


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