Ryung reached up and peeled off the haphazardly hooked bra. The trepidation in his heart transformed into excitement at the sight of her fully exposed br*asts.


Her br*asts were as white as whipped cream, something he hadn’t had in years. Impatient, he ran his tongue over the cherry on top of the delectable treats. Her flesh was softer than he expected and hotter than her normal body temperature.


Ryung was mesmerized by it, circling around it, pressing his tongue harder and harder against the flesh, until it pressed against the firm br*asts and reshaped itself in his mouth. The doughy flesh stirred a lust that resembled an appetite.


As he sucked on the peachy n*pples like it was candy, Yuyeon bit her lip and tried to push his shoulder away. He ignored her and sucked, eliciting a sensual sound of protest.


“Ahh… Slower, gently…”


She told him to be gentle as if she realized it was a caress. Unfortunately, he was sucking on her br*asts out of his own need, not hers. He just wanted to taste them until he was sick of them, to keep holding them in his hands.


As he sucked on them, the little bumps began to convex and swell. Each time he flicked his tongue over a hard n*pple, she let out a short gasp, and her shoulders shook.




The raspy breaths were clearly accompanied by excitement. In response to her unspoken words, he took the entire areola into his mouth and sucked on it. Yuyeon let out a low moan, clutching his hair in her helpless hands. He didn’t know if she was pushing him away or begging for more, but the touch was exactly what he loved.


“Ahh… St-”


He didn’t want her to tell him to stop, so he lightly set his teeth on her n*pple, cutting her off as he intended.


She always says no when she’s seducing someone, but he says he can’t stop.


He nibbled on her n*pple in frustration, squeezing the other br*ast as well. She squirmed harder, her limbs twitching.


“Ahh, hah…. Hahh….”


Ryung’s unprecedented sadistic tendencies reared their ugly head upon hearing her childlike responses. He wanted to torment her even more, to take out all his bitterness on her and call her a fool for ignoring him. He pressed his tongue against the swollen flesh between his teeth.


“Ryung! Ah….”


The pleading name pierced his eardrums as he stared up at her in a daze. His saliva was dangling between his mouth and her n*pples, but he didn’t dare to speak; he just stared at her red face.


It was the first time she ever called him “Ryung.” Not only that, but it confirmed that she was aware that it was himself in front of her. His eyes watered from the fullness that welled up in his chest.


He took Yuyeon’s hand and pressed it to his cheek.


“Yes, I’m here.”


Yuyeon looked up at Ryung through cloudy eyes and blew out a long, hot breath. He kissed the small palm and softly smiled.


“You’re letting me do this because I’m me, aren’t you…”


He could feel Yuyeon’s head spinning at his non-question. For some reason, he felt a sudden sense of urgency that if he waited to hear her answer, it would only hurt his feelings.


“It’s okay if you don’t answer…”


He reached for the wipes on the bedside table and whipped his hands clean. Leaning down, he kissed her languid eyelids and pulled down her pants at the same time. He gently stroked her lower belly and whispered in her ear.


“You just need to know that it’s me touching you right now.”


He slid down a little, stamping his lips all over her body. As he moved past her heaving br*asts to press his lips to her navel, he heard an unexpected voice.




The corners of his mouth curved as he unzipped her pants at her command. Ryung finally responded, pressing his lips on the smooth skin of her exposed thigh.


“Yes, gently.”




“Yes, slowly.”


He locked eyes with Yuyeon as she looked down at him, looking for reassurance, but as he crouched between her legs, facing the silhouettes of the exposed flesh through her thin underwear, he doubted he could keep his promise.


His erect*on had been throbbing for a while and was slowly bursting out. He giggled at the sight of her soaked underwear. On the outside, he had the form of a composed adult, but on the inside, he was a dog in his first heat.


Lured by the erotic odor, he buried his face in her groin and rubbed his nose and mouth against her, finding the dampness through the thin fabric pleasurable.


“Hmmm… slower…”




Barely able to control the rising urges and the trembling of his hands, Ryung brought her legs together and completely peeled off her underwear. The smell of her sweet body wash and a hint of sweat tickled his nose.


‘Slowly… Gently… Leisurely…’


His resolve was shattered by the obscene sight of the sticky juices stretching like threads between her underwear and p*ssy. Her uncovered p*ssy was shaped like two loaves of immaculate bread stuck together, the pink flesh peeking through the gap, slightly wet and glistening.


‘Why the hell is she so wet?’


‘Because the kiss felt good?’


‘No. Was it from sucking on her br*asts?’


‘Because of me?’




With a bewitching pout, she shuffled her legs, ashamed of his intense gaze. As the damp heat of her inner thighs enveloped his face, he could only see her p*ssy in his narrowed vision.


They looked like lips, only thicker than he’d imagined. Lips he always wanted to kiss…


He swallowed hard and blew out a hot breath, and her thighs tightened around his head as if she were startled. Tugging lightly at her closed legs to open them, he spat out a short exclamation.


“You’re so pretty here…”


He stuck a curious finger into the crack. Two lumps of clam-like flesh pressed against his finger, and he could feel her heat.


“Does it… feel good to touch here?”


He slipped another finger into her hole and rubbed it, wiggling from side to side. She drew in a ragged breath of excitement as his finger brushed against a sensitive spot. There was a pea-sized patch of flesh protruding from the top of the deep valley, and sticky juices oozed from the indented bottom. Out of curiosity, he firmly pressed on the offending area, sliding a single finger out.




“Oh, this is it… Hha, can I go deeper?”


Ryung asked, but before he got an answer, he pushed his finger deep. The warm, slippery interior gently swallowed his finger all the way in but squeezed just as hard as if to push the foreign object out. It was only one finger, but it was tight like there was no room for more.


‘Would I really fit inside a place like this?’


He stuck his finger into the filthy hole and compared it to his own size. It was impossible, no matter how he thought about it, but he had to make it happen somehow. If it got wetter and looser, he’d surely be able to fit.


Setting his sights on his goal, he flexed his finger and stretched the wrinkles in the lining. He rolled his thumb over the red flesh that suddenly stood out.


“Hmmm, ahh…”


She jumped in surprise from the slightest touch of her cl*toris, and her insides were so tight he could barely move. He forced his way out from the pressure, then back in again, Eventually, the juices leaked out from her gaping v*gina, splashing back and forth as his fingers plunged in and out, filling the room with sounds of slocking and lustful moans.


Intoxicated by the act Ryung pushed another finger in, and then another, and then another. Yuyeon shook her head at the intense stimulation against her v*ginal walls.


“Ahhh, hahh!”


“There’s a lot of water coming out of here.”




“You like that, don’t you?”


He pulled his fingers out, and the juices drenched his fingers and dangled from between them. Stretching it like a spider’s web between his fingers, he licked it with his tongue without hesitation. The first taste of the female’s fl*ids was absorbed into his system and raced through to his brain. No aphrodisiac on the market could have worked faster.


He tugged her closed legs open and spread her p*ssy. The red l*bia minora pulled taut between his thumb and forefinger revealed itself. Her v*ginal opening was stiff against his fingers, and her cl*toris was red and swollen. The visual stimulation of the red color outweighed any worry about being too rough on her delicate flesh.


Her body writhed, urging him on, begging for more pleasure. Her v*gina clenched and unclenched, spitting out her ar*usal to tempt him.


His promise to her to take it slow and easy had long since been forgotten, and he stretched his tongue out to the wetness like a desert wanderer who finally found an oasis. He pressed his face against her groin and lapped up her juices before they could trickle down. Her hips repeatedly jumped, as if surprised by the new sensation. He held her thighs to stifle her movements and stiffened the muscles of his tongue to probe deeper.


His tongue stroked from the cl*toris and urethra to her v*gina in gentle strokes, as if he was groping her. Finding the exact spot where her body violently bucked, he took the small piece of flesh into his mouth and teased it.


The lashing of his tongue made her moan even louder. Her loveliness soon fueled his sadism. When he set his teeth on her cl*t and light nibbled, as he had done with her n*pple, she bucked her hips hard.


“Mmm, ahhhh!”


As his bite grew stronger, she reached out and gripped his head, but the feeling of her pleading to stop only increased his ar*usal. The flesh swelled and she was feverish from the constant stimulation. Her fl*ids dripped from her p*ssy and onto Ryung’s distracted face.


“Ryung… Hah… Please…”


The sound of her voice again made him bite down hard on her flesh. It wasn’t intention, but an unconscious act to control his lust.


‘No, no, no, no, no…’




Her moan bordered a scream as she threw her head back. The thighs he was holding his hands were slightly trembling, like they were spasming. Relieved by the rush of ej*culation, Ryung released the tormented flesh and moved downward. As he circled the throbbing orifice and lapped up its juices, he carefully stuck the tip of his tongue in and sucked it all.




Her body jerked wildly like it was a fish out of water, but she remained rigid. Her hole was gushing more fl*id than ever, and Ryung’s head went blank. Slowly removing his mouth, he shuddered as if he was the one that was electrocuted.




Unswallowed juices trickled down his chin, and his controllable lust stained his pants.









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