The morning classes were quite relaxed and mostly consisted of games. However, Tang Mian wasn’t very interested in these games among the kids. Plus, with Fu Shizhao sticking to him, he often felt like he was taking care of a bunch of kids in a kindergarten rather than attending school.

Fortunately, Fu Shizhao was easy to handle. As long as Tang Mian didn’t ignore him or talk to other kids, Fu Shizhao would stay obedient and content.

Tang Mian didn’t think much of it. After all, Fu Shizhao was most familiar with him here, and he didn’t have any intention of interacting with other kids. If Tang Mian ignored him, Fu Shizhao would understandably feel left out, which was perfectly normal.

The last class was an art lesson, and Ms. Tu provided each child with a piece of drawing paper and a box of crayons. She asked them to draw their favorite thing.

Engaging in an activity that he was interested in, Tang Mian finally perked up. Estimating the artistic skills of kids at this age, he quickly completed a simple drawing that he didn’t consider great but also not too bad.

Tang Mian’s drawing depicted the main characters from “Meow Woof Family,” a cat named Miao Miao and a dog named Xiao Wang. He had been watching this animated series lately and had become quite familiar with the characters’ appearances.

Gradually, all the kids in the class gathered around, their eyes sparkling as they looked at his drawing.

“Tang Mian, your drawing looks so good! Is it Miao Miao and Xiao Wang?”

“Can you draw one for me too? I’ll give you money, a hundred yuan enough?”

“Did you learn how to draw? Who taught you? Which master?”

Even Teacher Tu praised his artwork and said she would display it on the classroom wall.

Surrounded by curious kids and reluctantly handed a hundred-yuan, Tang Mian was at a loss.

He really tried to make the drawing look bad.

Fu Shizhao sat quietly next to Tang Mian, staring at his “four-legged monstrosity” of an attempt at drawing. He didn’t dare to write Tang Mian’s name on it and felt as cold as a fish in a freezer.

His heart grew even colder when one kid attempted to push him away from Tang Mian. He realized that Tang Mian’s personality would likely make him popular in kindergarten. After all, in the previous life, there was a time when they visited an orphanage, and the kids there swarmed around Tang Mian. Some people were just naturally popular with children.

However, he hadn’t expected Tang Mian to be this popular.

Tang Mian felt quite annoyed with the chattering little kids. Could they please quiet down a bit?

Fortunately, the bell for the end of the class rang on time, and the clock on the classroom wall showed that it was lunchtime – time for eating and napping.

The cafeteria auntie, carrying lunch boxes, was waiting at the door. Tang Mian quickly returned the 100 yuan to the confident kid, held Fu Shizhao’s hand, and headed toward a small dining table.

The food in the kindergarten’s baby meals was surprisingly good. After a tiring morning, Tang Mian devoured a big bowl of it.

Fu Shizhao had a meagre appetite. He pretended his arm had been injured by one of the kids earlier, claiming it hurt. He asked Tang Mian to feed him the rest of his baby meal. After examining Fu Shizhao’s arm, Teacher Tu assured Tang Mian that there was nothing seriously wrong and reminded the other kids to be careful around Fu Shizhao’s arm.

Dessert was self-service with a wide variety of choices. Fu Shizhao enthusiastically brought back a small cake to share with Tang Mian. It happened to be Tang Mian’s favorite flavor. He thought it was just a coincidence and happily ate it, not thinking too much about it.

After lunch, it was naptime. Fu Shizhao, utilizing his acting skills from his past life, shed a few tears and successfully snuggled into Tang Mian’s bed. His arm wound was healing nicely, and his adoptive father had started applying the scar removal creams that Tang Shu had bought. The partition in the children’s room had also been removed the previous night, so there was no worry of being squashed.

Tang Mian, in fact, had some bed-wetting tendencies. Having a familiar person sleep beside him made him feel even more secure.

Finally, the last troublemaker who refused to nap was coaxed to sleep. Teacher Tu lowered her head to check her phone for messages.

Due to her professional ethics, she rarely used her phone for personal communication during work hours. She only kept it on for incoming calls and messages, as long as it wasn’t an emergency, she would only respond to them after work.

All the parents in her class knew this since she had informed them in advance. She quickly glanced at her phone, only to be taken aback.

The contact labeled “Mian Mian’s Mom” had sent her 99+ messages. She had encountered parents who were worried on their child’s first day of school and called incessantly. However, receiving this many messages was a first for her.

Teacher Tu went on to open the conversation with “Mian Mian’s Mom” and scrolled through the messages. The more she read, the more amused she became. This Mian Mian’s mom seemed exceptionally anxious.

But she understood why, probably to avoid bothering her during class, she had held back from making a phone call and had sent a barrage of messages instead.

These parents of the new class were quite cute.

Teacher Tu hastily typed a message to provide a summary of everything that happened that morning.

Shen Siwan felt relieved to learn that Tang Mian was not afraid and had made many friends in the class. However, upon seeing that Fu Shizhao had shed tears several times, she grew concerned again. She quickly asked for more details about Fu Shizhao’s situation.

She was utterly surprised that “trouble” had turned out to be Zhao Shao.

Tu immediately took a photo of Tang Mian and Fu Shizhao sleeping peacefully and sent it to relieve some of Zhao Zhao’s mother’s concerns. She typed, “Zhao Zhao trusts his brother a lot. He’s not afraid with Mian Mian around, but he doesn’t want to sleep alone. It’s okay; maybe when he’s a bit older, he’ll be fine sleeping alone.”

Seeing the two kids sleeping soundly side by side in the photo warmed Zhao Zhao’s mother’s heart.

Afterward, Teacher Tu also sent a photo of Tang Mian’s drawing from the morning and praised Tang Mian a little. She had chosen this profession because she loved adorable young children and enjoyed sharing the joy of their growth with parents, especially enthusiastic parents like Mian Mian’s mother.

In the afternoon, Fu Yu arrived early with Tang Minghuai and Shen Siwan, waiting in their car at the kindergarten’s entrance. Ever since Fu Yu had heard that Zhao Zhaohad cried today, his heart had been in his throat the whole day.

However, knowing that Tang Mian was with Zhao Zhao and that the situation had improved somewhat, and Zhao Zhao hadn’t used the phone watch to call him, he felt a bit relieved. He had refrained from calling the school to avoid disturbing the class.

Finally, they saw a group of little kids approaching the entrance, led by the familiar Teacher Xu.

Tang Mian was holding Fu Shizhao’s hand in the middle of the group, and the children around them were chattering away.

“It looks like they’ve made quite a few new friends at the kindergarten,” Tang Minghuai said with a pleased expression.

Tang Mian’s eyes were also filled with a smile as he said, “Let’s invite all these little friends over when their birthdays come up. It’s a great idea to have a joint celebration for both Mian Mian and Zhao Zhao.”

Tang Mian and Fu Shizhao’s birthdays were only a week apart, so they had decided to buy two cakes and host a joint party on a date in between. Tang Mian hadn’t figured out what to do for this year’s birthday celebration, so if they could invite so many little friends over, it would be fantastic.

The three adults watched as Tang Mian and Fu Shizhao, holding hands tightly, approached.

However, as they got closer, the three adults could overhear the children’s conversations.

“I’ll bring rainbow cotton candy for you tomorrow. I’ll ask my mom about the cotton candy machine when I get home.” It was Mu Zichen.

“My dad just bought a new house that’s not fully furnished yet. He’s looking for something to hang on the walls, and he’s also buying famous paintings at a high price. I’ll talk to him tonight and ask him to come over tomorrow to buy your painting. Here’s the 100 yuan deposit for now,” said the boy who had handed Tang Mian 100 yuan and then ran away as if afraid Tang Mian wouldn’t accept it.

“I’ll bring my little brother over tomorrow to play with your little brother. Can you teach me how to draw?” It was a little girl who had a one-month-old baby brother.

Tang Mian, reluctantly accepting another 100 yuan , “…”

Fu Shizhao, who didn’t want to play with other people’s little brothers, “…”

The three adults: “???”

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