[PART 1]


The life of a young lady is as monotonous and boring as a metronome.

For modern people who have been exposed to smartphones, TV, various games, and the like, it’s almost enough to drive them crazy with boredom.

Well, yes, it’s about this level. They say humans are adaptable creatures, and just as if to prove that, they all adapted.

But there was something I couldn’t adapt to even after living in this world for ten years…

And that is none other than my s*xual frustration. The release of my s*xual desire.

Think about it. In an empire that promotes modesty and chastity as virtues of a lady, how close to impossible do you think it is for a noblewoman to satisfy her s*xual desires!

As a result, the problem is…

There are no tools.

Well, to be more precise, they do exist, but they’re extremely difficult to obtain.

Married noblewomen used to discreetly exchange information and acquire them among themselves, but as an unmarried young lady who just recently came of age, there was no noblewoman to introduce me to such things.

Moreover, if I were to show interest first, rumors would spread through the social circles at the speed of light, and it was obvious that my path would be blocked by scandals. So, I created it.

What did I create?

A d*ldo.


By hand.

It was simpler than I thought. I purchased a magical substance that could be molded into any shape I desired, carefully crafted it into the shape of a p*nis, increased the intensity, and created a custom-made d*ldo that suited me perfectly…

But I got caught. I got caught, I said! I was caught! Caught pleasuring myself alone! Waaahhh.

“My life… What am I going to do now…”

It’s supposed to be a wholeheartedly raunchy romance novel, but now it’s ruined. I got caught pleasuring myself, so it’s all gone to waste. The original plot was already falling apart, but now it’s completely ruined! I’ve turned into the protagonist who pleasures herself while reading erotic and graphic novels-!

“I’m really going crazy.”

I ruffled my hair messily and thumped the bed sheets.

Ever since getting caught in the act, I couldn’t bring myself to face my younger siblings. I had been cooped up in my room all day.

Just why? Why? Why did you open the door without even knocking, you cute, cheeky little siblings?!

I still haven’t forgotten about it.

This morning, after witnessing me shamelessly spread my legs and use a d*ldo, Kyle and Hyle, who had been astonished, closed the door in a hurry and disappeared.

‘At least they won’t go spreading rumors everywhere…’

Maybe that’s a bit of relief.


I flipped the duvet all the way to my head. It seemed like the only way I could even attempt to fall asleep without feeling embarrassed.

How deep into the night had it gotten?

Embarrassment and a desire to disappear aside, sleep eventually came, thankfully. The soft bed and the smooth sheets enveloped my body, and I soon drifted off to sleep.

At least until someone groped my body.

“Get out of the way, you idiot. Sister enjoyed it while doing this.”

“Pathetic jerk. You’re going to ruin dear sister’s hole if you jam it in like that without any finesse.”

What is this, what are they saying right now?

In a daze, I heard the voices of unfamiliar men. I was about to ask who it was, thinking it might be a dream, when rough hands suddenly gripped my chest.

Kyaa… hmph!”

Startled, a reflexive scream burst out of me, and as if anticipating it, the intruder swiftly covered my mouth.


The room was dark, and I couldn’t see the intruders’ faces. But one thing was certain – it wasn’t just one person. There were two of them. Two shadowy figures were looming over me.


As I struggled and thrashed, they muttered in an awkward manner.

“Anyway, it’s because of your ignorant actions that dear sister woke up.”

“How is that my fault? And so what if she woke up? I was just doing something she likes.”

Wait, hold on a second, this voice…

‘Hyle, Kyle?’

I blinked my eyes rapidly a few times, and as if adapting to the darkness, their vague figures became visible.

One had neatly arranged hair. The other, in contrast, had lazily swept-back hair. There was no doubt – they were Hyle and Kyle.

The moment I realized that the intruders were none other than my younger brothers, I stopped resisting and looked at them with a surprised expression. As my struggles ceased, the two of them approached with smug smiles and started speaking.

“Ah, dear sister. Are you feeling a bit more composed now?”

“Sister, I’m sorry. Did we startle you?”

Contrary to my racing heart, the two spoke in soothing voices. At the same time, their hands that had covered my mouth, seemingly confident that I wouldn’t scream anymore, withdrew. Not fully grasping the situation, I cautiously formed their names on my quivering lips.

“H-Hyle…? Kyle…?”

Amidst this, I suddenly felt the cold night air against my bare skin. Sensing an odd chill, I looked down at my body, and it became clear that the silk slip that had been properly worn before bed was now torn apart messily. Between the torn fabric, a hint of a w*t bre*st appeared, and for some inexplicable reason, the edge of the slip had ridden up to my stomach, baring my intimate area fully.

What’s happening right now?

In this utterly perplexing situation, I was left speechless. I could only stare back and forth at them, my mouth agape like a fool. At that moment, Kyle chuckled softly and gripped my chest.

“Sister, what’s wrong?”

He was casually smiling, as if nothing was amiss. His voice was equally nonchalant, making it hard to believe he was the audacious one touching his sister’s chest.

Unlike the carefree Kyle, I was so startled that my words trembled at the end.

“W-What are you guys doing right now…?”

First, I tried to escape to the edge of the bed to distance myself from them.

The atmosphere emanating from Hyle and Kyle was so unfamiliar, and even I, who was slow to pick up on things, could tell that they were not their usual selves.

From the beginning, it was strange that they entered their sleeping sister’s room. No matter how close siblings were, it was unreasonable to intrude without permission like this.

As I tried to hastily hide in a corner, someone’s hand from the two of them grabbed my ankle. And then, without any explanation, I was pulled towards them.


A soft groan escaped my lips. I was weakly pulled towards them. Helplessly subdued, a man’s figure loomed over me. It was Kyle. His pitch-black hair and crimson irises stared at me, his gaze tinged with a deep desire. Clearly, those eyes weren’t the eyes of a brother looking at his sister.

“Kyle, what’s happening right now…!”

I was so flustered that my words didn’t come out properly. But unlike me, Kyle didn’t bat an eye. He smiled smugly and spoke.

“We wanted to do something that you’d enjoy, sister.”


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