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15. Prince Langya (1)

“Do you know Murong Yan, the Prince of Langya?”

Murong Yan who was lying on the side, heard her words and his eyes abruptly turned sharp, “What do you want to say?”

Yu Qingjia sat inside while hugging her knees, not knowing how to explain it. She would suddenly mention this former crown prince’s youngest son, of course, not without reason, in fact, this person has been weighing on her mind for a long time. Every time she thought about the fact that the entire Qi dynasty would be hollowed out because of the Prince of Langya, and that the world would eventually fall into his hands, she felt unspeakably heavy.

There is no other reason, it was just because she saw with her own eyes that the entire Yu family was eradicated at his hands. Inside those seemingly real and illusory dreams, she saw Yu Qingya poisoning her to death, and heard the conversation between her and the system, and also saw the fire engulfed the old mansion of the Yu family. Yu Qingya had the help of a demonic being like the system, and in the end, not to mention capturing the heart of the Prince of Langya, she wasn’t even able to save her own life. She saw all this from a dream and woke up with the majority of her memories erased, except for the fire that lit up half of the sky in Gaoping County, which she could not forget no matter what everything else was a blur.

She really can’t figure out how the Yu family could provoke this tyrant, and the worst part is that she can’t even remember Murong Yan’s body shape, description, and appearance. So she can’t do anything to avoid it in advance. She is now like a student who forgot to study seriously, she only remembers the beginning and the results but not the process. It feels like she was able to foresee the future, but when she thinks back carefully, she doesn’t even remember the specific time, the details, or how it happened.

She was preoccupied with this concern for several days now. But she didn’t know how to talk to outsiders about such a strange and confusing matter. Even if she told Yu Wenjun to guard against Murong Yan in advance, once her father asked why, what would she say? Could she say that she saw it in a dream?

It’s ridiculous. If she herself heard someone else use their dream as an excuse, she would think that the other person had lost their mind.

As for what the system and Yu Qingya said, that the sixth daughter of the Yu family would become the empress… She thought this was even more absurd. She did not know any royal family members, and their family and the royal family had no dealings with each other, so how could she become a royal concubine or even an empress?   

Alright what if, she did become the Princess consort of the Langya Prince, and married that tyrant… She really doesn’t think it’s a good thing. Especially if she had to marry the tyrant who even planned to massacre her entire family..

Yu Qingjia is now full of anxiety about the future, and Murong Yan, who is said to be the Son of Destiny, is someone that she needs to be wary of the most. She doesn’t have the slightest desire to be a royal concubine at all, and it can even be said that she wanted to avoid it.

Yu Qingjia grew up dreaming of marrying a man like her father. She does not need him to be rich nor powerful, but he must be upright and kind, like her father, with a deep heart and dared to be the first in the world. But after thinking about it, she knew that her dream husband would not be that Prince Langya who had a noble background and had a lot of shortcomings.

These words could not be said to Yu Wenjun, nor could they be said to Bai Zhi. In this turbulent night, Yu Qingjia sat in the dark, but instead opened her heart to a person who was not familiar with her at all,

“I am worried about the future. The current emperor has searched with great fanfare for half a year without any news, which shows the depth of influence of the Prince of Langya. He seems to be only fifteen this year. When he grows up, will he also fight for power? Then if a war breaks out again, I am afraid that the situation will not be as good now.”

When he heard his name Murong Yan was suddenly alerted, but after hearing her words, his tense arms slowly relaxed. Being able to speak to him in such a tone, it was obvious that she did not notice anything. He didn’t answer her question, but asked back, “You don’t want him to live?”

“Not really. He was only thirteen years old at the time of the Eastern Palace Incident. He was still a half-grown child, what did he do wrong to go through this disaster? But if he wants to take revenge in the future, he will never let go of the royal families who are currently in power today. Stability is not easy to come by, and the world has been at war for a long time.” She then remembered his demeanor when he came into power, she could not help curling her lips, she lowered her voice and when she was an arm’s length of the vixen she spoke, “And to say something outrageous, the current royal family, no matter who goes into power, is actually the same.”

Murong Yan suddenly laughed, Yu Qingjia and he had known each other for a long time, but it was rare to see him reveal such an outgoing look. After laughing, he nodded his head in a serious manner then said, “That’s right, indeed, no matter who goes up there, they are all the same dim-witted and absurd.”

Yu Qingjia was so embarrassed, she just secretly badmouthed the royal family and she had full of courage, but once the impulsiveness had passed, she became cowardly again. She did not expect Murong Yan to speak so bluntly, so she hurriedly covered Murong Yan’s mouth, “Hush, you dare to say such things!”

Murong Yan sat up and moved back, while catching Yu Qingjia’s restless hand with precision, “Sit tight, stop moving your hands and feet.”

“Who wants to move their hands and feet to you!” Yu Qingjia became angry. She took advantage of the cover of darkness to fiercely glare at Murong Yan. With such an interruption, the depression in her heart dissipated a lot. At this time, when she thought of the system that was eyeing her like a tiger, and the whole family extermination in the future, she didn’t feel as anxious as before.

Yu Qingjia hugged the quilt and leaned against the corner of the wall, sitting face-to-face with Murong Yan through the darkness. The two of them had been at war ever since they met, and it’s the first time they’ve been this calm and gentle. Yu Qingjia asked, “Vixen, is there anyone you really dislike?”

“No, the people who displeased me have already been killed by me. Even if the rest are alive, they will be killed sooner or later.”

Yu Qingjia’s breath stagnated and felt unspeakably complicated, “You… Forget it, you won’t understand even if I tell you.”

Muyong Yan easily saw through her intentions, his eyes showed a slight understanding and asked, “Why are you asking? Was it because of the people from Yanzhou?”

Yu Qingjia sighed, and said, “It’s my cousin, my father was the master of the two households. So she’s also my half-sister. We never got along ever since I was a child, and even my great-grandmother is partial to her. I don’t know how much trouble she’s going to cause once I go back.”

Murong Yan suddenly gave birth to an indefinable unhappiness, this feeling is too inexplicable, even he felt it was a bit strange. “Just because of these things, that you kept sighing and couldn’t even sleep?”

She thought that if it was just Yu Qingya why would she be so worried, it was clearly the system behind her that was bothering her. Even she can see that Yu Qingya is just a puppet, the real master is the system of unknown origin behind her.


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