“Even a courtesan of Moonlit Haven might seem more noble than you. How about living by selling your body like this?”


Due to excessive insult, the man lifts his head. His reflexive action was merely instinctive, but it didn’t signify any significant defiance. Naturally, for someone born and raised as a noble, it’s expected to feel resentment against such insults. However, Martian didn’t let it slide.


“Why? Did my words offend you? Do you not wish to act like a dog now?”


“Ah… It’s not like that.”


Martian pulled her hand away from him and stood up. The man, startled, moved closer to her.




“Who’s your master? I have no need for a dog that acts this way. I’ll call some ‘other master’ for you, someone who’ll listen to you.”


The ‘other master’ she mentioned was undoubtedly a pr*stitute from Moonlit Haven. The man in front of her was originally supposed to meet someone here. However, now he wouldn’t be satisfied with that kind of act. The expected abuse was, in fact, nothing more than self-gratification. Those who enjoy torment don’t really seek that.


As expected, the man urgently replied, as if trying to hold onto her.


“N-No, I don’t want that. I only prefer you, Master.”


Seeing him spit out his refusal, Martian chuckled quietly. Most of those who entered the brothel to seek pl*asure were like this. They had no qualms about demanding what they wanted and naturally never expected their demands to be rejected. So now, it was time for him to learn how to be submissive.


With his answer to his plea missing, the man began calling her urgently, feeling his way forward with his hands as he crawled. Unable to see due to the blindfold, he crawled forward with his hands, his only means of navigation. Martian watched this scene for quite a while.




“Yes, huh, yes. Master.”


He stopped crawling and turned his head as she approached. Martian grabbed his hair. It felt like he was about to explode, as his face looked red and taut. “Ready to burst, huh?” she thought. As she held his hair tight, ‘Hnng’ a moan escaped him. She pulled him along to the sofa.


Sitting down on the sofa, as if it were natural, she spre*d her legs. The man’s face became caught between her thighs.


“A dog that finishes before its master is of no use. You should be useful if you want to be adored, right?”


The man started to explore and l*ck Martian’s gen*tals with his tong*e. The w*t sounds were quite audible, but he seemed inexperienced or lacking skill in this type of service. It appeared he hadn’t tried this kind of service before, or he wasn’t good at it. The act was all about visual stimulation. Martian lifted her foot onto the man’s shoulder and pushed him back.


“You seem to be in heat, but you can’t even use your tong*e properly, you useless bast*rd. With such skills, you won’t be able to finish all night.”


He slumped, looking lost. It was probably his first time being treated this way. Had he ever been d*minated like this before?


“Heh, huh… I, I can’t hold it. Please, mas, huh, master.”


The man pleaded, almost sobbing. Martian smiled with satisfaction.


“If you want to finish, first, properly show the gratitude you forgot earlier.”


As if to remind him what gratitude meant, she slapped his cheek. His reddened cheek was burning hot. It will bruise by tomorrow. The mark of torment always excited her, prompting her to be even more ruthless. She urged him again.


“Tell me ‘you’re thankful for being hit’. Say you’re grateful that I hit you, an arrogant bast*rd.”


The man’s lips hesitated. Martian chuckled at his stubbornness. Anyone could see how excited he was by their current actions. His aristocratic pride was the only thing holding him back. Martian decided to become a little more cruel for his sake. Her hand wrapped around his throat. Her hand clenched around his neck. The hand pressing down near his Adam’s apple was skillful. The man’s breathing became ragged.


“If you anger the master, only you will suffer.”


“Huh… euh…”


“Now, speak up.”


She strongly implied that he was being coerced.  In a way, she was creating a corner where he could mentally escape. He was forced to say it because he was choking on his breath. The man’s face turned red due to the lack of air. His bare chest heaved greatly. He choked on his breath a few times before finally opening his mouth.


“Thank… huk… you… for… hitting… the arrogant… hu… ba… bast*rd…like..me.”


She chuckled and released her grip. At that moment, s*men spurted from the man’s m*mber. It was a powerful ej*culation.


* * *


Martian didn’t bother to find out the true identity of her client. It had been a very satisfying night, but she despised dealing with troublesome matters. She never met with those who tried to hide their preferences. Such people rarely revealed their true selves and often mistakenly believed that whoever introduced them to their first such experience was their destined master. This misconception frequently turned into an obsession.


If she wasn’t a noble who ruled a territory with authority and if her family wasn’t a respectable one with a long tradition, she might have been forced into a marriage with someone. Playing the role of ‘master’ for her partner.



While Martian was faithful to her desires, she hated being bothered by inconveniences due to them. So, she was content with enjoying one-night stands. Beating someone with fair skin until they cried was pleasurable enough for the moment, and although she preferred it less, there were many ‘dogs’ beneath her.

Returning late from Moonlit Haven, Martian postponed breakfast. Nevertheless, unable to rest, she called for Ron when she woke up for the second time. While recalling today’s schedule, she leaned back against the bedside and sat down. Ron brought a damp cloth and began wiping Martian’s face.

The familiar and skillful touch was incredibly soothing. Starting from the back of her neck and behind her ears, the gentle massage continued, accompanied by faint moans escaping from Martian. The moment he lightly massaged her under the clavicle and cleaned it, she asked a question.

“How was yesterday? Did you observe or feel anything?”



The wiping motion paused. Martian continued.


“Do you understand why I took you there?”




The response ended there. The dog’s expression remained as stoic as usual, and his demeanor didn’t change much either, which made Martian furrow her brow.  It’s easy to tame a brazen dog, but turning a stoic dog into an affectionate one is difficult. No, it’s not so much that it’s difficult but rather cumbersome.


The former was a matter of stimulating existing tendencies, but the latter required changing the dog’s original nature, which was a natural process, but it still irritated Martian.


“No, it seems you haven’t understood properly.”


At her words, Ron hesitated, as if he wanted to say something, but he soon kneeled by the bedside obediently.


“I apologize, Viscount.”


“For what?”


“I failed to meet your expectations…”


“Failed to meet my expectations? What expectations did I have for you?”


Martian sat on the edge of the bed and lifted her foot between Ron’s thighs, pressing down with her weight. His body stiffened under the pressure, and she leaned forward, grabbing Ron’s chin.


“Ron, do you know your role?”


“I am your… pet.”


“Then you should act accordingly.”

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