Tang Mian finally realized why he didn’t get along well with his older brother when he was younger.

His older brother’s behavior… would be disliked by any child, right?

Each episode of this animated series wasn’t too long, and each episode told a new story. He was getting excited as the main character was about to catch the villain, when suddenly his own brother walked over, said nothing, and turned off the TV.

The air instantly fell quiet.

Moreover, this person had a smug look on his face, and without a word, he turned off the TV, then said “Let’s eat.”

When the Tang family faced problems in the past, his father was already old and couldn’t handle many things. As for him, being younger, he had to rely on his older brother.

It had been a while since he had seen his brother act this smug.

A mix of emotions swirled within him, and Tang Mian felt his nose starting to get a bit sore as tears welled up in his eyes.

Adding to the “grudge over the animated series,” Tang Mian took a deep breath and released all the emotions pent up inside him in a loud cry.

Fu Shizhao was also taken aback by his sudden outburst. After he recovered, he found it somewhat amusing and quickly got up. Using his uninjured hand, he grabbed a few baby wipes from the coffee table and handed them to Tang Mian to wipe away his tears.

Tang Sheng was also surprised by Tang Mian’s crying. He stood stiffly next to the TV, unsure of how to react.

Previously, his mind was only focused on one task—to lead the two little rascals watching the animated series to the dining table for dinner.

He hadn’t thought too much about it; after all, the TV was just a source of entertainment to him. He turned it off, and they could watch it later.

After Tang Mian’s crying resonated through the air, Tang Sheng slowly began to realize that he might have done something not so good.

Tang Mian’s crying drew the attention of all the adults at the dining table.

He saw Tang Mian’s slightly swollen eyes turn red again, his small lips pouting, and his nose reddening. He looked so pitiable.

Luckily, Fu Shizhao was there to wipe his tears, or his face would have been flooded with tears long ago.

Tang Mian had initially just wanted to release his pent-up emotions, but as he stared at his brother by the TV, he couldn’t hold back his tears any longer.

Soon, Tang Mian was taken into his mother’s arms. His father also came over to Tang Sheng, giving him a reassuring smile without saying much. Instead, he reopened the TV, found the recently watched episode of the animated series, and continued playing it.

Tang Mian’s tears finally stopped, and with red-rimmed eyes, he snuggled into his mother’s embrace. With Fu Shizhao wiping his tears, they continued to watch the rest of the episode, and he finally felt a bit better.

The Tang Mian who used to scoff at animated series actually said in a soft voice to his mother, “After dinner, let’s watch another episode.”

Shen Siwan smiled helplessly, and played along, “Sure, your brother was worried that you’d starve, so he wanted to make sure you had a full tummy first.”

Tang Mian rubbed his eyes and glanced at his brother not far away. Tang Sheng had a slightly awkward posture, avoiding looking in their direction.

As the dinner, made lighter to accommodate Fu Shizhao’s injury, concluded, Tang Mian scraped his bowl clean with his spoon, his little tummy now bulging.

On the other side, Tang Minghuai opened a bottle of wine and had a few glasses with Fu Yu. He seemed to struggle a bit with Fu Yu’s insistence on treating him so kindly.

Although Fu Shizhao was injured today, it was caused by the mischievous child of a distant relative’s family, and had nothing to do with the couple. Mr. Tang had bought excellent scar-healing medicine for Shizhao, and the little master was taking care of Shizhao as well.

Fu Yu felt deeply grateful, and his role as a driver meant he rarely drank. Tonight, due to Mr. Tang’s invitation, he couldn’t help but have a few glasses.

After obediently finishing dinner, Tang Mian excitedly took Fu Shizhao’s hand and led him back to the TV. Swiftly grabbing the remote control, he turned on the TV and continued watching from where they left off.

Shen Siwan watched them and praised, “Mian Mian is so clever, he knows how to find the show from the history.”

Tang Mian blushed slightly at the compliment, pretended to be calm, and put down the remote control. He swayed his small feet.

Fortunately, his mother didn’t notice anything unusual. She simply thought that children at this age were good at imitating and learning, especially since Tang Minghuai had just demonstrated how to do it.

Moreover, the concept of “rebirth” was simply too unbelievable; ordinary people wouldn’t think of such a thing.

He needed to be more careful. He couldn’t let his secret slip.

It wasn’t about mistrusting his family, but revealing his secret could complicate matters. Explaining it would be complicated, and his selfish motives were playing a part too. He wanted to experience once again the life of being doted on by his family from childhood… Well, he had to be cautious.

Some things needed to remain a secret and couldn’t be shared with others.

After today’s incident, the Tang family would definitely distance themselves from that vampire family, and even if they didn’t completely sever the connection, he could continue making subtle moves to get rid of them for good.

Fu Shizhao saw his subtle reaction and smiled as he leaned closer.

Familiar background music played, and Shen Siwan sat on the couch, joining them to watch the animated series.

Since Tang Sheng was born, Shen Siwan hadn’t continued with her career. Back then, Mr. Tang was concerned about her health after childbirth and persuaded her to rest at home until Tang Sheng finished kindergarten.

By the time Tang Sheng started primary school, Shen Siwan was already preparing to resume her work. Unexpectedly, she became pregnant with Tang Mian.

After a few struggles, Shen Siwan decided to give birth to the child. She was already two months pregnant when she found out, and terminating the pregnancy would have been harmful to her body.

Besides, their family was well-off, and her relationship with her husband was strong. Their elder son wasn’t very old at the time, so having another sibling wasn’t a bad idea.

It did, however, put her career on hold…

Especially after giving birth to Tang Mian and discovering his hearing problem in his right ear, Shen Siwan had stopped considering her career.

Was her son completely fed up with her…

What should she do?

Putting her pen down, she absentmindedly picked up her phone and opened the camera roll to view the sunflower bouquet Tang Mian had given her today. She posted it on her social media with the caption:

【Gift from Mian Mian, so worth it! 😊】

“Stay-at-home mom” was never a derogatory term; it represented dedication to the family. After all, women were capable of working and earning money to support the household, not confined to just domestic tasks.

Many situations were unforeseeable, necessitating choices. Sacrifices were made for gains. Shen Siwan felt content with her present life.

Her university major was related to botany, and her husband had already taken care of their garden. This allowed her to express herself at home while being with her children. She was engaged in activities she enjoyed, which made her life quite enjoyable.

Tang Minghuai and Fu Yu, having had a bit of wine, went for a walk together.

When they finished work early, they used to play basketball at the nearby court. The two little rascals would often join them.

Fu Yu had military experience, so he played basketball well. That’s why Tang Minghuai hired him as a driver. Unexpectedly, Fu Yu had also brought a child of similar age to Tang Mian, which worked out quite well since Shen Siwan was pleased with him and Fu Shizhao’s treatment of Tang Mian.

Tang Minghuai and Fu Yu headed out for a walk, leaving the room quieter.

Tang Sheng instinctively glanced at his phone, noting that over half an hour had passed, likely enough time for an episode to finish.

A frown creased his brow as he recalled his actions toward Tang Mian.

—He had accepted the candy with a stoic face, shut the door, and resumed his homework, leaving Tang Mian and Fu Shizhao outside.

Tang Sheng suddenly felt a bit annoyed, his mind filled with the pitiable look Tang Mian had when he shed tears earlier.

Tang Mian was right.

He truly was a bad older brother.

Tang Sheng’s eyes shifted to the phone on the table and saw that over half an hour had passed—enough time for an episode to finish.

Tang Sheng pursed his lips and absentmindedly picked up a piece of candy Tang Mian had given him last night. Putting down his pen, he unwrapped the candy and popped it into his mouth.

It was fruity and very sweet.

He didn’t really like sweets, but he chewed it up.

After all, he knew Tang Mian loved sweets. His mother was careful about sugar intake and didn’t excessively spoil him. Sweets weren’t meant to be consumed in excess, so it meant Tang Mian never had enough.

That’s why Tang Mian had given him such a precious piece of candy. It showed just how much Tang Mian liked him.

And How had he treated Tang Mian last night?

—He had accepted the candy with a stoic face, shut the door, and resumed his homework, leaving Tang Mian and Fu Shizhao outside.

Tang Sheng rubbed his temples and began to think about Tang Mian’s hobbies.

He seemed to enjoy… drawing?

Their home’s walls were covered in his drawings.

Tang Sheng quickly opened his phone’s browser and began searching for gifts related to drawing.

It had to be the best gift possible.

After all, he had never given his brother a gift since he was born.

Before long, he set his sights on a “digital tablet.”

Tang Sheng promptly switched to the shopping app and placed an order for the highest-performing digital tablet, with a five-digit cost.

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