Return of Evil Episode 2




I can still remember what happened.




It was lunchtime.




The students were full of food and chattering away, and Kim Hyeon-Seong was just one of the students blending into the scene. Unaware of what was to come, he chatted with his friends about everyday things. As they chatted about how they were doing in the game and whether or not they had finished their homework for the next class, something happened that changed his life forever.








“Son of a witch!”




A fierce voice was heard.




Kim Hyeon-Seong was standing, talking to a friend, when he turned his head in the direction of the sound.




A violent scene washed over me.




The cusser was a kid named Park Min-cheol, who sat in the back of the class and fit the stereotype of the everyday bully. Beneath his feet was a friend with a little flesh. As he fell to the ground, his glasses barely missed his nose, and before he could react, his friend, named Lee Jung-min, kicked him indiscriminately in the stomach.




“What the f*ck, you’re on your own now, m*therf*cker, why would I tell you to do it if you weren’t going to do it yourself?”




F*ck, f*ck, f*ck.




It was devastating to see.




Park Min-cheol stomped all over Lee Jung-min’s face and body, whether he screamed or not.




I knew what was going on with them.




Park Min-cheol used to play a game called Legends Online, and he relied on Lee Jung-min to help him develop his character. The problem was that Lee was one of the so-called geniuses at school. As he started playing, Lee’s grades dropped, and now he was being asked to spend money on items, which was the first time he rebelled. He mustered up the courage to look up at Park Min-cheol’s face, but it wasn’t the picture he had imagined, he was immediately slapped on the cheek and rolled on the ground.




F*ck, f*ck, f*ck.




“That’s it, that’s it, I won’t do it again.”




A scream rang out.




In fact, it was the first time I had ever seen violence committed in public.




For the most part, I didn’t want to cause trouble, but I couldn’t get past the fact that the target of the violence was Lee Jung-min.








I’ve been studying with Lee Jung-min.




I couldn’t just sit back and watch him tell me this and that.




As Kim Hyeon-Seong started to walk away, his friend suddenly grabbed his wrist.




With a snap.




“Dude, don’t do it.”




“But this isn’t it.”




“Sh*t. That’s Min-cheol Park, and you’re going to get tired of messing with him.”




I knew what he meant.




But he didn’t care.




Kim Hyeon-seong was that kind of kid.




He’s always been good at sports and has great physical specs, so he wasn’t intimidated by Park Min-cheol. It’s not like he didn’t get into fights at the beginning of the semester. For Kim Hyeon-seong, who had already proven himself in the hierarchy fights characteristic of male students, Park Min-cheol’s name did not intimidate him.




Threw off the hand




More precisely, as his friend released his grip, Kim Hyeon-Seong walked to the back of the room and stood next to Park Min-cheol.








Stood up.








Park Min-cheol gazed at Kim Hyeon-seong.




But then.




There was something strange about his expression.




His fierce gaze swept over Kim Hyeon-seong, as if he had spotted his prey.




Then he said,




“Interesting. You think you can handle this?”




I didn’t know then.




The meaning of that smile.




The teacher came, and the seat was over, but from that day on, the bullying began, led by Park Min-cheol. Even Kim Hyeon-seong, who is good at fighting, can’t handle it. The bullies formed a group.




* * *








Stopped walking.




When all the flashbacks were finished, the same scenery was unfolding in front of Kim Hyeon-seong’s eyes.












Park Min-cheol’s gaze snapped to Hyunseong.




He laughed.




He glanced at Kim Hyeon-seong ferociously, just as he had in Kim’s memory.




“Funny. You think can you handle this situation?”




Minchul Park turned away.




When he straightened his back, which had been bent from beating Lee Jung-min, he saw a huge physical figure in his late 180cm was seen looking down at Kim Hyeon-seong. Wild hair and dark skin. Park Min-cheol had all the makings of a man who could overwhelm people with his appearance alone.




“Hyeon Seong, you think you’re different from Lee Jung Min because we don’t bully you? Don’t be mistaken. You’re just like…….”
















Heads whipped around.




The students watching swallowed a groan that sounded like a scream.




Kim Hyeon-seong slapped Park Min-cheol across the cheek.




After a moment of panic, Park Min-cheol turned his head again, his face flushed.




“What a f*cking bird…….”












He grabbed Park by the hair and slammed him into the desk.




It happened in a flash.




Even if they hadn’t exchanged any words, Kim Hyeon-seong was violent without saying anything. The sudden attack knocked the wind out of Park’s legs. Thick blood came along, and as if that was not enough, Kim then proceeded to punch Park several times in the cheek.








Squeak, squeak, squeak!




Everyone’s jaws dropped.




It was a sight I couldn’t comprehend in my head.




Kim Hyeon-seong.




To his friends, he was never this image.




He was an all-around good kid who did well in school, had good relationships with his friends, and was a good athlete. The kind of person people talk about. Kim Hyeon-seong represented the image of sincerity and uprightness to the extent that he was now the class president, but his assault on Park Min-cheol was different from that.




this moment.




this situation.




Kim Hyeon-seong doesn’t know how many times he thought about it.




His friends saw him as a terror, but in reality, he wasn’t that strong.




‘He’s a classic physical fighter, not used to getting hit, and if you give him the lead, he’s bound to fall apart.’




From the moment we spoke.




In my head, I envisioned a situation like this.




The fact that there was a desk right next to him, and the calculation to grab him by the hair and slam him into the desk as he was about to react to the slap. It was not accidental. The blood coming out of Park’s face would have been enough to stop the violence, but Kim Hyeon-seong didn’t stop beating him.




With a snap.








I walked my legs.




As Park Min-cheol fell to the ground, Kim Hyeon-seong immediately stomped on his head.








Head stuck in locker.




Even Park Min-cheol, like Lee Jung-min, could only block it while crouching.




Do you know Park Min-cheol?




How long you’ve been waiting for this moment.




Not just a day or two.




After decades of living as a vegetative, Kim Hyeon-seong replayed in his mind the moment he beat Park Min-cheol like a madman. He had already died countless times in Kim Hyeon-seong’s world. Whether this beating would kill him or not. He didn’t care. When he raised his face, he kicked him in the face, and when he raised his hand to stop him, he trampled on it with the intention of breaking it.




It was then.








“Stop, you m*therf*cker!”








A chair slammed into a locker.




Kim didn’t dodge the blow, and as it narrowly missed him, he looked in the direction the sound had come from.




The entrance to the classroom.




Through a hallway full of students, three male students stared angrily at each other.




Their names were Jeong Min-ho, Kang Chang-seok, and Cho Yong-taek.




They were the same group of guys as Park Min-cheol, and as soon as they saw him being beaten, they intervened by throwing chairs. It was a variable. Kim Hyeon-seong’s expression was nonchalant, even though he might have panicked in the face of a one-versus-many situation.




I expected them.




That they would show up.




Since the harassment was done in groups in the first place, what happened after they touched Park Min-cheol was in the expected category.




And so.




“And if we don’t stop?”




Kim Hyeon-seong looked at them with a cold expression.




* * *




one of the gang.




Jeong Min-ho swallowed dryly, his face flushed with embarrassment.




“…… Is this guy really crazy?”




It was embarrassing.




Park Min-cheol’s gang.




They weren’t exactly first-graders, but they had formed a faction of their own that stuck their necks out, which is why the situation was so baffling. He knew that if he messed with Park Min-cheol, the whole gang would be out to get him, but Kim Hyeon-seong didn’t show the slightest bit of agitation.




Kang Chang-seok, who had thrown the chair, unlike the thoughtful Jeong Min-ho, looked like he was going to jump out of it at any moment.




“You’re back. Yes, I’ll kill you today.”




He was also quite big.




As Kang Chang-seok, who had once practiced judo, strode toward him, Kim Hyeon-seong did the same.




They laughed.




Seeing that they were outnumbered and not backing down, Kang Chang-seok decided that even if he had to be suspended, he would do it right.




A moment of truth.




It was then.








“Disperse! Disperse!”




A loud shout came from the hallway.




Suddenly, as the students scrambled to their feet, Kang Chang-seok glanced over at Park Min-cheol and shouted abusive languages at Kim Hyeon-seong.




“Dude, I think you’re X. I’m coming for you right after class, so don’t try to run away.”




“You can count on it.”




I couldn’t fight anymore.




The teacher’s presence was there, but enough time was needed to properly train Kim Hyeon-seong.




Park’s group walked away.




Barely regaining his composure, Park returned to his seat, and he didn’t show his face to the teacher for the rest of the class.




* * *




A series of circumstances.




Park couldn’t quite remember.




He didn’t think anything of it, and the next thing he knew, he was curled up on the floor and being beaten indiscriminately throughout the whole class. Park Min-cheol gritted his teeth. The thought of being beaten by Kim Hyeon-seong in front of his classmates was too much humiliation for him to bear.




‘It really kills me.’




Fast forward.




He gritted his teeth.




In fact, he wasn’t the strongest m*mber of Park’s gang.




They are called the Park Min-cheol clan because they bully a lot of people, but in terms of actual fight ranking, Kang Chang-seok was stronger. After class, his entire clique would swarm the classroom. Kim Hyeon-seong would never be able to handle it. In fact, if he hadn’t let his guard down, he wouldn’t have fallen victim to a nerd like Kim Hyeon-seong.




My stomach churned.




The front row.




Kim Hyeon-seong was there.




His back to the class, where he seemed to be listening intently, made Park’s stomach turn.




‘Has he really gone mad?




He couldn’t understand.




This was not the Kim Hyeon-seong he knew.




He was the captain, and he would intervene in things, but there was no reason to bully him because he had a line with himself. In hindsight, that line was his own idea. Kim Hyeon-seong was the kind of person who would cross the line at any moment, but since he hadn’t seen Park Min-cheol’s true colors, there was no conflict between them.




It’s clear.




A line had been crossed.




To make up for the way he’d been trampled underfoot by Kim Hyeon-seong, he’d have to take revenge, and more.




‘I’ll kill him in half as soon as class is over.’




I waited for the right time.




I didn’t care about the pain.




I didn’t care about the teacher’s explanation, the pain in my face, or anything other than getting revenge on Kim Hyeon-seong.




The long class was over.




The bell rang, and the teacher walked out.




Just as he was about to get up from his seat, Park noticed a pair of sneakers that field his embarrassment.












A kick to the face.




He hit the floor, his head spinning from the force of the impact.




It was then.




With his hair falling out of his face, Park Min-cheol met Kim Hyeon-seong’s eyes as he looked down at him.




“We should keep doing what we’re doing, shouldn’t we?”








I was sure of it.




Unlike the others, this one was not the least bit intimidated by the fact that he was dealing with a group.

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