No matter how she looked at it, the creature suppressing her was unmistakably the Aiden she was searching for.

The hair color, eye color, and even the facial features were all Aiden himself. The only things different were the shape of the ears and the presence of a tail.

“Aiden, what are you…?”

She didn’t know why he suddenly took on this appearance, but she just wanted him to let her go for now. Leti simply wanted her limbs to be free, but Aiden didn’t even grant her that small request.


It seemed like Aiden didn’t hear her words at all. He mercilessly tore her clothes apart and spread her legs wide.


Aiden’s golden eyes shone brighter than the stars in the sky as they swept over Leti’s lower half, fully exposed in front of him.

His toned thighs, toned from being out and about so much, looked fair and smooth. Just the brush of his long and pointed nails made her shiver. Her p*ssy, which had experienced her first intercourse not long ago, was still swollen and red, retaining the pl*asure and pain from before. With each breath, his lower abdomen rose and fell gently, almost as if indicating what was inside.

“Why, why are you doing this? Aiden? Eut!”

More than feeling embarrassed, she felt scared. Even when they first intertwined their bodies, she felt like prey being hunted, but now she felt like she was going to be devoured entirely, leaving only bones behind.

Unlike the instinctual fear that her mind and heart felt, her body was being honest. Leti shuddered at the damp flesh she could feel in her lower half.

What touched her sensitive skin was Aiden’s tongue.

After coming out of her grandmother’s house, where she had taken a clean bath and the scent of soap lingered around her intimate area, he looked like a famished beast, licking her as if he had been starved for days. He licked her swollen cl*toris, thrust his head into her opening and sucked the fl*ids, even lightly scratching the plump flesh that was swollen.

The pl*asure was as intense as when he entered her, if not more so.

Due to her daily life of hunting prey with her life on the line, she was quite accustomed to tension and fear. However, Leti had no resistance to pl*asure, leaving her trembling and unsure of what to do.

“That, that’s enough! Wait! Eugh, Aiden…!”

She felt like her soul might be sucked out if this continued. Just as she had that thought, Aiden suddenly turned her around and made her lie down.

In an instant, Leti found herself in a prone position, and she instinctively sensed what Aiden was about to do as he held her waist and lifted her hips.


Her intimate area, moist with saliva and fl*ids, was once again penetrated by the m*mber that took her virginity.

Like an herbivore that had been bitten in a vital area, Leti’s shoulders jerked up high, and due to the deeply embedded flesh reaching even her cervical area, she let out ragged breaths.

Heugh… heu….”

She feels suffocated. It feels like her insides are filled to the brim with his m*mber.

Is it because of the position or because of the change in Aiden’s appearance? The force behind his thrusts felt different from when he first penetrated her. Back then, although it was painful and intense, she never thought she would die from it. But now, she genuinely fears that she might not survive this.

“Le, ti. Leti.”

Like a child learning to speak for the first time, Aiden softly called Leti’s name and smiled gently. Despite his sharp fangs that could tear through most leathers, the kind-hearted male didn’t bite or harm Leti.

“I like, I like you. I like you, Leti…”

It wasn’t romantic, but it was an incredibly sincere and straightforward confession. Aiden, without any pretense or concealment, earnestly thrust into her, making back and forth movements inside the orifice that had greedily engulfed his m*mber.


Leti gasped and moaned as the movements continued.

The m*mber that had penetrated deeply enough to reach her ut*rus suddenly pulled back to the entrance and thrust forward again.

A rhythmic yet irregular repetition. Whether it was driven by the desire to conceive a child or the urge to dominate, it was indistinguishable. Aiden’s actions were purely guided by instinct.

‘This is why, you’re really a wolf!’

Why he suddenly grew ears and a tail, what Aiden’s true identity was—none of that mattered now. The Aiden in Leti’s mind was no longer a cute and immature young male; he was now nothing but a male wolf in heat, driven by the urge to impregnate his female.

And now, even she would find it hard to call herself human.

In a posture resembling that of an animal, Leti suddenly had that thought. Engulfing an unusually sized p*nis into her lower opening while lying flat like this, she wondered if she looked no different from a beast in the eyes of others.

Heupuhheu… Ai, den…!”

Perhaps the repeated rough thrusts had become familiar, as Leti, who couldn’t properly moan before, finally managed to let out her voice.


In response to her calling his name, Aiden’s ears moved, and his tail wagged.

He stopped thrusting deeply, reaching her roots, and instead embraced Leti, intertwining their bodies. He pulled her slender waist, embracing her closer.

“Leti, hehe, Leti.”

It was an incredibly cute laughter. It didn’t match the brutal size of his p*nis or the rough mating, but rather, it was an innocent and naive laughter.

However, what surprised her the most was how that laughter made all her complaints and discontent vanish from her heart. Leti hesitated about what to say to Aiden, who was now gently caressing her chest without even looking at her.

At first, she had thought about telling him to stop, but now she didn’t feel like it was the right answer. If they were to stop at this point, she would feel unjust about her messed-up lower body. She wondered if she should claim that she couldn’t bear the uneasiness. Anyway, she didn’t want to stop this act right now. It was embarrassing to admit, but it also felt good, in a way.

While Leti’s heart was in turmoil, Aiden, who seemed oblivious to it all, continued to fondle and caress her tempting br*asts and gently tease her erect n*pples.

“… Huu.”

To be honest, she doesn’t even have the strength to resist anymore.

Feeling exhausted enough for her rational thinking to be perceived as commendable, Leti was tired. After objectively assessing her physical condition, she felt a bit curious and asked Aiden.

“Aiden, do you have something to say to me?”

She expected him to apologize for suddenly pouncing on her or to express concern about her well-being, giving him the opportunity to speak. It seemed like the wolf might have misunderstood something.



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