While fully aware of Ron being a person who only begged after desperately holding on, she casually rejected his pleas. The more delighted she was, the harsher she became because Martian was the type of Master who grew more severe when pleased. She moved her foot, pressing down on the confining restraint that caused Ron to twitch. Euh, euh. Ron’s moans burst forth.




“The work isn’t finished yet. Acting so disobediently…”




She clicked her tongue and then rubbed her foot against Ron’s body. Her foot brushed against his hardened n*pple. She pressed them as if to squash them, then playfully scraped them with the tip of her toe. A faint whimpering sound could be heard. His moans sounded almost like sobs. If it wasn’t for the restraint, the space beneath the desk would have been drenched with Ron’s essence.




“Master… euh, haaaa, please…”




Just then, the study’s door swung open. Startled, Ron quickly stifled his breath.




Martian, upon confirming the unexpected intruder, furrowed her brow. The intruder was a partner she once treated like a dog. Since she had often brought him to the mansion for her amusement, no one must have stopped him downstairs. The man, panting heavily, looked as though he had run all the way here.




“Euh, huff, euh… Martian. Why are you… avoiding me like this? Suddenly… discarding me like this…”




He was the second son of a noble family, with no chance of inheriting a title. While he was decent-looking, he was nearing an age where he needed to marry a noblewoman with a title soon. However, even during the time they had maintained a partner relationship, Martian had never had any intention of marrying him. Since telling him to end their relationship, she hadn’t contacted him again.




Martian rubbed her temples upon unexpectedly encountering him. The man had just been panting, and now he was pouring out his grievances. Martian had gotten used to these types of situations.




“Can’t make sense of it…?”




She sat up, her expression stern.




“I told you it’s over, didn’t I?”




“I can’t accept that…”








She chuckled, a laugh born out of incredulity.




One with a desire to dominate and derive excitement from the act of abusing others needed a counterpart – someone who gets excited when dominated. In large cities, people with similar tendencies often formed groups, but in remote areas, it was impossible. Most would get introduced to a partner for a night at ‘Moonlit Haven’, the largest brothel in the area. The man was one such partner Martian had met there.




“What do you not accept? You’ve followed me, investigated me. Shouldn’t you know by now that I detest such behaviors?”




“But…you hardly met me, that’s why I did that. I just… wanted to be with you, my Master…”




Martian scowled visibly. It was absurd to think that someone she met as a bedroom partner would stalk and investigate her. His excuses seemed pitiful. She clicked her tongue in annoyance.




“What ‘master’? You just need someone to torment as you please, right? There’s nothing more to say. Just leave. We’re done.”




“…But you! You enjoyed it too! Enjoyed tormenting and had fun! Why blame me all of a sudden?”




The man’s face reddened, unable to suppress his emotions. Seeing his labored breathing, Martian showed signs of exasperation. She leaned against a desk, sighing in annoyance, causing his face to contort in anger.




Suddenly, he lunged at Martian. Predictably. She swiftly dodged and, in one fl*id motion, grabbed the back of his head, smashing it onto the desk. A loud bang followed by a scream echoed. She gripped his hair tightly and slammed his head against the desk several more times.








“Shut up.”




Martian continued to slam him. Although she wasn’t fond of this kind of treatment, she had no choice. A mad dog needed a beating to understand, after all.




The beauty of the whip marks that remained on his fair, white skin was such that she had indulged him before. His refined skin seemed to mirror his excessive delicacy. But now his slow, dim-witted movements, especially the way he charged, only highlighted his foolishness and lack of awareness of reality. Even though his head was banged head several times, wobbling, he was still spewing curses with all his might.




“Who do you think you are? You b*tch! At best, you’re just some woman from the countryside, who would be growing old without even getting married, ah!”




Martian immediately kicked between his legs. The fallen man wheezed pathetically. As usual, the useless ones were always the loudest. In a defeated state, he still tried to put on a show of resistance.




“Do you think I’ll just stand by?”




“And if you don’t? What will you do?”




She sneered, her words filled with mockery.




“Without any personal achievements, you cling to your family name. You should realize your place. My status is on par with your father’s. Who should be wary of whom?”




She gripped his hair and dragged him towards the door. Due to the pain of his hair being pulled out, the man had to crawl on all fours along with her. Once she released him, the man remained on the ground, clutching his head.




“Get out. Won’t you?”




She kicked his side and thigh. The man cursed as she prodded him.




“Ow! Damn it! It hurts!”




“You should have obediently left when I told you to. Get out quickly.”




“Ah! Enough, ugh! Please stop!”




“You have dragged your a$s all the way here to present it to me why should I stop? You need to understand your place. A pathetic bastard with no skill!”




“This, this! Wh*re! You’re one of Moonlit Haven’s wh*res! Everyone calls you that behind your back…”




Martian grabbed his head by his hair, lifted it up, and slapped his cheek. The man screamed in pain. She dropped his hair as if it were dirty.




“Calling me a ‘wh*re’ in front of me? You’re really dumb. Disgracing my honor is the same as disgracing my family’s honor. My position was sanctioned by the Emperor himself. Do you find such things laughable?”

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