Eunhyuk hastily withdrew his gaze from the bridge of her nose, which naturally fell down her rounded forehead, to her full, red lips beneath it.


Then he lifted his hand to cup Hyewon’s cheek that rested on his palm.


It was a desperate struggle to free his trapped hand, but his palm stuck to her like glue.


At the same time, her tightly closed eyes slowly opened.


As if squinting through a pair of glasses, her large, black eyes peeked out.


Their gazes locked, and Eunhyuk’s heart skipped a beat.


He had thought about all kinds of sh*t just a moment ago, but now that he was seeing her so up close, his heart was pounding because she was so pretty, and he felt like he was losing his mind.


It was a natural sensation and emotion that can happen in a closed space.


Staring into her emotionless eyes, Eunhyuk blurted out an apology before realizing it.


“I’m sorry.”


When her face scrunched up, wondering why he was apologizing, he elaborated.


“I’m sorry I misunderstood you earlier.”




He wanted her to say something. She just stared at him with empty pupils, as if her soul was dead, and this only made the atmosphere more tense.




“Kang Hyewon.”


His hand was still on her cheek, but she didn’t push it away. She was obsessed with her name.


She’s so f*cking generous.


She fed him. She took care of him.


Even when he touched her, she didn’t say anything.


“Don’t you know how to be wary of people?”




“You can’t sleep in the same room with a man. What if I have bad intentions and try to take my clothes off?”


“You wouldn’t dare try to touch me after how much you insulted me earlier. There would be nothing I could do anyway.”


Eunhyuk’s gaze was fixed on the irises that were trapped under her slightly swollen eyes.


“I haven’t slept since my grandmother’s funeral, so I didn’t even realize I fell asleep.”


Her languid muttering sounded like an excuse to Eunhyuk for not being more vigilant.


“I know I have to let her go now. My head knows it, but my body refuses to let me. I’m scared that if I fall asleep, all my memories of her will disappear…”


He didn’t know if she was trapped in a dream, or if she was just having a hard time accepting that it was real, but Hyewon’s cloudy eyes stayed open.


Her depression seemed to be deeply rooted in the death of her grandmother.


Her eyes are red, but she doesn’t cry.


Her empty pupils seem to be absorbing tears as if they were black holes.


Even Eunhyuk’s eyes, which were abnormal in that they didn’t shed a single tear when he was sad, felt normal compared to hers.


Eunhyuk removed his hand from her cheek and pushed her back.


He didn’t even bother to look for a quilt to wrap around her, instead, he made an arm pillow and offered it to her.


He felt more pity for her than he had ever felt for anyone else in his life. She was such an empty woman.


Maybe that’s why there are so many times in life people do a favor for someone else, even at their own inconvenience.




Hyewon blinked her slightly swollen eyes dry, and he wondered why she looked like a soulless wax figure.


“Sleep. Close your eyes.”


Eunhyuk reached out and placed his hand over Hyewon’s eyes. It wasn’t long before his palm was soaked with tears.


She must have been holding them in for a while because she wiped them away, but she never cried out loud.


Slowly removing his hand from covering her eyes, his gaze fell on her red, bloodshot eyes.


They were pale. No, a little more than that, and cloudy tears kept filling them up.


Eunhyuk felt Hyewon’s fingertips tremble as they gripped the hem of the robe he was wearing.


She wouldn’t let go. It was like she couldn’t let go.


Hyewon held onto Eunhyuk as if she needed to be held; as if she needed to be comforted.


The sobs that intermittently leaked from her mouth were devastating.


Eunhyuk stared at his reflection in Hyewon’s eyes, which held nothing the entire time.


His face, reflected like a mirror, wasn’t so bad, or so he thought.


Grabbing Hyewon’s damp, tear-soaked cheeks, Eunhyuk turned her face around and kissed her.


It wasn’t a kiss that came from an impulsive need, but well, it was a kiss that meant to comfort someone.


Yeah, it was simply to comfort Hyewon.


Hot tears rolled down the overlapping lips.


He should have pulled away, blushing, before it was too late.


It would have been normal to slap his cheeks for being a piece of sh*t.


But without the slightest protest, Hyewon helplessly accepted his lips.


Even when Eunhyuk grabbed her chin, pried her lips apart, and slid his tongue inside her mouth, she didn’t budge; only tears streamed down her face.


His tongue parted Hyewon’s defenseless lips, exploring the inside of her mess.


The arm he had given to her for a pillow was now wrapped around her neck, while the other was wrapped around her slim waist.


Their bodies pressed together, and their lower bodies were quickly changing. He had a body that hadn’t responded to even the most sensual of women.


A virgin body that hadn’t held a woman in his 26 years of life was responding to the commonplace face and unflattering body.


Okay, it was time for him to face it.


As shitty as his situation had been, Kang Hyewon wasn’t shitty at all, but that doesn’t mean he can stick his d*ck in a grieving woman.


He didn’t have a d*sgusting hobby of jacking off to women who were crying because they were hurting.


That’s what his head was saying to him, but his instincts were screaming to touch Hyewon’s br*asts that were pressed against his n*ked upper body.


Eunhyuk hastily pulled away, afraid that if he went any further, he would spiral out of control.


The tangled saliva stretched like a spider web.


The visual effect was enough to make his c*ck swell and stiffen.


Their gazes locked in a blazing encounter.








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