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Caught off guard by the directness of the question, Iva, realizing the party was over, chose not to hide her feelings anymore.




“Yes. You were quite a challenging guest.”




“Really? I did mention that I was satisfied with the party since it was different from what I’m used to.”




“But you didn’t smile much, so I was worried. And then there were the unexpected events. I should have responded more smoothly, but I was taken aback.”




“It’s not easy to acknowledge a situation that wasn’t your fault to begin with. That’s commendable.”




Bridget flashed a grin, as if more impressed than before.




“It’s not that big of a deal, really.”




“No, to me, it is.”




Bridget who was walking forward, suddenly stopped.




“Most people hide their flaws or mistakes. Everyone wants to appear perfect.”




Iva also stopped beside him.




“But you, Lady Iva, embrace even the situations beyond your control.”




His eyes, twinkling with a dual hue, stared intently at Iva.




“I sometimes wish to hide from my own mistakes. I envy your attitude.”




“Really? You always seemed like someone who wouldn’t make mistakes.”




“Well, I’m human too.”




“You seem more like a robot.”




“A… robot? What’s that?”




“Haha, it’s just a joke in the Bergen empire.”




Iva started walking with a smile, and Bridget matched her steps.




“Leading so many people and gaining their trust isn’t an easy task.”




“Haha. You’re flattering me again.”




“I’m sincere. While working as a delegation member, I learned that you can win people over with money, but it’s only temporary; you can’t count on their loyalty. You have the ability to make this difficult task look so easy.”




Iva, who had been listening quietly, confidently brushed her hair back with vigor, displaying her self-assuredness.




“I’m good at almost everything I do. There might be things I haven’t tried, but nothing I can’t do.”




Bridget chuckled audibly and nodded in agreement.




“Yes, it seems that way.”




“You have a keen eye.”




“Lady Iva.”








“When I return to Fenet, I plan to report all the events from Bergen Empire in a positive light.”




Iva blinked in surprise and quickly scanned her surroundings. 




That wasn’t something she should be hearing. Such information, especially between nations, was confidential and required caution.




“Should you be telling me this? It’s a conversation between countries.”




“Of course not.”




For a moment, she was so confident she thought she heard ‘Of course.’




“Then why are you telling me?”




What’s going on? Is he, not an envoy but an assassin? Instinctively, Iva swiftly covered the back of her neck.




“While it’s not appropriate to say to a Lady from another empire, if you were to become a citizen of the Fenet Empire, it would be okay.”




“…What? What are you implying? I’m not a citizen of Fenet.”




“I’m inviting you to the Fenet Empire.”




“To Fenet?”




“We need someone like you in our envoy team. Someone with a perspective different from others.”




Wait, am I being scouted?




Iva blinked as she belatedly grasped the implication of his words.




“In the Fenet Empire, talent is recognized regardless of gender. I believe it would be an ideal place for you.”




“I-I was thinking of going to the countryside.”




“The… countryside?”




At the mention of a word that seemed unfitting for a noble, Bridget appeared momentarily taken aback.




“I’ve heard that there’s limited land suitable for farming here. In Fenet, there are far more people who specialize in agriculture.”




Bridget tried to calmly cater to Iva’s preferences.




“If you’re thinking of cultivating winter herbs, it might be better to do so in Fenet.”




Come to think of it, it was quite an enticing proposal.




To avoid getting entangled with the tiresome protagonists, moving to another empire seemed like a good opportunity.




Furthermore, accepting the envoy leader’s offer might also come with certain benefits and support.




“Is Fenet welcoming to foreigners? It’s not like they’d just grant immediate citizenship.”




“Of course, there are procedures. But given that you already hold the title of a count’s daughter and would be working for the Fenet Empire, things would be much more straightforward.”




“I see.”




“But there’s also an even simpler method.”




“A simpler method?”




Bridget extended his hand towards Iva.




Thinking he wanted a handshake, Iva instinctively took it. But instead of a handshake, he turned her hand so the back of it faced upwards.








He gently pressed his lips against the ring finger of her left hand and, keeping his lips close, he whispered,




“You could marry me.”




•┈••✦ ❤ ✦••┈•

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