Some were in positions that were easy to recognize, like the typical prayer position of clasped hands and a 108-degree bow, while others were in positions that were difficult to associate with their affiliation.


Some were doing handstands, others were completely immobile; some were praying with their hands in odd positions and others were reclining. One person was in a yoga position with their eyes closed and meditating.


All that aside, Won didn’t know what religion would require a handstand while worshiping. There are many religions in the world, so she was just going to accept it would be associated with one.


There was nothing special about the place except for the position of some patients. One peculiarity would be the somewhat solemn airflow due to the characteristics of the room, but she didn’t see any demons or snakes. The CCTV is working fine, so it is like any other place.


‘This is it.’


The moment that thought appeared in her head, Won heard a voice.


“What are you doing, pretty girl?”


Won spun around and glared at Top Dog.


“Why do you needlessly scare people…”


At that moment, all of the lights in the room suddenly crackled, then simultaneously went out. The sudden darkness caused some patients to stand in a panic.


‘Is there a power outage?’


Won looked in the direction of the camera and confirmed the infrared LEDs were not on.


The cause was unknown, but a power outage had occurred.


Hospitals have emergency medical equipment that keeps patients alive, so in the event of a power outage, emergency generators are supposed to start up within 30 seconds to provide power to key rooms, like an emergency room. If the hospital is unable to generate its own power, the KEPCO is dispatched to provide emergency power. The total capacity of the emergency power supply is calculated by adding up the capacity of the facilities and equipment that require power, then applying a safety factor. Then, the order in which power is supplied is determined by priority according to the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s <Detailed Standards for Installing and Operating Self-Generation Facilities and Medical Institutions>.


CCTV is not a facility or medical equipment that requires emergency power. It will not work unless KEPCO restores it. It could take only a minute or two, ten minutes, or over an hour.


It’s a chance to scour the wards without being watched, but she doesn’t know when the power will turn back on. If she is in the middle of shuffling through papers and the power comes back on, the CCTV will load up, and then she’ll be found out…


“Attention patients. Due to the negligence of KEPCO, there was a sudden power outage. We are currently running an emergency generator, so for your safety, please refrain from moving around and stay in place. We would like to inform you once again. Due to KEPCO’s…”


Listening to the broadcast, Won was conflicted.


‘To do something or not to do something.’


At worst, the hospital will discover her reason for being here.


“My pretty girl seems to be thinking a lot.”


Won broke out in a cold sweat before looking back at the relaxed voice. Top Dog’s eyes clearly glowed in the darkness. The pupils looked as if they were coated in glow-in-the-dark paint as if he were a ferocious beast looking for his meal.


‘Is this common?’


As Won stares in fascination, Top Dog blurted out.


“Do it.”


Two words. No more, no less.


It was so short that it took her a moment to realize what he meant.


“I’ll fix it somehow, so do what you want.”


He met her wavering gaze and spoke as if he were talking about the simplest thing in the world. His voice sounded so weightless, idyllic, and unreal, yet, because there was no hesitation, it didn’t sound like empty words.


“Can you take responsibility?”


“I want to be responsible for your future, too.”


Won stared at him, knowing it wasn’t the time for him to play dumb.


“Trust your oppa.”


He smirked.


Was it the devil’s temptation that would send her in a spiraling downfall, or him?


Won didn’t hesitate for long. Clenching and unclenching her fists, she took a step, Top Dog trotting after her.


“Don’t you think you should ask how I’m going to take responsibility?”


“Shut up and follow me.”


She didn’t have time to sit around and listen to his plans. If she was going to believe in something, she would just believe in it. For whatever reason, Top Dog needs to find the secret room in the ward. He wouldn’t get her in trouble and ruin the chances of finding it.


Won swiftly moved, relying on the flow of her watch to guide her. The destination was set to the “employees only” area on the same floor as the religion room.


When she reached it, she grabbed the handle and turned it, but the door didn’t open. She groaned in frustration.


“It’s locked.”


Top Dog muttered in a half-attentive manner. He then looked at Won, wondering what to do next.


“You want me to break it down?”


“Don’t try and make a show of this.”


Taking her hand off her watch, Won fiddled with the doorknob. It wasn’t long before it clicked open.


“How did you do that?”


Top Dog’s gruff voice asked from behind her. Won unlocked the door and nonchalantly replied.


“I have my ways.”


“Did you open it with a hairpin or something?”


“Hairpins are forbidden in the ward.”


If she can’t pick a simple door like this, let alone a vault door with a complicated lock, she should change careers.


Once inside the room, Won pressed a button on her watch to activate the light. A beam of light stretched out like a flashlight, sparking a whistle from Top Dog.


‘I can’t believe all his reactions are like that.’


Frowning, Won quickly located the CCTV. Since the area was off-limits to non-employees, there was only one camera on the ceiling. Turning off the light to conserve battery power, Won rummages through the shelves of the filing cabinets.


As expected, the third-floor room was the document storage warehouse.


“What can I do for you, sweetheart?”


“Find out if there are any blueprints for the building.”


At the word “blueprints,” Top Dog’s breathing changed; he went from flirtatious to quiet, and Won could hear him flipping through papers. He’d have to search through the papers in the dark with only his eyes, no glow of the watch, but that wasn’t any of her concern.


‘This is the patient list, and then…’


There’s no telling when the power will be restored. The CCTV won’t be the first one, but it will come on at the same time as the lights. If she sees the lighting turning on, she needs to get away from here. It was then up to Top Dog since he would take responsibility.


‘Not this one, and no…’


Won’s hand stopped flipping through the papers. She didn’t find the blueprints, but the title was too good to pass up.


“Notice regarding precautions for the closed ward”


How are you, [Patient Name]? It is our sincere pl*asure to be working with you.


In order to fulfill your expectations for choosing our hospital, we promise to do our best to ensure that you are well.


We want [Patient Name] to have an enjoyable and rewarding stay with us, so here are a few things to keep in mind during your stay.


Won skimmed the bottom and saw that points 1 through 7 were listed as precautions.


Suddenly, Ms. Yang’s words flashed through her mind.


“Yeah, you know, the ones that are written on the paper. He broke them and the demons and snakes dragged Dr. Hudson away. Alas, poor Dr. Hudson!”


‘Is this what she was referring to?’


Won plucked the paper from the filing cabinet and folded it multiple times. She cradled it into the palm of her hand and continued to shuffle through the papers. She can’t afford to read it right now, but she’ll take her time to do so later. Finding the blueprints was her priority.


“You just got quiet, what did you find?”


Top Dog asked as he flipped through the papers.


“Something other than the blueprints, you?”


“Me? I’m only looking for drawings, not words, because there’s no light and I can’t read what’s on them anyway.”


Won had to agree. She turned her attention away and returned to her work.


As she flipped through the pages, searching for hidden treasures in the endless mountains of paperwork, she heard a slight crackling noise from above. It was a signal.


‘The electricity is back!’


Won immediately dropped the papers, spun around, and stood with her back to the shelf. At the same time, the dark room flickered, dimmed, then brightened.


Before she knew it, Top Dog was standing over her. She was amazed at his agility. The next thing she knew, his hand was behind her back. With his other hand wrapped around the back of her head, he whispered in her ear.


“Resist, get h*rny, or do whatever the f*ck you want.”


Before she could comprehend his words, his hand on the small of her back dug into her dress.


Won violently shuddered. Her first thought at the touch of his hand on her bare skin was “hot,” followed by “big.” It felt like she was completely engulfed by him.


Calloused, hard fingers slid along the hollow of her spine.




She moaned, shivers running down her spine. She couldn’t keep still.


“You’re sensitive. Have you f*cked another man?”





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