* * *








‘I’ve always known this guy was mad, but he’s in an unusually bad mood today, isn’t he?’




After he pulled me onto his lap facing him, my legs straddled around his waist and my a$s balancing precariously on his thighs, Seth touched my body as if I were clay he was trying to shape into a doll. His hand freely dug under the hem of my dress.




“Wait..! Ugh….”




When his hand entered deeper than usual to grip my soft flesh in his big hands, I unconsciously arched my back. He chuckled softly.




While I was busy gasping, he asked a question.




“Master, shall we go out to play?”








“You seem to be staying inside the house too much, and I thought you might be feeling frustrated, Master.”




“What are you planning?” I questioned suspiciously.




His lips, which were wandering all over me, moved to my neck. The feeling of his tongue trailing along my prickling flesh made me moan.








I closed my mouth at the sound of my own voice, and Seth pulled his mouth away.




“Why? Keep going. I really like that sound.”




The man’s voice scraped against my eardrums, and the inside of my mouth burned.




“It seems like you want me, Master.”




“But why suggest going out to play? To refresh my mood?”




“Really. You’re my master. The joy of my master is the most important thing to a faithful slave…….”




‘Then remove the hand that’s on my thigh and answer the question!’




Long, slick fingers slid further up my dress beyond my inner thigh.




“Ah– Seth..!”




He skillfully slipped inside and rubbed against my inner walls, curling his index and middle finger towards himself while they were still inside me. I tried to pull away from him, but Seth wrapped his free arm around my waist.




He firmly held me on his lap so I couldn’t escape, while his thumb joined his other fingers and began teasing my cl*t, rubbing it in circles using the slippery fl*id that dripped down his fingers.








I leaned my head against Seth’s shoulder and moaned helplessly.




My aching slit, which had been w*t since our lips met, made a lewd squelching sound with each movement of his hand.




As I instinctively moved my legs further apart, straining to feel him even more deeply, Seth began to finger my inner walls even faster, like he’d been waiting for me. Between the stimulation of a certain spot deep inside my center and the rhythmic rubbing on my cl*t, I soon reached a light cl*max.




“Heuk,” I choked out as my body finished trembling. Even as I tightened and contracted around his fingers, Seth’s hand still remained inside me.




As tears formed in the corners of my eyes, Seth smiled satisfactorily. Then he licked the teardrops.




“Do you have somewhere you want to go?”




“When are you going to take me? Give me a timeframe.”




I responded cautiously, feeling weird about him coming out like this.




“You really know me well, Master. Inside and out.”




Of course, I do.




I know you’re the kind of person who strikes others behind their backs as easily as breathing. Even if you were to strike me from behind and say, “Ta-da, surprise!” I wouldn’t be surprised.




“It’s nice that you know me well,” Seth practically purred.




Nice, huh? What’s that supposed to mean?




“I feel a tingling in my chest because I’m questioning myself.”




‘What kind of flag is that?’




“I…I genuinely care about you, Master.”




Beep, that’s a lie.




“You are precious to me, Master.”




Yes, that’s also a lie.




Oh, but touching me seems sincere though.




I tried to pull his hand away from me, but my resistance only seemed to strengthen it. And then he started grinning from ear to ear!




“Seth, you’re so mean.”




I know this isn’t enough to make the dark chancellor upset.




As expected, Seth chuckled softly, his eyes glimmering, and whispered softly.




“How did you know I was mean? Ah, because you’re my master, of course you would know.”




It was a rare statement that was strangely accurate, so I remained silent.




“You know, I’m so glad I found the only person in the world who really understands me.”




‘I don’t understand you, actually!’




If I were to respond like this, my neck would probably be cut off, right?




“Tell me where you want to go.”




Are you testing me? Are you planning to destroy the place if I say where I want to go?




I thought about the place I had to go to return home, but it didn’t seem like Seth would take me there.




Objectively speaking, it’s not exactly a pristine location.








“I don’t know the exact place. All I remember is that it was on a cliff overlooking the ocean, and there was a strange building that looked like a tree in the distance.”




Seth’s hand, which had been teasing me playfully, stopped.




“There was lush grass around, and um…tall stones about my height were scattered in the area.”




That place was where I opened my eyes in this world.




“I came into the city by foot, so it can’t be far, and you might know where it is,” I added.




I wasn’t worried about how to get out, but I had a suspicion that the answer to why I ended up in this world might be there.




And a clue about why Seth knows I’m the author.




“Don’t you want to go?”




Since there was no response, I asked a clarifying question. Even if he didn’t want to go, I wouldn’t be surprised, but I might be a bit disappointed.




“You call me your master, but don’t let me leave this house or use the carriage. It’s all just talk about being a master.”




I intentionally made a petulant comment, and I heard a shallow sigh in response.








Success in provoking him!




“By the way, Master,” Seth said in a low voice.








“Why the hell aren’t you falling for me?”




“W-what are you talking about? I’ve already fallen for you.”




His eyes narrowed.




“Really? For something like that…….”




Seth tilted his head, his eyes again narrowing slightly.




Don’t tempt me, you villainous character.




This is Seth Milan, a devilishly handsome man who turns anyone into a captive after spending just one night with them.




Seth was even more captivating than I had imagined and described. Of course, at night too!




And he knew his charm well. He knew how to use it and didn’t leave anyone unsatisfied.




He was a man who disposed of women who clung to him in an instant and had no interest in affection for the other person.




“Your eyes are shaking, Master.”




Oh no, did he notice?




“Is it because of that person you mentioned as my destined partner?”




‘No,’ but I vigorously nodded.




“Then, should I kill that woman?”




“Ugh, huh?”




“By killing that woman, by slitting her throat, then will you believe me?”




“W-what, what, what?”




“There is only one master for me.”




Goodness gracious, Seth. What on earth are you saying?




That woman is someone who will love you. She’s the only person who will understand you, even if your personality is a mess!




“Oh, no. You don’t have to go to such lengths.”




I quickly objected because I had to save the heroine. Then Seth smirked and made a demand.




“Is that so? Then keep living with me.”




‘Goodness gracious, his temptation weakens my resolve.’




“Stay with me forever, Master.”




Just sleeping with Seth won’t have any impact on the heroine, after all. Besides, Seth never gets involved with the same woman more than once. Because of this, I initially considered sleeping with him once.




I thought that after a day of sleeping together, Seth would forget about me being the author and kick me out of this place with my severance pay, allowing me to return to my original world.




But now, Seth is constantly seeking me out whenever he can?




…… Isn’t this a huge problem?




“I’ll think about it some more,” I replied noncommittally.




But right now, it felt like Seth was clinging to me, trying to hold on to me.




I think it’s because I’m the author.




It’s as if he believes that I already know everything, even without him hiding anything. So, he acts nonchalantly and behaves as if he can get away with anything.




“Why do you have to think about it, Master?” Seth pushed, his red eyes staring into mine.




Or maybe it’s because he’s desperately trying to hold himself together.




When he eventually meets the heroine, Seth isn’t in a good state. In the story I wrote, he would be partially insane and even more obsessed with the heroine.




I couldn’t just leave Seth, who was deeply wounded, behind. At least until the heroine appeared, I had to stay by his side.




Lately, Seth’s tense atmosphere has somewhat subsided, probably because he’s been eating and sleeping well.




“Hold on. Hold on, Seth.”




Without me, Seth will have nightmares again, and he won’t eat properly.




The fact that Seth sleeps well when I’m around, I assume, stems from some kind of influence I have on the world.




As the author, I don’t have powers that manifest individually, but maybe being around me helps?




It’s all speculation, of course.




So, I don’t want to get kicked out by Seth now.




“I, I!”








“I have the intention of getting married and living with my husband for the rest of my life!”




I didn’t realize that I had such a goal until it came out of my mouth… which is bullshit.




“You, you, you’re not my husband, right? So, we can’t live together for a lifetime.”




In reality, I have no intention of getting married, so there won’t be a husband in the first place. I don’t need someone to live with for a lifetime.




A relationship as s*x partners is fine though.




I like it when the hand that’s riding up my thigh goes deeper, and when the hand touching my belly moves upward.








I couldn’t read Seth’s mood from his voice.




“…That’s an interesting condition.”




I wondered if he was being sarcastic.




“Well, if I submit the marriage registration tomorrow, Master, will that be enough?”








If it were Seth, he would jump at the opportunity, thinking I’ll be taken away by someone else otherwise.




“Why? Are you going to leave me behind?”




“No, I said I’d stay with you.”




Until the heroine appears.




Knowing there was a partial truth to it, Seth didn’t call it a lie.




“Marriage is about sharing the same feelings with someone.”




“Then does that mean our hearts don’t connect? Hmm.”




His tone sounded oddly threatening.




“Well, um. So that’s it, right? I don’t really know.”




“Well, I guess.”




Surprisingly, Seth was quick to agree.




“Then, shall we get to know each other’s bodies first?”




Seth laid me down on the bed and climbed on top of me. The man who opened his crimson eyes slightly and smiled playfully was excessively stimulating.




“If we know each other’s bodies perfectly, we might come to know each other’s hearts too.”




“Now, now, now, wait!”








His raspy voice scratching my eardrums made me aroused.




I already felt w*t down there, but at this rate, I was going to be caught in Seth’s trap. I might end up stamping my seal on a marriage vow without even realizing it.




So, let’s take a cold shower and clear my head…!




“No, no. If it can’t be done, it can’t be done!”




As I said firmly, Seth slightly pouted his lips and then grinned.




“Got it.”




There’s something ominous about that.




“I’ll make an effort to make my master want me.”




“Oh, no, no, that’s not…!”




Seth shifted positions and moved his head down between my legs. With his red hair falling forward, I covered my face, already feeling overwhelmed.




‘Ah, damn it.




What kind of torture is this!’




I had to resist the urge to grab his red hair and tell him to just do as I say.




“Seth, no…. Agh!”




But right now, I was in such agony that I wanted to cry.

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