11. The Rawest Mind (6)

Translated by: ๐ธ๐“‡๐’พ

What he first did was a brief kiss. After the gentle contact of flesh against flesh, his lips began to delve deeper inside her. Eve willingly spread her legs, aiding his intrusion, and whispered in an even more seductive voice.

“Use your tongue to softly caress. Find the small bump… Ah, there. Mmm… W*t your lips and gently tease it, arousing it with care. Don’t apply too much pressure, go slowly… That’s right.”

Castel carefully responded to Eve’s voice by using his tongue to explore her lower region. One hand held onto the thigh that had slipped down from his shoulder, as if preventing it from falling, while the other hand spread open the outer skin of her g*nitalia with his fingers. The man’s expression, buried between her legs, became even more serious, which didn’t quite match the situation.

Like a dog licking jam, Castel’s tongue licked the red mucous membrane, finding the cl*toris as directed by Eve. He carefully circled it with his tongue, gently gliding over the small bump, then pressed his lips against it and sucked. A soft sigh escaped from above his head.

Castel, while striving to satisfy Eve, lifted his gaze momentarily. Then, he caught sight of a calm expression that was not much different from before. Castel’s complexion dimmed subtly as he observed the face of Eve, who didn’t seem particularly excited.

As the man observed, Eve was not experiencing intense pl*asure. It was a lingering, tingling sensation that failed to escalate into ar*usal, eventually fading away near the base of her spine. Trying to focus on the sensations from below, Eve ended up pursing her lips with a disappointed expression.

‘Is it because he’s a virgin? Hmm… It’s quite disappointing.’

Eve, who evaluated Castel’s efforts in short sentences, didn’t hesitate to express her impression.

“What have you been doing all these years? Seriously, you can’t do it properly.”

“… I apologize.”

“It’s fine. You can remove your face.”

As Castel put down Eve’s legs and stepped back, Eve straightened her back and smoothened her clothes that had been crumpled. In the midst of that, something caught her eye. In no time, Eve’s face began to sparkle like a child who had discovered a toy.

The bulge in Castel’s pants was even thicker than before. Spotting the man’s middle leg, which was making its presence felt, Eve couldn’t help but giggle.

“Oh my. Did you get aroused just from touching a woman’s leg? Without even me touching it? You’re really a pervert, aren’t you?”

“I apologize.”

“No, it’s okay. Being a pervert isn’t something to apologize for. Would you mind taking off your pants? I want to take a closer look.”


Castel’s fingertips, heading towards the belt in his pants, were trembling ever so slightly. Eve’s malicious voice mocking him felt like firecrackers exploding in his ears. An indescribable pl*asure, causing the man’s nerves to tighten, was pulsating in his lower abdomen and inner muscles.

The more obediently Castel responded to Eve’s voice, the more she manipulated and taunted him, the more strength surged into his thighs, and his abdomen and the area near his spine tingled with electricity, which he easily realized.

Eventually, Castel, struggling against himself, unfastened his belt and, discreetly pulling his underwear slightly down, exposed his intimate flesh. He felt a light shiver as he sensed sharp eyes fixating below his waist. It was a thrill different from the satisfaction of achieving one’s desires, stimulating his brain with a unique euphoria.

“Not just a little erect, huh? You’re really aroused. Even a slight touch would make you come right away, wouldn’t it?”

A mocking laughter echoed in Castel’s ears. His head involuntarily turned, avoiding eye contact, and dropped towards Eve’s feet.

Soon, Eve, who had been sitting with her legs crossed in his line of sight, was seen uncrossing her legs and bringing her bare feet, which were revealed outside, closer to himself. Her fair and slender feet settled on top of the erect p*nis that were protruding through the pants.

Through the thin flesh of her soles, Eve felt the warmth of the throbbing flesh pulsating beneath. This man had talent. He belonged to the category of people who delighted in receiving demanding orders and enduring severe humiliation, finding pl*asure and enjoyment in them. Eve moistened her lower lip as she looked down at the man, his cheeks still flushed as his p*nis was crushed by her bare foot.

“Feeling good?”

Eut,ย heugh….”

“You used to get off by making young girls give you bl*wjobs, and now you’re getting off on being stepped on with a foot?”

Ha,ย ah…. I, I apolo…”

Haha. You perverted bastard. Hey, don’t move your hands. Keep them behind your back and clasp your hand together. If you let go, I’ll get mad.”

Eve, who saw Castel’s hand moving unconsciously to grip her ankle, gave him instructions with a strict tone in her voice. The man, trembling slightly, reacted to her words and quickly moved his arms behind his back, clasping his hands together. When Eve’s toes teased the tip of his gl*ns, he almost let go, but he clenched his fingers tightly, pulling his jaw back and exerting force on his interlocked hands.

“Open your mouth.”

As the pl*asure of alcohol and s*xual ar*usal intertwined and swirled chaotically, making his head spin, Eve whispered softly. Without even grasping her intentions, his body, accustomed to her commands, responded first. Castel’s mouth, from which hot sighs escaped, opened slightly, and Eve’s long fingers skillfully slipped into the gap like a snake.

Heugh,ย heuuโ€ฆ”

“Suck it. Like you’re sucking on candy. Lick it with your tongue too.”

From the tip of his p*nis, a clear l*quid was flowing out in a steady stream. Castel couldn’t help but feel aroused and overwhelmed as he found himself surrendering to a young woman who was over five years younger than him. He thought there was no other way to describe it except as perversion. Somewhere in his clouded mind, shame and embarrassment rose up, but they soon disappeared, swept away by the overwhelming pl*asure that came rushing in.

Castel, who was sucking and licking her index finger that had forcefully entered his mouth, soon felt the muscles of his inner thighs and abdomen tensing up tightly. He sensed that if he were to be stimulated any further, he might eventually be unable to resist and commit an indiscretion.

Suddenly, Eve added one more finger and swiftly pushed deep into Castel’s mouth. Relentlessly stimulating his tongue base and the roof of his mouth, the finger made Castel feel a physiological discomfort, causing him to tilt his head back. However, her hand persistently followed him, as if forcing him to gag, recklessly violating the delicate inner lining of his mouth. Intermittently, a w*t sound of stifled choking emerged from the man’s throat, accompanied by the pain of constriction and pressure.

At that moment when he could no longer bear it, Castel’s body trembled, and he experienced intense convulsions. In the midst of the suffocation and the rising nausea, the relentless stimulation of his p*nis with her foot caused him to discharge a thin stream of s*men. In an instant, the man’s abdomen, p*nis, and Eve’s feet were covered in a slimy white fl*id.


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