Eri Himeno may be a witch.

 Thorden seriously thought so.

 It was hard to believe that at twenty-eight years old, Eri Himeno was the same age as Sciuto, no matter how many times he had heard it.

 When Thorden returned to the cemetery with Eri Himeno, he couldn’t stop glancing at her, even though he thought it was rude to do so.

 Whether Eri Himeno was a rarity, a slave, or Thorden’s property, she was still a noble being.

 Thorden had no intention of reversing his heartfelt loyalty to Eri Himeno.

 He would do his best to help her in any way he could until she could safely buy her citizenship — but even then.

Thorden also catches Eri Himeno at the edge of his vision.

 A mature woman with dark hair, ivory skin, and the appearance of a girl – Thorden feels more restless than when he thought she was in her mid-teens.

 The other person is not an innocent, ignorant girl.

 Unconsciously remembering the soft, absorbent skin he had touched last night, Thorden hit himself.


 Eri Hymeno uttered a silly noise.

 Oh, no. He had been seen.

 Thorden quickly took his eyes off Eri Himeno.

 He mustn’t let her know.

 She must never find out about this desire.

 She must live here in hiding until she becomes a citizen.

 If she were to find out that the man she was forced to live with – and the filthy grave keeper – harboured a filthy lust for her, her peace of mind would be gone forever.


When he was approached, Thorden turned around.

 Eri Himeno’s face is nearby.

“Where’s ……?”, her voice came out.

 What is this space, it is too close.

 Eri Himeno touched Thorden’s cheek.

 It was cold.

He was so close, he could feel it — No!

“Stop it!”, raising his voice, Thorden shook off the slender hand.

 Eri Himeno jumped away with a small shriek, and in her panic, she repeated her apology over and over again, probably in a language Thorden could not understand.

“Oh …… wrong, sorry, that was …….”, Eri Himeno’s shoulders shook with fright.

 That’s not good, I’ve frightened her.

 Thorden hurriedly thought about explaining that he was just startled because he is not usually touched by people, but was silenced when he remembered that he could not understand a word.

Eri Himeno remained frightened and turned his back on Thorden with his shoulders slumped.

 It’s no good.

 It’s not good to let her go like this.

He called out, “Eri Jimeno, ……!

 He called out, and Eri Himeno stopped, looking frightened.

 She turned around and Thorden knelt at her feet.

 He kisses her toes as he did when they first met.

 He hopes this conveys his willingness to obey.

“…… Thorden.”, at the call, Thorden looked up.

 And there again, just a few feet away, is the face of Eri Himeno.

 He was flat on his face, and Eri Himeno was crouching in front of him.

He almost jumped out of his skin reflexively.

 He almost jumped out of his skin reflexively, but he held back. The exaggerated reaction only served to frighten Eri Himeno unnecessarily.

 The first thing that comes to mind is that the head is a little bit like a child’s head.

 He stroked her head several times, as he does with children.

 Then he pointed to her and said.


 He pointed to Thorden.


So Thorden guessed.

 Eri Himeno is a family name. Either Eri or Himeno must be the family name. Having a family name meant that Eri Himeno was, after all, a nobleman in the original world.

 And now she is telling Thorden to call her “Eri.”

 And now she is telling Thorden to call her “Eri,” in a friendly tone of voice.

 If so, was “Eri” her name?

 Thorden opened his mouth in trepidation.


 Eri Himeno – Eri nodded.

 A benevolent lady’s smile on the girl’s face.

 Then she stood the flattened Thorden up and grabbed his right hand.

 A handshake.

 What it means in Eri’s country, Thorden does not know, but at least in this country, it is done to show affection for an equal partner.

 No – no.

 Sciuto also said.

 Many cultures in this country are influenced by Germany, the country from which Eri came.

 If that is the case, then this handshake is not much different from what Thorden knows.

 An act of affection toward an equal partner.

 In all his life, Thorden has never been asked to shake hands. 

Of course, he has never asked for one.

 The strength and warmth of the hand that held his was enough to make him feel as if he were going to lose strength from his knees.

“Eri, I’m …….”

 I knew I could do anything for this woman.

 I wouldn’t mind giving my all.

 Eli now gave Thorden the dignity of a human being through his handshake. She has shown her that Thorden is equal to her.

 Never before had Thorden felt so alienated from his gravedigger role as he did at this moment.

 At the same time, he has never been more grateful to be a gravedigger.

 If Thorden had not been a gravedigger – if he had not been aware of his unclean status – he would have embraced Eli and taken her lips in his own.

 Thorden squeezed Eri’s hand back with all the strength he could muster.


 Eli said.

Yosh, Thorden.”

 I don’t know what the words mean.

 But Thorden repeated them.

Yosh, Eri.”

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