Regarding the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, Fang Li is no stranger to it as a hikikomori.


It is a special ability found in the Type-Moon series, specifically in “Tsukihime” and “Kara no Kyoukai.”


There are two known holders of this ability.


One is Ryougi Shiki from “Kara no Kyoukai.”


The other is Tohno Shiki from “Tsukihime.”


As the name suggests, this power allows the user to directly perceive the “death” of objects.


They can visually observe dark lines, known as death lines, resembling cracks on the surface of most objects. By cutting along these lines, the user inflicts irreparable, incurable damage upon the target.


One of the conditions for possessing this ability is experiencing death firsthand and comprehending it.




Fang Li self-mockingly mutters while looking at the mirror and the ice-blue irises that seem capable of stealing the warmth from one’s body.


“Indeed, I can be considered to have experienced death once.”


However, experiencing death is merely a condition for obtaining the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, not for utilizing them.


According to Fang Li’s recollection, even after acquiring the ability, these eyes are not something that can be used at will.


“Moreover, strictly speaking, it should be impossible for me, who exists outside the Type-Moon world, to possess these eyes.”


Fang Li clearly remembers a fundamental concept in the Type-Moon series world: everything originates from the “Root.”


The so-called “Root” is the source of all things.


There, not only does everything begin, but it also records all endings.


Human souls also stem from this “Root,” acquiring form and wisdom, existing and proliferating upon the Earth.


Because they are derived from the “Root,” all humans in the Type-Moon world are connected to it.


As the “Root” records all endings, being connected to the “Root” is equivalent to recognizing the mortality of all things.


However, although the human brain has the ability to receive and transmit signals, the connection to the “Root” through the “lines” remains closed.


Only by experiencing death, understanding death, can this “line” be opened.


Ryougi Shiki and Tohno Shiki both gained the ability to perceive and comprehend the “death” of things through their experiences with death. They can see the “death” of objects and forcibly lead them to termination by severing that “death.”


This is the power of the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.


“But I am not in the Type-Moon world at all, and there is no such thing as being connected to the ‘Root’ for me.”


However, Fang Li still obtained the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.


“Innate skill… innate skill… Does that mean I have talent in this area?”


“Even though I am indifferent to ‘death’.”


Fang Li let out a sigh and put away the mirror.


Regardless, since even the Main God’s Dimension is present, nothing can be considered strange anymore.


Although Fang Li’s attributes are abysmal, having this pair of Mystic eyes undoubtedly brings only advantages and no disadvantages for Fang Li’s upcoming journey through the copy worlds.


“What remains are 990 exchange points and 5 free attribute points. How should I use them?”


Thirty minutes later, Fang Li will have to enter the first copy world.


Fang Li must make good use of the resources at hand for the upcoming journey.


So, Fang Li spent twenty-five minutes pondering, finally coming up with a plan.


First, Fang Li allocated all 5 free attribute points to AGI, raising it to 6.


“With the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, as long as I can hit the target, I can cause significant damage. Therefore, there is no need to prioritize increasing STR.”


“As for VIT, instead of considering how much damage I can endure after being hit, it is better to focus on not getting hit in the first place. Therefore, increasing AGI is more important than increasing VIT.”


“As for INT, it represents mystery, but in my current situation, this attribute cannot be utilized. Adding points to it would be useless.”


“In summary, increasing AGI is undoubtedly my only choice.”


“With speed, I will have assurance in movement, evasion, retreat, and even attacks.”


Increasing AGI will enhance Fang Li’s movement speed, attack speed, reflexes, motor nerves, and even jumping ability—everything related to agility and physical performance.


In short, it is about improving the speed of the body.


Apart from thinking, this attribute can basically enhance all physical abilities related to speed.


For someone who is a hikikomori, this attribute is undoubtedly more important than the others.


After allocating all 5 free attribute points to AGI, Fang Li followed the guidance message and used the exchange function of the Main God’s Dimension, opening up an exchange interface to begin exchanging items.


First, Fang Li used 100 exchange points to exchange for a dagger.


In the Main God’s Dimension, equipment with levels can provide additional enhancements to the wearer.


These enhancements can be attribute boosts or inherent skills, making them one of the important factors determining the abilities of Main God’s Envoys.


The level of equipment corresponds to the character’s level and is categorized as the first level, second level, third level, fourth level, and fifth level, from high to low.


However, equipment with levels is generally quite expensive, and with Fang Li’s current 990 exchange points, it is impossible to exchange for such equipment.


Since it’s not possible to exchange for equipment with levels, Fang Li could only exchange for an ordinary dagger.


Without a weapon, even with the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, Fang Li would be unable to sever the death lines of opponents and kill them.


After that, Fang Li proceeded to exchange for several more items.


Stamina Recovery Potion: Continuously restores the user’s stamina (small amount) for 10 seconds, 300 exchange points.


Injury Recovery Potion: Continuously heals the user’s wounds (minor injuries) for 10 seconds, 500 exchange points.


Energy Compression Biscuit: Continuously replenishes the user’s energy (nutrition) for 10 seconds, 50 exchange points.


Water Flask: Small flask with a capacity of 10 liters, 30 exchange points.


After exchanging for these items, Fang Li used the remaining 10 exchange points to acquire a thigh pouch, in which the two potions, the pack of biscuits, and the water flask were placed and strapped to the outer side of the thigh.


As for the dagger, Fang Li kept it at the waist.


With this, all of Fang Li’s exchange points were spent, not a single one remained.


To be honest, as a novice in this Dimension, Fang Li’s actions could be considered bold.


After all, this was the Main God’s Dimension, a world that could grant and take away everything.


Here, as long as one had exchange points, they could obtain almost anything.


Conversely, once the exchange points ran out and turned negative, the outcome would be dire.


If exchange points became insufficient, one would be eliminated.


Therefore, this place was a paradise for the strong and a hell for the weak.


Given this, no one would squander their exchange points, lest they fail a main quest, run out of exchange points, and ultimately be eliminated.


Even seasoned Main God’s Envoys acted cautiously, let alone newcomers to the space.


However, Fang Li disregarded the potential consequences and spent all the exchange points without hesitation.


Because if there is one thing Fang Li didn’t fear, then that is death.


And so, thirty minutes had passed.




“The Copy World: Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress.”


“Mission difficulty: Level 5.”


“Number of participants: 1.”


“Number of main objectives: 3.”


“Mission 1: Kill 10 Kabane, additional rewards will be given based on the number of Kabane killed.”


“Mission 2: Protect the important figure Yomokawa Ayame during the fall of the Aragane Station, until the Iron Fortress safely escapes. Additional rewards will be given based on the number of civilians saved.”


“Mission 3: Obtain 3000 exchange points, additional rewards will be given based on the number of exchange points obtained.”


“Failure penalty: Failing each main Mission will result in a deduction of 1000 exchange points.”


“Completion reward: Settlement will be based on the final evaluation.”

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