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“It can’t stop…” 


Looking out the window, Tiara gently closed the curtains. 

Shiny. Rumbling. 


The rain that had been falling since morning was still falling even though it was already time to sleep. 

On top of that, thunder started ringing.


“Come on, let’s go to sleep soon.” 


Tiara gently covered me with a blanket while I was holding a stuffed animal on the bed.

Tiara always stays by my side until I fall asleep.


 “Lightning, so noisy.”


“Well, I think it will stop raining tomorrow…” 


I don’t really like thunder.

Because it reminds me of a lot of bad things.



“Please, open, open!” 


When I was training at the temple.

I had a hard time memorizing the Norito, so I was once thrown outside on a rainy night as punishment. There was thunder that day as well.

In the darkness, every time thunder roared, I shivered and screamed.


“Sorry, I’ll study hard.” 


I’m sorry, I’m sorry, while shouting, I knock on the door. 


“Please let me in!” 


At one point, the lightning flashed strongly. 

There was a terrible sound, and thunder struck nearby.  




I hold my head and sit down. 

That night, I didn’t sleep at all and just cried. 

Even so, my voice was drowned out by the sound of the rain, and no one helped me. 


When it’s hard.

I remembered the orphanage I was in when I was little.


Even though I have magical powers, the director raised me without discriminating against other children. The other children didn’t discriminate against me either. 


On the contrary, I’ve been hiding from the country for a long time.


But when I was chosen as a saint. 

At the same time, the director was accused of hiding a man with magical powers. 

In the end, it was good that I was a saint, but what would happen if I caused a rebellion and caused chaos in the country?


I appealed to my country. 

Please don’t charge everyone at the orphanage because I will do my best for the country as a saint.


The reason why I didn’t run away from the royal palace. 

Of course, I couldn’t escape because of my circlet. 

But the main reason was to protect everyone at the orphanage.





I was awakened by the rumbling thunder. 

When I opened my eyes, I saw a familiar constellation chart. 

A room with a faint orange light. 


This is my room in the Demon King’s Castle.

The thunder was still rumbling, and the rain seemed to be pouring down.


“Oh my God, you seem in trouble” 


Tiara was by my side, stroking my head.




So, why is Tiara awake in the middle of the night like this?


“Because of the thunder, I wonder if you can’t sleep.”


When I’m dazed, my head is stroked. 


“Tiara, why are you awake?” 


Tiara seemed a little surprised when she realized that my consciousness was unexpectedly clear. 


“Can’t you sleep?” 




The sound of thunder is terrible. 

A sound that shook the earth resounded, and I trembled. 

Is it because I had a dream in the past?

I’m terribly restless and my body is shaking.

Then Tiara hugged me and patted me on the back.


……So warm. 


And for the first time I noticed.

That I was crying.

I was being held and cradled.


I snorted and clung to Tiara. 

I was crying like this…?




Tiara said while thumping my back. 


“Shall we go see His Majesty today?” 




I nodded.



“You’re scared, aren’t you?” 


The demon king who took me from Tiara smiled a little and lay down on the bed with me. 


It seems that the Demon King is not afraid of thunder.


He didn’t seem to mind that the sky was shiny and limp.


Even though I’m sleepy, I can’t sleep, and tears come out slowly. 

In an attempt to shut out the sound of thunder, I clung to the Demon King. 


The Demon King looked at me and stroked my back. 

But even after a while, I was still trembling.


“…You seem can’t sleep.” 


I snorted and looked up at Demon King-sama. 

The Demon King got up, wrapped me in a blanket, and picked me up. The windows are sparkling and it’s noisy. 


“Do you hate thunder?”




“Then let’s go see the stars.” 


What are you saying on a rainy day like this?

When I blinked my eyes, the Demon King laughed a little.   


“Close your eyes”




I closed my eyes as I was told.

 Ah, this feeling. It’s transfer magic.




A slightly cold wind tickled my cheeks. 

The sound of thunder has disappeared.

When I slowly open your eyes… 




What spread out in front of me was a sky full of stars, like an overturned jewelry box. 


“There is no day when the entire demon world is covered with rain.” 


The Demon King hugged me and said so. 

As far as the eye could see, it was a hill-like place with no obstacles. 

The sky stretches on forever.


“Somewhere is surely sunny” 


The Demon King said so and laughed. 

Thanks to the disappearance of the thunder, I’m slowly regaining my strength.


“Let’s catch the stars!” 


I involuntarily reach out.

Then, a shooting star flew by.

Excited by that, I fluttered and tried to escape from the demon king’s grasp. 


“Hey, you’re going to catch a cold, so wrap yourself up.”


Demon King-sama hugged me tight so that I wouldn’t leave. 

He sits me cross-legged on top of the hill.


“If it’s like this, it won’t be scary anymore, right?” 


“Um, thank you so much.”


I look up at Demon King-sama and smile. 

The Demon King poked my cheek.


“If you’re afraid of thunder, you’re still a child.” 


“I’m actually a child”


I cling to the Demon King and close my eyes. 

I’m getting sleepy.

Demon king-sama, so warm


“Hey, let’s come here tomorrow. Then the thunder won’t be too loud.” 


“By tomorrow, it will be gone.”


“I guess so.” 




As the Demon King stroked my back, I nodded and rowed the boat. 


“Demon King-sama” 




“What if I’m not a good person for Demon King-sama?”


I was too sleepy, so I blurted out unconsciously. 


“… what is a bad person?” 


“Demon King-sama’s enemies…” 


After thinking for a while, the Demon King said.


“As long as you’re you, you’re not a bad person for me.” 




“I’m saying it doesn’t matter what position you’re really in.” 




“Anything is fine. I told you before. You just have to be loved by me.”


I don’t know why, but I started crying again. 

I clung to the Demon King so that he wouldn’t notice me crying.


Why does the Demon King love me so unconditionally?


I was truly a saint. 

I’m not a child or anything.


Even if you knew that, would the Demon King say the same thing?


The high priest loved me because I was a saint. 

Then what about the Demon King?


I wante

d to spit out everything to the gentle demon king. 

Even so, I’m afraid that this warmth will fade away, so I can’t say anything.


I finally got it.

I don’t want to lose him.


Finally, finally. 


No matter what it was, I found someone who loved me.

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