The male lead personally made an appearance, causing a sensation in the fandom.

The number of comments skyrocketed, and the mentions of Lin Yan doubled.

Even the production team didn’t expect that Lu Jin’s move would further boost the popularity and attract more viewers to the show.

Watching everything unfold, Lin Yan thought to himself, “…”

He really is someone who does as he pleases.

“Teacher Lin.” A staff member gently knocked on the door, reminding him, “We’re ready to start the live broadcast.”

Lin Yan glanced at the time, only to realize that it was already five o’clock before he knew it.

He took off the clothes that covered the camera and carefully folded them, but no matter how they were folded, they looked a little sloppy. He clicked his tongue in annoyance, out of sight, out of mind, and stuffed them into the closet.

Outside the door, the sound of the door opening and footsteps sounded one after another.

Lin Yan was about to leave as well, but as he opened the door, a black shadow fell over his head.

Immediately following that, he was knocked twice on the forehead.


[Did I just hear two ‘tuk, tuk’ sounds?]

[Help, I’m actually laughing. It’s exactly the same as the way I pick watermelons.]

Lin Yan slowly lifted his gaze and met Lu Jin’s bewildered eyes. “Care to explain?”

Lu Jin let out an “ah” and awkwardly retracted his hand. “Sorry, I wanted to call you to come along. If you had opened the door a second later, you would have heard my steady and appropriate knocking.”

Lin Yan gently pushed him away, and said mockingly: “Should I praise you for knocking well?”

Lu Jin walked out behind him: “If you insist on praising, then I will accept it gladly.”

Lin Yan: “…”

Lu Jin didn’t use much strength, and Lin Yan’s head wasn’t made of tofu, so the strength wouldn’t break it.

He was just a little speechless.

Whenever he encountered Lu Jin, Lin Yan always experienced strange things. At least there was no one in his life who could climb up a tree but couldn’t come down and still so self-righteous about it.

Huang Ying followed behind them and couldn’t help but laugh at their conversation.

She looked at Lu Jin twice more.

Although Lu Jin’s words were playful, it was true that birds of a feather flock together.

Lu Jin had strong boundaries and wouldn’t be so unrestrained with unfamiliar people. Huang Ying had also heard rumors about the discord between him and Lin Yan, but now that she saw them together, it didn’t seem like there was any discord. On the contrary, their relationship seemed very close.

Huang Ying smiled and said, “The two of you have a great relationship.”

Lu Jin turned around and said, “Is that so? After all, we have an impure CP relationship.”

Lin Yan missed a step on the staircase and took a deep breath. “Where is it impure?”

Lu Jin didn’t hesitate to answer, “If we’re forming a CP, how can it be pure?”

Lin Yan: “…”

[It makes sense!]

[I can feel Lin Yan’s speechlessness through the screen hahahaha]

[Who still remembers that Mr. Lu said he would never hype a CP? Now it’s really spicy!]

[Breaking my old vow for you 2333]

Several people followed the director’s instructions and sat down on the sofa.

Most of them read Weibo during their break time, and they more or less found the feeling of business.

When Jiang Didi sat, Qi Wen would steal a glance at her and then sit next to her, keeping a slight distance.

Zhou Xianyin naturally picked up the cushion and handed it to Huang Ying. Huang Ying smiled and thanked him.

Lu Jin looked at Lin Yan and was about to speak——

Lin Yan interrupted him: “No need.”

Lu Jin: “I haven’t said anything yet.”

Lin Yan: “Nothing is needed.”

The four people: “…”

The director clapped his hands with a smile on his face, “Okay, it’s dinner time soon, but you don’t have any ingredients at home, so you’ll have to go out and get them. You are free to divide the work—”

Before the director finished speaking, Lu Jin spoke up, “I’ll go with Lin Yan to buy them.”

They hadn’t expected Lu Jin to be willing to do the grocery shopping, so they naturally didn’t compete with him without any hesitation.

Jiang Didi said, “Then let the two teachers handle it. I’ll cook dinner tonight.”

Qi Wen: “I’ll help you.”

The rest of the work of cleaning up the dishes naturally fell to Huang Ying and Zhou Xianyin.

After simply dividing the work, Lin Yan followed Lu Jin out of the house after confirming what ingredients they needed.

The sky had darkened a bit, and the temperature had dropped a few degrees.

They walked out of the villa and followed the path to the side of the road.

Lin Yan took out a mask and put it on, “Is there a market near here?”

Lu Jin fiddled with his mobile phone, “Yes, there is a market two kilometers away.”

Lin Yan nodded. “Let’s go then.”

He said that based on his intuition and chose a direction. “Which way?”

Lu Jin held him back. “Don’t rush, I’ve arranged for a driver.”

Driver? Why do we need a driver?

Lu Jin smiled as he looked at him and explained: “How much time would we waste if we had to walk back and forth? There are too many things to buy, and I can’t carry them all by myself.”

Lin Yan was taken aback and blurted out, “I can help you carry them.”

Lu Jin: “That won’t work, I don’t want to trouble you.”

Lin Yan didn’t speak for a long time and turned his head to the other side.

[What? Teacher Lu is amazing! He’s creating his own sugar when the program team didn’t provide any?]

[Damn, does Lin Yan only respond to kindness? Take off the mask and let me see your expression!]

Lin Yan couldn’t think straight for a while.

After being blown by the wind for some time, he came to his senses: If he didn’t want to carry things, they could take a taxi. Why call for a driver?

But this question no longer needs to be asked.

An electric three-wheeled vehicle filled with dust and smoke stopped in front of them.

A young man smiled and said, “Hello, DooDoo designated driver service. The car is ready. Please give us a five-star rating.”

Lin Yan: “…”

The young man left the vehicle for them and rode the bicycle that was on the three-wheeler. He rides away, huffing and puffing.

Lin Yan watched his figure and without looking back, reached out and grabbed Lu Jin, who was excitedly touching the handlebars of the vehicle. “When did you buy this?”

Lu Jin replied, “Just now, when we mentioned buying groceries, I placed an order online.”

Lin Yan felt a headache coming. “You bought a car just for one grocery trip?”

Lu Jin suddenly adjusted his expression. “Actually, I’ve had a dream since I was a child. I wanted to have my own three-wheeled car, so I would never be afraid of long distances, never be afraid…”

Lin Yan interrupted him with a deadpan expression. “Does your ‘since childhood’ start in the afternoon?”

Lu Jin: “Huh?”

Lin Yan: “I saw your eyes glowing while looking at the three-wheeler.”

Lu Jin chuckled, straddled the three-wheeler, and held onto the handlebars. “Yes, that’s why I want you to experience my dream with me.”

Lin Yan: “…”

He didn’t really want to experience such a dream.

Lu Jin said clearly: “Are you afraid it would run out of battery on the way? Don’t worry, I specifically chose the latest model with a large capacity and excellent battery life to give you the most comfortable experience.”

Lin Yan took a deep breath, “Please stop talking.”

Lu Jin replied, “Then don’t hesitate anymore.”

Lin Yan closed his eyes and stepped onto this brand new three-wheeler.

Lu Jin turned the handlebars. “Let’s go, we’re setting off.”

The live broadcast room at this time.

Those who ate CP and those who did not crave CP were silent.

[I take back what I said about Lu Jin being hot-faced and Lin Yan being cold. Although Lin Yan doesn’t want to interact with him, he’s still cooperating.]

[Lin Yan actually didn’t turn away and leave… two kilometers isn’t far.]

[However, Lu Jin looks so happy! Who can bear to refuse him?]

[That’s right, not even a lone wolf can resist.]

The market was not far away.

When Lu Jin stopped, he still seemed a bit reluctant. He turned to Lin Yan and suggested, “Should we take another spin?”

Lin Yan couldn’t be bothered to respond and jumped off the vehicle. “Now you’re not worried about wasting time?”

Lu Jin was silent for a moment, “Forget it, one should consider the overall situation.”

It was a little past five o’clock, and the market was still open, although some stalls had closed, and there weren’t as many vegetables as in the morning.

They waited in place for a while until the accompanying cameramen arrived before entering the market together.

It was Lin Yan’s first visit to the market.

It was bustling, with people calling out to attract customers, bargaining sounds, and random arguments mixing together.

They were standing close to the seafood section, and the smell of fish wafted over.

Lin Yan wasn’t accustomed to this kind of odor. He took out the ingredient list from his pocket and was about to double-check when he heard Lu Jin calling him.

He looked up and noticed that Lu Jin, who was by his side, had already wandered over to a stall at some point and was waving at him.

Lin Yan walked over. “What’s up?”

Lu Jin pointed to the crabs in a basin. “Aren’t they cute?”

Lin Yan was puzzled. “They look fresh.”

Lu Jin asked, “Do you want to eat them?”

Lin Yan replied, “There are no crabs on the shopping list.”

Lu Jin rubbed his chin. “Let’s not disrupt their plans; let’s leave them overnight.”

Lin Yan didn’t understand. “Just buy them tomorrow.”

Lu Jin casually made up an excuse. “They’ll taste better if we develop a bond with them.”

Lin Yan: “…”

He had figured it out by now. Whenever Lu Jin wanted to buy something, he would immediately take action.

Lin Yan didn’t say anything else. “It’s up to you.”

Lu Jin obviously doesn’t know how to pick crabs.

He pretended to look around, then took one and put it in the bag: “I think this one is not bad.”

Lin Yan was speechless: “This one is relatively small.”

Lu Jin: “But we have a connection.”

Lin Yan: “…”

The shop owner glanced at the two of them, then at the cameraman, and couldn’t help but ask, “Are you guys actors?”

Lu Jin smiled at the shop owner. “Yes.”

The shop owner smiled broadly. “I knew it! I thought I had seen you before. Oh, you’re filming a show, right? Let me pick some for you. I guarantee they’ll be big and plump, and one pinch will almost break your fingers!”

Lu Jin: “…”

Lin Yan: “…”

That was a bit brutal.

After buying the crabs and thanking the shop owner, they proceeded to pick the rest of the ingredients according to the list.

Buying groceries was still quite challenging for Lin Yan.

Lin Yan picked a few potatoes, then stopped and watched as Lu Jin took over.

Regardless of whether he knew or not, Lu Jin acted confidently and was quite intimidating.

When they finally carried the bags onto the car, Lin Yan truly felt the advantage of having a car.

He sat among the vegetables while Lu Jin rode the three-wheeler in front.

The last rays of the setting sun painted them in a warm glow.

The cameramen following them from behind captured this picturesque scene from a distance.

[So heartwarming.]

[A loudspeaker should be here, promoting their couple’s store.]

[Romantic to sit on the backseat of the three-wheeler, but sitting in the cargo area of the three-wheeler is not bad either?]

[Uh-oh, I’ve been brainwashed. Suddenly, I really want to ride one.]

The audience watched silently.

As they watched, they began to feel that something was off.

Wasn’t the distance between them getting closer?

Finally, the cameraman caught up.

Lin Yan jumped out of the car, with a rare smile on his face: “Your amazing long-lasting car has run out of battery.”

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