Aiden looked up from the papers he was studying, not the least bit surprised to see Belviana burst into the study. Belviana bit her lip until it was white. She felt as if she were facing a beast without any safeguards. She wanted to flee now, but she had no idea what demons her words would unleash.

Belviana clutched the hem of her skirt and spoke in a whisper.

“I will do as you wish. But promise me you will keep quiet about the letter and my plans.”

Aiden smiled through his long, dark eyes. Like an innocent angel, or a sly devil.

“I will.”

“And one more thing. Look, I don’t mind you touching me, but don’t force me to do it unless I say yes. If I ever get pregnant, you’re not going to…….”

“I told you, Belvy.”

He cut Belviana off gently. Aiden walked toward her, pulling his kravat loosely.

“You’re going to get fucked eventually. You don’t think I’ll be able to hold out until then?”


“Come here.”

He pulled her inside, leaving her standing in the doorway in a daze. The door slammed shut behind her back. In an instant, they seemed to be dragged into a dark prison. Aiden set the freed himself from his cravat and placed it on an elaborate wooden table and dimmed the light from the lantern beside him, and she suddenly realizing that they were alone in the room with the man. Belviana reflexively took a couple of steps back and felt her back hit a dead end. She went completely pale.

“N, now? But this isn’t even your room. I, I’d rather you go to your room. Father might come and…….”

“Does the Count bother you so much?”

The harsh tone that came from his lips, as a lady, his master, was the first time, at least to her knowledge, he had spoken like that. Belviana was shocked, but Aiden simply had his beautiful brow slightly furrowed. If she didn’t look closely, it was so subtle that it was difficult to see any significant change in his expression. But his eyes were cruel like a mad tyrant. Perhaps he might not go all the way, perhaps he would lose interest after toying with her a few times. It was all a careless delusion. Only then, Belviana saw what kind of devil she had summoned.

Her lips trembled a little. He seemed to sense it, too. Pinning her wrists to the wall, he lowered his head at an angle. Smooth nostrils brushed and lips met lightly. The only thing that felt light was the first moment. Aiden gripped the back of her neck and pressed his lips a little deeper. His tongue slipped through forcing her lips to part and tangled with her tongue with a raspy sound. In contrast to his relaxed demeanor the entire time, his breathing inside her was urgent. His tongue brushed against the roof of her mouth, probing every inch of vulnerability. Saliva flowed as it was pressed. It was so hot, like all the sensations were concentrated on the tip of her lips.

He pulled her deeper into him, holding her close. His large hands squeezed her breasts. Full, firm breasts squashed gently under his palms. Her swollen nipples rubbed against the fabric, adding to the tantalizing stimulation. A dull moan, caught on her tongue, rumbled from her throat. Belviana crumpled Aiden’s shirt, sending chills down her spine. It was hard to tell if what she was feeling was pleasure or something else. Every stimulus he was giving her was heightening her senses. Aiden bit her bottom lip once, painfully, and left a trail of kisses along the nape of her neck.


She let out an involuntary gasp as hands slid up her back, unhooking her dress and tugging at her bra. She flinched and tried to cover up, but Aiden was quicker, grabbing her arms and pressing them together. Her voluptuous, shapely breasts were on full display. Staring at them mesmerized, he soon buried his head between her cleavage.

“Eh, Aiden, wait……. Hu…….”

Belviana moaned, melting at the feel of his lips directly on her flesh, the firmness of his mouth. She could feel the heat of his breath on her skin. When his lips finally found her nipple in their slow, caressing descent, she swallowed sharply. She gasped when he pulled down her underwear and slipped his hand between her legs.

“N, no! Aiden, no, you promised you wouldn’t put it in until I said so!”

“You must be mistaken.”

Finally, Aiden lifted his head a little. A graceful smirk flickered across his otherwise unruffled face. He pushed his fingers in deeper, scraping her inner walls. Belviana bucked her hips involuntarily.


“I said I wouldn’t put my cock in you until you asked me to, I didn’t say I wouldn’t put anything else in you.”

“Ha, heut…….”

“You’re squirming like this just because I stuck a finger in you, even a cat in heat would be calmer than this.”

He gently squeezed her clit with his thumb. He squeezed and circled it. Belviana clawed at Aiden’s arm. Each time his large finger rubbed against her inner walls, a dull jolt of pleasure shot through her lower belly. She could feel her vaginal walls clenching and clawing at the slightest slip of the finger. Her juices trickled down her thighs. The gurgling, slutty sounds grew louder and louder. Belviana leaned fully against Aiden’s chest now. She buried her face in the nape of his neck and moaned. He laughed.

“Cute little Belle. Can’t get enough even after two bites.”

“Heut……. Heut, uht.”

“Just say the word, and I’ll put it in you right now, and all you have to do is bite and swallow it pretty.”

Aiden looked down at Belviana, trapped in his arms. She’d done all the math in her pretty little head, but when he plunged his finger deep inside her, her resolve crumbled and a shallow moan escaped. Her feverish, humid green eyes fueled his sadism. He grabbed Belle by the shoulders and shoved her back to the desk, the items on it sweeping urgently.

“Lie down.”

Belle bit her lip hard. The vulgarity of this man to humiliate her at her father’s desk was nothing new. She just hoped the humiliation would be more than she could bear. Belviana gripped the desk, and as she leaned back, something cold and metallic pinched her nipple. It was a paperclip. It was a strange sensation, more like being pinched with a finger hard, than pain. The contrast of the clip against her erect nipple was obscene, even to her untrained eyes. She sobbed softly in unbearable shame.

“Take this off…….”

“Why? It’s pretty.”

He grasped her nipple and the clip at the same time with his fingertips and twisted, the feel of the metal digging into her nipple, bitterly cold, yet hot as if he’d put a flame on it. As he tugged slowly, as if gauging her reaction, Belviana swallowed hard. Her thighs shivered involuntarily.

“It feels so……. Please……, hmm, Aiden.”

“The only time a please can come out of your mouth is when you’re begging me to bury my cock in your pussy.”

He leaned his upper body over the desk, crushing Belviana’s arms like stuffed butterflies. He forced her clenched thighs apart. Belviana shuddered with shame. This was the kind of thing that is only done to lustful whores not innocent women. She hadn’t expected to be forced to open her knees and expose her most intimate parts to a man who wasn’t even her husband.

Her thighs were spread wide, exposing the tender flesh hidden beneath her dark pubic hair. Her cunt, slippery with her juices, looked plump and inviting. Aiden gently stopped her struggle to bring her knees together, with his hot breath brushing against her sensitive spot as he lowered his head. Her clit, swollen from the earlier teasing, twitched. When she involuntarily clenched her clit, he brought his lips to it in a swallowing motion. Belviana swallowed sharply.


Aiden gripped her thighs as she reflexively buckled her knees, this time pushing upward. He ran his tongue over the slightly more exposed cleft of her pussy, licking long strokes from bottom to top. As her juices trickled along the flesh, Aiden sucked on it as if he’d been starving for three days. His hot, slippery flesh pierced her narrow lining again and again, stabbing into her tender flesh.

She gritted her teeth to stifle the moan that escaped her. Aiden’s tongue was a slick, hot snake. Her white body curled into a bow as he nipped at her swollen clit with a series of light scratches. It was a lustful pleasure.

“Ha, ah, angh…….”

She slowly heated up, slowly, crushed by Aiden. Immorality fueled her. To be in her father’s study, her nipples held in clips, being humiliated in every way by the man who was supposed to be her servant. Her breathing was ragged. When he took her clit in his mouth and rolled it with his tongue, she nearly fainted.

She slipped a hand through Aiden’s hair, as he’d arched his back. Belviana lifted her eyes, clouded with lust. It was too late to realize that she should be shrinking back. Her white thighs, gaping open, still bore his handprints. Aiden stared down at her for a moment, as if taking in the sight he’d created, then took a step back and brushed off his clothes. His lips twisted into a smile.

“Thirty minutes, you’re holding up pretty well.”

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