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“Then I have to ask you, how did you come to our school to be an intern teacher?”


    Chu Han touched his nose unconsciously when he heard that. Mu Xiaoke immediately grabbed his hand, “Are you hiding something from me too?”


    Chu Han had no choice but to tell the truth. “Do you still remember our first meeting?”


    Mu Xiaoke nodded, how could he forget, such a handsome man treated him so tenderly, he will never forget Chu Han’s appearance standing in the shade of the forest for the rest of his life.


    “When I met you, Rong Yanzhe was looking for you. At that time, I just came out of Rong’s house. You were so panicked and scared. I was a little curious for a while, what is the relationship between Rong Yanzhe and you, but I didn’t expect that the result I found out was that the person Rong Yanzhe liked in high school was Mu Kai.”


    Like the brother, but chasing after the younger brother, and this brother is so afraid of Rong Yanzhe. This made Chu Han even more curious. In order to understand the complicated relationship between them and at the same time let the Rong family relax their vigilance, Chu Han asked his own teacher for help and entered the school as a trainee teacher.


    “My motives were not pure at first, so I have to apologize for that.”


    “Fortunately, you are curious. If not, I’m afraid I will miss you. Fortunately, I haven’t.”Mu Xiaoke felt scared when he thought about it. If Chu Han didn’t come to school, they wouldn’t have had a chance to get to know each other, let alone a chance to know each other and love each other In his previous life, he hadn’t even seen Chu Han’s face…


    But fortunately, he hadn’t. Even if he did, Chu Han wouldn’t have any sympathy for that fool in his previous life. It’s okay, it’s okay.


    Chu Han hugged Mu Xiaoke tightly, patted his back lightly, and coaxed him as usual, “Don’t be afraid, I’m right by your side. Xiaoke, I love you.”


    Mu Xiaoke laughed. it’s nice to have Chu Han.


    Mu Xiaoke continued typing again. After graduating from high school, he was admitted to the same department of the same university as Rong Yanzhe. But Mu Xiaoke never thought of having a relationship with Rong Yanzhe. At that time, Fu Jiayun was the only one in his mind.


    “In this case, you have never had any special relationship with Rong Yanzhe, why would he say that he married you?” Chu Han was very concerned about this since he and Mu Xiaoke were just together that day, Rong Yanzhe just said such disappointing words, and he has been brooding on them all the time.


    “When I was a sophomore…” Mu Xiaoke didn’t know how to say it. In his sophomore year, he went to Fu Jiayun’s birthday party. At that time, he drank the spiked red wine…He didn’t know why. Rong Yanzhe had been with him that day. He didn’t know why and thought Rong Yanzhe was kind enough to help him stop the wine because he only drank that glass that night and never drank anything else.


    But when he was in a daze, Rong Yanzhe took him back to Rong’s house, and when he woke up again, he was lying naked in Rong Yanzhe’s arms.


    This is not the most important thing, what’s more terrible is that Mu Kai brought Mu Xiangyang to Rong’s house to look for someone. He didn’t have time to hide, so he could only bite the bullet and go out with Rong Yanzhe.


    “Rong Yanzhe, you bastard!” Chu Han knew that he would be angry because of the past, but now that he heard what he didn’t want to hear, he found that he couldn’t bear it! No matter how naughty and reckless Mu Xiaoke is, he is still a naive and simple child, Rong Yanzhe used such dirty and despicable means to bully Mu Xiaoke, he couldn’t stand it no matter what!


    Mu Xiaoke held Chu Han’s hand and pulled his clenched fist away. Mu Xiaoke saw that a red mark had been cut on the palm of Chu Han’s hand, and felt distressed. He put his hand in the palm of Chu Han, otherwise, he would continue to hurt himself. Chu Han saw his gaze, his eyes were red, “Xiao Ke…” 


    Mu Xiaoke smiled and shook his head, holding his hand with both hands, telling him that he didn’t care anymore.


    “I will avenge you, I will not make the Rong family feel better!”


    Mu Xiaoke nodded, he believed in Chu Han.


    “You must have made the Rong family pay the price in the last life, didn’t Rong Yanzhe say so himself?”


    Chu Han looked at Mu Xiaoke, eager to rub Mu Xiaoke into his own bones and blood, so that he would be under his protection forever in this life and forever in the next life, and would never be harmed.


    “Later, there was a problem with Mu Yan Film and Television. Although it was different from the current situation, the situation was even more serious than it is now. Without the Rong family’s investment, Mu Yan would have gone bankrupt. Rong Yanzhe said that the condition of the investment is that I have to marry him.”


    There has never been a man and a man who will marry who issue, but Rong Yanzhe asked Mu Xiaoke to wear a skirt and a wig on the day of the wedding and tried all kinds of humiliating ways to torture Mu Xiaoke, and the wedding was just hasty. Parents were present, and the Rong family and Mu family were married. There were only three or five tables for the wedding banquet, and even those three or five tables were not full. Afterward, the Rong family did not let Mu Xiaoke live in their house, so he was “golden house hidden beauty” by Rong Yanzhe and moved to an apartment near the university town.


    When Mu Xiaoke talked about being imprisoned in that isolated building, he mentioned the stranger who died for him.


    This is the reason why he has been avoiding Chu Han before, “I’m afraid that Rong Yanzhe will treat you like this, so I dare not answer you…”


    Mu Xiaoke’s tears have reached the limit, and Chu Han has also reached the limit. Chu Han knew that Mu Xiaoke had suffered a lot in the past, but he never thought that he would suffer so much, being imprisoned, starved of food, and even imposed a life debt! With such an experience, Mu Xiaoke is strong enough without being mentally disturbed, so what if he loses the ability to speak!


    “So, he kept you imprisoned. When you ran away… something happened?”


    Mu Xiaoke nodded, “But I don’t regret running away.” God favored him, let him live a new life, and let him meet the person he truly loves.


    “I don’t care about the past anymore. Didn’t you say that in front of my mother’s tombstone that day, it’s all over, and you will take good care of me.” Mu Xiaoke smiled sweetly.


    Chu Han caressed Mu Xiaoke’s cheek, “Okay, let’s look forward and not look back.”


    The next day, Chu Han contacted Lin Jun, “Take out that forged will, I’m going back.”


    Lin Jun couldn’t speak for a long time, “Okay!”


    Chu Han stood outside the window and looked at Mu Xiaoke, who was still sleeping in the room. He had already broken Rong Yanzhe into pieces in his heart. Finally, he reminded Lin Jun: “Be careful of Rong Yanzhe, he knows your identity. If he has any tricks, let his old man block him back.” 


Lin Jun immediately raised his vigilance, “Okay, I see.”

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