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The statement of Muyan Film and Television Co., Ltd. was released the next day after the board meeting. The statement was very rigorous and sincere. It apologized to the public in a timely manner and listed its corrective measures in detail. After this statement was issued, Mu Xiangyang also publicly stated that he would resign from the position of chairman and that professional managers would be in charge of the company’s operations temporarily.


    With such a combination of punches, the public’s trust in Muyan Company will immediately increase, which is actually reflected in the performance of the stock market. The stock price of Muyan Company began to pick up, and at the close of the market, it even rose back to the price on the day when Mu Kai’s mother and son were arrested.


    Chu Han went to Mu Yan’s company to do the final handover work. His purpose of working in Mu Yan’s company has been achieved. Mu Kai and Wu Yi have already lost their reputations, so what he said in the boardroom yesterday was not a joke. He is really not interested in helping Mu Xiangyang manage the company.


    “Xiao Chu…” Chu Han’s department manager came to look for him. He was obviously a little panicked when he called him and seemed to want to change to a higher name.


    “Mr. Chen is looking for me?”


    “Mr. Mu is looking for you, please go to the office.”


    Chu Han raised his eyebrows, what else does Mu Xiangyang want to say? “Okay, I’ll go now.”


    After Chu Han arrived at Mu Xiangyang’s office, Mu Xiangyang immediately poured tea for him and invited him to sit down.


      “Mr. Mu, you don’t have to be polite, just say what you have to say.”


    Mu Xiangyang pondered for a moment, and finally sighed, “I plan to divide my shares into two shares, one for Xiao Ke and one for Xiao Kai.”


    Chu Han crossed his arms and looked at Mu Xiangyang with a smile that was not a smile. Under such circumstances, Mu Xiangyang did not forget to arrange a way out for Mu Kai. He really didn’t know whether to praise Mu Xiangyang and Mu Kai’s deep love between father and son or Mu Xiangyang and Wu Yi’s deep love.


    “Xiao Ke gets 25, Xiao Kai gets 5, do you have any objections?”


    Chu Han said, “This is your property. I believe that no matter how you arrange Xiao Ke will not have an opinion.”


    Mu Xiangyang smiled wryly, that’s right, Mu Xiaoke had already said before he graduated from high school that he didn’t want anything except Shihua’s house, and the property of the Mu family was worthless to him. His indifferent father suddenly offered him property, and he might not be willing to accept it.


    “I know Xiao Ke doesn’t care about these things, but this is my little compensation. As a father, I can’t give him anything.” 


    Chu Han interrupted him ruthlessly, “If Mr. Mu just wants to tell me these things, then there is no need to continue wasting each other’s time.”


    Mu Xiangyang quickly added: “After discussing with the board of directors, we want to hire you as the chairman. I know you may have a bigger business to deal with, but please help us overcome this difficulty for Xiaoke’s sake.”


    “Xiao Ke is now cooperating with Fengyan Studio, and he will always rely on this circle to become famous in the future. Muyan Film and Television is the best platform, and this company will belong to him in the future. It’s better for you to help him than to have his hands full in the future.”

    Chu Han didn’t expect to hear Mu Xiangyang say these words, this incompetent father is actually helping Mu Xiaoke with his life planning, and he really cares about Mu Xiaoke’s future path.


    “The salary I ask for is not low.” 


Mu Xiangyang didn’t care about this at all, “The board of directors is already mentally prepared, and we will try our best to meet your requirements.”


Rong Yanzhe was still trading, but he didn’t expect Mu Yan Company’s buying volume to have exceeded the selling volume in just a few hours, and Rong Yanzhe now owns less than 5% of the shares.


    The current situation is completely different from his dream. In the dream, Muyan Film and Television were on the verge of bankruptcy due to a broken capital chain. Without the Rong family’s investment, the ship would sink in minutes.


    Is it Chu Han, the person who rescued Mu Yan’s company behind the scenes, is it still Chu Han?


    Mu Xiaoke rushed to Fengyan Studio with the hairpin and design drawings he had made. School will start in a few days, and there may not be so much time to run back and forth. He has to finalize the draft as soon as possible.


    Li Fengming has already helped him contact the costume teacher of the crew, and both sides will meet directly today.


    However, when the other party saw that the designer was a child-like Mu Xiaoke, his face was not very good, “Teacher Li, we sincerely cooperate with you, you should know that, right?” 


    “Xiao Ke, have you sent the design drawings to Teacher Lu before?”


    Mu Xiaoke nodded, he had already contacted him before, but the other party didn’t say anything at that time.


    “Since you have seen the pictures, and there is no question at that time, I believe Teacher Lu still approves of Xiao Ke’s design, right?”


    That teacher Lu’s expression changed, and he smiled awkwardly, “Ah, at that time……”


    “Okay, let’s stop talking nonsense, let’s take a look at the finished product, and finalize the details as soon as possible.” Li Fengming didn’t give the other party a chance to say a word.


    Mu Xiaoke put out four sets of hairpins, and each hairpin was carefully protected with a box of flannelette. The silk thread was bright in color, and the sense of light under the light was not inferior to that of ordinary jade.


    After looking at it, Li Fengming showed a satisfied smile. Although there are still some small details that are not perfect, it is already amazing that he can achieve this level alone for the first time. In particular, he also designed a full ten sets, each of which fastened the character’s temperament, and the expressiveness was very eye-catching.


    Li Fengming looked at Party A on the opposite side, “Teacher Lu, if you have any comment, just mention it.”


    The other party wiped his face and smiled, “Is this material too plain? Our heroine this time is an idol with a lot of traffic.”

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